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Buy Google Pixel 3A XL (2019) G020B 64GB (6" inch, GSM, 4G/LTE, CDMA) Factory Unlocked Smartphone online at Amazon. Display Size: 6 inches, Memory: 4 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Google
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Google Pixel 3A XL (2019) G020B 64GB (6" inch, GSM, 4G/LTE, CDMA) Factory Unlocked Smartphone Features

Display Size: 6 inches, Memory: 4 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Google
The lowest Google Pixel 3A XL (2019) G020B 64GB (6" inch, GSM, 4G/LTE, CDMA) Factory Unlocked Smartphone Price in USA is $140.00 at Amazon.
Buy Google Pixel 3A XL (2019) G020B 64GB (6" inch, GSM, 4G/LTE, CDMA) Factory Unlocked Smartphone online at Amazon.
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Google Pixel 3A XL (2019) G020B 64GB (6" inch, GSM, 4G/LTE, CDMA) Factory Unlocked Smartphone Reviews from YouTube

Google Pixel 3a XL review
Google Pixel 3a (XL) Review!
Google Pixel 3a XL Review
Pixel 3a XL Review - Best Budget Phone in 2019!
I got mine today Best phone I have ever seen But need to upgrade the battery 🔋
I was excited to get the Pixel 3a XL in 2021. Wonderful camera of course but after a month or so, I broke the screen. I really can't recommend this phone for the fact that it was just impossible to get another screen.
Plastic may be more prone to scratching, but glass is prone to cracking and breaking! Sent from my Motorola Edge S 💚💙💗☑️👋🏼💝
Bought one for £100 last month to replace my 2xl as it's battery was no longer holding a charge as long as I need it to. I've always been an Android purist and came from the Nexus phones which I rooted and flashed to my heart's content. My 2xl had lineage OS on it but I haven't flashed this as yet but probably will for adblocking 😅😂🤣 I'm liking Android 12 as it's very polished IMO and gives the phone a modern feel and it's one of the best things about pixels
Appreciate the detail, light years above other reviews. This phone is a winner. yeah, I can afford more expensive phones, but I refuse to pay 1000 dollars for a phone.
Been very happy for 2 years owning my Pixel 3a XL, battery still great, camera good, shame it doesn't have wireless charging, thats the only thing i've missed owning this phone. Otherwise it's been awesome!
How do I Flip a Photo in order to read any wording in the photo. Can't find an option..
Why photos not available for comparison on your website for pixel?
For the average people it's just fine...the main line of this video. Average people don't buy pixel phones!
blackpink coachella
Currently, watching with my Google pixel 3a XL😎
What is the refresh rate ?
Is it not OLED display 12:08 ?
game of thrones reaction
4:30 But the pixel 3a might not last you a day with that 3000mah battery.
It would've been amazing if both the speakers were loud and on the front. I mean make use of that bezel.
How is the performance !!
Hope you enjoy the review! If you didn't catch it, I will be giving away a Google Pixel 3a on my Instagram! Keep an eye out for the post here:
you sound so far away, fix the audio
Mine is black they didn't have white or the purple ish or I'd have the purple ish lol
I have my Google pixel 3a XL in black buy 8 pm tonight been waiting all day lol but it's coming from ups so they open from 6 to 11:30 am then close then re open at 6 pm to 8 pm lol
I'm debating on getting this phone
Wallpaper? Can I have?
I love mine. I bought it for the 3 main features you indicated... price, camera and battery. The forehead and chin makes it look dated compared to the beautiful Samsung S10, but the Pixel is more rugged so it's worth the trade off. I also find Google phone to integrate perfectly with Google gmail and other Google apps. The XL reminds me of my Nexus 6P which was a trusty workhorse for me. I had a hard time deciding to buy either the Pixel 3a XL or Samsung S10. The S10 is a stunning flagship and the 3 cameras are best in the world of all phones. But the Pixel meets my current needs just fine. The S10 is for those that want the very best specs. No thanks.
This is $319 on Amazon and B&H right now, brand new. If you miss it, they sell out fast but also restock them regularly.
There's no 128gb variant why???
Still using mine and I love it, battery life is still good, camera is impressive, speakers sound great and these software updates have been on point (of course it's a Google phone).
I love my pixel 3a XL looking forward to getting the 4aXL
This phone is straight buttcheeks
I actually would love to get a pixel 3a XL as an upgrade to my iPhone 6s plus.
I have this phone watching on my Google pixel 3a xl
I'm getting this phone on Saturday
I like the phone so far. Fingers crossed it stays good
We just ordered my guy the 3a XL. Our carrier recommended it over the 4 and that was nice.......looking forward to checking it out. Did he say the 3a XL is NOT waterproof? It shows to be waterproof on my carrier's website. ???? Going to have to look into that!
Very angly pgone. I am not give any money for that. Is like phone 10 yars before.
Do you have issues with videos backing up and the backups being poor quality? Since google photos on the 3a wont back up original quality
The channel when i need to see a pure review..i think way better then other fancy passionable reviewer
Very annoying how the video swoops in on every angle of the phone.
My camera quit on me after 1 year use of this phone. This is my second google phone after nexus phones from google after this..nevertheless it is a great camera when it works..really great camera
bts run
Awesome reviews Lisa - when i want to get the poop on tech you're the lady! just 299 $ at amazon
I like my Google pixel 3a XL
Just got the regular 3A! Really a fan of these phones so far.
Thank you for your review. I use the S10+ as my daily. But I wanted a first time pixal expierence. I phoned Google up and got the 3a XL for 4oo.oo bucks tax included. Wow-we, I was pleasantly surprised at this price it's an excellent phone. That camera, the OLED display and 🔋 are very good. I think someone should tell this phone it's not a flagship. Because it certainly acts like one. I have done countless speed tests with my S10, of course the S10 is faster but not by much? For myself this is the best 4oo I ever spent!
I bought this 3a XL as a Christmas gift. Guess what, I'm keeping it for me. Why, never owned a pixal and this phone is a total blast, highly recommend! Great review!
I use the S10+ as my daily. But I wanted the pixal expierence so on Cyber Monday I picked up the XL for 4oo.oo tax included. Android10 in the box. The camera, display, battery are excellent. To be honest the camera takes better portrait shots than my S10+. The polycarbonate build quality is excellent. Much prefered over the glass sandwich. I would recommend this phone to anyone. The 670processer works very well, no lags or stutters. No, it's not an 800series processer but get's the job done admirably. This is a very fun phone!
Best review . Seen many .
Love your reviews. Am I the only one who's hearing this muffled midrange bump in your audio happening right around 500 HZ or somewhere in there? It seems to make things sound cardboardish on this least on my lappy. Just a heads up.
What a uniformly superlative review. I just subbed.
I like what's on your T-shirt, reminds me of my childhood days
Lisa I love your shirt
Very good review!! Thank you for giving screen on time, a lot of reviews dont.
Great video as always Lisa ❤ I'm picking mine up this morning 😊
Great video review! Very informative and objective breakdown of why the Pixel 3a XL is an awesome phone. Thanks!
All questions answered in 11 minutes. Most comprehensive review out there. Thank you! 🙂
I love the 3a XL battery is amazing I don't really have an issue with the screen gets bright enough for me unless I'm in really bright sun light but I cannot see my note 9 in really bright sunlight either
yes ilove pixel
Great video like always. Pixel 3a is a fantastic move from Google.
It was a sweet deal with the 100$ gift card, lots of people who had iPhone SE bought it just for 250$ trade in rebate offered by Google (typically it's at most 80$) so 470$ minus 170$ trade in benefit minus 100$ gift card came out 200$ or 130$ for the regular 3a - that's what I call smart consuming.
Can you make a video on ZTE axon 10 pro ?
People still don't get it, if they are looking at numbers on a sheet about specs. It's not only the camera, it's also all the Pixel phone integration and features. Telling me what song is playing if I'm walking in the store or the assistant telling me about the latest news after the alarm and the weather report. and anything made by google , gmail/drive/maps/ and the assistant. etc.. this phone is designed to work with them integral part of the software, they don't feel like something you download and just have it on like another app, like on an iPhone.
Just sold my S9 (backup device) for the Pixel 3a XL to have alongside my Pixel 3 XL. The 3a is a gorgeous device. Way better than the S9 🤩
i'm thinking of selling my Oneplus 6T and getting the pixel 3a XL. Am i doing a wrong move?
Like this comment if you only subscribed because of his "Russian accent" lol haha
Genuine review!! 👍💖
The best thing about owning a 3a XL is knowing I did not pay $1000 for great new phone. Today my coworker accidentally knocked the phone out of my hand it landed on the hard floor across the room. Not a scratch on it.
Great review man.. I think the term "flagship" is getting redefined this year and the coming years!
Hello sir redskull good review very clear explanation I have a request about realme 3 pro review can you explain the full review of realme 3 pro about pros and cons thanks
Nice we just got my fiance the Pixel 3a to replace her Essential phone. She's setting it up as I type!
Nice review buddy. Looks like a great phone but that Display brightness outdoors is a bummer. I'd also like the option for on screen button navigation in the final release of Android 10. I just can't do gesture navigation.
Where did you study this english accent?
Nice review as always. Love the phone for basic user and camera lover
For 450$ you can buy Pixel 2 XL, a real flagship.
This phone cannot be further from being called a flagship killer. Redmi K20 Pro yes. This overpriced plastic slab? No.
Do you have employees to reply to all comments? 😂 Anyway great video! 😉

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