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Buy Apple iPad Air 2, 128 GB, Space Gray, (Renewed) online at Amazon. Display Size: 9.7 inches Disk Size: 128 GB Connectivity: Wi-Fi Brand: Apple
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Apple iPad Air 2, 128 GB, Space Gray, (Renewed) Features

  • Apple iOS 8; 9.7-Inch Retina Display; 2048x1536 Resolution
  • A8X Chip with 64-bit Architecture; M8 Motion Coprocessor
  • Wi-Fi (802.11a, b, g, n, ac): 16 GB Capacity: 2GB RAM
  • 8 MP iSight Camera; FaceTime HD Camera - Up to 10 Hours of Battery Life
Display Size: 9.7 inches Disk Size: 128 GB Connectivity: Wi-Fi Brand: Apple
The lowest Apple iPad Air 2, 128 GB, Space Gray, (Renewed) Price in USA is $189.95 at Amazon.
Buy Apple iPad Air 2, 128 GB, Space Gray, (Renewed) online at Amazon.
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iPad Air 2 Worth It in 2021?
Can you use an apple pencil generation 2 with this ipad air 2 model mh2u2b/a 2014
iPad Air 2 is a v nice device. All depends what your needs are.
I bought a new Air 5 last month to replace my lagging iPad Air 2. Speed wise lots of difference. However, I still keep my old Air 2 for watching YouTube videos, and reading eBooks. Great device for reading cos it’s slim and light.
My nephew mistakenly bought this exact model for gaming a few months back 🤦🏽‍♂️ …..he threw it down and hasn’t touched it since lol so I was curious so I downloaded Call of duty Mobile I said to hell with it let’s see …..and to my surprise I was shocked 🤯 now obviously you won’t be playin highest graphics (it doesn’t even entertain a high graphics option ) at 60 frames but aside from it takes a minute too load and download large updates 😭, it’s most definitely playable and it actually pretty damn good imo with the exception of the icons ….obviously they have cut graphics where ever possible too be able to allow inexpensive and older devices the ability too have a decent gaming experience That last sentence is a joke😂 they could give less a fuck if poor little Johnny can play along with his friends …’s obvious all the work /greed that goes into being as inclusively optimized as possible is for all the little johnnys that have a low end device but can sneak access too moms debit then wipes out her whole 2 weeks of hard work in exchange for the newest mythic skin with upgrades 🎉🥳 It sounds funny unless your bad ass lil johnnys mom 😭. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Waiting for my iPad Air 2 to arrive. I will be using it for school and I hope it will run smoothly with ROK. 😅
I rarely get on mine but when I do I have 45 minutes of it being slow updating and charging to like 4% lol
I have one, I am proud of it
So I just bought this for school. Mostly for school notes and maybe book viewing online. So I hope it does well. I won’t really doing much with it other than school stuff.
ive had a ipad air 2 for a very long time and I can still play and work there and mine works great! not that laggy at all!
Just bought one for $70 just for watching youtube, making notes and reading music to play on guitar. I won’t ask more from it so I guess its a bargain
I still use mine everyday
Update, currently supports IpadOS 15.7.1 and still runs pretty smooth
Is there any way to use pencil in air 2
Well my one does
Its good it's a grade b and it has 128gb
Though it’s getting laggy, the display and sound of this is amazing. I’ll need a new one to study on next year, but it’s a decent little thing for the price.
I was looking to but one just to use it for GPS on my jeep do you think it will be good?
Ur iPad Air 2 is different I do not have a black like on the back that is not a iPad Air 2 Edit: or is iPad Air 2 America and uk diffrent
I got a iPad Air 2
Whish mention some pencile for this
Hello my dear friend, can I use iPad Air 2 as a second screen on Macbook M2 computer?
does it support 4G?
My iPad Air 2 has iPadOS 15.5 right now in 2022!
*I am impressed with the battery life and **Newest.Technology** how fast it is and the graphics. I use it for everything like a computer only it is better. So far, I have no issues with it. Great product.*
Whose here when it has 15.4😹
So can this iPad still be updated and can download apps? I’m looking to do digital drawing with a stylus. Someone please answer!!! And what is a reasonably price to pay for used?
iPad Air 2 , iPad Pro 9.7 checking in with iOS 15.3.1
Mate, I’ve had this iPad for 8 years it still perfectly works.
Do this ipad still support YouTube app?
You literally called the iPad a phone
1-22-2022. I just updated my ipad air 2 to the third iteration of IOS 15. That means it is fully capable of running IOS 15.
I have two of those ipad air 2, they are still getting updates the screen resolution is still really good. They're like computers keep them for many years still doing great.
Can I watch Netflix/ HBO on it?
Just got updated to os 15.2 in Jan 2022 😳 works beautifully
I have this, I had an iPad 4, and I have an iPad Pro. This is my favourite iPad out of the three for traveling.
Please don't say you think of iPads as "phones" 😅
I got mine new in 2016. It’s currently running iPadOs 14.4.2. I have iPadOS 15.2 waiting to be installed but I’m not going to install it yet since I haven’t found a jailbreak for it. Yep, this is a bad boy of an iPad and it still performs at it did when it was new and battery is still OK too. I think Apple forgot to obsolete it like they did with my iPhone 5.
The fact that we are surprised that its still getting updates says how shit Apple is
not worth it at all
Anyone use this iPad for procreate? Bought one just to use for procreate and haven’t got it in yet 😅
Apple knew why to put more RAM than required into it.
Me too
I am watching this in my iPad Air 2 in 2022
I am watching it on my ipad air 2 golden colour😂
I had this since it first came out and after almost 10 years I am upgrading to the iPad Pro 2021. I will miss this iPad 😊
Who else is watching this video on an iPad Air 2?
I am watching this in iPad air 2 and on 2022 lol
I am still using it
it sucks cause there's no way to put a micro sd card in it for more storage.
does the ipad air 2 have two types of back covers? because one with black list top cover, and the other one is plain
I guess it is not a good idea to use the iPad Air 2 camera……
Does this support stylus
It gave me so much anxiety when he was showcasing the iPad over concrete😢 don’t drop it bud!
U suddenly got the memories of your old iPad and you are here, right?
I’m still using an iPad Air 2 in 2022, with iPadOS 15.4! I can play Call of Duty Mobile on it. Outstanding longevity
I’m watching this on my IPad Air 2 in 2022 and it performed so well I bought it since it was released and the battery life is still amazing and performance is amazing I’m keeping it till it’s no longer supported.
nice look bro:>
I gonna buy next week🙂😆
Damn this dude used to look soo weird. Now you look way cooler
Me to
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Can you do setup for ipad Air 2
Ipad air 2 က 16g fbအသုံးပြုရတာ​ကောင်းသလား--?pls,
What is better ipad air 2 or 5th
Does it support stylus
I used it for 6 years already !
The underdog supports ipados 15
Can I play doodle army 2 on it lmao?
The RAM is quite low but I only need it for note taking, is iPad air 2 work fine with note taking...this one is the only iPad I can afford
Are you mad everyone iPad Air 2 is trash
Guys. My Meemaw/Grandma want a to know what I want for Christmas. My budget is $200. SHould I get it??? Or should I get something else
4:10 Ipad Air 2 IS Supported by the new IOS 15 in 2021
did you make this vid the day when i was born
Does anyone know if this works with the AirPods Pro?
How much GB that one have
Im thinking to buy. how to update . because I dont have any apple id . Does it will come updated of I will have to . does it support procreate . google meet . is front camera fine . and what about note taking what's the ram . so ya these are questions . Sorry for to much
I’m wanting to buy the iPad Air 2 but I heard that it can bend quite easily.
Does it work smoothly with zoom and google meet? I really need a device for online classes but im on a tight budget
I got one TODAY

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