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Buy CAT PHONES S48c 32GB Rugged Waterproof (Sprint Unlocked) Smartphone online at Amazon. Display Size: 5.00 inches, Memory: 32.00 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Cat
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CAT PHONES S48c 32GB Rugged Waterproof (Sprint Unlocked) Smartphone Features

  • Amazon Renewed condition : May have few minor scuffs or scratches;
  • This device is Sprint Unlocked Version, will work with T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Not compatible with Cricket and any other CDMA network. To ensure this phone will work with your carrier please check to make sure the frequencies your carrier uses are supported by this phone.
  • 90 days store limited warranty. Ships in non-retail box; Premium aftermarket charger and USB Cable only.
  • Internal storage : 32GB
  • The Model does NOT have led notification.
Display Size: 5.00 inches, Memory: 32.00 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Cat
The lowest CAT PHONES S48c 32GB Rugged Waterproof (Sprint Unlocked) Smartphone Price in USA is $277.50 at Amazon.
Buy CAT PHONES S48c 32GB Rugged Waterproof (Sprint Unlocked) Smartphone online at Amazon.
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CAT PHONES S48c 32GB Rugged Waterproof (Sprint Unlocked) Smartphone Reviews from YouTube

CAT S48C Pure Rugged Phone at Sprint and Verizon
Cellcom | Why You Should Get The CAT® S48c Smartphone | Review
Introducing the new CAT S48c rugged smartphone
Cat S48c - Available on Sprint
how did he connect his applewatch with this CAT? :)
very good
What is the input voltage of this phone
I just decided to buy one! They have them either used or refurbished for cheap all over eBay!
how strong is the screen do you need a screen protector
What is the storage capacity , is it only 32 gb and the system takes up another 32 gb?
Can't believe they're still charging $500 for this obsolete turd when you can get better newer phones under $100.
Thanks for the review ! How is the gps on this device?
i have a cat but not a caterpillar
Does this phone have fast charging?
Is this phone still going to work out after Jan 1st on T Mobile 5G network?
This guy would be perfect for a wild wild west remake as loveless.
Sadly this phone only got one software update
Cant find hotspot or no hotspot
ANDROID RULES !! ( out below )
Only Apple System!!! Never more Android!!!
I have a big big question for you why do you think my flash n flashlight stopped working? it was working fine and all of a sudden it don't work no more I tried everything but won't turn on it just flash one time but not like a regular picture flash way way shorter of a flash won't even capture it in a picture.
What if my little plastic port where the charger goes is missing can it still go under water?
*THIS CAT PHONE LITERALLY* has more new features then the new Apple IPhone out on the market
This is the only review I could find that actually demonstrates the underwater video quality, thanks for the great overview!
Accidently stepped on my Duraforce Pro 2 and cracked my screen right through my screen protector. WTF! CANT SEEM TO FIND ANYONE THAT CAN GET THE SCREEN PARTS TO REPLACE IT SO I HAVE TO FIND ANOTHER PHONE. Hope the Cat does a better job.
I had my s48c for about 5 months and I just keep washing it every day after work. I was thinking wasn't a problem put it under the water (since it's "waterproof ") but no. It start acting up and now I have no phone thanks to the bad quality it has. Last time I get a CAT product.
I just got mine. Please can someone tells me the use of the yellow button at the left hand??
I have this phone myself and can give a honest account about it. I Love this phones durability and rugged feel about it. It makes me feel comfortable that this phone will last me a good while. Internet on is quick, as well as having multiple open applications and barely lags. I do have some issues with it are unfortunately. the camera on the s48c is very disappointing and a letdown. It says it is a 13 mega pixel camera but the shots definitely don't produce like it. Even in good lighting, i had to download a few apps to make other shots decent. I understand that this is a midrange and not a flagship phone. I truly do understand that, but if they are going to give a upgrade to pie, I do hope apart of that patchwork is to give better clarity to the camera. It is a letdown when wanting to take pictures. Some of The bloatware is not needed also. If you are a person who likes to download, get yourself a memory card, also, a patch to receive MMS while on the phone. Other than that, I have no more complaints. that's for sure. Overall I am satisfied with the durability, sound quality of the calls and the long battery life. Even when I'm using it very heavily, it has lasted me a full day.
If your lookin for a phone loaded with spy garbage this is it . Constantly turns app settings back on . It has 20 times more crap installed in it than my kyocera did . Thas why its lacking in memory . They burned it all up with crap you cant change . I have to get into phone eveyday and turn off google pay and other crap that ppl can scam info through . F N phone just reboots and turns it all back on ! Finally got fed up . Went into show system . And uninstalled evey thing i could . Force stopped everything i could ! Ive got Dont auto update marked in play store ! It auto updates anyhow . First thing i did when i got home was hit the factory reset button . That took out 5 , 6 bullshit updates n apps sprint rammed n it ! That helped ! To much bull shit a guy dont need ! Go back to a dam flip phone and be done with it !
Well, it's not an Apple or Samsung, and it doesn't have that retarded curved glass (my s7 edge literally cracked in less than an hour of ownership), so I think based on those factors alone, this will be my next phone. Seems like the only phone on the market right now that isn't designed to be flashy, breakable, and overpriced.
I've got mine and love it.. no more worries about a drop or getting wet and dust proof even against drywall dust.
no finger scan?
I think I want this one.

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