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Buy HTC Wildfire S Prepaid Android Phone (Virgin Mobile) online at Amazon. Display Size: 3.2 inches, Memory: -, Color: Silver, Brand: HTC
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Display Size: 3.2 inches, Memory: -, Color: Silver, Brand: HTC
The lowest HTC Wildfire S Prepaid Android Phone (Virgin Mobile) Price in USA is $134.00 at Amazon.
Buy HTC Wildfire S Prepaid Android Phone (Virgin Mobile) online at Amazon.
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HTC Wildfire S Prepaid Android Phone (Virgin Mobile) Reviews from YouTube

HTC Wildfire S (Virgin Mobile) Review Part 1
HTC Wildfire S for Virgin Mobile hands-on
HTC Wildfire S Prepaid Android Phone (Virgin Mobile)
HTC Wildfire S Unboxing (Virgin Mobile)
Damn at the time I thought this phone was beautiful. It’s ugly now.
This is by far the worst phone I have ever owned and used. Save your money and do not get this phone.
haha why? XD
I HATE THIS PHONE i have it and i hate it sooooo much it makes me hate my life
DON'T GET THIS PHONE. My mother had it and it was nothing but trouble.
no XD i have that phone
Is this a good phone ?
lol 4:06 opps for 150 right now
No one gives a single fuck vvvv
galaxy reverb because of bigger screen ,processor,camera quality, android version,
This phone isn't selling from virgin mobile anymore. Also ......go reverb.....this phone...i have it.........dont buy's so terrible.
do u reccomend
Can this phone get instagram?
Which phone would u recommend this or the venture??
low fkn memory ahhh fk fk fk is there away that i can put more memory in this crap?
I remember getting this phone when it came out. Time fly’s.
this phone costs 69.99 at Walmart Mart on Black Friday...ima get it!!! lol
Memory fills up quick, that's the only thing wrong with this phone
I got this phone for $60 at Walmart
Wow. I got this at walmart on sale for 100$ (with plan). :)
u sir are an idiot
Don't buy this phone it doesn't have enough internal memory, and is gonna be showing you a little screen every 3 hours telling you that there's not enough internal memory, and you won't be eable too use any application unless you make some room cleaning your applications data.
Can You Have ooVoo?
@Guitar806 i have the triumph too..but i don't think you should..if you really think about it..the triumph holds more phone storage and you got a front facing camera =)
Got stuck with the optimus id rather have this
@aziliks The video is great I have htc wildfire and it dose not work the phoe to contat dose not exsist
Should I upgrade from my triumph??
@pimpmobile999 you can :D i would make a vido but min got watr damag i had the lg optimus
@pimpmobile999 from what I saw my friend do, yes.
Fight Night Champion KO that foe. Here’s your chance at a title shot. Fight as one of the greats — Ali, Tyson, Pacquiao, and more — or build your own legend to bob, weave, and jab your way up through the ranks. Go head to head with friends over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and show them who’s the greatest. View in iTunes (for ipod)
to the person below me; you're stupid. the triumph has waaaayyyy more problems than this phone does. why would you pay $300 for a brick that barely works?
Motorola Triumph Is Waaaaaaaaaay Better This HTC Suks!!!! Triumph Is Expensivo But Worth It Luv My Triumph HTC No Bueno I Had To Send It Back Its Wack
I have the Optimus v on virgin mobile. My phone is not rooted. I downloaded "quick settings" from the app store and I can use my phone as a wifi hotspot.
just a tip if you still do reviews, could you keep the packaging still and in better focus for a tad longer as I'm one of those people that visually needs to see that packaging as well to read it and see features. Probably not everyone needs that but there are a few of us out there. other than that it's a great video.
When Virgin Mobile was popular and boost mobile wasn't
So you buy it from virgin mobile and they let you send them back?
why on earth did he rip the backside's strip if the box was already opened?
anyone getting this phone o god it sucks so bad... the internal memory omg dont get me started you it always force closes but the good thing about it its like a nokia you drop it so many times never breaks lol
God this phone sucks
What would you prefer?
This phone sucks
Who was the person at the door?
Have they found a solution to the memory problem because I'm looking into maybe getting this phone
@rannz7 ADD
hes like a speedy kind if guy sped through he whole thing
But, can i watch my porn on it?
@oneakinddoll thanks! It is the same thing thu Amazon so go ahead and save the money and buy it there. It is automatically loaded for virgin mobile. And you'll just go on vm's website to activate it. they charge 35/month plus tax.
Hi, i liked your video. When you can, could you answer these questions I have for you, pls? I want to buy this same exact phone but only from amazon. I don't know if that's fine to do, or I should buy the phone elsewhere? The thing is at amazon it's a lil more cheaper. Also, for the 35 beyond talk plan would you say it's flat out total of 35 bucks or a little over 35? Cause they might include tax or watever fee. Lastly, when you buy a phone like at amazon how would u install the phone with VM??
the sd card comes inside the phone
loving the motorala triumph
@rodrigomorales2 Yes it does it comes with one to which is 2gb
does it have a a slot for a memory card

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