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Buy Apple iPhone XR, Boost Mobile, 64GB online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.5 inches, Memory: 64.0 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Apple
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Apple iPhone XR, Boost Mobile, 64GB Features

  • This phone is only for use with Boost Mobile and cannot be Unlocked for use with other carriers.
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum bands. A special Apple‑designed alloy is precision‑machined to create structural bands and anodized to complement the color of the back glass.
  • Wireless charging. The glass back allows iPhone XR to charge easily and wirelessly.
  • Intelligent A12 Bionic. This is the smartest, most powerful chip in a smartphone, with our next-generation Neural Engine
  • 12MP rear camera, ƒ/1. 8, wide-angle lens, Portrait mode with Depth Control, 2x faster sensor for Smart HDR across your photos, 4K video up to 60 fps
Display Size: 6.5 inches, Memory: 64.0 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Apple
The lowest Apple iPhone XR, Boost Mobile, 64GB Price in USA is $275.74 at Amazon.
Buy Apple iPhone XR, Boost Mobile, 64GB online at Amazon.
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Apple iPhone XR, Boost Mobile, 64GB Reviews from YouTube

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Everyone who watches the videos please make sure to read the Description and feel free to subscribe and like the video also I would appreciate it if anyone could go to one of the links in description and purchase anything because what ever you buy from my affiliate links it will help out my channel a lot
So I wanna buy the xr since its at 200$rn but if i buy it ,the iphone i have rn what will happen to it once i activate the xr since im already a member for BM.this is my first time doing something like this
Will boost mobile still have it even after the 13 launches
if i buy one brand new does the phone come unlocked?
what is the battery life on it? I wanna know if it is worth it for the price
is the activation really simple and fast or is it kinda difficult
thank you very helpful
I want one but unfortunately i have a mexican mom 😞
Getting mine today 😍😍 coral
Got mine today. Doesn’t come with a wall adapter cube or headphones really sucks that you spend so much for these phones and they give you the bare minimum
If you already have a plan which I have a family plan with boost can I buy the phone for the same price ?
Anyone know if the box comes with everything such as the headphones and charger?
I go on google to ask if the I phone xr uses boost mobile, and it doesn't give a Yes or No answer.
I had an I phone 6 gold but it died on me. I just bought the XR red 128G.But how do I get it to be on my boost plan?
Are you able to get in the store
Does the iphone come locked?
Is the iphone xr from boost mobile good like at games like is it good quality for roblox?
Is the phone good for games. Lile games lile call of duty or fortnite?
If I order iphone x or xr how much is the bill a month,?
How much days does it take to ship.?
How To Buy Cheap iPhones from Amazon Guide: CHEAP iPhone 11 Pro Amazon Review Unboxing: CHEAP iPhone X Amazon Unboxing Review: CHEAP iPhone XS Amazon Unboxing Review:
help me please I'm Amazon but there is no buy button
Im going to buy it but I'm scared if it comes broken 😭😭
chessers take the wheel 💀💀
"I'm gonna be leavin da link inda deshcription shection
Did it come with a screen protector
Can you give me the link plzz
I got one for $341
You are a life saver I was really anxious about buying this but you help me you earned a new sub my friend
Mine just came and I see no issues with it the front glass looks fine and so does the back, screen has no stratches and the battery life is at 85% and Face ID works so go for it. I paid 350
Who was the seller you bought it from? Also nice video.
i’m looking to buy this but which color do you think i should get ?
I got the iphone xr white and i hope it comes in good hand cuz i really want a iphone thats good so hopefully it comes in good hands cause i never had a iphone and i really want a kp xr!!!
I want to get one but I saw reviews on Amazon some were good and some were bad it’s a 50 50 for me
I have it now. I’m so happy!
So all I have to do is take my sim card from my old phone and put it in this and thats it? My plan stays the same and no fees??
i have a question should i buy a new iphone xr or a renewed one cause im not sure and this will be my first iphone
I’m so nervous because I’m bout to buy one from amazon and I’m praying it comes in good condition 💀😭
I purchased this phone on amazon for 339 but wish me luck. I hope it's real
Thanks this video helped me know what to expect👍🏽
ooo his passport case is ridiculously cool... where can I buy it?
upgraded to an iPhone XR. 4 yrs later it is still a beast.
As a Chef
They were somehow making the restaurant run for years until Gordon came and made it closed in 10 months.
I thought Ramsey just went everywhere lol.
Ask my grandma for one when she’s coming I’m so excited 😅😊
POV: you got the phone for 4 years and search new iPhone XR 😂
xr is awasome
It’s so releasing to hear Pewds they the things I don’t want to think
My mother has already revealed to me that i will get an xr. i am so glad that i have watched this.
I got the blue but it cracked I got the case after it was cracked that how smart I am
Even downgrading from an Infinity QLed display on my Note 9, this display is not bad by any means!! I love my XR!
Any1 watching this in 2022?
I have the s22 ultra as my main phone and got a new Xr as I want to get into the apple echo system. Although the s22 is way better this iPhone is very impressive. I am now wanting to get the 14.
As someone who used to be a tech support manager for AT&T but, then, left that world and stopped using mobile phones for about 10 years....I'm impressed. I bought an iPhone 6S Plus new back in early 2018. I immediately cased it in an Otter Box and put the "unbreakable" glass screen over the display and (excluding my 82% healthy battery) my phone is still in mint condition. Okay, I replaced the Otter Box once. I ultimately want to hold out for the alleged Tesla Pi but if that release goes out into 2024 I may possibly replace my current phone, especially if the battery health drops by a lot suddenly. If I had to pick an interim phone which I'd purchase cash so I'm not tied to a carrier contract I came up with the XR and the 8 Plus. You did a very nice job outlining the features of the XR and I want to both let you know that and thank you for doing an excellent, informative video.
I can’t wait for the next iPhone se 4 it’s gonnna be this phone and I can’t Wait for it to come out but next year it’s coming out
How does this compare iPhone 6s Plus
i hate it, barley two years old barley connects to my data
I feel like I’m the only one that doesn’t like the blue XR
The iPhone XR might not be sold by Apple anymore but it's a good example of a phone that's still thriving on the used market- and it may just even be worth it for the right person in 2022. Anyone using the XR? How's it working for you?
I own a iPh13 Pro ans I just gifted my GF the iPhone XR (used), and I tested it for a few days. I’ll say that it is definitely faster than I expected and I can barely notice any meaningful difference to my 13 Pro. I did enjoy using it!
I can’t be the only one who thinks the XR would be a good SE future design, they can use the iPhone 8 body so why not the XR.
I scored mine for 150 dollars and sold my 11 pro for 260. The 11 pro Face ID did t work and cracked screen. Managed to sell it for 260. Nice
Me watching it on iphone se first gen
I have a iPhone 10s my battery health is 83 percent but it’s still good 👍
I skipped the 12 , and will skip the 14 , and then I’ll probs get a 15 pro
My brother is on a xr and he seems to like it, I had an 8plus and , then an 11pro ,now I have a 13pro 256 and love it
Really nice phone. Switched to it after iPhone 13 Pro Max, as I couldn't stand oled display. Using iPhone XR to sell stuff on eBay, which brings me at least 10k£ per year. Really nice phone, especially for people who is reading more than watching.
I'm 23 years old and can't buy this phone as my dream phone. I'll get you sooner😇
I have an xr and it’s still really really good
I got the XR at launch and loved it. The battery was absolute. It would last a double shift at work so from 1030pm to 1530 the next day. I would work 3rd and 1st and as long as I started my shift at 100% I would plug back in around 10%. And that was with heavy gaming and YouTube along with podcasts and music apps. I feel it lasted longer than my current iPhone 14 pro.
My phone is destroyed and I have already spent 100$ in the past fixing it but now this absolutely destroyed and I decided I should switch to iPhone. Now I can buy the 14 pro but I need the money and I found a good deal for an Iphone Xr and I will buy it. Thanks for helping me decide cuz I was confused if I want to buy the iPhone x
Had my XR since 2019 the reason I upgrade is I ran outta space, if I buy it at 256gb I would still use it, but now love my alpine green 13 pro max xD
I just got one a few weeks ago I love everything so far but everything is so small
Today I bought a iPhone XR 128GB, 98% battery health and in perfect condition for $280. Was it a good deal?
Got for my niece a 100 dollar XR very good condition. Well worth it.
You get what you pay for from Apple. I feel like this phone is pretty solid for what it does.
Just brought XR iPhone Problem with sim
I’m considering an iPhone XR for my son for Christmas as his first phone

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