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Buy Jitterbug Flip2 Cell Phone for Seniors Red online at Amazon. Display Size: -Memory: -, Color: Red, Brand: LIVELY
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Jitterbug Flip2 Cell Phone for Seniors Red Features

  • EASY TO USE: The Jitterbug Flip2 features a large screen, big buttons, powerful speaker, simple list-based menu and Amazon Alexa to make navigating the phone and placing calls effortless.
  • HELP AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON: Dedicated Urgent Response button connects to emergency help, nurses and doctors, 24/7.
  • RELIABLE & AFFORDABLE: 100% U.S.-based live customer service, the most reliable nationwide wireless network and no long-term contracts, so you can change plans anytime. Unlimited talk and text for just $19.99/month.
  • ACTIVATE WITH LIVELY: Once your phone arrives, contact a friendly Lively agent or visit Lively online to select your minutes plan and Health & Safety Package (Jitterbug Flip2 is not compatible with other wireless carriers).
Display Size: -Memory: -, Color: Red, Brand: LIVELY
The lowest Jitterbug Flip2 Cell Phone for Seniors Red Price in USA is $74.99 at Amazon.
Buy Jitterbug Flip2 Cell Phone for Seniors Red online at Amazon.
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I found this very helpful. I take care of my parents both 90, and they need new phones, and this might be one of them.
lively flip phone giving me error message please wait while we setup your device
How to reset this phone to factory settings?
Do they add another $30 of taxes and various fees to your bill every month like other companies do?
Good info. Thanks! Bless!
What if you don't want Alexa??? Sounded good until you mentioned Alexa, it records everuthing you say. Big violation of privacy. Is there a Jitterbug that DOESN'T have Alexa??
Jesus Christ Is Our Only Living God and the Only way to get to Heaven is through Him. He gave His life for us, at lest we can do is take the time to find out why He would do that for us. He loves us, and only ask to believe in Him, and turn away from the sinful ways. We all sin weather wishing someone died or actually killing them, it is the same in Gods eyes. He loves us and will help us change our ways just by asking. He is coming real soon for his followers, Please don’t be left here for the wrath to come upon the wickedness of this world. Just look around. He died for our sins, He lived a sinless life and we killed Him, buried Him and He rose up on the third day them ascended to heaven
You don't mention how to turn the text and missed calls lights off.. I hate it..
Good video but a section on the very basic steps to do simple things such as answering a call would be helpful. My Dad, who has just turned 88 and is technology-challenged would appreciate it. I know that info is in the manual but a video would be great too.
Is the Flip2 able to receive and read texts in other languages with Unicode characters, e.g. Chinese? (I realize it cannot send messages in other languages but was hoping it could at least a receive them)
🎅 ☎️ I need a new phone.
Does this only operate in USA? How many languages does it come with?
Jitterbug is a SCAM, I looked it up on the BETTER BUSINEDD BUREAU hotline. Bad reviews. Hidden charges, 10 cents a text, rude support help, hard to cancel when you realize you are being screwed. Don't fall for this scam. They don't tell you until after you sign up. Your first bill will have all kinds of hidden charges. BEWARE of JITTERBUG SCAM. You fools who sign up will regret it fast.
Does it show where the accesability button is? Could you show the screen up close to see what’s there?
After reading the comments I'm confused. I need to get rid of my 3G phone and want something simple. I saw online that this is 4G, is that correct? and I want GPS. I'm super directionally challenged (lol).Can I ask Alexa to navigate to a specific address?
I’m sure you mean we’ll, but you have complicated this phone so much that it’s impossible to understand how to use. You’re insulting your audience. I thought you were here to help. Because of your rambling and confusing dialogue, I once can’t have a mobile phone.
Main menu disappears from screen outdoors. Can't get an answer from customer support.
I'm getting this phone because I don't like the distraction of a smartphone and just want a basic phone
How do you text on the Jitterbug Flip 2 phone? Any chance a full keyboard appears on the screen instead of the phone pad that takes extra work? My Mom is 98 and computer savvy but texting on her current phone is next to impossible and wanted something that is more user friendly. I have had her use my iphone but that is not up her alley either. Thanks for any direction.
Late seeing this post. Thanks for sharing this vital information. I have an IPhone, laptop and a tablet, so, I may add this one in thefuture. It would be a nice backup for me.
Do you know how to change time zone on flip. Thanks.
To save 25% on the Jitterbug Flip2, visit: https://www.theseniorlist.com/go/jitterbug-flip-best?phone=855-403-6340
I'm concerned about 5 steps any time I want to make a call?? Is there a work-around that process?
Does any know how I can get my name to show up when I call someone else. All that shows up know is cell phone caller. I want my name to show up so people know who is calling. Please keep in mind that not everyone has or wants a cell phone. Landline phones with caller ID do not show my name when trying to call someone. This seems to be a MAJOR flaw with this phone!
We've also reviewed the Jitterbug Smartphone here: https://youtu.be/s_dmdkKSphA
how do you get the photos off the phone to the computer
Nice job on the review. My mom is currently borrowing one and asked if I could get her one of her own? She likes it that much.
Nice job on the review. My mom is currently borrowing one and asked if I could get her one of her own? She likes it that much.
Aaron Taylor-Johnson? Can't wait to see you in Bullet Train.
10 seconds in paused ....what old person wants cameras and facial recognition ridiculous ...more junk
Need something much more simplistic for seniors-thanks for your review
Can one send this to another Country,
they put a lot more features than what I want for this
How could you report this? I've personally experienced the hell when you know you're blind father can't make calls anymore on his 2 week old flip phone. Alexa just stopped asking lively to make a call for my father. Yes. It's an awkward 3 way between user, Alexa, and lively. Just read some actual user reviews, all who like me got this for their impaired parent, and what I'm reading is horrible. I do blame myself for paying attention to reviews like this instead of deep diving for the real stuff. Sleep well Sir.
How to DELETE A CONTACT please!
The Senior cell phone market is the WORST example of capitalism EVER. HORRIBLE options, STEP IT UP America!!!!!
is lively different than jitterbug or cricket?
Can I program to answer as it is opened?
I have had this phone for a few months and it's driving me CRAZY! All I've ever used are dumb phones (not SMART phone). This has been the worst. Volume: yes, you can adjust it easily - too easily. It adjusts from the side, so if you touch it for any reason, you turn it up or down without knowing it. IT HAS NO CALENDAR. Every phone I've ever had has a calendar, You can set a reminder which may or may not remind you with a one-note tone. Otherwise, you need to open it to look to see if you have any reminders. Your text message alert: a one-note tone. If you miss it, you're out of luck. You cannot set any picture for your backdrop. The big buttons are great, but it does not automatically stay in Abc texting mode. You have to set that at the beginning of each sentence. No notebook. Like another reviewer noted, calling is a multi-step process. If you can figure out one-button calling, that's the easiest, but good luck figuring it out. If you have a contact in your phone, it takes 5 steps to call them. Or you can (after 3 steps) just dial the number from memory. But, as seniors, we're trying to find ways to not have to rely on our memories. In short, I can't WAIT to get rid of this thing!
your demo sucks
Can I call international?
How do I change the jitterbug flip phone clock now that it’s called lively?
Can anyone help me to unlock this phone from gratecall?
how to unlock this mobile? i bought the new phone in the USA and now I am in India. since I didn't set up the phone in the USA. now the mobile is trying to connect to Gratecall, could you please any buddy help in unlocking the phone and use mobile in India's network.
I ordered a flip phone on Jan. 4, 2021, over the phone with GreatCall. We were told that the phone could block numbers, and the sales rep actually asked me for phone numbers that I wanted to block, so I gave them to her, and she said she blocked them on my account, even before the phone was shipped. In addition, we were told that it was possible to port our landline phone number to it, but after attempting to activate the phone, the rep in the Activation Dept. said they would "try" to see if the number can be ported in. In addition, she said that this phone cannot block numbers. After explaining that the numbers were already blocked on my account, she said that they weren't, and that it's not possible. I asked for the order to be cancelled for a full refund, and asked when they wanted to pick it up. She said that they don't pick up packages, that they use third party services that do not pick up packages. (Of course, I know that FedEx has a pick up service.) I asked to speak to a Manager, ad nauseam, because it was almost impossible to talk to one. The rep said a Supervisor would call me. I told the rep that the Supervisor should only call me after she listens to the recording of the calls from when I ordered the phone, and the current call. The Supervisor called a short time later, obviously before listening to the recordings, because the call from when I ordered it was very lengthy. I told her to listen to the recordings and call me back. I haven't heard back. In addition, we have not received a label for the return of the phone, nor have we received a refund.
When the phone is flipped shut and you receive an incoming call, can you answer the call by simply opening the phone ?
How do you activate them to make call?
What is price of jitterbug
The microphone goes bad within a month, horribly made
This is 2001 japanese technology
When you flip it open you hear dial tone. It’s fake but for parents it’s perfect. They know they can make a call.
I am 57yrs old and that toy is far too complicated for me to use - I want JUST A PHONE, no camera, no flashlight, no clock, no call waiting, no mail box, no gadgets
It’s obvious that this reviewer hasn’t tested this phone in the field. Customers across the country have been waiting for months for a software update to fix a MAJOR problem with the phone—garbled and staticky reception. Do not buy this phone without looking at the consumer reviews on other sites! It would be a great phone if it actually worked, given it’s user friendly features. But it does not, you will find out for yourself if you do your homework.
My mother got one today. I helped her set it up but it won't let you put more than one phone number on a contact. You would have to do separate entries to home/cell/work. That's not impressive.
Great customer service but issues with the phone and I have only had it a week.  Greeting for voicemail is somewhat garble and hard to understand.  When talking on the phone ones on the receiving end state I am talking to loud and somewhat garbled.  Called Customer Service and they tried their best but ended it was a software problem and should be fixed by the end of the month; this unacceptable to me.  Probably be sending it back.
The great call flip is a piece of junk. Multiple problems.
No music!!!
how do you clean out old phone calls on this flip phone

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