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Buy Google Pixel 6a - 5G Android Phone - Unlocked Smartphone with 12 Megapixel Camera and 24-Hour Battery online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.13 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Sage, Brand: Google
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Google Pixel 6a - 5G Android Phone - Unlocked Smartphone with 12 Megapixel Camera and 24-Hour Battery - Charcoal Smart Cell Phone 6GB RAM.


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Google Pixel 6a - 5G Android Phone - Unlocked Smartphone with 12 Megapixel Camera and 24-Hour Battery Features

  • Google Pixel 6a adapts to you; it’s super fast and secure and powered by Google Tensor, the first chip designed by Google just for Pixel.Form_factor : Bar
  • Unlocked Android 5G phone gives you the flexibility to change carriers and choose your own data plan[1]; works with Google Fi, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and other major carriers
  • Pixel’s fast-charging all-day battery adapts to you and saves power for the apps you use most[2]
  • Take amazing photos with Pixel’s 12 megapixel camera and tools like Magic Eraser[3], Motion Mode, and Portrait Mode
  • With Google Tensor, your phone launches apps fast, pages and images load quickly, and everything runs smoothly
  • When you plug it in, Pixel 6a charges super fast[4]; with just a few minutes of charging, your phone gets hours of power (adapters sold separately)
  • Live Translate helps you translate live video captions, private chats, and messages, and signs in up to 55 languages right on your cell phone[5]
  • With IP67 protection, Pixel 6a can take a little water and dust[7], so you can take it almost anywhere you go
  • Privacy and security are built in to your phone; the Titan M2 chip and the Google Tensor security core add an extra layer of hardware security to help make your Pixel phone more resilient to attacks[8]
  • Please refer to the product description section below for all applicable legal disclaimers denoted by the bracketed numbers in the preceding bullet points (e.g., [1], [2], etc.)
Display Size: 6.13 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: Sage, Brand: Google
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Google Pixel 6a - 5G Android Phone - Unlocked Smartphone with 12 Megapixel Camera and 24-Hour Battery Reviews from YouTube

Google Pixel 6A Review: Can You Feel It?
Google Pixel 6a review: Is it worth buying?
Google Pixel 6a | Unboxing & Three Day Review
Google Pixel 6a review
I switched from S21 which has 120hz screen to 6a and i didn't notice the difference, feels as smooth and light when scrolling, maybe because the latest software updates?
No one talks about the absence of lock focus and exposure BASIC FEATURE. What's the point of having a great camera with no ability to lock your focus. I've got my 6A a week ago and I think I'm going to sell it.
picked mine up for $300 on black friday which was less than what I spent for my 4a :)
The fingerprint scanner and the choppiness got fixed after I updated it. 60hz isn't really a big deal, unless you play graphically demanding games.
Great Video! i'm an iPhone user considering a "return" to the Android tech. I was especially keen to hear your thoughts on "choppiness", and processer performance. This was the one feature that's made me an iPhone man for about 10 years; i remember my old Motorola Droid was horribly slow. Thanks again for the terrific video. Based on your comments, i'm now looking into Samsung...
this looks perfect to replace my aging OP 7T, or is anything better at the price range?
Thank you for the review :D will be getting it today at $300
There's no headphone jack?
Leaning towards this one as well since I was looking for a sort of compact option, Zenfone 9 would have been sweet but for that price the 2 years of updates support is ridiculous, I'd have gone with the zenfone 9 if it was around this price range, probably a bit more understandably, but for a 6.1 screen, with the long software support makes this an incredible "kind of" compact budget choice it seems...
3:49 What's the name of the keyboard, does anybody know?
60Hz IS NOT A PROBLEM. iPhone 13, a flag ship phone that costs nearly double has a 60Hz display but no one ever complained about that, but if an android dose it that's a deal breaker. I really respect Marques's opinion on tec, but sometimes I feel like because they review so many high end tecs they don't understand that 60Hz at this price range with a small screen doesn't really affect your day to day use.
I literally got it offered to me for free by my phone company today. It was an offer I simply couldn't refuse. 👀
If you're a Koodo customer (Ontario, Canada) the Pixel 6a is free if you have a $55/month plan. You only pay shipping fees. Here in Canada, our cellphone plans are highway robbery so it's nice to not have to pay for the phone. The catch is that you cannot upgrade your phone for 2yrs on the cell # you used to upgrade your phone in your account.
I've gotta be only person who couldn't careless about 120hrz etc I've had phones with that type of display and turn it off to save battery I care much more about my battery and my battery life on this has been really good tbh was quite surprised and the camera experience is close to flagship the qualify it's top tier just lacks diversity but I must admit I wouldn't pay £450 for it I waited and got it £300 in a black Friday deal very good value at that price no complaints
this will be a good backup phone for those that have a higher end phone.
its on sale now for 287 dollars (in sweden wich is usually more expenisve then the US).
You forgot Graphene OS as a decent reason to buy this phone.
6a and S21 FE are about in the same price range rn (50 bucks off each other atm) cuz of black friday deals... so yh idk the FE seems soo much better then
What is the difference between unlocked Global version vs unlocked US version?
As someone who works in a T-Mobile retail store, I can confidently say that for most people, wireless charging isn't a selling point. I personally don't mind not having it, it's inefficient and slow.
I think for the price, Google have a very compelling device. Most people that I know, still aren't even using devices using higher refresh rate screens. So for them? They aren't going to notice the difference with something like this. As far as using gorilla glass 3? Honestly I see that as a benefit, as the new victus glass is way prone to scratching compared with older versions.
Never use digital zoom. If you want to 'zoom' in, do it in a editor.
Buddy says that I can 'see' that the pixel has accurate colour production. Since I am looking at a video of screen on YT using a monitor, not my eyes, I can 'see' no such thing. I am expecting him to let me 'hear' how good the sound is next, another invalid test. I think I am done with this guy now.
Aluminum is now a 'luxury metal' only to be used on the most expensive phones. Thanks Steve. For nothing.
My five year old Sony Xperia XA2 H3123 64GB has Gorilla glass 4 ffs. That and memory card slot. My battery lasts for 3 days too. It also has a higher dpi. As for design, the all look the same to me. "It's rectangle. Get over yourselves."
"Really hot" is an utterly meaningless subjective term. Give us a number.
Free on port to Verizon, plus a 50% discount on Pixel A bud's bringing them to $50. No activation fee if done online. $90 bucks with tax out the door to start a new eco system is unbeatable.
Consumer Cellular had it on sale for a limited time for $249 so I picked one up I love this phone
60 to 65 percent by 1pm 😱 1st world problems right there.
I hear that headphone jack aside This is a substantial step up from a pixel 4a. That includes battery capacity All things being equal. If that is the case then that will serve me well to go with a pixel 6A to replace my compromised pixel 4a
Cash Price Sales Tax Total Cash Price plus Sales Tax Cash Down payment Sales Tax paid at time of sale Unpaid Balance of Cash Price/Unpaid Balance Prepaid FINANCE CHARGE Amount Financed $249.00 $17.00 $266.00 $33.00 $17.00 $216.00 $0.00 $216.00 This what I paid at consumer cellular for the google pixel 6a
Funny how 60hz refresh is never an issue on iPhone reviews. Utter bs loll
Samsung can offer better screens because they make the screens so cost is at a minimum. Google has to pay a markup to buy there screens from Samsung or LG so it cost more to offer a better screen in there phones. Also each brand has there profit margins they must meet and each brand has a different standard.
The phone heats up from charging to using any app.
Who the hell plays video games on a phone? We adults have home theaters with HTPC's to run them. This guy must be 15 year old. lmao The phone runs fine no complaints....
Too many problems with this thing. Dumped it for a A53 Samsung
I'm watching this on Pixel 3. Still the best phone ever.
Upgrading from the 4a, and honestly I way prefer the phone size to the huge smartphones that neither fit in your hand or your pocket.
Not practical vdo
Do not care about refresh rate on paper. 60hz from the 5a was fine. Would rather keep my $ than get more hz
Well hello there! Thanks for watching, I've been using the Pixel 6a for a few more days now and can confirm it does get quite toasty at times, but the battery life is still dependable - full in-depth review coming shortly! In the meantime my Pixel 6a camera review just went live, and my Pixel 6a vs 6 vs 6 Pro comparison is hitting shortly after, if you can't get enough Pixel in your life ;)
Bought one for mom she had a LG30 for three yrs maybe longer... Hope she'll like it
Is the pixel 6a worth getting
That's what I'm getting tomorrow can't wait plus I've got ear buds so no headphone jack dosent bother me
Google wants to make your phone private but uses your info for Google search idk if I trust them that much lol
I prefer smaller phones and with a pixel 7 pro it's huge in my hand lol. Need to get used to it.
I'd bought a refurbished pixel 3a xl.. so that's that
Pixel 6EH is an awesome deal
Wish I'd kept my 4a 5G
How many years of Android Updates will it receive ?
Was offered a very good price for a 6a in EE today, is it any better than my long standing blower, the P30 Pro?
I received mine yesterday, I got it for an amazing half price. But being a Samsung user for the past 4 years, I'm not that impressed so far. The camera seems wishy-washy and I hate the Google bar which you cannot remove from the screen. Also when I move the apps into a nice neat folder, they still remain individual when I scroll up, meaning I end up with double the me that's a messy look. So the question is, should I live with it for the £191 I paid for it brand new or do I send it back?
Yo what is the point in 5yrs security updates when their phones got built in backdoors.......
This guy would drive a Kia.
you lost me at 60 hertz
As a true follower please advise if you would get this as an upgrade from OnePlus 8 t ? Cheers
One things nobody talk in review. It's a good phone with a big lack for dual sim phone. If you have a personnal and bussiness lines, go with an other brand, Google didn't have dual ringtone option. For me it's the reason why I will keep Samsung or Xiaomi.
Two things this world needs more of: 1. Cowbell 2. Random car references
Dude, your phone's wallpaper is very distrubing...
Great review.. thank you so much.. and thank you for the "weiner insurance" Laugh LOL
With black Friday deal 299 for 6a and also 299 for OnePlus 9
With the black Fridays offers , now we can have at $299
Went back to Samsung .. google dialler so inferior
Esquentando muito
Hey my pixel 6a battery life reduced a lot and heats up after installing a sim
Enrique of Malacca😁😁😁
60 Hz, slow charging - all these things don't bother me. I decided to buy the 6a solely bcs it was a compact phone and i was expecting stellar camera performance but i was disappointed. The images turn out too soft, especially if there's foliage in the frame. Same story with the videos. No amount of software wizardry can help the aging IMX363 sensor which is now at least 5 years old. Overall disappointed with this purchase. Might buy a pixel 7 in the coming months instead.
Not great for one handed use. Too chunky.
No headphone jack? Whaaa ..? Deal breaker.
Does it single sim or dual sim?
damn the 60hz is the only dealbreaker for me
pickin this bish up tonarrow
I bought my google pixel 6a for 68$
Does it have a headphone ack extension and a mirco sd card slot
S21fe or pixel6a??
I'm from Nigeria, please how can i get this germ
If it has same build issue as 5A where LCD is internally without protecction and where small drop in the corner will transfer all shock from case to LCD, than it is proper shit of a phone...
It doesn't come with a charger? . . . really?
The camera on this is shit iv got the phone and am extremely disappointed in it
my 6 speakers are super quiet until u turn it to like 80 percent. The brightness is also horrible.. somehow I doubt this phone is better

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