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Coolpad Snap 3311A Unlocked T-Mobile Android 4G LTE Clamshell Flip Phone (Phone) Features

  • Not compatible with T-mobile, nor T-mobile MVNO carriers, as T-mobile does not support the necessary cellular bands. Unlocked and compatible with AT&T and other GSM carriers
  • Android 4g & LTE for fasted connectivity
  • 2+ megapixel Camera - Video: CIF (352 x 288)
  • Bluetooth - Wi-Fi - Mobile Hotspot - Micro-USB -
  • Hearing Aid Compatible - Vibrate - adjustable text size!
Display Size: -Memory: -, Color: Black, Brand: Coolpad
The lowest Coolpad Snap 3311A Unlocked T-Mobile Android 4G LTE Clamshell Flip Phone (Phone) Price in USA is $84.99 at Amazon.
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Coolpad Snap 3311A Unlocked T-Mobile Android 4G LTE Clamshell Flip Phone (Phone) Reviews from YouTube

Coolpad Snap 3311a Review
Basic Cell Phone Functions: Coolpad Snap (example of flip phone use for a non-tech-savy senior)
Oh snap! The cool pad Snap! A flip phone worth the money?! Joey the snapper’s quick run through 2019
T9 for texting, extremely fast, comes standard with all flip phones back to the 90's
Thank you, how do I increase the volume on this phone?
Can you download spotify?
Thanks for the review. Not sure why so many dislikes🤔
How do you get the contacts from your old phone into this phone?
Thank you im thinking of getting it. Im sick of smartphones that literally make me cry to many never ending problems. I never wanted a smart phone felt like i was coralled in a corner cuz of this is the way it is but its not! they all drive ppl to have no life and waste all there life looking at a piece of plastic. Wake up ppl. Take your life back.
Does Coolpad have a speaker?
Does it have wifi?...
I forgot my 6 digit password .how you i factory reset the phone
Am thinking about getting this bc am trying to stay away from smart phones
How come you didn'y say in the video that half the time it doesn't ring when you get a call? You only mention that in response to a comment. That's crucial info for a review.
Does it support emojis in text messages?
my dude. how do i put music on this device. i have one and cannot figure out how to
Do you have a problem with false notifications? I just recently got one and it will randomly vibrate or ring even when I do not get a text or call, it is really annoying.
OneStopGuy Merchandise Store:
Does this phone allow Google Maps app to be installed? Thanks.
Stop with the "there are those people out there who don't know how to use a smart phone!" I take statements like these, as an insult to the elderly! If it possible to sue for comments like these I might be rich by now! *Some people, just don't subscribe to all the crap social apps, others are so abscessed with these days!*
so assurance is making me get rid of my great kyocera brio for this piece of junk. what nonsense
Gosh, I think this is a great one for my 85 year mom. No texting, no email, bluetooth or internet, she just a perfect simple phone to talk. I just hope ring tone is loud enough though.
I got one a while a go its great I find smart phones too creepy and distracting great vid .
I got one as my work phone. Haven't dropped a call yet.
Hay amigo yo no se inglés y no se escribir mayusculas en mi telefono
Way too little information. I need to know how to access the @ sign on this phone to put in email addresses.
Does this phone an Android phone?
How do you get your contacts on this phone from your old phone.
The speaker sounds good~ is it loud?
Credo told me to watch this video to learn how to install the SIM card. But this video shows set up with the SIM card already installed. Credo is the worst cell phone company ever. I've been dealing with them for over a week and they can't even get a phone activated.
I need these phone cause I'm addicted to calling the phone chat line with my smartphone and it's dangerous. I heard stories from meeting dangerous people from the chat line.
When people start getting REALLY tired of paying through the nose for just a phone number, they'll go back to simple.
I need to see install of the sim card.. did not see it on this video.
Thanks for sharing
I am thinking about getting the coolpad. What want to know which model is it: 3311a or 3312a? Also how does the basic web browser work? Thanks
This phone is a good reliable phone, I had this phone b4 very simple, a good senior phone not complicated... It only lasted me 6 or 7 months before it just stopped working... it wouldn't turn on anymore It wasn't the battery I changed it and it still wouldn't turn on, this phones lifespan is very short May it R.I.P. 😭... time to upgrade.
Aye can u atleast use youtube on this ?
🥳A+ CLEAR & easily understood instructions🥳, I have pretty severe cognitive issues from MS brain lesions (drain bamage - grrr!), makes learning anything new very difficult, frustrating & Stressful but you did a great job & now I love my Coolpad Snap. Thank you!
Thank you soooo much!!
How do I increase the volume?
but how do you add a new contact?
Very good_! Clear audio and plain English. I've looked at a bunch of these 'How-to' videos for the Coolpad phone and this is the best. Thanks!
Hello my phone all of a sudden is stuck in emergency calls mode only and it will not undue. It did this today on it's own even though I am in receptive area. I have taken out SIM and battery and put back but won't change. Any suggestions? thanks u
How do I turn on flashlight on this phone?
"non-tech-savy senior" I take that as an insult to the elderly!
Very Good ,you did a Good job -Could you please make a part 2 -With how to add contacts- contacts from old phone- were is the @ key to put in email address- Hope you can do these things -Thanks you, A Senior🙂 Could you make a part two
does it have voice dial?
Hi! Would really!! appreciate instruction on HOW to add the FIRST contact. How to send the FIRST text. This phone fights you all the way. Flip phone folks Love the LG flip phone. Can you compare 'how to' with that phone? Thank you!!!! 🧡
Speak spanish 😭😭😭
This phone is great I just got one it works in canada with local carriers too
Thank you for making this video. I could not figure out how to turn on my dad's phone. He has recently passed and I wanted to get his contacts from there. Thank you again.
Sir/Madam, How to put the speaker on?
How do you get the contacts from your old phone into this phone?
NO ONE shows how to install a sim card on these phones.
I am thinking about getting the coolpad. Which model is it? 3311a or 3312a? How does the basic web browser work?
Bless you Dear.
Hi! Could you tell me if this phone has a speaker function, like so I could listen/talk on a phone call without having the phone to my ear? If so, could you explain how to operate it? Thank you!!
This is the weirdest review I’ve ever seen
Very informative- I'm old!
How do you get the contacts from your old phone into this phone?
@JoeyTheSnapper can you download WhatsApp on this phone?
Boost mobiles website says that the sceen is touch lol
I've never felt this angry watching a video before
I just want to know how to use the browser. There's no enter button.
I don't want to hear your voice.
0:07 _And guess what the f*ck I just found. The Coolpad Snap b!t€h! This b!t€h is snappin’._
I don't understand why there are so many dislikes 😂 this was so funny
Wow - Super annoying!
I'm actually shopping for a phone for someone that will be from landline to first mobile ever at 74... and I hate the micro usb plug that has to be fitted the right way from hands that don't know what usb is. Well... I'll keep shopping around... also the side plug is a downer as i can't buy a magnet cable and let the small magnet part hang... on the side... nope.
@JoeyTheSnapper... oh Snap, I bought this for my dad. Do you know where the speaker button is?
You're too vulgar. Stop with the profanity it just makes you sound like an ignorant thug.
*The elderly lol*
I'm old and can't understand and I need help w/ moms (75 yrs old) phone
This makes me want to kms
Annoying, and you need to get to the point.
Interesting presentation.😉 I'm looking for a new flip phone for my 85 year old mom and this video will help with my decision. Thanks.

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