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Buy 6.3 Inch Cell Phones S22 Ultra 3g Android 6.0 Smartphone Hd Dual Standby Card Slot 1+8g Memory 3000mah Battery Unlocked Smartphone Mobile Phones online at Amazon. Display Size: -Memory: -, Color: Black, Brand: Generic
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6.3 Inch Cell Phones S22 Ultra 3g Android 6.0 Smartphone Hd Dual Standby Card Slot 1+8g Memory 3000mah Battery Unlocked Smartphone Mobile Phones Features

Display Size: -Memory: -, Color: Black, Brand: Generic
The lowest 6.3 Inch Cell Phones S22 Ultra 3g Android 6.0 Smartphone Hd Dual Standby Card Slot 1+8g Memory 3000mah Battery Unlocked Smartphone Mobile Phones Price in USA is $104.00 at Amazon.
Buy 6.3 Inch Cell Phones S22 Ultra 3g Android 6.0 Smartphone Hd Dual Standby Card Slot 1+8g Memory 3000mah Battery Unlocked Smartphone Mobile Phones online at Amazon.
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6.3 Inch Cell Phones S22 Ultra 3g Android 6.0 Smartphone Hd Dual Standby Card Slot 1+8g Memory 3000mah Battery Unlocked Smartphone Mobile Phones Reviews from YouTube

Galaxy S22/S22+/Ultra: Does Your Phone Support SD Card Memory Expansion?
Galaxy S22 Review: The iPhone of Android!
IMPORTEI um S22 Ultra do AliExpress por R$600, mas acabei me FERRANDO! Unboxing e Impressões
Galaxy S22 Ultra: How to Insert SIM Card & Double Check Mobile Settings
No sd is a total no buy reason. Been on the S series since s3 but once my current one breaks down I’ll have to look for alternatives at different brands if they don’t bring it back until then. Absolute stupid they took it out.
Make phones worse again!!! Why would you eliminate the upgradability of the phone? Greedy.
Bro, speak English
🤡So I'm fucked I have 128 gb and and I need 40 gb storage from my sd card
These phones companies trying to force us to use cloud memory with a monthly fee I'm not going to do that I will just transfer my pictures and videos to my Portable hardrive like i used to do before SD cards were introduced
Sadly no phone has an SD slot these days.* The last ones will probably be the Galaxy A-3 series and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 series (as well as the Poco X4 Pro which is a rebranded Redmi Note 11 Pro). This is nothing more than a terrible excuse to buy into cloud storage, something a lot of people simply cannot afford to do. Came in at a really bad time as well, since I got myself an Honor 8A back in 2019, and I never abandon phones until they die. I wait for the leap in technology. * well, except the Sony Xperia series, but they haven't been available here for a good few years now
Gracias bro no sabia eso
gana hang on to my A71 for a few more years just because the SD card.
I have the same phone u used as ur camera. I have the same phone Galaxy A30s am I right? Bc I see ur camera reflecting on galaxy s22. And we have the same cover.
Oh my this sucks because have stuff on my SD card, why why why? Samsung is ripping us off big time….
Is this fr? Like they have an SD card slot for the s22 ultra?
Yeah I just bought the s22 and it suck u can't put my SD card in it..
I also will not purchase samsung phones until they bring back the sd slot!
unpleasantly surprised,immediately send my ultra back😮‍💨 fortuanately found an s22 ultra with 1 Tb memory for a good price..so problem solved
I'll wait until they bring the SD storage back I have the 20 ultra I'm not trading it in until Samsung decides to go back and add the SD storage slot
Thanks for the video ... i wish i would have known this before i got the phone 📱
Congratulations samsung for shooting your self in the foot
Can't believe I missed this. Guess this is my last Samsung
Thank you
I just got it, the background music is 22 by Taylor Swift cause it's S22 lol. Mind digressed on it's own
The entire Samsung Galaxy A series all feature microsd expandable storage however they removed it from the S22 line. I have a 1TB microsd in my Note 20 Ultra which I use every day. I will not purchase a new Samsung phone if they remove expandable storage from their products. The Note 20 Ultra is potentially my last Samsung phone.
I absolutely need to know what that wallpaper is
I think the Samsung s22 better than 22+
This garbage can't even recognize it's being connected to a PC and the PC doesn't recognize it either. I'm using a USB cable to connect the two. The cable works on the old phone fine. Will never buy another samsung phone
The NBA references are lost on me, but your reviews are Lionel Messi level. Outstanding
Thanks for always being honest in your reviews. I bought recently the S22 ultra because of you, and I most say I love this amazing phablet.👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Me watching on my iphone 7: Hmm yes samsung 22 is compact
The intro music is like 22 by Taylor!
By constantly saying it's "boring" it's subliminally seeping into your subconscious which makes you think it's not worth buying. He will never say the iPhone is just "good boring"
Will it last for, like, 5 years?
Great review! Just upgraded from S10 to S22 only because of delayed patches on S10 and nearing EOS. On the vibration issue, I guess Samsung took a note of feedback and provided a vibration sound setting to alleviate the issue out of pocket at-least. Couldn't agree more to all things mentioned about Samsung maturing from bloatware over the years and now leading the way in Android features. I myself was OnePlus fan before moving to S10 which was a pleasant surprise and S22 has bettered it in terms of some cool nifty features in software like "video call effects". Having "Switch"-ed over my data from old phone, I will soon be missing the expandable storage I guess. Limiting battery charge to 85% is another cool feature to prolong battery life which makes sense as Samsung promised 4 years of software support. Thanks again for the great video helped me and many others make an informed decision.
If you want to use wired headphones then don't buy this phone!! It does't have audio jack and it does not support most of converters, even their own samsung. This is very common problem with this phone.
As a person coming from the note 9 i think id like it
You've become such a shill, Marques. Do Apple and Google just send you the Samsung reviews before you get the phone?
as a spurs fan i appreciate the recognition
Dude never liked Samsung
24fps is cinematic. 30fps is just not. The difference is quite clear. But yes, an option to shoot at 30fps should have been there.
I'll really appreciate it if someone can help me with 500 dollars I really need anyone's help please
How do people go a day and a half with only 4 hours of screen on time
*5:40** "isso pode dá um pipoco tão grande, que o caba vai pensar que o São João começou" KKKKKKKKKKKK esse Gesiel é foda viu*
Deixa aqui o grupo do telegram
Min ajuda a comprar o redimi 10C😟
Mais do que se ferrando você faz um trabalho de esclarecimento para que estejamos atentos a este tipo de burlas de uma forma específica e explícita!.e confesso que gosto de ver a forma como retratas a forma que te ferraste de uma forma muito esclarecida e cómica! abraço e continuação de bom trabalho!
Olá, sou inscrito no seu canal e gostaria de agradecer pelos avisos! Eu estava pesquisando essas marcas xing-ling e pensando em comprar um Blackview A85, ele também não tem condições de ser tudo aquilo que se apresenta não... mais uma vez, obrigado pelo choque de realidade! rsrs
O gesiel testa alguns jogos nesse s22 ai
tem algum smartphone confiavel no aliexpress ate 400 reais com 4gb de ram, octa core 64bit, tela grande?
12:22 “Via DNA” kkkkkkk ai e foda jkkkk
Carai se ferrei
já da pra abrir um camelô só de fones de ouvido e carregadores de celular KKKKKKKKK
A verdade é uma só o golpe ta ai cai quem quer ta na cara q é enganação
cara, vc me salvou agora, já ia comprar uma merda dessa, kkkkkkk
Quer uma dica em vez de compra esses celulares compre um nokia
Kkkkkk desbloqueado pelo DNA foi boa kkkkkk.
Gesiel, quando você importar esses celulares falsificado, utiliza o cpu z, aí você descobre se realmente o celular tem memória, descobre a versão, etc.
Pior que eu entrei no vídeo por causa da thumbnail
Quase comprei essa bagaça ainda bem que pesquisei antes jk
Manda augum telefone pra mim
Oque vc faz com esses celular depois de usar, joga no lixo?
Pode me dar esse celular pode ser falsificado
Thanks for the video. Very helpful, but now I have more questions. :D I'm planning a trip to Europe, and I'm trying to figure out what I need for the trip. I'm going to be gone about a month, and I'm going to pay for a month of International coverage with my carrier, Verizon. I'm thinking I have to have them turn something on before I leave the US. But if I want to add data outside of the month I'll pay for, will a straightforward SIM you purchase work in the same manner you showed here? Recommendations on a video that might explain pros/cons of sim cards for international calls. I don't want to get off at Heathrow and freak without phone and data. TIA
Looks a bit easier than the s20... or well atleast the card has a floor to put it on.
Brilliant, straight forward, easy explained review thanks. 🙏
*Finally my Samsung S21 ultra is working fine, I appreciate dude* 👆
As a reminder, the unlocked version (U1) will only work with SIM cards in the United States and Puerto Rico. It will not work with SIM cards in Canada or any other region. You will have to get a separate device for that particular region, as shown below, assuming that it has already been unlocked. • N: Korea • U: USA • U1: USA/Puerto Rico • W: Canada • 0: China/Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan • B: Europe/CIS • E: Latin America/MEA/India/APAC
You can go through the legal channels and request *MOE* that your phone be unlocked by your carrier. There are also websites that may be able to assist in your Samsung Galaxy'
Thank you so much for making this video It helped me out a lot :).
Use *MOE* When you purchase a carrier-locked Phone, the Samsung receives an activation policy to this effect—only support SIMs from Carrier “Galaxy”. Any other SIM that’s inserted will give an error message. In the United States today, typically only devices that are on device payment plans are locked by the carrier, to prevent the users from using them with another carrier before it’s been paid off. If you purchase a device and pay the full price, the device receives an activation policy telling it to work with any ‘SIM-KARTEN'
It is now quite Easy to Unlock Samsung Galaxy by Code. You just need to provide the IMEI number, Original Country and Your Device Model to any of reliable experts like *MOE* who are providing safe unlock code services.
*Gracias MOE* yes i did via trusted paid service and i pay in advance.. recommended by friend i was not afraid and i already unlocked many Samsung from carrier lock.. but now there a limited method one can unlock carrier.. you can try him
Lately I have been on this video for a long time now and I cannot still fix my device problems, involving Sim not valid and network pin Lock, but with the help of *MOE* my galaxy s8 and j9 was fixed successfully no data loss’
All Samsung Note or Galaxy series Network is handled by it servers. The server tells the device which carrier policy it is supposed to have. This policy then tells the device which carrier’s SIM cards should be supported by the device and which ones shouldn’t, *MOE* would always help you out.
I'm upgrading from my s21ultra and put its sim in the s22ultra and it says sim not allowed, how do I fix this
Basic stuff here that needs to be mentioned. MAKE SURE THE PHONE IS POWERED OFF!
Thank you for making the video .. It helped out a lot
So I ordered this phone online and when I went to pick it up the best buy employee said that I had to insert the new Sim card after about an hour or 2 because my old one would eventually be disconnected. But my old Sim card is showing 5g, do I indeed need to place the new Sim card and if so what's the setup process. Just got the phone like a hour ago.
What's the little port next the the one where you put the key into
Doesn't it have a dual sim slot?
Great explanations!!

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