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Buy Google - Pixel 3a XL with 64GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.00 inches, Memory: 64 GB, Color: Clearly White, Brand: Google
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Google - Pixel 3a XL with 64GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) Features

  • Capture stunning photos with features like night sight, portrait mode, and HDR+
  • Save every photo with free, unlimited storage at high quality through Google photos [1]
  • The Google assistant is the easiest way to get things done including screening calls.[2]
  • Fast Charging battery delivers up to 7 hours of use with just a 15 minute charge.[3]
  • Comes with 3 years of OS and security updates] and the custom built Titan M chip.[5]
  • Switch seamlessly and keep all your stuff [6]. Plus your favorite Google apps are built in
Display Size: 6.00 inches, Memory: 64 GB, Color: Clearly White, Brand: Google
The lowest Google - Pixel 3a XL with 64GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) Price in USA is $120.08 at Amazon.
Buy Google - Pixel 3a XL with 64GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) online at Amazon.
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Google - Pixel 3a XL with 64GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) Reviews from YouTube

Google Pixel 3a XL review
Google Pixel 3a XL In 2022! (Still Worth It?) (Review)
Google Pixel 3a (XL) Review!
Google Pixel 3a XL In 2021! (Still Worth It?) (Review)
I got mine today Best phone I have ever seen But need to upgrade the battery 🔋
I was excited to get the Pixel 3a XL in 2021. Wonderful camera of course but after a month or so, I broke the screen. I really can't recommend this phone for the fact that it was just impossible to get another screen.
Plastic may be more prone to scratching, but glass is prone to cracking and breaking! Sent from my Motorola Edge S 💚💙💗☑️👋🏼💝
Bought one for £100 last month to replace my 2xl as it's battery was no longer holding a charge as long as I need it to. I've always been an Android purist and came from the Nexus phones which I rooted and flashed to my heart's content. My 2xl had lineage OS on it but I haven't flashed this as yet but probably will for adblocking 😅😂🤣 I'm liking Android 12 as it's very polished IMO and gives the phone a modern feel and it's one of the best things about pixels
Appreciate the detail, light years above other reviews. This phone is a winner. yeah, I can afford more expensive phones, but I refuse to pay 1000 dollars for a phone.
Been very happy for 2 years owning my Pixel 3a XL, battery still great, camera good, shame it doesn't have wireless charging, thats the only thing i've missed owning this phone. Otherwise it's been awesome!
How do I Flip a Photo in order to read any wording in the photo. Can't find an option..
Why photos not available for comparison on your website for pixel?
For the average people it's just fine...the main line of this video. Average people don't buy pixel phones!
blackpink coachella
Currently, watching with my Google pixel 3a XL😎
What is the refresh rate ?
Is it not OLED display 12:08 ?
game of thrones reaction
4:30 But the pixel 3a might not last you a day with that 3000mah battery.
It would've been amazing if both the speakers were loud and on the front. I mean make use of that bezel.
How is the performance !!
You can atleast clean your phones before you decide to review them, seriously man fingerprints is one thing but this is just lazy
1:28 Read my name for a surprise
1:38 This is why you're my favorite youtuber you make amazing content for us every day
2:42 that was so funny
1:34 I come home after school and check your channel every day. I love you bro
Sorry but you talk too fast.
Thinking about trading in my 3A Xl for the 6A. Google is offering $300 trade in for the 3A models right now towards a 6A. I'd only spend $149 for it, but I honestly don't know if I can give up the size difference, and 3.5mm jack. If it had wireless charging I'd be all in. I think I'm going to hold out. What would you do?
Where are the fotos taken from pixel 3a on 2022?
Hello all. Is 175usd sealed expensive for this model? Just found an offer. Thanks.
I have mi 9 but i want this more
I bought a Pixel 3a XL from ebay seller wise-deals for $103.17 on 6/1/2022 and it is BRAND NEW. No kidding. The listing said excellent condition. Very happy with phone. YAAAY.
I use this alongside my Pixel 4xl main phone and use the 3a now as my iPod Mp3 player, and offline games too. And I love it for these reason, also to take quick pictures.
I bought one on ebay for $ 100, it's like new. Simple, stable and fairly fast.
I bought my 3A XL & i loved it til this day.... I'm also watching this video on my Pixel 6 and I'm glad I waited this long.
How about older LG V50 or V50s phones Boss?
Watching from my Pixel 3a XL running Android 12L
Love you too
We need more YouTubers like you. Older phones need more attention. Can't beat the value for what you get. Compare to hyper expensive new flagships, you're not missing out much
Dang it I was not first!!!! Do moreeeeee good vids so I can be first!!!!!! I’m sure everyone wants to be first lol
My dad has this phone, and I used to have it, he's upgrading to a pixel 6 and he liked it for how cheap he got it.
Hope you enjoy the review! If you didn't catch it, I will be giving away a Google Pixel 3a on my Instagram! Keep an eye out for the post here:
you sound so far away, fix the audio
Mine is black they didn't have white or the purple ish or I'd have the purple ish lol
I have my Google pixel 3a XL in black buy 8 pm tonight been waiting all day lol but it's coming from ups so they open from 6 to 11:30 am then close then re open at 6 pm to 8 pm lol
I'm debating on getting this phone
Wallpaper? Can I have?
I love mine. I bought it for the 3 main features you indicated... price, camera and battery. The forehead and chin makes it look dated compared to the beautiful Samsung S10, but the Pixel is more rugged so it's worth the trade off. I also find Google phone to integrate perfectly with Google gmail and other Google apps. The XL reminds me of my Nexus 6P which was a trusty workhorse for me. I had a hard time deciding to buy either the Pixel 3a XL or Samsung S10. The S10 is a stunning flagship and the 3 cameras are best in the world of all phones. But the Pixel meets my current needs just fine. The S10 is for those that want the very best specs. No thanks.
This is $319 on Amazon and B&H right now, brand new. If you miss it, they sell out fast but also restock them regularly.
There's no 128gb variant why???
Still using mine and I love it, battery life is still good, camera is impressive, speakers sound great and these software updates have been on point (of course it's a Google phone).
I love my pixel 3a XL looking forward to getting the 4aXL
This phone is straight buttcheeks
I actually would love to get a pixel 3a XL as an upgrade to my iPhone 6s plus.
I have this phone watching on my Google pixel 3a xl
I'm getting this phone on Saturday
I like the phone so far. Fingers crossed it stays good
We just ordered my guy the 3a XL. Our carrier recommended it over the 4 and that was nice.......looking forward to checking it out. Did he say the 3a XL is NOT waterproof? It shows to be waterproof on my carrier's website. ???? Going to have to look into that!
Very angly pgone. I am not give any money for that. Is like phone 10 yars before.
Do you have issues with videos backing up and the backups being poor quality? Since google photos on the 3a wont back up original quality
Only thing this phone is missing is wireless charging. It's a pain to get used to plugging the usbc in getting in/out of my car
pixel phones are kick ass !!!!
You said no SD card? I just bought it.... It means it's going to lag after some recordings
How's the battery is it still good?
No holes/notches in the screen👍
You forgot to mention one of the best reasons for sticking with this old phone in 2021: all the decent phones have messed up displays! Yes I'm talking about notches and camera cutouts. They're asymmetric, unnecessary and they ruin the full screen video experience. When did we all collectively decide this notch/punchhole sh*t was ok? And don't anybody tell me "you get used to it". Ever had to use a phone with dead pixels or a cracked screen for any length of time? Yeah you get used to that after awhile, too, but nobody's asking for dead pixels or cracked screens on their brand new expensive phones. WTF is this madness? Am I the only one who wants a symmetrical, uninterrupted display? Well, for me there's an upside to the current phenomenon of everyone wanting f*cked up screens on their phones; it's forced me to stick with older devices and save a lot of money. I would normally buy $500-$700 phones; now I'm looking at old phones instead (I just bought a Pixel 3a XL for $150 on Amazon Renewed) and spending far less. I was going to upgrade from my current device (Pixel 3a) to a 4a or 5a, but when handling them at the store and playing some videos, I just couldn't unsee that disgusting punch hole in the corner. BTW, Android 12 is running just fine on my 3a, so I'm sure it will do likewise on the 3a XL. This made my decision even easier. Good job, manufacturers! You've managed to convince a chronic phone upgrader not to give you more money. With your decision to make notches and punch holes universal, you've hurt your bottom line.
"Covers it up" = Roswell, Watergate, etc "Covers it" = Explanation over :)
Bought one of these 2nd hand as a emergency phone about 6 months ago. Only wanted a few days of a phone and was going to pass it on. Kept it. Best phone I've ever had from an overall experience perspective - can't believe how cheap these were at launch. Thinking of getting a pixel 6, but not definite as this is doing pretty much all I need it to do. A superb phone 👍🙂
Hey! What games are u playing on there? They seem to help with my anxiety as I watch...☺️ Pls let me know! Thx
"Is another huge "W" "..............What does that even mean ??
Nope. This phone is trash. Got two years of good use. After that it became unbearable. The lag alone is enough to make me throw it against the wall. First pixel that i have purchased thought it was going to be snappy throughout the's a Google phone running android! Nope. First and last pixel i will buy. If you want a good Android experience get a Motorola. The camera was the only good thing about it until it would take forever to come on. Would constantly miss out on pictures because the camera would not load. Oh! And the phone overheats in summer weather 90 degrees+ never had a phone do that before.
I am watching this vídeo using my pixel 3a xl
I got mine in 2019, I recently finished paying it off and I can't imagine anything I want or need from a phone that this phone doesn't deliver. I mainly wanted the best camera I could get on a budget phone, which led me to this phone in the first place. I was not disappointed and to this day still am not. My "nothing but moonlight" outdoor photos are simply amazing. I keep it as clean as possible so I don't get jammed on storage. I also keep it charged most of the time, so I can't comment on battery life but I rarely slip below 70 percent between plug-ins. This phone still performs so well that I specifically googled "Pixel 3aXL still an outstanding value" just to see who agreed with me. This video was at the top of the results. Google's only mistake was they made a phone this good, this cheap that there's still no reason to replace it.
Just got an iphone SE 2 to replace my Google pixel 3a xl just because I wanted to try something different. I'm now sending the iphone back and keeping the pixel lol.
I have the 4a but broke the screen this morning. I decided to buy another one because I didn't want to be without my phone "for work reasons" for 3 days to send for repairs. So, I bought another 3a with next-day delivery. I personally didn't see much of an upgrade between the 4a and went back to it. I have always loved my pixels. Used them since the OG.
Trying to figure out what makes your narrations so distinctive and I finally figured it out because, as it turns out, you have a device under your butt which gives you a shock whenever you pause for more than 1/4th of a second so you have to keep talking no matter what or you will be shocked and that's all I have to say on that matter but, yes, the Pixel 3a XL is a great phone and I just got one for $80 on ebay and thanks for your attention.
Just bought one almost new for $120 shipped! Can’t wait
Got a used pixel 3a xl in good condition from swappa for $100. It is one of the cheapest universal phone (all carriers) with active support. It has good screen, camera, and battery. Very happy with the purchase.
Good video. This was my first pixel w Google Fi and I love the build quality. No creakiness at all and can take a drop. Can even get wet despite no official ip rating. Just don't leave it under water. Got the purple-ish w color splash on power button. Has an understated cool look. Cameras are great. Surprised you didn't mention Night Sight feature. As for videos, I don't really care much about frame rate, etc. Don't use a Go Pro either. Just take snaps and for that this phone still stellar. I'm sure A12 will do this pixel just fine. 👍
Android 12 supposedly gain 20% CPU efficiency, so it will make the 3a even better. Should definitely update it this fall

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