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Buy Alcatel Go Flip 4 4056W 4GB (T-Mobile only) Flip Phone online at Amazon. Display Size: 2.8 inches, Memory: 4 GB, Color: Blue, Brand: Alcatel
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Alcatel Go Flip 4 4056W 4GB (T-Mobile only) Flip Phone Features

  • Box includes a charger, hands-free, and charging cable. Does NOT include Sim card, that is sold separately by your service carrier.
  • Unlocked for all carriers means that it is compatible with all service providers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Cricket, Metro, Mint, , Straight Talk, Sprint, Us Mobile, Ting Mobile, Simple Mobile, etc.).
  • Powerful Functions: Senior flip phone, with big larger buttons, large flip phone for elderly, Unlocked with 4G dual card dual standby, WLAN, BT, GPS, FM, 2.8 inch display, 2MP wide-angle camera.
  • Take in premium dsign features, including a large keypad buttons, separate function keys, curved back, easy-grip edge, and hard-coated colors.
  • Camera description: Rear
Display Size: 2.8 inches, Memory: 4 GB, Color: Blue, Brand: Alcatel
The lowest Alcatel Go Flip 4 4056W 4GB (T-Mobile only) Flip Phone Price in USA is $67.72 at Amazon.
Buy Alcatel Go Flip 4 4056W 4GB (T-Mobile only) Flip Phone online at Amazon.
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Alcatel Go Flip 4 4056W 4GB (T-Mobile only) Flip Phone Reviews from YouTube

Alcatel GO FLIP 4 Unboxing (T-Mobile)
Alcatel Go Flip 4 , TCL FLIP Pro Review - KaiOS 3 Flip Phone For 2021
Alcatel Go Flip 4 Unboxing
Alcatel Go Flip 4 - Unboxing!
Please i am living in Portugal in you opinion its flip is better betwen 100/150 euros allcatel go flip 4 ,nokia 2720 or other brand e model? Thanks
Man 😂 might not have Bluetooth 😂
I like how everything was a surprise for first part of this unboxing. "I'm assuming this doesn't have any bluetooth connectivity." "I think it's a built in battery." All of your answers will be in the box, man or check the specs. lol.
I can't figure out how to add a contact - Plus when I tried to edit a contact .. i wanted to type an L and the phone typed out .. Lol - this thing does not act like a regular phone.
You should get the Z flip 3 and unbox that it's a great phone I have it
Is this your upgrade from your iPhone 13 mini?
Where to buy the unlocked version. ?
This was a great walkthrough. 💪🏽
"Swipe to the right" "Swipe to the top" "Swipe to the left" Ugh......
Blue Saving Deals INC Only Flip phones
These phones would be perfect if KaiOS would ditch Google for many of the free and open source programs (yes including a voice assistant!), but now gppgle threw cash at them theyll own this market too.
I am Orlando Simoes leaving in Portugal .Please tell me better unlock flip phone between 100/150 euros alcatel go flip 4 ,nokia 2720 or other brand with similar caracteristicas. Thankio
I got the TCL I Use it for back up when shooting some videos....I used it one time ...I have video need to save ...Transfer to PC ....The Alcatel cells since 2019 2020 shot a video then plug into PC And transfer.....On this TCL I CANT FIGURE OUT HOW TO PUT THE FILES ON THE PC ......The Alcatel would shoot in NON HD ...TCL Is HD Sucks up memory way to fast . I know these phones are not meant to be use for shooting videos ....I've found ya could leave the Alcatel flips on and off gey would record as long as 8 hours .....funny ....... Transfer filesno issues..TCL WT FLIP can not figure out how to get the PC TO ACCEPT THE TCL ..My old other Alcatel flips are best to hell and barley work . Never hooked up a flip as a cell phone Only used it as security devices ..Long story...That goes for new PC cams I don't want HD IAT SUCKS UP TO MUCH SPACE.....I SAVE many many many video files from the flips ..Don't know other cheaper units that record 3 4 5 6 hours long Hot to transfer a video file is my issue..And if ya can turn off the HD on this TCL
Wow i love that phone but still not available here in Philippines
Left soft key not working for tcl flip phone; any suggestions?
I just want ot for call and texts..
hold ok to have google asstants
I got one of these yesterday at the T-Moble store. I bought it because I didn't want a smart phone and don't care about texting, internet, games or any of the other features. All I want to do is use it as a phone. You know, making and taking phone calls. I have spent the entire morning watching ELEVEN of these videos. Not one of them (including this one) explains how to make/take phone calls. The people at the T-Mobile store were not any help. This a college town, and these kids think all a phone is for is to play games and take pictures which I no interest in. Can you tell me where I can find a video that explains how to make or take phone calls on this phone?
Can you use it with Verizon please answer
How do you turn on the speaker?
Is this 4g capable ?
What I find remarkable about this review is how there's no mention of the atrocious buttons with barely-functional tactility and that utterly loathsome circular navigation pad that makes you bump other buttons constantly whenever you're just trying to navigate menus. The ball has been dropped on the most important feature of a phone with buttons: the buttons! Has flip phone quality been so poor for so long now that people just assume it's a given that the hardware-to-human interface is going to be awful? There are a lot of other things lousy about this phone, but cutting corners on user input is its cardinal sin.
Do it havet hotspot?
Great review, can you delete the YouTube app?
does the google maps app share the phones location? thank you for your answer
Contending the think that flip-phone should be every kid's first phone these kids with these mobile phones these smartphones are not a good thing
Gracias Por compartir, ese celular es para las personas que solo prefieren solo hacer o recibir llamadas. Gracias
Cool video. Thank you👍🏾
Hey Ian, Are incoming calls logged in the call history? My aunt is blind. On her old phone, usually if someone recently called her she could press the green answer button twice and it would call the most recent person she spoke too. I’m wondering if this phone logs both incoming and outgoing calls in the phone call history? And can you simply use the green answrer button to call them back quickly?
Can you download any other apps like WhatsApp?
Is there a unlocked version ¿
The TCL Classic is the same phone from cricket and it runs $50
Flip phones are back!
good video

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