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Buy Jitterbug Smart3 Smartphone for Seniors online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.22 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: Black, Brand: LIVELY
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Jitterbug Smart3 Smartphone for Seniors Features

  • Affordable: Lively offers unlimited talk and text for just $19.99/month. And you’re backed by 100% U.S.- based live customer service with coverage powered by the nation’s most reliable wireless network
  • Easy to use: With a large screen, list-based menu, and voice typing, the Jitterbug Smart 3 is designed to be easy to use from the moment you turn it on
  • Stay connected: Staying connected with family and friends is easy with a powerful, speaker, long-lasting battery, and video chat
  • Lively response team: At the touch of a button, the Lively Response Team of caring professionals connects you to exclusive Lively Health and Safety Services including Lively Urgent Response, Nurse On-Call, Lively Rides, and more
  • Lively urgent response: Get help in emergencies big or small from certified Urgent Response Agents, day or night
Display Size: 6.22 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: Black, Brand: LIVELY
The lowest Jitterbug Smart3 Smartphone for Seniors Price in USA is $112.49 at Amazon.
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Jitterbug Smart3 Smartphone for Seniors Reviews from YouTube

Jitterbug Smart3 Review
Setting Up The Jitterbug Smart3 Phone- w/Mom
Jitterbug Smart3
The Best Smartphone for Retirees or Seniors
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What about storage and security updates. Always thought androids were slow and worried about if they do auto security & updates included.
❤❤ PLEASE QUESTION?? Where did you get that Cellphone 📲 Holder I see you using? Thanks 🙏🏻
Although I gave a thumbs up, he didn't cover texting. Although I knew it has voice-to-text, I wanted to know if you can just use the common qwerty keyboard screen to text.
This is what we got my Nana & she seems great with it, so far. She doesn't use the internet, as far as I know just the phone.
Perhaps I Can Convince My Mother To Try One Of These Absolutely Splendid Phones Since It Especially Made Simpler Than Other Smartphones...I Doubt Tho...She Turned 75 Today And Is Quite Closed Minded To New Technology...Still Rather More Prefer Her FlipPhone...
This phone can be found on Amazon for $75 at the time of this comment.
👍🏾 in 2022
I want to see him actually go through a feature (eg, making a call) using the on-screen menus (not voice) to see if it's truly suitable for my senior.
Wisephone and Lightphone are far superior. This is a fraud. It's still a smartphone that encourages data piracy and addiction.
So, apart from list view over bubble view, this is just another fully-obese smartphone? I don't get the attraction. I was hoping this phone would be free of app infection. When I say that, I mean the infection of having access to apps and the Android store. Apps are addictive and privacy intrusive. Apps are made for one purpose: to steal our data. I had hoped this design built upon that premise to protect and defend senior users from predatory apps. Apparently, this is just a hoax for a phone with bigger text. This is so disappointing. They're just pushing a scam story to entice seniors into thinking they're getting something different and secure. I guarantee Lively collects and sells data just like Android and Apple. Massive disappointment. I'm dumping this idea and focusing on the Techless Wisephone and the Light Phone. Two products that seem to have integrity and a compassion for people's health.
When Jitterbug first came out a few years ago it go Horrible reviews for customer service. Has that improved? Elderly people are not always tech savvy and they need kind and understanding people working in customer service.
One of the best explanations on this product. Thank you.
Can the text notification be set to go off twice if the first time it wasn't answered? The notification is so short I often don't catch it the first time
Can you turn off the data plan on this phone, or block it? My elderly mother keeps running up very large data overages every month by just randomly swiping and somehow landing online.
Thanks for the review. Do you know if this phone is unlocked? I am thinking about getting this phone for my mother who lives in Taiwan. By the way, is it able to install Facebook Messenger on the phone?
It offers a bit too much for the senior I’m thinking off. She needs pictures of folks on her contact list, to be able to make manual calls, and to turn the volume up. That’s pretty much each. All those other options are excessive.
The menu design is not very good for someone who has a hard time seeing. The colors dont stick out enough and the white background does not help. In some cases I cannot change the colors so i cannot get the apps in the order i want and the colors would be better taking up all of the white space. It is actually harder for my mom to see than the regular android phone where she can recognize app colors and where they are on the screen
The phone has android 10. Is there an upgrade capability or at least support for security updates? I'm not expecting it to run android 13 but I'm curious if it can at least bump up to 11
🎅 ☎️...Hello...Hello
This phone seems much harder to use than the jitterbug 2 but now sadly it's out of date I ordered the new phone but was unable to set it up I did call and was told that I needed to be returned because there was something wrong with it so now I'm just waiting
yes! it ls very hard to set up.
How do I track my mothers phone? It seems I need an invite to do so. How is that done?
Doesn't seem easy to me to set up. So disgusted with all these phones!
We got my Nana one of these phones since she's been having medical issues & it seems great so far for her.
Wanting to know how much a month when using it to get in touch with help
Wanting to know how much a month when using it to get in touch with help
Found it cheaper on Amazon rather than through Lively.
👍🏾 in 2022
@viviane8948 Don't know what happened to your comment. Lively uses the Verizon network, but you contract for phone service directly with Lively. Thanks for commenting.
Very clear video.. thinking about buying one for husband but he does not have a google account… and has never had a phone before… I wonder if this could get set up with no google accounts?
Thanks for the video... I really enjoyed it, also you and your Mom's interaction!
I wanted to watch videos of how to set up Smart 3 first.
Thanks for the post, very helpful.
Trying to get a smart phone for my father who has vision problems. The Home Screen looks useful as a list, but I’m assuming that when you actually get into an app, it isn’t any easier than any other phone. He’s struggling now to navigate in the phone app between favorites, recent calls, phone book, and Voice messages. Will it be the same or any better?
Can you tell me how difficult it is for a senior to “back out” of an app if they accidentally open something by mistake?
Do you know if this phone is unlocked? I am thinking about getting this phone for my mother who lives in Taiwan. By the way, is it able to install Facebook Messenger on the phone?
You don't know what's with that name? Are you being sarcastic? If not, maybe I can clue you in! Thanks for the film. Helps see a bit what is with these new phones. Mom needs a simple phone like a "flip" but insists she needs to text (she never practices so never knows how), so hoping this is a good option.
Sir, thanks for the informative video... Can we use apps like whatsapp and Facebook on this device ?
does it have voice texting?
If you're hard of hearing and are going to depend on the speaker loudness, this phone is not for you!!
Will this work on T-Mobile's network?
I'm looking into the Jitterbug 3. I would become a first time JB user. What kind of storage is there, can you add an SD CARD?
it's great it does everything u could ask for
what the hell is this, even nokia phones are better
Can I keep the same number I have with tracphone?
Don’t waste your money. These phones are so complicated that they can’t be used.
My key pad disappeared from the home menu. When I touch "phone" all I have showing up is call history, contacts and voicemail. What's happened to the keypad? I have a Jitterbug Smartphone 3
Can you install apps such as Facebook or an app to play a game?
I want to ditch my nice phone for a phone that does talk, text, email, GPS and a good camera only. No apps
What kind of phone is it? IPHONE or android? Samsung 8+ or what brand?
What if you want to go to a different carrier? Do you lose the big screen? I'm sure you lose the emergency services? Looks like T-Mobile is the carrier?
Don’t listen to marko
Looks great for my eighty-year-old mother possibly a Christmas present how much does this cost per month? Ballpark figure.. thanks so much video is well done
What kind of trash device is this supposed to be? Any android is cheaper and more powerful than this POS.
So, what's the difference between the Smart2 and newer Smart3? What's the megapixel number on the 3 that makes it better than the 2? Why should I update my phone from the 2 to the 3? Apparently, still no wireless charging ability.
How many GB with the jitterbug smart3?
Good to know 😌 Thanks
Hi! I’m searching for an easy smartphone for my elderly mom who loves to take pictures and go on Facebook but cannot figure out iPhones or Androids. I really enjoyed your video. Since it’s been 3 years since you made it, have you upgraded to another phone? If so, what do you use now? Your review was amazing and so informative! Thank you!
Thanks for the review! Do you know if this phone is unlocked? I am thinking about getting this phone for my mother who lives in Taiwan. By the way, is it able to install Facebook Messenger on the phone?
could you recommend a plan?I.m a senior I like photos and texting ,movies or gaming not important?live in calif.Just bought the moto x 4.
Wow I really enjoyed this video kept me entertained the entire way through. 1:20 was a great part.
Im a senior and want to say thank you! I'm trying to decide what iphone to purchase and your video helped me decide. I agree with your assessment completely!
Where are you buying your phones at, I bought at Wal-Mart, with in 24 hours went back, & told " you can not return cell phones at wal-mart". I boycot (phone sales) at Walmart now, & have bought on line, but would love to know where I can get good customer service, like a store?
I am a savvy senior in need of a new cellphone. Great information. Thanks
Any new recommendations for 2022, or are you still using that Moto X4? Thanks
To the user who complained to You Tube about closed captioning on this video. It is not required by law.
Are there people between the ages of 80 and 90 who use smartphones??
Thank you, thank you. This is so very informative. You are an excellent speaker.
Just needed to see how easy or hard navigating was on phone, but didn't have time or patience to get to that part. I guess Im not patient enough.
Thank you for this informative video. If I record a piano piece can I easily send it to my apple computer to send to my piano teacher? or can I send it straight from the phone?
Since my first Nokia, I have remained Android and my husband took the iPhone path. We have spent an absolutely ridiculous amount of money on Apple products. The visits to the store are good...if you are buying something. If not, well it is not as pleasant. My elder dad needs a phone like a heavy-duty flip phone or a phone that can be put in an OtterBox. The only Apple product I ever appreciated was the Apple IIc, my first PC. What do you think about the TT750?
Dude, you have owned how many smartphones since 2003? smh
How do I chat with a salesman?
Ok. Thx fioe info. I don't use Google. For a little as possible. But I'm sure it's a lovely phone thank you for sharing this information. Are you DuckDuckGo for privacy. And Apple products for safety.
No discount link?
Thank you.

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