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Klipsch Reference R-26FA 5.1 Home Theater Pack, Brushed Black Polymer Veneer Features

  • Klipsch R-26FA Dolby Atmos Speaker (Pair) - Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf Home Speaker (Pair) - Klipsch R-25C Center Channel Home Speaker - Klipsch Reference R-12SW 12" 400W All-Digital Powered Subwoofer (Brushed Black)
  • Built-in Elevation Channel for Dolby Atmos
  • 1" Aluminum Diaphragm Compression Tweeter
  • Dual 6.5" Copper Spun Magnetically Shielded IMG Woofers
  • 90 x 90 Square Tractrix Horn

The lowest Klipsch Reference R-26FA 5.1 Home Theater Pack, Brushed Black Polymer Veneer Price in USA is $1,249.99 at Amazon.
Buy Klipsch Reference R-26FA 5.1 Home Theater Pack, Brushed Black Polymer Veneer online at Amazon.
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Klipsch Reference R-26FA 5.1 Home Theater Pack, Brushed Black Polymer Veneer Reviews from YouTube

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I want I team, how to purchase
Good stuff. I just got the same one. With only one out put from my receiver, should I just connect my cable to the white (left) input of the subwoofer or should I get a "Y" adopter to plug into both (left and right) inputs of the Sub? What do you think the best settings in the rear are for a theater room size 12x18?
So... im curious how they can call this an "atmos system" when there is no way this system can put out atmos certified levels...
thanks for the video !!!
I've got an rp250c centre sounds really good
He stands atmos is really good it just takes awhile to grt in the right spot. I've ditched my heights for upfirings
Unbelievable I've got the floor standers and they cost 1500 in uk
Picked up at store and add two subs . Sound great! Remember, correct speaker/ sub placement is the key! You can buy the most expensive speakers and have a crappy placement will make it sound terrible
By the time you include the sub and an AV receiver which you absolutely need to complete this so called 5.1 package then your in the $2000 range minimum. Not sounding like so much of a budget bargain now is it !!! Before anybody says anything the price as we speak in October 2022 this price still rings true and is still completely accurate for what you should expect to pay for this system in a fully functioning 5.1 format.
Yeah but there are kits right now available that you can work on the Crossovers to bring that mid-range up for the speakers and they help it helps a lot it really does just by changing the capacitors in there and resistors it changes the whole aspect and the sound of the speakers it really opens up the mid-range so for a couple hundred dollars more in parts you can change the whole entire sound of the speakers those large speakers I forget the number for them that the floor standing speakers there's a kit out right now that you can use for those which will bring the mid-range right up with the base and the treble that it'll make those speakers Stand Out incredible look it up you'll see it's true and if you have any idea of what you're doing it's just a soldering iron and a pair of needle lost pliers and a couple of tools and you can do it yourself it's very easy instructions to come along with the kit and it'll change the complete sound of that of those speakers
I bought a Klipsch R-820FB 400 Watt Speaker I only bought one for now. I wanna buy the other speakers soon. I got it on sale for $599.99 at London Drugs I sounds Great!
Hi very good content, Do you think it was a good choice to buy the Receiver Denon X2700H 90w for this system of speakers!? For Dolby Atmos
Salve, le klipsch R 820 F che tipo di attacco porta dietro? Jack a banana o fili rosso e nero?? Perché io nel soggiorno ho attacchi a muro con filo rosso e nero attendo info grazie
Nice review. I want to offer a warning if you are not an audio system expert as is the reviewer because I noticed several comments about problems connecting the system. I had a similar problem with a 3yr old Klipsch sound bar, sub, and 2 bookshelf speakers. I never could get the bookshelfs to play or consistently connect with the Klipsch phone app. Called their "customer service" a couple times and it has to be the industry's worst! The last time I called was a Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend and the tech not only failed to get the bookshelfs to play but he also managed to mess up the sound bar and the sub! Then that cheese butt said he couldn't spend anymore time with me and hung up! If I could have reached through the phone...Anyway, I agree that Klipsch makes a decent home system for the money but if you have any problems, you have have been warned. I will never buy anything else from Klipsch no matter what the deal is.
Great review, I had a question. What banana plugs would you recommend for the speaker wires to plug into the receiver? Do you need banana plugs? Is the speaker wire they provided long enough of do you need to buy attritional wire. Thanks you
A single R-625FA is over €600,- here. Lol...
Thanks for showing that it is more cost effective to save up and buy the whole package at Costco rather than piece by piece which I was thinking of doing. To replace my twenty year old Polk speakers.
Do you know how theses compair to the klipsch black label speakers?
This is exactly the video i have been looking for . I just ordered these for 799 today on Costco and got the RS12Wi separately . I am new to this set up and wanted to know if a receiver is mandatory to use this set up and i cannot use this unless i get one ?
Okay I finally got this system 5.0.2.,and the surround back left and right are not working same with the center channel. I have them plugged in, in the correct plug in the back of the receiver. I plugged in the mic set up it comes with the receiver and it does make noise individually each channel speaker. I made sure to choose 5.2.2 option on the setup input as I have in my living space but no good outcome :/. Please help. Left and right surround back as well center speaker not playing audio while playing movie/music. The receiver I’m using is the Onkyo TX-NR6050
А что нужно чтобы так играли скидок еще какой то и какие провода?:)
Как же играют кайфово)
so beautiful
What is the difference between 605fa and 625fa?
Can you please share how you connected your cables and set up on your receiver. Thank you
the bass in those speakers is heard loud, or well defined.
WoooW! Klipsch is The Best! 👍
should I get these to replace my Bose 601's.
Bro do regret not getting the premiere ones ?
How much was for a pair?
зачем 2 провода на нижние клеммы подключено....?
Hi,I would be know if can I use the Denon x2700h for this speakers?? Thanks a lot!!!
Time to dust them
Is the horn too shouty? Can I use it for movies the same way you have connected the atmos speaker?
What’s the track you are playing? Sounds epic. I’m looking at these for my new home cinema/music den haha
The newer ones, one day I will get them too 👍🏻
Does budget friendly mean shitty?
great short to the point review!!
Can anyone recommend a good affordable receiver for the R-26FA speakers for a home theater
This is just a stinking ad infomercial
I own these, and absolutely love them for the price.
this have dolby atmos??
Hi, Abt. Does this speaker really have 8 ohms? Ty.
Got a great deal on these recently thru Amazon: basically 50% discount was taken at checkout so paid $220 plus tax for the pair!!
How do these compare to the rp600m?
I have the ORIGINAL klipsch RF 25's They are light years ahead of the "BEST BUY ONLY" R26F This is very confusing for consumers. I hate the fact that someone who had only heard Klipsch speakers at a best buy have no idea how good a real Klipsch speaker can sound. The price range is totally different. It is for a reason. When picking up a tower at best buy it felt like a feather compared to the RF 25's at home. Save your money, and buy real Klipsch speakers used if you have to. Stay away from the big box stores versions of what is excellent equipment.
Has medium room 37m^2?
we want to hear music not your sexy voice
I have both RF 26 and the older Klipsch Synergy F2 I prefer the F2
When you check out YouTube video reviews, 50 percent of the Streaming is dominated by klipsch for one reason. Klipsch speakers provide a decent sound for a decent price. People always say, what are you seeing in most home theaters? Klipsch. ... The main reason for that is they spent all their money on the home theater. I personally I’m a fan of definitive technology and if you go to Best Buy and listen to the demos they have available, you’ll hear there’s obviously no comparison. If you want true room filling clear non-distorted sound at movie theater volumes. Its worth spending a few extra bucks for the definitive technology series. Just saying...
The cabinet looks like metal, not wood!
i originally purchase a JBL ARENA 180 i was so exited for it to arrive since i purchase it online. and when finally arrives and after setting it up and firing it ,im sorry jbl i was not happy at all with it didnt have enought high freq and the bass is really lacking.so after further reaserch i finally return my JBL ARENA I80 and purchased a KLIPSCH R-26F man let me tell you i love these floor standing speaker so much im so glad that i have bought these speakers. peopple if you are looking for a sound clarity weather its listening to your music or sorround system this is the way to go but make sure to also purchase a sub box you could never go wrong with klipsch i wanna thank all the peps that spent their time to design these speakers it made me smile everytime i listen to my fave music......p.s. trying to save some money to get my rear klipsch speaker for my sorround.
HI which one to prefer R-26F or RF-62 which is superior I have both please comment
yeah the grills blocks the sound a little..i have the r28f and its a diffrence
100 watts rms... thinking about pairing these with a Marantz PM6005 that is rated at 45 watts. Would that be a bad idea?
and can i use this for music only ????

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