6GB 128GB Unlocked Cell Phone, Front 5MP Rear 13MP I14 Pro Cell Phone 5000mAh Battery 5.0 for Work Use (Black) Price in USA, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy 6GB 128GB Unlocked Cell Phone, Front 5MP Rear 13MP I14 Pro Cell Phone 5000mAh Battery 5.0 for Work Use (Black) online at Amazon. Display Size: -Memory: -, Color: Black, Brand: Kufoo
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6GB 128GB Unlocked Cell Phone, Front 5MP Rear 13MP I14 Pro Cell Phone 5000mAh Battery 5.0 for Work Use (Black) Features

  • Powerful Function: Downloadable software to present face recognition function. Double card and double standby. It can connect 2G 5G dual screen WIFI, making your office entertainment easier. 5.0 makes the connection more . With radio station adjustment function.
  • 6.6 Inch Screen and 1440x3040P: I14 Pro 6.6 inch phone adopts a 6.6 inch ultra screen, which also has a high definition resolution of 1440x3040. Not only does it bring a wider visual experience, but it also has extraordinary vivid colors and amazing clarity, allowing you to explore every detail to maximize your viewing experience.
  • Powerful System and CPU: Equipped with the latest for 12.0 system, MTK6889 ten core CPU and up to 2.0GHz, using a 12nm processor. The architecture runs multiple applications with sufficient mobility and responsiveness to meet your productivity and entertainment needs.
  • Memory Card and Card Type: The I14 Pro phone supports expansion of up to 128GB with three card slots, supporting two SIM cards and one micro memory card can be installed at the same time.
  • 5000mAh Capacity Battery: Equipped with a large, above average 5000mAh battery, for 12 smartphone lasts longer than you might expect, 15 hours of calls, 20 hours of music, 4 hours of games, and more. Smart and thoughtful AI battery management can reduce excessive cache to save more power, thus extending standby time.
Display Size: -Memory: -, Color: Black, Brand: Kufoo
The lowest 6GB 128GB Unlocked Cell Phone, Front 5MP Rear 13MP I14 Pro Cell Phone 5000mAh Battery 5.0 for Work Use (Black) Price in USA is $101.69 at Amazon.
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6GB 128GB Unlocked Cell Phone, Front 5MP Rear 13MP I14 Pro Cell Phone 5000mAh Battery 5.0 for Work Use (Black) Reviews from YouTube

i13 Pro Max 512 GB AUD $150 only from Wish Fake iPhone 13 pro max Review "Nepali"
T-Mobile REVVL 6 5G & REVVL 6 Pro 5G Unboxing & Comparison!
Android smartphone I14 Pro Max 6.5"4G phone RAM3GB ROM32GB
iWish: I bought a $100 iPhone 14 Pro Max Clone from AliExpress...this is what I got
Worse phone ever.... I bought one. Very slow....the battery very poor... doesn't work properly..... My advice don't buy it.
Como fazer a câmara do meu android welcome versão11 ter uma boa imagem
51.oo usd on Alibaba
Can It do FaceTime? Or only android apks?
Bhai meine Aaj hi liya bahut bura hai 😓😓😓😓
There are currently two ways of doing that: by the so-called "factory/IMEI unlock" - the price depends on the network your phone is locked to, or by using *MOE* SIM type chip, the ones that you put under your SIM-card. They trick your phone into believing you're using a SIM card from the network your iPhone is locked to The first way is usually more expensive, while *MOE* is cheap, but you can't update you phone via iTunes(you're gonna update your baseband too and you won't be able to use gevey chips anymore), some people complain that they're also experiencing network connectivity issues. There's a whole ritual you have to strictly follow to get those signal bars, though. :-) Dialing a 112-type number, switching airplane mode on and off...et cetera. It's not a very user-friendly method.
Alot of carriers won’t allow unlocking until the loan is paid off. Some may let you unlock it after six or twelve months, if your account has been in good standing and you had paid the bills on time. For me *MOE* is Legit, AT&T has been very flexible and had allowed me to unlock my phones from practically day one.Your mileage may vary
What language is he speaking? Cannot understand anything
toes toes toes hahaahahahahahahahahaha
I like it where can I buy it
I just got my new phone - pretty sure it's one of these fake iphones... They didn't call it an iphone, just everything else was the same... So far, I actually like the phone - prefer that it has Android, since that's what I'be been using... but it's a little weird. I mostly bought it for the specs.
Do you have toes in your hands???? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhah Look at his fingers guys!!!!
I saw that at eBay for 80 bucks
That looks nothing like any iphone n the review is garbage
Please do not waste your time or money buying fake phones. You will most likely find the mobile phone repair shops will refuse to repair it because it is unbranded. I have not seen any discussion on this very important topic. There is no support from the seller what so ever in terms of buyer refund. Your better off buying the original brand.
Thanks mate. Is there any problem with 4G LTE network connection in Australia?
How will buy How much price
All featured like Panasonic p55 novo😂😂
Avery big fake... Android 5 installd not 11. only G2 works..not LTE... System stops many... I Wunder if i can flash it with custom Rom lineageos????
How can I buy this phone
So what do you think of T-Mobile's REVVL smartphones? 🤔 ----- REVVL 6 via T-Mobile: https://www.t-mobile.com/cell-phone/t-mobile-revvl-6-5g REVVL 6 Pro via T-Mobile https://www.t-mobile.com/cell-phone/t-mobile-revvl-6-pro-5g
“I’m interested in REVVL because they’re one of the few that aren’t Apple, Samsung or Motorola” Lol. They’re literally rebadged Motorola phones.
I mean for budget phones what do we expect for budget phones I definitely recommend the revvl 5g regular perfect for people wanting to be cheap
I think the difference is the wireless charging and battery size....Revvl pro has wireless charging WITH IS AWESOME.
I wish these phones had a home button
This phone is actually a super good phone my friend has the exact 5 one that he unboxed and she loves it she's let me use it a few times it's supper nice the screen is very nice and big and with pretty good storage the price is like 128 which is a super cheap price it's got good connections and internt and you Can do all the things you do on samsung I'm thinking about switching from my Samsung galaxy to this phone I have the money but am still thinking
I just purchased this phone, I can't find the screenshot, can you tell me if this phone has this feature in the revvl 6 pro?
I bought the pro a couple days ago. So far, I like it. The only issue for me is: adjusting from Apple.
I had a Galaxy A10e for some years until it got broken down and bought the REVVL 6 5g just yesterday. Feels heavy and large but quite awesome for a budgeted phone when it comes to overall comparison to my previous one.
I bought my girlfriend the 6 pro and what I find weird about it is that it offers wireless charging Yet wireless charging doesn't work most of the time and you can't just put the phone on a wireless charger and it starts charging You actually have to constantly move the phone around on top of the wireless charger for it to finally start charging🤦🏾‍♂️
I got me a REVVL 6 pro I got me a phone I like it
I’m here because I work at polish Tmobile and this are first Tmobile phones that we are able to sell and this is one of the only honest reviews that I could find
My included headphones and charger
I wish finding a simple and reliable phone for my elderly parents was easier.
I’m waiting on mine the only reason why I got it because it looks like a iPhone 😂but that’s just me
Widevine L1 support? ( Required for HD video support, can easily be found with Netflix or DRM Info ) Those of you liking the comment please answer if you know
I just bought the non pro one.
It seems this review is more focused on the word"budget" than anything else. So here's obsessed with labels
interestingly, Revvl 5 5G was faster and has better camera. Revvl6 was laggy.
ES phone mai data chalta hai kya 😔
Honey, you can, custom fruit phone. If you and your customers have the need to buy mobile phones. Please contact me on WhatsApp :+8613902691580
Quel étui est compatible avec ce téléphone ?
Precio de ese celular 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔?
I was just searching for videos of real iphone 14 and somehow got this. Fake pro max with divided dynamic island and Samsung icons 💀
Can I have one pleaseeee
It's fake the original is better
iPhone clone that running android sys and not bad for daily use.👍👍
i13 pro max & i14 pro max 👍👍
its a masterpiece, better than original and cheaper
Pls 🙏 which company produces the phone?
"TikTok": **proceeds to show YouTube shorts** But tbh it looks really nice, but I'm still not sure is it real
*ALIEXPRESS GAVE ME A REFUND FOR THIS. THE SELLER (even though they are gone from AliExpress) RESPONDED SAYING "I GOT WHAT I ORDERED" :|* I buy this stuff so you don't have to. Not surprised this happened honestly. After almost 5 years of buying cheapo phones from AliExpress, Wish etc - I FINALLY got Scammed. Had a good run though! I'll update this if I get a refund. Will try and find another iPhone 14 Pro Max clone after my break at the end of October. Until then, I will keep my eyes open for one. If you have had a similar scam happen, please let me know down below. Thanks everyone, be good people!
Hello I’m thinking of ordering a phone from Ali express I don’t know if it’s safe
Hello my friend I found that you can buy the exact clones from DHgate I'm not sure if you've checked there yet
he, he, he, he, he, he.
Foolish people will waste their money buying these phones । 🇮🇳
You didn't get scammed. Buying from aliexpress you know what to expect
I really enjoyed your video as you went through tho it was fake, I just really feel bad you loosing that money :/
Link pls
really? 😁
It is written down there this not i phone.
Its not scamm you haven't read the writings. Ass hole 🤣🤣
interesting, i thought all the Envideo T-Poses are gone due to the skyrocketing bitcoin farming demands... (seriously, love the specs :D )
I was wondering why this video was so short when you're normally so I'm depth lmao. Thanks for the laugh and I'm glad you got a refund!
It’d be a good prop phone tbh
China is one of the countries where you get lied a lot. It's a moral less country, I read something about how Chinese culture is built upon lies as a pretext of another lie. If you bought something from China and actually got what you paid for, consider yourself very very lucky.
"Banana robotnik" LMAOO
👉👉meet the username and and he will help you.last week he help me to recovery me my money and I am happy now✅✅
Give it to me
This is a dummy phone btw. That's why I only trust the COD (cash on delivery), so that I won't be losing money for things like this.

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