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Buy Apple iPad Mini 4, 128GB, Space Gray online at Amazon. Display Size: 7.9 inches Disk Size: 128 GB Connectivity: Bluetooth Brand: Apple
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  • 7.9" Retina Display, 2048 x 1536 Resolution
  • Apple iOS 9, Dual-Core A8 Chip with Quad-Core Graphics
  • 8 MP iSight Camera, 1080p HD Video Recording
Display Size: 7.9 inches Disk Size: 128 GB Connectivity: Bluetooth Brand: Apple
The lowest Apple iPad Mini 4, 128GB, Space Gray Price in USA is $225.21 at Amazon.
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Apple iPad Mini 4, 128GB, Space Gray Reviews from YouTube

Using the iPad Mini 4 in 2022 - Review
iPad Mini 4 In 2022! (Still Worth It?) (Review)
iPad Mini 4 In 2021! (Still Worth It?) (Review)
Apple iPad mini 4: Unboxing & Review
These older iPads never fail to impress me, especially with that iPad Air 2 & Mini 4. What iPad should I review next? Any other tech device you'd like to see a video on? Join the discord! ---
Why doesn't anyone mention the best feature of lainated displays? Dust doesn't get inside the screen.
Me watching this video on an ipad mini 4
mine broke had a 128gb one the battery is bulging
They are selling for so low nowadays. I picked up two in mint condition for $65. 64gb model for drone flights and a 16gb for my little boy. On iOS 15.7 they run just fine.
Hello. thank you for the information. have you edited the photos on this ipad.? sometimes in a photo shoot, he needs to see photos and do a quick edit of a few photos in the lightroom. is it better the Air2 or the mini 4.?
The current iPads in this video still have gigantic bezels. k k k 🤣. Why u can't feel those bezels like I see them... huuoogge!
i just recently booted up mine that i haven't touched for well over 4 years, and it still somehow works i bought it in australia at like a 50% discount because it was from a tax-free airport shop. 128 gigs
Is there any stylus that is compatible with iPad mini 4 that is actually good???
I’m using my iPadMini 4 to watch this video and just recently noticed there is no newer OS upgrade past 15.7 Seems to work just fine for me and I bought this one in Califore department store at the Vallagio Mall, Qatar in 2017.
I had iPad mini 4 in 2016 with 128gb storage it’s pretty useful to read articles and watch videos, I decide to buy the budget iPad 10th gen in October
Great video brought an I pad mini 4 today 🙂
I have ipad mini 4 running ipados 14.8.1 should i update to 15.6.1?
I kinda regret getting it in 2018. I wanted a small ipad and I had no idea it came out in 2015 so like I had a limited lifespan for it. Its really slow now but maybe its just because im used to having a faster phone lol.
I have an ipad mini 2 that I use once in a while, but my mini 4 is still great! The battery in the 2 is slowly dying but still going. Thanks for the video. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
I have the Ipad Mini Mini, otherwise known as the iPhone.
I just need an apple device (since I switched back to Android) to manage my apple credit card. Is the iPad mini 4 a good choice?
Sold my mini 1 and bought a 4th Gen for about $10 more ($65 shipped). The widgets showing my calendar/weather/reminders were certainly worth the trade up in price and worse battery life lol. Thanks for the video
Still using ipad mini 1 its still best for watching Netflix
I want one of these for my Bible study just to do some notes and load my Bible on it. I want to try mini before sinking $500 into a newer one.
This guys voice is so annoying
Lol theirs nothing wrong with buying the 4. You can use it for anything this dude just likes complaining about looks.
Would this tablet be good for a 4 year old that plays games and watches YouTube?
The Mini 4 is still pretty good in 2022. You can use it for productivity and some gaming. 1080p YouTube, COD Mobile, and most other games still run well on here at a solid 60 FPS. iOS 15.7 is what runs on mine.
iPad Mini 1-4 prices plummeted since the iPadOS 16 update.   I'd still get one for under $50 as an eReader though.
I just need it for my kid who uses YouTube for school. Is this updated enough to where I can use the YouTube app?
Had mine since December 6 2016
I have a iPad mini 4
Im trying to get a used one for calling, watching youtube in the car, etc. Its a very good iPad for travel, just be sure to bring a portable charger if it is at 20%. I think it would make a very good iPad when traveling or something.
What's wrong with this guy ,,, stop repeating how *outdated* it is, you would shorten the video by 6 2¢'s...mine works just fine, battery a little weak...still runs 2/3 hours streaming or U-tube...🤪
If you have an iPad mini 4 keep it going. If you don’t and want an older iPad mini…go with a mini 5.
I’m watching this on my Mini 4 😎 Still good for watching movies, editing on Pixelmator, selling online, listening to music, reading, browsing, social media, using the calendar, printing documents and taking notes. It still makes me happy for that basic use. I just had to change the battery but it’s never let me down.
What happened to the do not disturb button on the side?
I have a ipad mini 4 it still works
R.I.p iPad mini 4, looks like it’s not getting iOS 16. Been a great 6 years
my ipad mini 4 battery died a few days ago after 5 years of ownership
i have ios 15.6 on my mini 4 i know it might seem old but it on 15.6 ios
me living with this ipad
Thanks for getting straight to the point
Can It play apex?
Is this good for games? I’m wanting something bigger than my iPhone for my farm games
I have a ipad mini 4 the color is gold
I have ipad mini 4 running ipados 14.8.1 should i update to 15.6.1?
Ipad mini 4 was my old ipad but now I'm using ipad mini 6
I am impressed with the battery life and Newest.Technology how fast it is and the graphics. I use it for everything like a computer only it is better. So far, I have no issues with it. Great product.
Ipad mini 4 is on iOS 15.4.1
i still have the ipad..
I have ios15.4.1 on it bruh
I think it’s great for me Nan if price is fair. She just needs for Safari surfing, YouTube, NetFlix, Amazon, eBay, photo stream maybe some social media. FaceTime w/ us. Even if slower, at least it feels smooth to her Galaxy of same age.
Great machine for YouTube, Netflix, Disney+ or any other app streaming service. It’s mediocre at web-browsing and other tasks. The speakers are tinny compared to the Mini 5 so music playback is nothing to write home about either. I’ve had this since release in 2015 so it has been a great buy. I have moved onto the Mini 5 now but still use the 4 daily.
I have an iPad mini 4. But I can’t seem to dictate emails. It seems to. E registering my voice but no typing happens.
Just updated mine to 15.3.1 unbelievable
Thanks for the review! Looking to get something smaller (but larger than my iphone 7 (larger version) to watch video during my elliptical workouts in the gym. So....want to download episodes from Netflix or Disney+ and then watch during my workout. Sounds like it would be a good device for that purpose?
I never had an ipad. Or an iphone.
I have one of these, I recommend defiantly getting one with more storage then usual, and try to get one with better camera quality Because mine sucks lol
I’m using iPad mini 4 while watching this video and I buy it since 2019 August
Thanks for the review I own a iPad mini 4 and was thinking to maybe buy a newer version but this video stopped me from doing that I am really happy I watched this video before selling it
Cellular version ruins the vibe. Seriously could they not make that section gold to match?
Thats the Ipad I have :D
Me Watching after 6 years😂
Great video brought an I pad mini 4 yesterday 🙂
Is this ipad 4g or 3g please answer
I Actually have one
do you bite your fingernails? coz i do too, mate
6 years later and mine on ios15.4.1
I have always wondered... Does the "Borg" in your YouTube name have anything to do with the Star Trek Borg? 🙃
I have ipad 4 but not mini its big
I am watching this video on a iPad mini 4 LOL
Apple IPad Mini 6 Unboxing and Review
My daddy will buy this for my sisters birthday 🎉 I
6+ years, and I still daily use my iPad mini 4 which I got at launch..
Watching on an iPad 9th gen 2021 😎
I really want a iPad mini 4
I love my iPad mini 4 but the glass is starting to come off from the body Help
Thank you so much I wanted this so much but the only thing I have to save up
I want a iPad mini so I’m researching a lot about it right now
So excited, I’m getting one for Christmas!

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