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Buy Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2 with Dragontrail PRO Display E6921 Black online at Amazon. Display Size: 5 inches, Memory: 64 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Kyocera
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Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2 with Dragontrail PRO Display E6921 Black Features

  • Item Package Quantity - 1
  • Product Type - Cellular Phone
  • Connectivity Technology - Usb
  • Memory - 64. Gb
Display Size: 5 inches, Memory: 64 GB, Color: Black, Brand: Kyocera
The lowest Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2 with Dragontrail PRO Display E6921 Black Price in USA is $109.00 at Amazon.
Buy Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2 with Dragontrail PRO Display E6921 Black online at Amazon.
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Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2 with Dragontrail PRO Display E6921 Black Reviews from YouTube

Kyocera Dura Force Pro 2 Rugged Android Phone - DEMO & REVIEW
KYOCERA DuraForce PRO 2 Full features and specs | AT&T
Hands on with the Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2
Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2 vs 1 (E6910 vs E6810) review (Made in Japan)
More durable, but if it does break, it's harder to fix. Still, I had a brigadier, and it was a very good phone.
Tons of bad reviews online. Buyer beware. Also a lot of reconditioned being sold as new.
I'm considering buying one of these (yes, in 2022) but I have a question that is a deal breaker for me depending on the answer. Is the phone filled with junk/preloaded bloat ware apps? Thanks!
can anyone tell me how long update support is for this phone?
If you have a Kyocera please do not take care of it you have to mistreat it as if it were your worst enemy it is made to last I had the 6800 for 4 years and it still works it resists dying (I only replaced the battery), if you want a phone indestructible buy a Kyocera the rest are Chinese with gadgets after 3 days they don't work
My experience with Kyocera is it their phones have been getting tougher with every model. I had one of their first models and it was absolute junk so I dismissed the brand at first but later I got a hold of the duraforce pro And let me tell you it survived hell. Functionally IT did fair but could’ve been better. durability wise I was actually nervous but in due time I’m sure you can guess I dropped it here in there it got wet from time to time so eventually I got to the point where I had no problem taking it with me and soaking it in salt water on my job is a JetSki guide and even diving underwater and using it as a camera. The pinnacle of its toughness for me was when my friend borrowed it and without thinking about it became frustrated and threw it against the brick wall with venom. As usual the back popped off but otherwise the phone survived with a little more than a scratch screen was undamaged after that I started getting cocky with it I throw it up in the air let it smack down on the cement to show people it was a tough phone no problem. I’ve only ever broken one of these phones and I’ve had six. Lost Every other one underwater Where the signals won’t transfer (You would think I would learn) so I couldn’t track it and find it. the one I did break the screen on I guess got a virus or had a software error because if I let it shut off it would go into a repeat cycle of turn on shut off turn on shut off and getting frustrated with it I started smacking it against rocks and everything else after about a month and a half doing that finally the screen broke and I was stunned like wow I actually finally broke it. I will be getting the duraforce pro 2 very shortly hoping for the same quality. Hoping for it but not deliberately testing it or pushing my luck. I think at this point I’m just gonna be happy to have a phone That hopefully will not break I’m over those days of pushing my luck with phones.
I trust the Japanese
what about heat in the car
Battery in this phone is a POS. You can not even get a replacement battery for it when it's six months old. How does a battery go bad in six months? And then no replacement to be found. Doesn't matter how strong the phone is, if it doesn't work.
Does it have Bluetooth
Sir wher is android virshun
I'm a landscaper and this phone has been a life saver!
I've had one for a little over a year now. I'm a truck driver, and this phone fell out of my pocket while I was climbing into my truck in Dearborn MI. I didn't realize it was missing until I was about 75 miles away. About 12 hrs later I went back to Dearborn, delivered my load, and when I was climbing into my truck I saw it laying on the ground, pushed into the mud with a tire track going over the screen. I left it on the ground in the rain overnight then ran it over with a tractor trailer and smashed it into the mud and I'm still using it to this day lol
The only thing the phone needs is some grip tape on it. Put some grip tape in the spots you need extra grip and you are good to go.
camera looks better than the first version
I have the first one and wondering if i should get this one. Ive abused mine for two years. Still works perfect.
Speaking of durable phones,I have an LG G4 that I dropped into a few inches of water several months ago,and it is not a water resistant phone by the way. But to my surprise,it still works pretty well(no hardware damage or anything)months later.
looking at purchasing one of these to test out for myself,there are a couple of sites where you can get them for fairly cheap
Have one on the way from Verizon. Thanks for the review.
I've had the DuraForce for over 2 years. It's rugged. They didn't even have a case for it for awhile because it was rugged. The battery was great the first 2 years but was failing. I replaced it but the connection for charging is wore out and isn't connecting half the time. I have dropped it many times, thrown it and never damaged it. The camera takes good pics but not good in low light without flash. I have it on Verizon and have no problems. I've considered upgrading to the Pro2 but hate spending money for phones. It's not a bad price for less then $400 considering the $1,000+ phones people are buying now. I looked at the Samsung A51 as the only alternative with better camera and talk time. But I do like that fact I don't have to worry about a cracked screen with the Duraforce and it's dust and water resistance. It also has one of the loudest ring and play volumes so I can hear the call when in a noisy environment. I've actually been ask to turn it down. It also can be charged wirelessly which I am going to get
I thought this was going to phone, rugged and then no battery, with man. Needs at least 6mah. People that want this need to go at least a week on a charge
Worst phone I've ever owned, very buggy software, terrible battery life, huge disappointment. The AT&T model unlocked is only partially functional on T-Mobile, your phone will not get updates, security or otherwise. Kyocera actually told me to buy an AT&T sim card and pay for minimal service so I can get updates, they won't let you do manual updates. After 2 months I had to return for phone rebooting issues. Calling this phone POS is kind.
Are the front firing speakers on this phone true 2-channel stereo such as the HTC One M8? Or are they merely a high frequency and low-ish frequency drivers?
How much is this phone and can you ship it in the Philippines
How can I get the phone in europe?
How much does this phone cost in US dollars?
ATT lied to me when they said they won’t throttle your data until 22gigs. They throttle you after the 1st week or so after trial period over. NEVER will ATT get my $ again! Verizon👍 all the way.
I currently have an iPhone X but I’m an EMT and my phone has been taking a beating lately. It’s fallen out of my pocket on calls, been smacked against my rig when a pt gets out of hand. This may be exactly what I need
When's it going to be available? The charging port broke on my Duraforce Pro and I need a replacement. I've been getting the run around with AT&T and i'm about to switch to Verizon.
Verizon had it first plus they offered 100$ off my Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2
Watching this review on my Kyocera duraforce pro 2 right now , still works amazingly well in 2022!
This phone bettery not 4900mh this bettery is 3250mh please see mistake......
Yeah, but how do you use it?
I've had my phone for a couple months and got it from my dad's logger freind and it got ran over by a loader, the only thing wrong is a small crack on the camera
My dad ran over his in his truck and it was still completely fine
Liar!!! I've had phone for 1 month dropped it on a bathroom tile floor..sceen pixels brokeb underneath the glass 👎👎👎
Apps are software not hardware.
I had the first duraforce pro. Dropped it down steel steps, it then fell 8 feet to the floor face down, slid through an oil puddle and was ran over by a dually wheel Chevy that had a camper on it. Nothing broke, it was just fine
how do you install the sim card?
I'm studying for electrician and I wouldn't want to ruin a Galaxy or Xperia phone, so I might go with this as my work phone
Can you transfer all your apps from a galaxy phone
Does it have e bluetooth
This phone was built for hard working on the go people. Has all the features that you need, can literally take a beating and compared to phones today is pretty inexpensive. I found if you turn off location services the battery will last all day and more. Good sound quality, feels sturdy and big enough screen for my old eyes to see. Get the hard case on Amazon with screen protector and I think it would survive a war or least the battle of delivering boxes for UPS. 5 stars, I would recommend more then the year 2020!!!
Just got mine up and going. Love it. Battery dies quick.
Remember when nokia was the stongest, yeah, me neither
i have this thing and I'm using this to!
My original DuraforcePro was run over by a car last year (Verizon with Sapphire screen). Still works fine. No cracks or damage to the screen. It's also a Class1 Div2 rated phone. Important when I'm at refineries or in the gas and oil fields. Has worked for me with no screen response issues in -15F temps with snow falling on the screen. Has fallen in the snow, into water a couple inches deep, fell 20 feet off a platform around a tank. That fall put some tiny scratches on the case corner, that was all. I threw it across a room to a friend at work that wanted to see it. He missed and it bounced off the table and floor. Nothing happened to the phone. The look on his face when he missed the catch was priceless. 😆 There's a test stress for you. 🙂
Does anyone know if this phone will continue to work with verizon in the coming years because verizon is shutting off their 3g networks and, only 4g data and voice as well as 5g will work starting soon... I could get another phone but I have broken so many phones I just want something that is very durable.
Do you have international version for this phone?
Had this phone for one year plus, Fireman, works well with heavy gloves, good drop survivability, heat resistant, water resistant. I like it!

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