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Buy Google - Pixel 3 with 128GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) online at Amazon. Display Size: 5.5 inches, Memory: 4 GB, Color: Pink, Brand: Google
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Google - Pixel 3 with 128GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) Features

  • Capture the perfect shot every time, get things done with the Google Assistant,1 enjoy an all-day battery, and more.
  • Get everyone in the picture with Group Selfies—no selfie stick required. Snap portraits like a pro with Portrait Mode. Capture smiles, not blinks, for a great photo every time.
  • Pixel 3 comes with a battery that charges fast and wirelessly, and lasts all day. It's even smart enough to limit battery usage for the apps you don't use often to keep you going longer.
  • Get help from the Google Assistant: reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, buy tickets, get commute times, weather info, and more—all with a simple squeeze, or just by using your voice.
  • Screen spam, scams, and other nuisance calls. Get real-time transcription and block unwanted callers so you’ll never hear from them again.
  • Search what you see with Google Lens6 to look up clothing and home decor, copy and translate text, and identify landmarks, plants, and animals.
Display Size: 5.5 inches, Memory: 4 GB, Color: Pink, Brand: Google
The lowest Google - Pixel 3 with 128GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) Price in USA is $117.97 at Amazon.
Buy Google - Pixel 3 with 128GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) online at Amazon.
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Google Pixel 3 128gb Refurbished

Google - Pixel 3 with 128GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) Reviews from YouTube

Google Pixel 3 In 2022! (Still Worth it?) (Review)
Google Pixel 3 Review
Google - Pixel 3 XL with 128GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked)
Google Pixel 3 Impressions!
They need to add audio jacks if they want more customers a lot of people still use cable for better quality why the fuck can't companies get this through their thick heads this is one reason I will NOT buy a Pixel phone unless someone has an option for me.
Dang clean that thing off my guy
I've had mine for 4 years and it's held up beautifully. Switching to the 7 now
Been using my pixel 3 since September 2019. The Pixel 3 is lucky enough to get Arndroid 12. Sadly it's the last as well as for the security updates. Apart from some small scratches, it still is my everyday phone. No issues at all.
You deserve way more subs! Keep it up. I hope you're making content for years to come!
I just bought one from a person off the Facebook marketplace and it's good I got one in good condition and it works perfectly.
Can we talk about the EDL issue on the pixel 3 where the phone will turn into a brick out of nowhere without any way to fix it
Which one do you think I should go for, the pixel 3 or Redmi note 11 pro. A things considered. Performance, camera and everything?
I disagree, the camera is still better than anything in this budget still.
What I wanna know.. Are you meant to peel the orange stuff at the bottom?
pixel 5, 5a, and 6, and 6a all have inferior and crappy OLED screens that give me eye strain and have slightly fuzzy resolution.
I usually do not care much how a phone looks and feels because it is going into a case as soon as I get it. The case will provide the feel and color. No glass covered phone is going to look great after proper drop. About the only people I see using a phone without a case are those with cracks on their screens and damaged corners. I care about if it is unlocked, features, and it's performance and updates.
Please I am in Ghana now were can I find google pixel 3 phone to buy
Got a brand new pixel 3xl for 250 bucks and I am in love with this device.
Can you use google pay contactless with this phone???
Just ordered a used one for 45 dollars on ebay!! can't wait
swapped my poco f1 with this one back in March. for me who had used poco f1, xz2 before, this pixel phone is great! because... ✅ Superior speakers ✅ Can take pictures as sharp as an iPhone the HUGE deal for me is that this phone has generous custom rom support. yeah, battery is debatable even i have replaced it with the new one when compared to f1's 4000mah battery. but i don't care. as a person who is IT geek, i just want better software & hardware integration. this pixel phone does that job. f1 does that too but i don't like it's cheap speakers, cheap vibration motor but camera is decent. lcd also looks like cheap quality. with the pixel's oled screen, I don't complain. as for sony though, terrible custom rom support. i did tried building + maintaining one for it but it just didn't meet my expectations. haptic functions like normal vibration motor. speakers....meh so flat once u get out from the stock os. maybe I'm just a beginner-type developer but i don't have time to study proper programming lessons due to work. guess I'll be keeping this phone until i can afford a pixel 4. wish me luck! 😁
Is it worth it to upgrade to android 12?
My sister has this phone...most of my family uses iPhone......but I felt the pixel was too basic on software side...I didn't like stock android like I thought I would...I have been with Samsung for years so it just kinda felt funny to me.. I had one iPhone...and I have an 8 now...and it too feels awkward...I don't know why that is....
I was kinda forced into a pixel 3 in 2019 from breaking my galaxy s8 and needing a phone asap and it worked well, just recently upgraded to galaxy s22plus I'm a samsung girl at heart but it did a good job
Does this phone support esim?
Your chance for that free phone upgrade is here!
Miss Angie Zampona
Watched on Motorola Edge S! God bless! 🛐🖖🏻🥰🖤🌈🇧🇻
Sincerely for the gsmarena admin I want to give permission for this video clip for the purposes of my channel I will include the gsmarena link so that my audience can see the video directly from the gsmarena channel, thank you for your attention
Using it even in 2022. I'm still happy
Nice phone....
Very very beautiful girl
Watching this on my pixel 3 in 2022
Where is the headphones jack and sd slot
Does it supports wifi calling?
That tiny boat is so cool
i just got this today! very decent phone !
best design ngl, just disappointing that it has no earphones
I need girl like you yea yea
Perfect review thanks miss angie
watching this while waiting for the pixel 5 review :-D
Year 2020. Today you can find the Pixel 3 at the same price as the Pixel 4a. Which one is more commendable?
Notch. Buzzle. Dongle. Wth are these words
Thank you for watching this ad. This phone can be purchased on Amazon @
Let's take a moment to appreciate how much time and effort he puts into the content for us. Love the videos! 0:43 i love this.
I love how pixel 2xl was clearly the superior looking phone to the regular 2 but pixel 3 looks better then the 3xl
I'm using the pixel 3 now because I had to send my s22 ultra out for repair... And this feels right I've had it as a second phone for photography for like 2 years but never used it as my main... I'm happier with the smaller size, I just want a new updated internal phone this size.
Google is simplicity! minimalistic approach
Is a pixel 3 good for the 2022 to 2024, UB ports also have mentioned it on its supported devices, How is it compared to oneplus 3/3T and 5/5T
Watched on my Motorola Edge S 💚💛🧡❤️🤍
I am very unhappy, the screen flashes green and productivity has this problem, I do not recommend buying Google products.
I'm forced to hit the like button within the first 5 secs of all your me!
I'm still using the smaller pixel 3, and i must say i haven't came across another smartphone that can beat the night mode currently at its price range lmao
Still using my Pixel 3. Will get the smaller size Pixel 6
I brought this for 150 $ in 2021 is that worth
No small phones to fked up quicker our planet. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Our notch is bigger & more uglier... take that Apple!
I still think it's funny how Google didn't want him to share any info on the Pixel 3 despite how they are beyond leak heavy nowadays. The Pixel 6 was pretty much revealed. That being said, watching on a Note 20 Ultra.
I m really tired of watching samsung phones☹️
I love my renewed Google Pixel 3! It's amazing :)
Hello Markass BRownlee from the future!

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