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Klipsch R-52C Powerful Detailed Center Channel Home Speaker Features

  • Dual 5. 25" Spun-copper IMG woofers
  • 1" Aluminum lts tweeter mated to a 90x90 square tractrix Horn
  • 89Hz - 21kHz plus /- 3dB
  • Sensitivity 95dB at 2. 83V/1m
  • 400 watts power handling

The lowest Klipsch R-52C Powerful Detailed Center Channel Home Speaker Price in USA is $159.95 at Amazon.
Buy Klipsch R-52C Powerful Detailed Center Channel Home Speaker online at Amazon.
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Klipsch R-52C Powerful Detailed Center Channel Home Speaker Reviews from YouTube

Klipsch Reference R-52C Center Channel Speaker 100 W Home Theatre
Klipsch R-52C Center Channel
Klipsch R-52C Center Speaker Unboxing!
How would you connect this to a PC?
"Made in CHINA"
Weird it doesn't have a port.
I connect it to a vinyl reader, how can I change the volume because there nothing on the vinyl reader to adjust it?
Thanks for letting us hear how the speaker actually sounds!!!
fs of center channel woofer ?
Polk Audio sounds better why did you change the Klipsch instead?
Let us hear how it sounds, not all that talking.
How do you connect that to a computer?
America isn't a city
r52c or r34c??
looks terrible whit the screws
Hello it can connect in a samsung home theater??????
How was the performance of this center channel? I am planning to buy one. I have Klipsch R620F - Fyi
I think jewelry is your calling
Love all the bling man 👊
I have a 5.1 pioneer Andrew Jones set with klipsch r41m hieght speakers making a 5.1.2. I wanted to try a more expensive speaker, and the klipsch tweeters are great as hieghts so I tried the R52c center. Out of the box it has no bass, shallow mids and shrieking highs. After break in the bass comes around, but the mids sound....boxy. This speaker has no port, and I thought it would be a strength for my system as my center sits inside a cavern where a tv would sit.( sound treated cavern now) Indeed the r52c directed the sound in a nice forward path. Where the speaker falls short is everywhere else but clarity and separation. The men sound like boys, and when the speaker would manage to put out mids you can hear the sound bouncing around inside the cabinet. The bass was decent, but not great. The highs are raspy, and make your ears hurt, while accomplishing the task of making every detail present. So I used the R52c for three weeks, then I switched back in my pioneer sp22c and wow, that speaker is amazing. Men sound like men, women sound like women, and the sound is so natural in comparison to the r52c. This is an $80 speaker we are comparing to a speaker I paid $188 for on sale and both were tested after audessy room calibration with it turned on, and turned off. The only thing the r52c did better was clarity of subtle sounds which can be great and can be terrible depending on the movie scene or music. So I order a rp250c just to see if klipsch knew how to make a center channel. Wow, this speaker was 250$ so 60$ more than the r52c and it sounds amazing. It has all the warmth and accuracy of the pioneer sp22c, but has way lower and stronger punching lows, and the highs are beautiful, clean, as crisp as the r52c but without the shrill. Men sound like men, and it basically acts as a subwoofer where it sits, as I had to check several times whether my sub was on or off since installing it. This is the speaker you want the r52c to be. Fork up the extra cash for thr rp250c or greater center, or get a pioneer sp22c if ypu want to save and get a center 85-90% as good as the $250 rp250c. Don't worry about matching your system, even if the r52c is a match you dont want it because that means it's time to start a new path in audio.
if they did the magnetic grill on the 12" subwoofer, it would blow off from all the bass.
Hey bud, I'm getting a new system going and I'm starting with the center. This speaker or a Bic PL-28ll?
hey man I got a question do you think the Klipsch vf36 tower speakers are still worth bumping today im buying them for 425 Canadian dollars is it worth it they are brand new in the box
Real bad
Pimp up my Boxes!
Clipps? Nigga Clipps? WTMFH? And you have a freaking SHARP TV? Duuude. WTF!
China made stuff is no longer the shitty stuff it used to be my friend, they are a very powerful market with a lot of money to make quality stuff like Japan but at a very very low cost, which is why they are a Global leader.
I hope it has a better sound then the Polks! Can't wait to see what y'all think of them! In my younger years I was big in car audio systems but now I like more sound in the house. I guess it's old age and hard of hearing! lol The car audio systems probably has nothing to do with that! LOL I still have one system left. It's 6 10's on a 6k amp but I haven't fired it up in a few years. The last time I played it. It was knocking stuff off peoples walls down the street! LOL!! Have a good weekend guys!!
A good one 👍🏻
Great review. Rice bag it is.
Loved the content. Could you recommend some decent (also less than 700-800$ if possible) receivers for 5.1HT setup for elac b5.2 speakers as front and rear, c5.2 center and svs sb1000 subwoofer.
THANKS - I NEEDED DAT! Bought the Klipsch 52C to get Clear Dialogue, got that, but miss the FULL sound of my previous Big BIC Center, just ordered the Klipsch RC 62ii, but then watched an AUdio man share his findings honestly about what you are really getting with one of them, I just asked Amazon to STOP Shipment......I had been reviewing ELACs because I had heard that they are the REAL Deal.....after your reviews, I am going now to chk out the ELAC DCR52....I want to hear the Voices + everything else too! TKS
Klipsch R-52C kicks ass and is definitely not a cheap center channel!! I run a Emotiva A3 3 channel amp and Yamaha RX-A820 with it. Not as good as the RP line but it's up there pretty decent. It has awesome clear dialog when watching movies and sounds pretty damn good when jamming to music.
Could u make a video with less talking, and more letting us hear the speakers play Please?
Thank you , Im looking for a new center . I'll look into the ELac . Can you please try to get a hold of the  SVS Prime & give your thoughts on it . They got two models , this one I might be able to afford but if you say  its not worth it . Im asking because I think the svs may be a 3-way ? not sure .   I hope SVS will send you one out to review . Thanks , Happy Trails
Thanks for doing this. Not enough content on center speakers out there. I suspected the rp 52c was pretty cheap when I saw it at Costco.
Glad that I found your shootout, I just bought an ELAC DCR52 from BH for a good price. Looking for reviews for it. Not many Youtubers review center channel speakers. I have a decent subwoofer, so I want a center just perform the function of center, "CLEAR DIALOGUE", leave bass to subwoofer, otherwise, dialogue will be muddy. Agree with your assertion that "missing a word in a dialogue in a movie" is unpleasant event you do not forget.
This was painful to watch. I couldn't finish it.
The CheaperAudioMan 😎
17:10 a ghost orb
That was hilarious you nailed cheap audio man's manurisms spot on. Great video keep it up
Thank you for taking the time, and money to do this review. Good job! It's really good to show that you get what you pay for, but at the same time if you choose wisely, you can have a great budget home theater. For instance right now the pioneer is $74 on Amazon. At that price you buy 5, and use them for your 5.1 HT setup, and honestly have a pretty decent listening experience for less than the price of the Elac Debut reference itself. That being said you could do the same with the Elac, and have a blow your mind good HT system.
Dude, stop copying "Cheapaudioman"!. It's disrespectful and it will keep you from getting subscribers.
You should do this more often, that talent is obvious!
Is this dude wasted? 🛀
Thanks for the center channel comparison. Much appreciated. Since I like bass I think the C6.2 will probably be the one I go with. The C6.2 has been on sale before for like 140.00 on amazon I'm hoping it goes back down to that at some point.
lmao same person, I love it.
Actually really enjoyed this! Watched the whole damn thing!

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