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Buy Boost Mobile TCL Flip 4G LTE FlipPhone, Black - Prepaid Phone online at Amazon. Display Size: 2.8 inches, Memory: 4.0 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Boost Mobile
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Boost Mobile TCL Flip 4G LTE FlipPhone, Black - Prepaid Phone Features

  • Carrier locked to Boost Mobile. Canno
  • The TCL FLIP features a familiar flip design with dual color displays. The external 1.44” display gives you a preview of who’s calling and discreetly alerts you of new notifications without opening the phone. Read messages with ease on the 2.8” internal display that can be personalized with large text and increased brightness.
  • TCL FLIP is the modern flip phone with all the familiar features you love and none of the hassle. KaiOS 3.0 allows you to navigate popular apps with ease. Plus, tools such as Calendar and Email will keep you productive on the go.
  • Go on a camping trip or talk to your friends for hours on the reliable TCL FLIP. The long-lasting battery delivers more than 15 days of standby time and up to 11 hours of talk time. The quad-core processor provides a smooth experience when playing games or using apps.
  • Enjoy clear calls with the amplified sound from the loudspeaker, or go hands-free with a wired or Bluetooth headset for additional privacy. Either way you choose, 4G LTE provides HD voice for excellent call quality.
  • Don't get stuck without an internet connection. Turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot for on-the-go access. (Access varies per plan.)
  • 1850 mAH battery. Talk time up to 11 hours. Standby time up to 15.93 days (4G)
  • 4.22” x 2.19” x 0.78” 4.69 oz. 2.8" internal 320x240px display. 1.44" external 128x128px display
  • Snapdragon 215 up to 1.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor. 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage w/support for MicroSDᵀᴹ cards up to 32GB¹
Display Size: 2.8 inches, Memory: 4.0 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Boost Mobile
The lowest Boost Mobile TCL Flip 4G LTE FlipPhone, Black - Prepaid Phone Price in USA is $69.88 at Amazon.
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Boost Mobile TCL Flip 4G LTE FlipPhone, Black - Prepaid Phone Reviews from YouTube

Boost Mobile Tcl Flip Review #tcl #tclflip #boostmobile #flipphone
TCL Flip Unboxing (Boost Mobile)
TCL Flip Pro Review
BOOST MOBILE TCL FLIP UNBOXING #flipphone #tclflip #boostmobile #android
I agree ! This one & the tracfone alcatel is huge flip phones. Like wayyyy to big ! . I'm like what happened to all the small , oldschool flip phones? Its like the creators think only old people use these or something. It's just way too big. And they be coming with google preinstalled and i do not like that. I dont want google tracking people location.
Does this phone have emojis for texting? My mom is in her 70s and just got this phone. We can't find emojis anywhere, it's so sad
can you delete safari and youtube for good?
Not bad for a flip phone
Good review! Thinking about getting this for my dad since he aint about to fool with a smartphone lol. Probably do that $100 yearly plan with boost with this.
How do I deactivate predictive text? I’m trying to add new contacts and my text changes all the time.
It's a good extra phone to keep around junk in case you loose your main phone you can still call or text if you need. I love it. Good video. 👍
😂50 and over
Hi. Is it possible to set up speed dial or one touch dial? We got this phone for my dad to replace his other flip and we are just missing the speed dial set up
50 and over facts or trap phone
Does the phone have the option to not sign into the internet?
Does the phone hove the general texting app so I could text someone else that has an iPhone or a smart phone?
Am I able to text other people that have an iPhone or a smart phone using this flip phone?
I want to get one of those tcl flip phones to have as my primary phone.
Hi checking out your video trying to see if I wanna get this for my elderly mother..can you put pics on this phone and will they connect with callers?
Ahahaha now this is a blast from the past! I miss these phones. Now to bring back SideKick phones. Just wondering, can you review the CoolPad Legacy Brisa and compare it to the original CoolPad Legacy? Thanx
2000s boost mobile phone before we could all connect
i just picked up that Motorola 5g stylus you right that green with a clear case on it does stand out cause my contract with cricket will be up this year so I'll just use that until then if I renew it then I'll get something else
Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a great 2021. I'm looking forward to an incredible 2022 with you all.
Need one for an older person
my flip2 looks like that
Way to big wtf
This phone has one of the most frustrating operating systems I have ever had the displeasure of using. It took me two days to figure out just how to enter new contacts into the phone, and that process once figured out is extremely tedious. I now see why owning a smart phone makes so much more sense, it's much easier to use and is intuitive in its operation. The only reason I had to try to enter contacts on this phone was because it was for my older father who just needs to make calls and would never need a smart phone not to mention having to pay for an expensive data plan. The other issue when adding contacts is that if your contact has a landline and a cell phone, there is no field to fill out for entering a landline, only a cell number? Makes no sense.
happy holi 2022!
Is it unlocked? will it take Tmobile sim?
Does this phone have a nano or micro sim
No boot sound?! Bruh
Mine is on Verizon and can make calls! It doesn’t have Internet though despite being a KaiOS phone. But mine is the Pro version. Same exact phone, though I have no idea what the difference is.
Does the phone has boostmobile SIM card ?
I have the TCL. 20r
ur the only one who takes time to actually go through phones like this lol
i missed the premiere
Had been sealed
A $20 phone with USB-C 😀
Why did Sprint not owned boost mobile any more
I have one and I like it.
How to download music from YouTube to tcl flip phone 4g for boost mobile
Good review! Peaceful video with peaceful music!
How do I type letters rather than numbers to that I can add a password for wifi connection, since we live out of cell phone coverage. Thanks, Curt
How do you send a .jpeg to you PC from that phone?
Cat22 flip still good?
This phone is lit 🔥
thanks for the video ,my mother in law has one of those and i like it cause it doesn't distract me while I'm outside,the t9 isn't to bad try to keep writing the sentence and you'll see ,thanks man
thanks for the video this looks like a great flip pen for my elderly mom to have
Speaker phone turns on and off by pushing OK button when call is connecting. Hope this helps some folks out there.Just got mine,had a samsung for 10 years still was working with same battery that came in it. But the 3g thing made me upgrade. I'm just an old fart and don't need or want to carry a computer around. If i do social media ? in a chair in my room, not behind the wheel of a car ,or walking not looking where I'm headed. Really like this THC does all I need and a little more,
I have TCL Flip Pro phone. its kind of a chintzy upgrade (if you can call it that) from the LG VN-170 flip phone. because of the 3G phase out, I was supposed to get a different phone in June, it never showed up at my address. told VZ about it. since my old phone was no longer working as it was disconnected from service, I got this phone from the VZ store in my area. theres some things I like about it, its bigger than the VN-170, looks more rugged and the display is really nice and big. it vibrates pretty good. the user interface on the software on the other hand sucks like a pig. ☹ it not easy to navigate. apps is limited and no store. the alarm and calendar app sucks like a turd. one of those apps doesn't have the vibration switch. I did notice that theres some apps on the phone in the video thats not present in my new phone. I gather it might have something to do with the type of plan one is in. the LG VN 170 is a better phone in some respects despite the fact it doesn't do emoticons. the TCL's emoticons selection is pretty limited. there are things that I can't do on the TCL that I could do on the VN170 or the E815 flip phones. you can't set up the UI like way you can with VN170 or E815 on the OK button controls. I don't like the message thread and it doesn't tell you how many messages there are and you can't go to the beginning that easily. theres no camera button on the side. at best, its a 2 star ⭐⭐ flip phone.
Is there a speakerphone?
How do you mute it?
Is there a speed dial on this phone? I had set up speed dial on Mom's old flip phone but it broke I need to set it up on TCL but I don't know how
i love having a flipphone no more notification dings from android and i can go about my life omg so much better
might actually drop out my smart phone for this....
Not sure if this has it, but I own a Nokia 6300 which also runs KaiOS which has 2 internet radio apps which I use all the time.
How do you turn the Speaker on
Hate the dam thing!
Left soft key not working. Any suggestions?
I want to get this for my child as a starter phone. Is there a way for parents to know the location of the phone at all times? can you block certain apps/ features on the phone?
How do u set up its voicemail?
Indian sim supported or not
Enjoy it !!
Are there only one alert for messages
This phone is a go for my Uncle in nursing home 15 month plan

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