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Buy Apple iPhone 12 Pro, 256GB, Graphite online at Amazon. Display Size: -Memory: 256 GB, Color: Graphite, Brand: Apple
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Apple iPhone 12 Pro, 256GB, Graphite Features

  • Unlocked and compatible with any carrier of choice on GSM and CDMA networks (e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular, Cricket, Metro, Tracfone, Mint Mobile, etc.).
  • Tested for battery health and guaranteed to come with a battery that exceeds 90% of original capacity.
  • Inspected and guaranteed to have minimal cosmetic damage, which is not noticeable when the device is held at arm's length. Successfully passed a full diagnostic test which ensures like-new functionality and removal of any prior-user personal information.
  • Includes a brand new, generic charging cable that is certified Mfi (Made for iPhone) and a brand new, generic wall plug that is UL certified for performance and safety. Also includes a SIM tray removal tool but does not come with headphones or a SIM card.
  • Backed by a one-year satisfaction guarantee.
Display Size: -Memory: 256 GB, Color: Graphite, Brand: Apple
The lowest Apple iPhone 12 Pro, 256GB, Graphite Price in USA is $749.00 at Amazon.
Buy Apple iPhone 12 Pro, 256GB, Graphite online at Amazon.
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Apple iPhone 12 Pro, 256GB, Graphite Reviews from YouTube

iPhone 12 Pro 256GB - Graphite Unboxing
iPhone 12 Pro Review: You Sure About That?
iPhone 12 Pro In 2022! (Still Worth Buying?) (Review)
Apple iPhone 12 Pro full review
Do they ship to your door with out them asking to sign that paper?
Can you unbox the 12 black
I Love iPhone 12 Pro Using this iPhone for more than 2 Years Go for this iPhone. Best iPhone Smooth-Display is amazing ALWAYS GO WITH THE PRO MODELS
The editing skills🤩
Nothing else to do?
here in 2022
How many gbs is there on the 12 pro?
Old phone, please calm down while reviewing😂😂😂
Good review, thanks going to buy a Pro, photography is a big deal for me, Max is far too big for my purpose. I am upgrading from an XR which has been a good phone and an excellent size😊
7:52 2022 November and you have to buy a triple camera setup phone as otherwise you loose close shots, focus issues all around... sad that Apple software nerfed all other phones using IOS 16
Now looking back at the 12 pro it was the worst “pro” iPhone as it had nothing that made it pro
I’m at 81 out of 128 GB used clearly 64 GB phone isn’t for me maybe my mom
Just backtracked his act like always.
i m gonna buy 12 pro in 2022
I have an iphone 12 pro (not max) 512gb and I love it! I've had zero issues except for the camera weirdly distorts things. Like when if I take a selfie it can make my head look big or small etc. So if anyone knows how to fix that that'd be GREAT!
It’s the end of 2022 and in Pakistan , used 12 pro price is 150K PKR plus 103K tax ! 1068 USD in total lol
Yes im sure
Is this worth 500USD$? Im a korean and 700,00krw (500$ in usd) and its for an okay abt 85% battery and not much scratches
8:50 well 2 years of iPhone use ( and erease entire year of video/picture ) i'am on... 64 GO of 128 haha.
I love this phone and everything about it but there are some things I don't like, I don't like how you have to pay for icloud, I upgraded from iphone 7, and 5G is a bit useless and how I think IOS16 Is complete garbage, The speed is good but is the upgrade worth it, Yes but I don't think the $1000 price tag is a bit to much it should have been $599 or $799, I love the improvement in 2022, thats why this didn't have much buyers, cause price tag but this phone is amazing and I do recommend.
Do a revisit video on it
It's funny that I'm watching this on an iPhone 12 Pro It's also the blue colour 😂
You said beautiful like 7 times in the space of a minute.
Does the pro max have the same battery health problem?
watching on my 12 pro 512gb 84%batt health and cant hear when on the caller, always on loud speaker mode. thank u
4:25 dude allowed app to track, wow
I wanted the max but it’s too big
4:03 said won't age then the app store just crashed lol
Watching this to convince myself to NOT upgrade to the 14 🤣🤣🤣
I have an iPhone XS max and I’m upgrading to the iPhone 12 pro
My iPhone 12 pro is awesome. iOS 16 is not affecting battery. Takes great pics…. I’m gonna keep it until iPhone 15 pro. Awesome phone
I love mine
I have mine for 2 years now and still feels like I have the newest model. So, not upgrading until Apple makes their version of flip phones 😹
i think all iphone's are still worth it in this year
The 12 Pro is honestly the worst value compared to the iPhone 12
Do no get this crap. Battery is so bad. It gets really hot and in one year the screen cost me 279 dollars to fix.
I think the iPhone 12 is the best value out of all the phones in apples lineup it’s 699 to start and 849 for 256gb and 50 dollars more for 128gb instead of 64gb it’s a really good value phone compared to the 13 lineup
The normal iPhone 12 hasn’t really experienced this battery issue the iPhone 12 Pro has experienced it the most my dads phone and his gf have the 12 pro and are less then 90% battery health after a year of use the iPhone 12 mini does too with 91% after about a year
👇 2022 iphone XR
My dad has been using his 6s Plus since 2017 and noticed it’s becoming too slow and won’t hold up the battery. I got him the 12 Pro and he loves it. Comparing the two phones the newer iphones are sturdier and more high end. It’s gonna last him years✨❤️
degration of 13% after 1 year is Alright for an iphone besides 13- 13pro.
Iphones are yellowish in these days
The intro made me subscribe, I thought it was gonna be a marvel movie😂
I love you Bro❤
Apple iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12pro 6.1" 6G RAM 128GB/256GB ROM 100% Original A14 Bionic Chip Unlocked Smartphone Face ID 12MP 5G
Can i have that phone :( its really hard to take online classes when you have a bad phone idont have laptop
Excellent review. Thanks.
am gonna buy that 🥵
I got IPhone 12 pro. 512GB as my new year gift. And I feel like my Samsung S10+ is quite better than IPhone 12. I’m giving the iPhone 12 pro to my mum.
permission to up the video
I wish i had a brand new iPhone 12 Pro
Nice review
fuck masks
I bought the iPhone 12 n iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 pro
I love 😍iPhone 12pro🤗I well buy soon 🤩
Why don't you add audio qwality details of this smartphone on your website , As you did before on iphone 11pro Please always do this Thank you🙏🙏🙏🙏🌹🌷⚘🌺🌹🌷🌻👏👏
Uhm these comments are weirddd
Why you sound like Chris Griffin
60 Hertz no thanks!! Galaxy I believe are up to 120 refresh rate for faster and smoother performance.
I don't wanna know if they are similar or not, I just want to hear about the PRO not the max or the regular.

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