Alcatel 1 Unlocked Phone 4G LTE 5" Display 16GB Dual Camera ATT, Tmobile, Metro, Straight Talk Price in USA, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Alcatel 1 Unlocked Phone 4G LTE 5" Display 16GB Dual Camera ATT, Tmobile, Metro, Straight Talk online at Amazon. Display Size: 5 inches, Memory: 16 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Alcatel
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Alcatel 1 Unlocked Phone 4G LTE 5" Display 16GB Dual Camera ATT, Tmobile, Metro, Straight Talk Features

  • 4G LTE GSM Unlocked ATT Tmobile, Metro, Cricket, Straight Talk, Consumer Cellular, Mint, Ting Etc
  • Not Compatible with Verizon or Sprint
  • 8MP Rear Camera + 5 MP Selfie Camera
  • 16GB Internal Storage + SD Card slot of UPTO 32 GB
  • Android Go (Oreo Edition) Processor: MSM8909 Quad Core CPU 1.3GHz / Android Oreo (Go Edition)
  • Ready out of the box - Insert your activated sim card provided by your service provider. Power the phone ON. All set
  • Includes, Phone, charger, cable, hands free
  • Dual Sim - Incase you want to have 2 phone numbers in one phone
  • Brushed metallic finish and a FullView 18:9 display
Display Size: 5 inches, Memory: 16 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Alcatel
The lowest Alcatel 1 Unlocked Phone 4G LTE 5" Display 16GB Dual Camera ATT, Tmobile, Metro, Straight Talk Price in USA is $52.00 at Amazon.
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Alcatel 1 Unlocked Phone 4G LTE 5" Display 16GB Dual Camera ATT, Tmobile, Metro, Straight Talk Reviews from YouTube

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Recently bought this phone ,keyboard is slow to react as is the phone in general ,screen has a weird resolution that makes it hard to watch ,and in general I feel like throwing it in the road to watch it get ran over because it's just annoying ,poor show Alcatel
I have an android TV, can this phone be used for WiFi connection to watch movies on YouTube channel or Netflix to my android TV.
This is one of those phones that if it gets stolen you wont care a whole lot
Is this a good phone for a 9/10 year old only for safety reasons to communicate with them - making sure they reach school safely and walked back home safely?
Anyone know if this phone is suitable for old people ??
Can you connect to smart TV as a screen projector
Better features and battery then an iPhone 14. That tells you all you need to know.
Is this anything like the Digicel DL1? Still have trauma from that fiasco 😒
Just bought this for my friend as a kid :)
I have this phone an I hate it when I get another phone I'm smashing this whith a hamer
this phone so cheap. only cost $29 . but 1GB ram in 2022 is very bad. but i just used this phone for ok for the price.
My 90 Yr old mum has just got 1 of these she loves it But where do we find the photos she took? I couldn't find them
I am considering buying this phone, simply because it is the cheapest phone I can find($60) that I think will work with my T-mobile sim card. I would buy a $20 flip phone if I found one that would. Personally I am just looking for a phone. I want to be able to recieve calls and text messages. Let my family reach me in an emergency, ect... But can completely disregard if it gets broken, lost, or stolen. My only real concerns after watching this are the sound and battery life. But if there is a better phone you can reccomend in its price range please let me know before I settle for this.
Don't buy this phone, lags at the most basic functions. I too wished i had seen reviews before buying it but I trusted them since I originally had the 4060a and worked fine, that phone was from 2015 and it's faster than this crap, embarrasing.
Do you know how to download a game on alcatel
I'm just trying to find the most simple phone for my husband.He's had a major bleeding stroke in the brain. He just wants to call his mom & sisters. Wants nothing else. Says phones after flip are the worst. So I'm trying.
Would you recommend this phone for a working mom in JA? This is the 3rd phone I'm sending this year!!! The first 1 mashup because someone tried to rob her. The 2nd 1 is a Motorola, but it's not unlocked...and she doesn't know how to unlock it. I do, but I'm in the US. Just need her to be able use What's App. She already has FLOW. It's a ra...I can't say that on the internet! 🤐 I'm buying it on Amazon. If not this, then what is the least expensive unlocked phone that you would recommend? How about the BLU Advance L5 | 2020 | Unlocked ? Lmao at your jokes!
Well I wish I had seen your video before I bought this piece of garbage. I work as a cleaning contractor so stupidly bought this as I wanted a no thrills phone. Its totally unusable, the battery life is ridiculous.I just threw it in the bin.
Does this phone support Personal Hotspot?
You have big hands and thick wrists 💪🙏😁
Are you kidding me?!? You're imitating the explaining computers guy. Hilarious.
I have nokia 2.2 which is so slow and laggy that it has become almost unusable YET it appears to have same chip set, ram etc as this acatel 1B. How can this be?
worst phone i ever had samsung way better
4/10 plutôt, même pour moi qui ne fais que des trucs basiques sur un smartphone, je le trouve nul: Met des plombes à se recharger, se décharge vite, le son est pourri....Y a que son prix qui soit bon dans tout ça ;(
I have problems setting up caller ids’. When I get calls or text, they are showing as “unknown”. No phone numbers or names even the people on my contact list. Can anyone help me please? Thanks in advance.
Alcatel isn't the best device
I have one. First things first, if you need a smarphone because pretty much everything is done using an app these days or needs a smartphone for one reason or another then, this gets you there. But, the phone is SO, soooo, SO SO SO slow. it regularly crashes. It is a smartphone but it doesn't have the power it needs. You'll often get really frustrated with its sluggish performace. Things like typing out a comment on youtube and there's a long delay between you typing and the words appearing on screen.
I olredy got v fin and it’s blac
I would give it an 8/10. This entry level phone should only be used for calling/texting, photo's/video's, and watching YouTube, nothing else.
ill be honest i have ben trying to play games on the acetel on my breaks and have found that it never runs game and instead closes you out of them
The Alcatel 1 and 1b are good basic cell phones.... instead of buying a top line phone I would suggest get a basic phone. Then take the xtra dough and buy a guitar or bike...and get new life experience.
I thought Samsung was slow, until i sow this Alcatel 😆
I need help, I can't seem to get rid of the buttons for navigation gestures!! I've looked everywhere in the settings and even tried using the search bar and still nothing. I'm beginning to think that it's not a thing on Android 10 go edition. 😕
Nice review
I ordered this phone from WALMART in Canada and got a UK USB charger in the package. No North American charger. Can this phone be charged with any standard North American USB charger or is it only chargeable in UK?
Alcatel 1 B ; ПОЛНЫЙ ШЛАК ....покупал в Августе 2021 года , за 6000 руб ! в ненадёжном салоне билайн ; и это якобы по Акции в Москве ! .....Очень разочаровал ....Ведёт себя странно , зависает , постоянно гаснет экран Черным фоном ....и что меня больше всего напрягает ! это каждодневная зарядка , при минимальном использовании Батарея садится прямо на глазах . при том что все фоновые режимы я отключил , телефон НАГРЕВАЕТСЯ КАК УТЮГ . , и это при том что телефон просто лежит , я его не трогаю . и вроде я и так всё что можно ограничил , он тем не менее жрёт энергию , не смотря на то , что Менеджер управления ресурсами показывает 99% положительной оптимизации ....Но есть Плюсы = Это качество камеры . Больше плюсов я не нашел .
Awful phone
you should've given a 10/10
So what do you think about it? £50 isn't bad for something that doesn't frustrate you if you wanna check Web or email, isn't it?
I live in Londoon. I've used an iPod Touch as my main media player and for apps for over 6 years. My phone is a brick. The IMO from Tesco. How are people not frustrated with the size of smartphones. They require so much attention to navigate, the mental focus to click the top left and right of the screen. I just can't bring myself to buy one. And I think this one is the smallest out of them all.
NEVER EVER buy anything from Alcatel or anything related to Alcatel, theres no words that can discribenhow bad these phones are ím.using 1 now and look , look at my fuckingntyping the android keyboard will drive you mental, these phones need to come with warnings it needs to come with anger management contact information , im not even kidding, if i ever see an Alcatel sales rep ill grab them by the hair bend them over and shove this Alcatel Alcatraz pile of shit up their arse, it just kicks you out of the app your on, the home button and space bar are 2 mm apart very close, and the home button is super sensitive , the space bar is very slow to activate the letters and numbers aint lined up properly you push 1 and you get 2 push 1 again more accurately and still get 2, spell don't and youll get d ot , youll go mad from going back to fix the typos that it makes constantly , back space fix type type back space fix tupe tuoe back space fix type basically these phones are FAAAAARKEN ABSOLUTE SHIT, Alcatel reps etc if you're reading this STOP making anything dont do anything just stand there and wait to die, you wouldn't even be able to make a glass of water trust me itll be contaminated with rubber or some shit, i honestly could throw this phone at someone from Alcatels head, its kicked me out 3 times justvtyping this, i had to silicone a bit of rubber flap infront of the home button because the home button jumps up off the screen and searches for your finger so it can kick you out to home, then when you go recent to get back to typing youve either gotta wait or a wait to find that your comment has vanished, fucking piles of shit
Can u run whstapp on this?
charger in the box? for free? autobuy
Man wtf is that 😂
a couple of big moans, you tube fuck off with ya fucking adds cunt!!!!!!!! you are going to drive me away, I pay 65 dollars a month for WiFi just to watch fucking adds in every single video, Alcatel 1 piles of shit really really really really bad phones, I am never ever buying your shit again, the Alcatel 1 , grrrrrrr home button is on the fucking screen 2 millermeters below the space bar, what could ever go wrong, ??????? and of course the himw button is very very very sensitive you get with in a kilometer of the home button it activates and kicks you out from typing a comment, I could badh the living crap out of the designer of these phones, I have to tape down rubber over the home button and of course it still activates and kicks me out, I could kick your fuckin head in
Wow decent camera
im using this device for a brake controller on my car, using the app echo smart from curt, works like a charm for the price
mine was awful I just could not get it to swipe for incoming calls and it more or less did what it wanted. cheers tesco.
How did you get the cover off ?????
an excelent honest review, thank you.................
Does it flash a little light to tell you a call was missed or a text was missed ?
is the alcatel 1 better then the 1b I need to know asap because my iphone has recently broken and i need a cheap one to use until I have enough money to buy another iphone.
I'm from Bangladesh, my phone is broken Alcatel mobile phone now I can not get any display Bangladesh now I have committed a crime to buy your phone�� model 5030u blue colour
this phone has the worst screen I've ever seen, even if you look straight the colors are inverted at the edges and it looks terrible when you try to play games or watch movies, don't buy this
I've had this phone for 2 years and im just like anoyed lol i cant seem to get my sd card working so im maxed out at 7gb qith 5gb as things i cant uninstall so 2gb and its an okay phone just i can find these on ebay for like 14 quid
During my vacation, I bought it as a backup phone since my regular phone stopped receiving signal. For 50 euros, it's slow, but perfectly capable of doing the basics, like social media, google maps, browsing. The camera isn't even that bad considering the price. I would recommend it, but it is slow, so be prepared for that.
Can I use well this phone with TikTok - Youtube and Whatsaap app?
great little phone cheap as chips
Awesome, Thank you !
*I never knew there wás still good hearted péople like this dude, 👆my device is fixed*
*Reaching out to him👆wasn’t a mistake/regrets I’m glad*
*No wasting time on device anymore after having this dude 👆so resourceful*
*Nobody does this better than him👆 he’s expert* 💯
How about unlocking Alcatel OT 808??
How do I get the code
How to unlock alcatel 5007u sim
Simply brilliant!
Easy quick and just what I needed!
Quick and convenient with great step by step directions
Great, so simple quick and Easy
Amazing service and they bring what they promised!
Happy with the service we used and already recommended to others.
Awesome, really efficient
I cannot imagine a better way to do an unlock.
This was awesome. Worked almost instantly.
Good service, unlocked but not in advertised time, 48 hours…
Worth it. Use this service!
Unlock it my wife phone! Thanks!

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