2 GB RAM Face Recognition Rino7 Pro Mobile Phone 5.45 Inch Smartphone with Data Line for Calls (Gold) Price in USA, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy 2 GB RAM Face Recognition Rino7 Pro Mobile Phone 5.45 Inch Smartphone with Data Line for Calls (Gold) online at Amazon. Display Size: -Memory: -, Color: Gold, Brand: Kufoo
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2 GB RAM Face Recognition Rino7 Pro Mobile Phone 5.45 Inch Smartphone with Data Line for Calls (Gold) Features

  • High Performance: The phone uses MTK6779 CPU processor and for 6 system. When playing games and multitasking, the phone greatly improves the network, running speed, frame rate and picture smoothness, greatly reduces the probability of jamming, crash and so on.
  • Ultra Standby: The mobile phone has a 3200mAh high capacity battery. As a smartphone, watching videos, chatting on wechat and listening to music are essential things. After being fully charged, you can play the phone for an extra time and also do not forget to charge the phone at night.
  • HD Full Screen: The 5.45in full screen accounts for 91 percent of the screen, allowing you to experience a broader . In games and videos, the phone can displayed more content, but the mobile phone is still small and light.
  • Large Storage: 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM ensure fluent loading of images. Common game processes reside in the background and you can quickly switch other applications. The phone supports up to 128GB of expandable storage, and can use 2 SIM cards and 1 small memory card for telephone calls and data storage at the same time.
  • Powerful Function: The mobile phone is equipped with face recognition, which can accurately recognize faces at all times. This phone is also equipped with a 2MP front camera and a 5MP rear camera, allowing you to retain your smile or memory with excellent clarity. With dual core sensors, the phone becomes your professional shooting helper.
Display Size: -Memory: -, Color: Gold, Brand: Kufoo
The lowest 2 GB RAM Face Recognition Rino7 Pro Mobile Phone 5.45 Inch Smartphone with Data Line for Calls (Gold) Price in USA is $59.62 at Amazon.
Buy 2 GB RAM Face Recognition Rino7 Pro Mobile Phone 5.45 Inch Smartphone with Data Line for Calls (Gold) online at Amazon.
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2 GB RAM Face Recognition Rino7 Pro Mobile Phone 5.45 Inch Smartphone with Data Line for Calls (Gold) Reviews from YouTube

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Cuidado con esos celulares.
What are you wearing on your hands😂💀💀
Jajajaja. Sigue teniendo Android 4.4 (kit Kat). Al menos cambien la apariencia de la configuración para dar la pinta que tiene entre comillas "Android 10". Ahora en cuanto a la ram de 8gb y el almacenamiento dudó que sea en verdad esas capacidades, más bien a se tener 2 gb de ram( si no que a lo mejor a de tener 500mb de ram) y 8gb de almacenamiento. Pues si miente a la versión de Android también a de mentir en cuanto a su capacidad
Do you recommend after testing the use of these devices?
Money for nothing. Working just camera, sms, and ringtone. Comunication - NO SOUND. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
In description it says 8g ram 128 rom. Bench press by software 6g ram 64 rom. I want to know if it really 8g ram whe bought cause it seems that they offer lower end to what they say.
How do you open the back to put sim card and micro sd
Indo solo
99% cpu utilization while doing nothing :D
never seen a worse cellphone. 6gb RAM Rom 64gb but I'm sure it's a 2b RAM and 8rom
Fake cellphone, please don't buy
é compatível para funcionar no brasil ?
Is the cellphone really good and how much MAH is the battery, PLEASE REPLY
Thank you for your honesty
Shite mobile stay away xgody money fucker mobile phones
Do you get all the nasty stuff like Wireless Update. With all the malware that load repeatedly after uninstalling. Oh does it have fake apps. OK your battery life suggests unwanted programs running. I have had a lot of chines phones. I swore right off them. But after my other phones have either been stolen, broken or this galaxy with a super perna pink headache stripe.?
the website is 1000 canadian
its 2022 and you can get a Redmi note 10 pro on ebay for £170.00. CRAZY. its only about double this price but 'Almost' a 2021 flagship competitor with a samsung screen. BTW. Still have one of my 2015 xgody models.....aahh the adventures we had 🤣😂🙂😐😶😕🙁☹😡🤬 😜😇
will byers no way
I say this every time, it is only a note if it has a stykus
You didn't say the aspect ratio. 18:9 at a guess. You can get a Xiaomi Mi Max 3 for about $150 and be be better off in all ways. I'm still looking for one device to rule them all. I want a 16:9 7 inch quality phone/tablet something like an updated Huawei Mediapad X1 but updated. The X1 was good enough someone thought they had to steal it.
Thank You Almighty God I will buy one of each of them
🤣🤣 Looossseeee
That camera is terrible....like terrible for the price
What carriers does the phone work on ?
Hey I got a question do you know of any good 7' phones at 1080p at $350 or lower? I'm actually trying to look for a good replacement to my Mi Max 3 thanks 🙏
quite good device for the money. these devices are made from the same chinese contractors who made phones for. samsung, lg, iphone, etc .
the price now is 999!:0 wow
Super glad I found this video. You just saved me from feeling really stupid. Thank you!!!
The Note 11 Pro+ is bigger, with 7.5-inch Display
Like going to a buffet you just don’t know how old the food was.
Grab a used huawei mate 20x
Hi where can I buy this phone
Check this out! ➡️ https://my.huel.com/ASBYT
So its basically a low speccd xaimoi 11t pro or an asus rog 5s.
Soooo What about 2022 2023 is there another one we havent heard of cuz my LG is turning back into sand
For me personally, till now, I think it's still super awesome even in 2023 and I really love it, I just bought the Axon 30 ultra now and I believe I made the right choice.
Sorry old video I know but can you use the zte in the UK or is it banned?
I need a 7 inch phone that won't buffer when watching videos and can load websites super fast, has split screen an s pen would be great, plus a decent camera. Doesn't need to be the best camera but definitely better then average camera. What would you recommend?
James Bond my Guy ..
Chinese smartphone like Huawei,Oppo,Vivo and Xiaomi in Europe
this phone is very elegant!!
It's sad I used to love ZTE phones and then they passed that law and ZTE started disappearing from your phone providers and I was disappointed and they got rid of Huawei phones I was so mad two brands that I love are gone in the West
Yeah that is a great phone I would love to have it
So you call 1k cheap.......will it cook me dinner then clean the dishes and hover while its as it?......What? No? Thought not.
1:27 Kitty approved! 😁
The mention of Sean Connery quickly earned you a thumbs up and Subscription!
Bob Holness was the smoothest bond
Will it work in the states?
I'm looking for a smart phone for under £100. With good camera? I never used a smartphone before. Any recommendations
... over Christmas, the axom 30 ultra was half price at the zte website ...
"My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth." — Psalm 121:2
Is the battery replaceable? If not, I'm not even interested.
How much the oppoe Reno 7
Looks amazing 😻
Wla po ba kau sale ngayon
Mag kano po ngayon yan
For a phone under AU$90.00 It is amazing.Some of the innovative features put my AU$600.00 plus Blackview BL6600 to shame.
Is it waterproof?
Quanto é
I really need this phone
Is it available in Europe? I’m looking at their website in Spain but it’s not there
Oppo reno 7, or Poco M4, or Poco X4 pro 5g?
Unfortunately this did not land in the Kenyan market
My budget in July😂, so God help me.
Hi.is it waterproof for this phone?
I like the OPPO Reno7 Pro 5G i hope they launch it on Philippines!!
The best phone in the world, thanks to them for these devices
Does it have 4k Vidoe quality?
If i will change to android phone, i’ll definitely buy this!
Naaah still a shit phone.
I think the phone is well rounded in all departments! Beautiful look on top of that. Price is not at all too big for what you get. I already decided to be my next phone. Wtg Oppo
how about recording video at day & night ?

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