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Buy Google - Pixel 3 XL with 64GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.3 inches, Memory: 4 GB, Color: Clearly White, Brand: Google
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Google - Pixel 3 XL with 64GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) Features

  • Capture the perfect shot every time, get things done with the Google Assistant,1 enjoy an all-day battery, and more.
  • Get everyone in the picture with Group Selfies—no selfie stick required. Snap portraits like a pro with Portrait Mode. Capture smiles, not blinks, for a great photo every time.
  • Pixel 3 comes with a battery that charges fast and wirelessly, and lasts all day. It's even smart enough to limit battery usage for the apps you don't use often to keep you going longer.
  • Get help from the Google Assistant: reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, buy tickets, get commute times, weather info, and more—all with a simple squeeze, or just by using your voice.
  • Screen spam, scams, and other nuisance calls. Get real-time transcription and block unwanted callers so you’ll never hear from them again.
  • Search what you see with Google Lens6 to look up clothing and home decor, copy and translate text, and identify landmarks, plants, and animals.
Display Size: 6.3 inches, Memory: 4 GB, Color: Clearly White, Brand: Google
The lowest Google - Pixel 3 XL with 64GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) Price in USA is $99.99 at Amazon.
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Google Pixel 3 Xl 4/64

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Google Pixel 3 XL Review: The Shadow of the Notch!
Google Pixel 3 XL In 2022! (Still Worth It?) (Review)
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Amazon com Google Pixel 3 with 64GB Memory Cell Phone Unlocked Just Black - REVIEW - WATCH NOW
Watching this review on my Pixel 7 😎
it amazing that such a good tuber would be so careless with the phone as to incur those kind of scratches. I had phones and computers for years without any scratches. Everytime I use them I am aware of protecting them from the least bit of damge. It is called being responsible and valuing your possessions.
Greetings from 2022. We have overcome the notch and live on dynamic island now. 🎉
Is this phone still relevant in late 2022
POV: you’re watching on an iphone 14 pro and the island cuts off content
5:41 And then we got the "Dynamic Island"...
what's the background?
Napapangitan lng po talaga ako sa notch na yan!! Pero binalak ko parin bumili kahit medjo luma na. Camera lang habol ko!
How to recognize original google pixel smartphone 3xl? Please
*Optimism is the key..* coming from a guy who has seen the future till 2022 and is ready to go back to 2019 to start warning people... and yeah, the *notch* isn't going away anytime soon..
The pixel 3 XL is the worst phone ive ever used by a huge margin. The mic cant even pick up my voice. I have to put it in speakerphone mode and talk directly into mic to even communicate. The cameras are NOT noticeably better than other phones. If I try to connect to wifi it pulls up this weird menu with like 35 different fields I have to fill out like domain and security certifications. Ive talked with tech support people and there were stumped too. Screen was a noticble step down from my oneplus 5. The notch is awful and huge. The fingerprint reader slowly forgets my fingerprints over the course of a month, every month. No face unlock. They update the software about every 6 months and change things around for no apparent benefit.
song used in this video at 3:50 ?? anyone know what song is that .
I rocked this phone for 2 years and yet, I barely noticed the notch
Google is ass at making smartphones.
5:36 oh how wrong you were, it isn’t a matter of a notch or no notch, the hole punch camera is just as, if not more ugly.
The back of the black pixel 3 has aged horribly. The white is much less noticeable.
I’m so excited For the 14 Ultra Max 6.7
What does this display look like while watching your video this video in particular does it cut into the content because in that case the 14 Ultra Max 6.7 is better
Remember Samsung mocking the pixel notch you can land a plane on that thing It seems funny now but looking back on it they were right this thing is worse than any notch currently
I feel sorry for whoever has to watch this video on a pixel three XL tonight would be cutting into this to buy one display wait to match you think the iPhone 13’s notch is bad look this is atrocious The only option you would have is making your whole screen apps display in 17 x 9/16 x 9 that’s your only work around or the option in the settings to hide the notch and that’s it I’m sorry by Apple and Samsung is so much better👨🏿‍🦰
my mother got one recently, refurbished, for approximately two-hundred-dollars, but I keep stealing it to use night sight, I got good astro photos last night
The prices of pixel 3xl is about 100$ and 5xl is about 170$
I've been using the pixel 3xl since it's launch. I'm texting on it now. I don't do social media or banking on a phone so with regards to not getting anymore security updates it doesn't bother me. The phone takes brilliant photographs, battery is still ok, screens ok. I'll be using this till the battery shits itself . At the moment phones are to dear and offer very little to a non gamer like myself..
Pixel 3 XL beats all the later Pixels for one key factor. It allows unlimited uploads to Google photos (at slightly reduced quality) I use my Pixel 3 XL every month and upload my photos from my 2 Samsung phones and my computer.
I had an Iphone on test for 6 weeks, it's a great phone, good build quality, great display etc.. But I felt somehow locked in my own phone and patronised. I also didn't like the desktop. In the end, I bought a used Pixel 3 XL three months ago and I'm very satisfied. It's my daily driver and does everything it's supposed to. What I miss, however, is the long OS support from Apple. Unfortunately, my Pixel 3 XL no longer gets the latest Android.
My wife and I had these since 2019 I think and they all just magically died in the middle of the night about 2 months apart from each other unfortunately.
Still using my 3 XL with Android 12. Still takes better pictures then most newer phones and the simplistic design of the 3 XL gives it timeless appeal. Would love to have heard what phone designs the OP thinks trump the 3 XL. Never really understood the uproar over the notch. You don't even notice it after a few days of use. However, with all that said, I wouldn't get a 3 XL now if you can afford to get the Pixel 7. It's setting itself up to be an iphone killer and will most likely be the flagship phone to own in 2023.
I picked up a 3XL recently (according to the phone it'd been 180 days since it was last charged, so it had been on the shelf for about 6 months). It runs everything up to Playstation/PSP emulation easily, and also does all the phone stuff. It replaced my Nexus 6 which was also a good phone.
Someone gave me a pixel 3xl. I've bought all Samsung flagships since note 5 and currently have the new Fold too. I think it's a great phone I've been using it for a daily phone. It makes me want to know what the pixel 6 is like.
So, you’re just hating on the notch lmao. This phone kicks ass. Who gives a fuck about what it looks like.
Used this phone for about a year, then gave it to my son. He's still using it, and it's fine for him. Solid phone 👍🏽
I so adored this phone...
I have had the normal pixel 3 since it came out, and my partner has the pixel 3xl (with the display notch hidden haha). We both love the 3. With a little family the widescreen selfie gets us all in frame and the camera quality is perfect. Free storage forever, premium build quality, lightweight compared to other phones, active edge, mag charging the list goes on. For the reviewer to say it's outdated the pixel 5 is the same phone with a slower processor.
Honestly... I miss the p3xl. I wish new phones would go back to a thin phone, with rounded edges, without a stupid camera bump.
It originally retailed for $899, and I just bought one brand new for $229, and I'm only buying it because my Pixel 2 XL display failed years after I bought it using the same strategy (wait until the price comes way down on an older model, then buy it). That's 75% less than the original price. I'd say that's "worth it". It's just a phone, I don't need the cutting edge tech, unless you are using it for intensive tasks you hardly notice the difference.
For some reason the UI doesn't seem too fluid. It's kind of choppy
"Buy a Google Pixel 5" Hell naw, a used Pixel 3 would cost me less than 100 bucks. But I'm buying a broken 3 XL for 40 bucks to repair it. BTW, I've been using a modded Nexus 5X with a faulty CPU, broken mic and bad performance since 2017 or 2018, so...
I had this, and only got rid of it because I guess I got a defective phone where the battery sucked ass. Would’ve LOVED to keep it
You recommend the busted Pixel 6 and the slow ass mid range Pixel 5 over the 3xl, you've got to joking.
Hi chaps! So I hope you liked the video - I just want to reiterate the Pixel 3 XL is a terrific phone, but I wouldn't buy it as I think it's not a huge upgrade over the Pixel 2 XL. The Pixel 3 is a cheaper alternative and I'm looking forward to reviewing that. I guess some people would see it as a harsh review, but I do sing it's praises. I just simply conclude given the competition, it's not worth buying right now (maybe when low light camera mode, more nifty Google software features become available and the price drops - that'll change). I'd love to hear your thoughts though! 😊
Good stuff mate 👍🏼
Ur review is not nice because u are a iPhone lover so stop criticising
Since switching to Smartphones from my trusty Flip phone, My Brother gifted me a Motorola razor I think it was, after getting used to each other I liked it and Bought another Motoe5go, a little different than the first I decided to buy the Motoe6 and loving it most of the time, But it took some cooking down to think about Buying Motorola again, I had four Smart phones Stop Working for Some Unknown reason in the matter of just three and a half Weeks, and haven't purchased another, a kind Sale's Rep. Gifted me this really nice Pixel 3XL and it's been Wonderful even after a terrible Ordeal' My Motoe5go was Stolen and it didn't seem like it was going to be returned, I called the Motorola Help Line and requested it be Shutdown, It was explained that I wouldn't be able to track it anymore but would be Shutdown, Well I could still track it down, even made a Police report witch didn't help, Even giving the numbers on it they Shutdown my Moto'e6 and I was without two phones, It just wouldn't take a Charge and No One's Helped a bit to Correct this, So it's just me and my Pixel now, Oh' and an Empty Wallet, I paid my hard earned money for this kind of treatment? I thought I was a Valued Customer? Guess Not! Oh' well, live and learn they Say, Learning Was Very Expensive, Well' that's my Story, Thanks for listening.✌️
hello im am 2 years into the future and I gotta say my google pixel 3 xl is still working smooth, and great with the same speed and quality as day 1. Although the battery isnt the best the phone is still very responsive and the screen is still amazing
Too late just bought one
In terms of the context of this critique, it's stunning. Stereo speakers, wireless charging and AOD. How could anyone, even at the time, say there was any comparison between the OP6 and the Pixel 3? At the time of release my issue was the notch. In time, I have grown to think of the Pixel 3XL as Google's finest moment. Especially given the issues with the Pixel 4. But this is now. I am only pointing out, the OP6 did not hold a candle to the Pixel 3xl, lastly, and of course, especially when talking about the cameras. Just no comparison. Odd choice.
I have no problem with my battery life battery life is good on my Pixel 3 XL
If you see a difference with the two pixel phones, you're literally, an FBI Agent, legit.
i hate this phone--buying an iphone
SHUT UP, and take my money!
The same could be said for apple No need to upgrade the phones are exactly the same Just new battery
The Pixel 3a phone is EPIC...
Only RICH okey I have Google Pixel 3 XL it’s Only my Favorite Phone what ever you buy it I like Notch it’s Google it Will Help phone only have to Download Google Why you Buy it 📱 Google Why ⬇️⬇️⬇️ My Friends Love To Buy Google Pixel 3 XL All Them All my Friends to buy this Phone My Friends said I iTunes but iPhone have Password Only Hard but Better Google Pixel 3 XL Better only Bigger Notch Only People Don’t like Biggest Notch I love Google Pixel 3 XL you could Prank your Friends with Iron man it’s Better Camera looks Fine 😎😎🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔I need to Find Out
I have the 3xl and it is the worst phone I've ever brought. At the start it was okay it charged fast and everything worked well. But suddenly everything is going wrong. I woke up and found my phone down the side of my bed, no scratches or anything so thought nothing of it. I went to take a picture later and the rear camera has became dislodged and can't focus anymore. It was such a small drop onto a soft pillow, it shouldn't have broken. It constantly crashes. It legit crashed when I tried to launch this video. Fast charging isnt fast anymore it takes almost 2 hours when it used to take about 40 ish minutes. Constantly needs charging, I've had this phone 2 months and I've already had all these issues. This is a failure of a phone would never recommend.
ah, the benefit of hindsight. Turns out you were wrong eh?
Hey up Tech Chap. Do you know of a combined charger/3.5m adaptor that reliably works with the Pixel 3 XL?
My pixel 3 xl it's arriving tomorrow,and I'm so excited about it!!!!!!
Too expensive for what you get
Do you think 128 GB Google pixel 3xl for $499 is worth it?

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