Google Pixel 6A 5G 128GB 6GB RAM Factory Unlocked (GSM Only | No CDMA - not Compatible with Verizon/Sprint) Global Version Price in USA, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Google Pixel 6A 5G 128GB 6GB RAM Factory Unlocked (GSM Only | No CDMA - not Compatible with Verizon/Sprint) Global Version online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.1 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Chalk, Brand: Google
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Google Pixel 6A 5G 128GB 6GB RAM Factory Unlocked (GSM Only | No CDMA - not Compatible with Verizon/Sprint) Global Version Features

  • NOTE: Global Version. No Warranty. This device is globally unlocked and ready to be used with your preferred GSM Carrier. THIS DEVICE IS NOT COMPATIBLE with CDMA carriers such as Cricket, Verizon, Sprint, Boost Mobile, US Cellular, etc. SIM CARD NOT INCLUDED. Please confirm device compatibility with your service provider before placing your order.
  • Storage: 128GB 6GB RAM
  • Display: 6.1 inches, 90.7 cm2 (~83.0% screen-to-body ratio)
  • Platform Android 12 Google Tensor (5 nm)
  • Camera: 2.2 MP, f/1.7, 27mm, (wide), 1/2.55", 1.4µm, dual pixel PDAF, OIS
  • Battery: Li-Po 4410 mAh, non-removable
Display Size: 6.1 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Chalk, Brand: Google
The lowest Google Pixel 6A 5G 128GB 6GB RAM Factory Unlocked (GSM Only | No CDMA - not Compatible with Verizon/Sprint) Global Version Price in USA is $335.00 at Amazon.
Buy Google Pixel 6A 5G 128GB 6GB RAM Factory Unlocked (GSM Only | No CDMA - not Compatible with Verizon/Sprint) Global Version online at Amazon.
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Google Pixel 6A 5G 128GB 6GB RAM Factory Unlocked (GSM Only | No CDMA - not Compatible with Verizon/Sprint) Global Version Reviews from YouTube

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The only thing I'll miss in this phone is memory card slot and dual SIM, otherwise looks like a bargain 👍🏻
Great review, you covered everything I needed to know as I am looking to buy this phone. Thanks
Love the Avatar The Last Airbender reference there 🌊🪨🔥🌀
Soo in luv wid 6a. and i am also in a dire need of a new phone.. As much as I wana pull the trigger on it,, i also really wana wait for the pixel 8s and pixel 7a.. Soo confused right now.. dnt know what to do .. lol
I got mine for $327 🥳
More of this Felix! Loved it!
With black Friday deal 299 for 6a and also 299 for OnePlus 9
With the black Fridays offers , now we can have at $299
Went back to Samsung .. google dialler so inferior
Esquentando muito
Hey my pixel 6a battery life reduced a lot and heats up after installing a sim
Enrique of Malacca😁😁😁
60 Hz, slow charging - all these things don't bother me. I decided to buy the 6a solely bcs it was a compact phone and i was expecting stellar camera performance but i was disappointed. The images turn out too soft, especially if there's foliage in the frame. Same story with the videos. No amount of software wizardry can help the aging IMX363 sensor which is now at least 5 years old. Overall disappointed with this purchase. Might buy a pixel 7 in the coming months instead.
Not great for one handed use. Too chunky.
No headphone jack? Whaaa ..? Deal breaker.
Does it single sim or dual sim?
damn the 60hz is the only dealbreaker for me
pickin this bish up tonarrow
I bought my google pixel 6a for 68$
Does it have a headphone ack extension and a mirco sd card slot
Question Can you buy a Nothing Phone 1 in Canada? Ive been searching like crazy and I don't seem to get any answers!

Dude you are so full of shit your own video when you had it next to the iPhone 13 the pixel was streaming better your own video saw that so stop talking dog shit you fucking iPhone lover
IMX363 is the camera king once again!
I didn't notice this the first time I watched the video but there were 6 Android mini figures chillin in the background. (Pixel 6a.....makes sense) Maybe he should do something fun like ask the viewers how many Android figures or some other related background pieces were in the video. That would be a fun way to show who really watched the video and maybe he can have fun with it by hiding them. Also should we nudge Google to release new Android minis? With all of this theming through material you maybe that could inspire new designs... Thoughts?
Blind smartphone awards sent me here.
you're being way too harsh. you should think about it through the perspective of an average consumer. i never noticed the screen being choppier and in some cases found it smoother than the other phones ove had. most people don't really mind not having wireless charging, also the phones with a similar price aren't on a lot of companies contract offers
how many hours will an amoled screen last after which time it burns out
I got 6a for 27000k rupees or $350. It's a steal deal.
I got one
great review. my main concern on a phone is the camera, but do not want to spend a ton of money on current flagship phones. This is a great option
I've had the Pixel 6a for about two weeks. I love the form factor. Coming from a Galaxy S10e, I really appreciate the slightly bigger screen; not really wider, just taller, and the more square corners. The thing that bugs me the most is how washed out the display looks compared to the S10e. And it is true what was said about the rainbowing effect when you look at it off center. I also have to push the brightness close to the max in order to have a usable screen. The pure Android experience is hard to beat though and features like call screening are pretty useful. I'm not 100% sure I'm going to keep it. I'm entertaining the idea of trying the S21 FE mainly because of the display and oddly enough, some things are more customizable on Samsung's UI.
The main thing that worries me is the difference with the 90 hz screen. I don't want my phone to annoy me after my OnePlus 9RT. Some people don't see much difference, but I lowered the frequency to 60 hz on 9RT and it's not smooth at all.
being an iphone is not a feature... how is this guy so popular it just boggles my mind...
Is this a re-upload? Didn't this phone come out in 21? Anyway the pixel 7 is out obviously and this one is currently 299 on Amazon and the Google store
I dont understand why wireless charging is so important for some of you guys
Seems like this upgrade is for the people that have a pixel 4 and don't want the horrible fringing "bocca" effect of the newer phones
Top end flagships have nothing on phones like this, which is why they shouldn't be a benchmark for all phones. If you're going to review a mid range phone, get a benchmark for mid range phones. Don't use flagships as a general benchmark since not all phones were made to be as powerful as the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This Google Pixel 6a is a mid range phone. And so, comparing it to the iPhone 14 Pro Max would be extremely unfair. This move also makes the product seem not as good as it really is. 60Hz displays are everywhere, everyone probably has one. And still, they don't give these displays a chance. The Samsung Galaxy S10e that I'm using now, I want to replace with a Google Pixel 6a because of extremely poor battery performance. Like, I'm talking 2,237 mAh bad. And oh boy, 4000 mAh would be a dream for me. But, reviews of this phone give the impression that a Samsung M series phone would be better. Which is not true at all. Keep in mind, not everyone can buy a phone with a 120Hz display with a 5000 mAh cell with the latest and best chip in the market. If anything, if you're just an average user, you won't even notice how choppy it is. This also makes the act kind of an ad as reviewers would say "This phone isn't as good as the Samsung S22 Ultra, so it'd be worth saving a few hundred dollars and buying that one." which while is technically true, for someone like me who needs a new phone ASAP, I don't have many months and pounds to spare. In fact, I'd say this is the best mid range I've seen since really, the only thing you're sacrificing is the material. Which, if you handle properly, will not be a major problem. So, I do think that other reviewers should take another look at mid rangers with the mindset that this is a phone made for the average user so that these phones would really have a chance to shine amongst other flagships.
I'm on a budget for a new phone and i really needed this, im at a crossroads for a Samsung S21 FE, Iphone 11 and Google pixel 6a
Pixel 6a pre-order now on Amazon:
Does it also get esim support?
😂😂😂 6:34 - 7:31
What kind of screen lock are u using on any of ur devices
I got a pixel 6 and I keep it on 60 refresh rate instead of 90. I even got lucky and got a OnePlus 10 pro and I can't bring myself to keep the 120 refresh rate on. I just can't see the point I know it looks better at 120 and I even forced myself to keep it on 120 for a week just to see if I could get used to it but I just can't do it. I know it sounds weird but im actually more happy with 60 instead. Probably from where I had a iPhone for the longest time. But all in all my pixel 6 is the best phone I've ever owned. And I can't wait for the official launch of Android 13. I am on the beta for it and so far it has been so smooth and a joy to use. Thanks for the video and reading this far into my comment.
No wireless charging is a deal breaker for me..being as I have it set up from the car, work and home
This new pixel has chunky bezels bottom chin and only 60 Herz and is a piece of trash
60Hz Disqualifies it.
i refuse to put android 12 on my galaxy S21 ULTRA lol rocking android 11 and it's perfect,, anyways point is pixel software is so trash
Trade in back to $300 as of August 14th. So you can get the phone for 150 plus tax. So it's a win if you have a old phone in a draw you never plan to use.
Snappy video
The best phone you can buy it's even better than some 1000 phones and he's absolutely right about the 60hz it feels like 120
If I had to guess, the hyper smoothness is a combination of software might, and a touch polling rate of 120Hz or higher
This damn phone is too. God damn glitchy
Thanks for all your support for the Pixel 6a. I just bought a new one. I received the phone on November 30. After and before the updates and going to os 13. This phone Over Heats big time. Especially when I talk on the phone and go to different websites. It heats up fast. It gets way too hot. I live in a weak signal area, so I don't really get the 5 g signal. And my calls are not that great. My friends sound like they have a mental bucket sometimes over their heads. Not all the time, on the calls I hear the distortion. Most calls are ok and they sound good. I went from a Pixel 3a XL. That was great. Almost no issues. My carrier didn't support the phone after the end of the security updates . I should have waited for the 7a.
I disagree with you I had the pixel 6a and gotta say it's ok. There is a lot of stuff that it lacks like customization with the display, time, and apps. It lacks that there is no gallery no sd card input. After paying a lot of money and you can't charge it because you need the special charger connector to the outlet. For me it's the little stuff that matters not so much games since it comes with only 100gb of storage for pics, apps and contacts etc. So I say do not waste your time in buying the pixel phone.
What about call quality? It is after all a phone first and foremost. Or don't people make phone calls anymore?
Great phone. Battery could have been 5k mah. Would have been awesome
SO HAPPY to know it's not glass lol
Too big and no audio jack I want an android phone under 140mm with A12/13 and at least 6GB RAM
Bought it new for 300 dollar on black week. Felt like a solid pick for that money
Thanks, I've just ordered 6a upgrading my old hauwei p30 pro thats having sound and speaker issues. Im sure the pixel will be perfect
I think you meant to say don't care instead of doesn't care. If you're going to do presentations get your language
does it make a phone call? You are talking about it as if it were Pocket PC not a phone 🙂
Nice video... Did you have any connectivity issues with the 6a? I have the 6 and it drops its cell signal constantly...
Been using the phone a week now on android 13 it is very awesome phone 60hz display feel fast and performance improved alot . I dont mind lack of wireless charging because i dont use wireless charging.
The title is silly. There is no "fake truth"
With the recent Black Friday sale and trade in value (from the 4a), I went ahead and ordered the 6a. It's coming today! I was tortured trying to decide between the 6a and 7, but really, really, really like the smaller form factor, and that ultimately decided it for me. I realized that I could easily trade it next year for the 7a for next to free, and enjoy the faster chip in the meantime. I don't expect a major upgrade from the 4a, it'll probably be pretty minor, but I couldn't resist going to a newer model for 70ish bucks. The only problem I'm having now is deciding whether I want to actually trade in the 4a or keep it as a backup (and extra storage) lol! I mean, I only paid $322.92 in total for the 6a, so even though i could definitely use that $250.00 back in my account, I think I could live without it too.
Too many bugs in this phone it's like when you buy the first model of a car a piece of crap just like all technology is a piece of garbage Smmfh

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