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Buy Google Pixel 5A 5G 6GB RAM/128GB ROM, 6-Inches Display SmartPhone online at Amazon. Display Size: 6 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: -, Brand: Google
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Google Pixel 5A 5G 6GB RAM/128GB ROM, 6-Inches Display SmartPhone Features

Display Size: 6 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: -, Brand: Google
The lowest Google Pixel 5A 5G 6GB RAM/128GB ROM, 6-Inches Display SmartPhone Price in USA is $176.45 at Amazon.
Buy Google Pixel 5A 5G 6GB RAM/128GB ROM, 6-Inches Display SmartPhone online at Amazon.
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Google Pixel 5A 5G 6GB RAM/128GB ROM, 6-Inches Display SmartPhone Reviews from YouTube

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I hate it. Give me a Samsung anytime
This man is looking like William Shakespeare
First and my last phone. Worst phone I ever have. Phone's heating up very bad and shutdown the LTE signal, becomes very laggy. Nice camera shots but becomes useless when you take continuous shots as it heats up.
By far the worst phone I've ever had, tried leaving review for it on Google and they have hidden the review button, so slow slower then my old nexus 5 laggy slow will lose internet totally randomly, as t least 20 times per day it will crash to just a blank screen with my wallpaper on it garbage phone never again google
Who in their right mind puts the headphone jack on the top? What where they thinking?
Watched on my Motorola Edge S ✌️🇵🇸❤️🙋🏼‍♂️🌈💖
I will get this phone in the mail and put a screen protector and a Pokémon case on it. 👌🏾🆒
I've had the 5A for about 6 months now and I like it very much for all the reasons stated. However, there is one serious problem with it that has recently come to light. Some of them overheat very easily and will even turn themselves off quite quickly. Mine started to do this a few months ago. It was in the sun but the temperature was only 75F and I was only using it at the time for casual browsing. Suddenly I got an overheating message and that it was shutting down. It happened several times after that and I saw online that other people (not all) were having the same problem. Note I am not a game user or heavy user. I use the browser, GPS, and a few apps and camera (not even video that much) and that's it. I also saw online that if you are under warranty (I am) you can replace your phone. I contacted Google and after doing some tests they suggested, including deleting some apps(!!), they are sending me a new phone. Am very glad to do that as today was 73F and I was in the shade, when my phone turned off due to overheating. I am waiting for my new phone and assume it will be better. If it is then I endorse 5A with the above warning. If the new one has the same problem then I will be replacing my 5A with a more reliable phone.
Nice shirt. Thanks for trying
I don't have one of those sofas or loveseats that have the built in wireless charging so don't really need a phone thats capable of it yet
I'm curious if folks, after 8 months, are still satisfied with the 5a. I'm currently an iPhone user and looking to make a move. My last Android phone was quite some time ago...the Droid RAZR Max. My only hesitancy with Android is the perception I have of the devices slowly starting lag over time. I say "perception" because I can't speak from first hand experience, just only what I've read. I'm reading and watching videos about the Pixel 6 being "not recommended" from several folks (MKBHD for one).
I don't like the 4a 5g or 5a 5g, they're too big. The pixel 3A was the perfect size, I don't want my phone to be any bigger than that. I actually downgraded from a 4a 5g back to my pixel 3a. If I want a bigger screen I'll just cast to my TV, laptop, tablet, or w/e bigger screen is in front of me. I like smaller phones in my pocket and in no scenario where I would want a bigger screen do I not have access to a bigger screen I can cast too.... I really dislike how all phones are getting huge... Like I hike and offroad on atv's and stuff, and kayak... The bigger the phone is the harder time I have not breaking it...
I don't like google but the pixel series is just one of the best since they have an unlockable bootloader
I'm waiting for the Google Pixel 6A
Thank you for this great review. I was eyeing the pixel 5a for a while . Then I watched reviews of the Nokia 8.3 5g and decided to pull the trigger at $345 on Amazon . It plays well with all the 5g nets’s huge’s gorgeous .. good photos ..60hz refresh is fine for me .. not IPS rated for moisture ..8 GB Ram /128 GB ‘expandable’ storage ..just a lot for more as I need a better all around from my current 7 yr old iPhone 7 Plus ..I will watch for the 5g c band 5 yrs I will switch again. If I get antsy I may just buy the second phone and live a dual life using call forwarding and an esim to go back and forth
Buying google products is the end of your free will.
I dont need 5g speeds
Got one and the touchscreen was frustratingly glitchy. Returning it.
re-used same chipset from last year? come on google
*Who is eagerly awaiting the Pixel 6? (me..!)*
مساء الفل بالتوفيق
I just picked up a 4a 5G and it updated to Android 14 overnight last night. I absolutely love the software support or the price. I picked it unlocked on Swappa for 158.
Phone storage please
If i am move to android definitely my first recommendation google pixel mobile.. There is lot’s of reason.. 1. Very clean UI 2. Premium & Simplicity 3. Touch & Feel very cool
I have this phone and the over heating issues are horrible its worse when video calling gets hot really fast
Pixel 4a 5g did it all too. Minus 4k meltdown
Show I get the pixel 5A or pixel 6?
If I buy a new pixel 5A 5g phone from Google does anyone know if it'll work on Verizon?
It's ok to switch from iphone 11 pro to this?
I've got 4a (5G) "close enough"
Just got one and will be returning it. Touchscreen very glitchy.
have you noticed that you may have to re-tap an icon several times, to get it to go to that app? I don't care for that 'at all'.
This is a shitty phone. I bought last month, when ever I use it, it freezes, have to wait a minute before it unfreeze for me to use the apps, text, call etc
Shame on Google for not selling it in Europe !!!
I ordered mine today and this video helped me make my decision. Thanks for making it
Honestly, after reading/ watching the reviews about all the issues with the 6 and 6 Pro, I decided to go with the 5a. I hope Google gets their act together and irons out these issues with the 7. Meanwhile, I think the 5a is going to serve me very well for the next couple years! Anyway, nice overview ya did there. :-)
Thank you for these reviews. I appreciate the info! Strategically waiting until Black Friday 2021 to buy the Samsung A52 (any version of it) didn't pay off bc no one discounted it. Major bummer. Now I'm left scrambling to find a good mid-ranger on sale.
These days I’ve noticed most tech reviewers obsess over 90 hertz or 120 hertz display or the best 4k video quality. And it seems like they consider a phone trash if it doesn’t have those features. To me, performance, battery life, display brightness/quality, speaker and call quality, ip rating are way more important. Besides, 60 hertz on a stock android Pixel device isn’t a bad thing. I’ve used 90 hertz displays and while they are nice to have, most consumers wouldn’t even notice or care. Especially for a better price. I do hope the overheating doesn’t happen on anything but the video recording as I am not a video person. I will say overall it looks like an excellent value device. I got mine today on Black Friday for $399.
I want to buy it. I am in Maldives. Thsi is not available here. How i can order with this price
i watched this
I hoped that Google would keep the pixel 5 design because it was the perfect phone
Ey im dominican and i love your channel
The camera is good, but the selfie camera's pretty bad. Also, if you get this phone it's very important to get a strong case because it could easily break with a simple one
I'm actually giving my iPhone 13 Pro to my step daughter and considering the 5a in September 2022. Primarily for the rear fingerprint reader. I have been a loyal Pixel fanboy for years, but I skipped the 4 because it went to face unlock, and then the 6 comes out with the front reader. My very well loved 3XL was actually broken at that point so I bought a 6. Two weeks later it made me so mad I sent it back and I was so upset about it that I gave iPhone another chance (yeah. that bad). iPhone is even worse in a lot of ways, but just staying on the main issue, it does face unlock but STILL REQUIRES ME TO SWIPE UP FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN (sorry), which is a PITA with one hand. Looking around, every poll comes back in clear favor of rear-facing readers, but Apple, Google, and Samsung all just ignore it. They have to see that people want it, and it's no doubt cheaper than something like the front reader on the 6, so WHY? Do any of them even do R&D anymore, or does someone just draw up some specs and email it to the manufacturers?
Google is partnering with adt. They giving all adt installers these phones for the new installers app.
I like my 5a BUT my pixel will quit recording video even though there's plenty of memory/storage and it wasn't because someone called or texted me . I've complained to GOOGLE but no improvements . I like the Snapdragon on it . Better than my Motorola
Hi Marques, I think you also need to make content on Nokia C100/C200/G100. thanks
First and my last phone pixel. Worst phone I ever have. Phone's heating up very bad and shutdown the LTE signal, becomes very laggy. Nice camera shots but becomes useless when you take continuous shots as it heats up.
Mmm any have problems with 5G network?
pixel 6a is out and you were kind of right about the chip but they made a better body
now this completely makes sense 😁 your prediction is pretty good 🔥
Google’s future is MediaTek
Bruh look at Pixel fans trying their hardest to defend this phone lmao
Google needs to bring back the Pixel 2 XL design, with a Tensor chip in it... Idk what's so difficult from them to do so.
Excellent review. I like the 3.5 mm jack. I hate to have to keep up with another thing to charge, i.e., earbuds!!
Pixel 4A doesn't have ultra wide camera.
I've been on the Google lineage since that nice affordable Nexus 4. They had only enough to sell out in 25 minutes but I somehow got one. I usually buy used Pixels off Swappa. Too bad I had both Nexus 5X phones defect after the settlement. My Pixel 2 XL just died. Won't even safe boot. My 3aXL is still doing well. I saved a $100 on a used 5a that's on the way but I expect the battery will be my favorite feature.
So you cant spot difference between iphones???
07:10 yeah! you were right, its gonna happen now😂😂😂😂😂
What do you think of the Pixel 5a 5G? 🧐 (be honest...) ------------------
How many 5g bands does it supports?
Great unboxing video...very detailed! I remember back in the day however unboxing stuff used to be was like opening a Christmas gift. Is it just me or are companies getting either lazy or uncreative in their presentation? Great video though :)
Everybody talking about a higher refresh rate, but the thing is for oled panels the refresh rates doesn't affect so much. For the LCD panels it affect and still the iPhone 11, a flagship doesn't have 90 or 120hz. So don't worry about the refresh rate if you're not a high end gamer. 👍
I think Google should use the same form factor with the Tensor chip as the Pixel 6a
I think its very affordable and its a good phone, im not a big fan of google phones my self but its great value
This phone won MKBHD's blind camera test
I wish these phones had bigger storage capacity.
Pulled the trigger on a black Friday sale, $399.
I want to order pixel 5a 5g. But i am in Maldives. This is not available in here. So what can i do??
A lot of people want the pixel 6, but Im hesitant to get the tensor chip yet, I hear they have to work out some kinks, my first pixel phone is coming! The 5a.
What’s funny is I’m watching this video in early November and the Pixel 6 came out at $599 which makes this phone look expensive for what it is, But only two months ago it was a good deal technology just keeps marching
How common is the overheating problem? I'm afraid to buy it because of that.
Watching this on my 4a Sad Google don't sell 5a in India
I really2 liked pixel phone but sadly its not available in my country :( btw I own the pixel 3XL wanna to upgrade to pixel 4a 5g/5a 5g
They only has good updates by the hardware is not that level of Samsung or Xiaomi or even ZTE tbh
How to buy that in India
this phone is better than the flagship version
Hows device heat issue?
When will this phone be available in India? ? I think I will Buy the pixel 4a now.

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