Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G UW E7110 | Ultra Rugged 5G Smartphone for Use on The Verizon Wideband Network (Renewed) Price in USA, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G UW E7110 | Ultra Rugged 5G Smartphone for Use on The Verizon Wideband Network (Renewed) online at Amazon. Display Size: 5.4 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: -, Brand: Kyocera
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Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G UW E7110 | Ultra Rugged 5G Smartphone for Use on The Verizon Wideband Network (Renewed) Features

  • Product Type - CELLULAR PHONE
  • Memory - 128. GB
  • Components Included - Adapter , USB
  • Operating System - Android 10.0
Display Size: 5.4 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: -, Brand: Kyocera
The lowest Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G UW E7110 | Ultra Rugged 5G Smartphone for Use on The Verizon Wideband Network (Renewed) Price in USA is $399.00 at Amazon.
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Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G UW E7110 | Ultra Rugged 5G Smartphone for Use on The Verizon Wideband Network (Renewed) Reviews from YouTube

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Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G UW with Sapphire Shield on Verizon– Toughest, Fastest, Loudest Smartphone
Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G UW - Unboxing and First Impressions
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Paid $250 for a used one on Ebay after my Duraforce 2 broke falling 2 ft onto the floor...but my phones go through hell so this will be my third Duraforce original still working I use it for a MP in the garage.
I hate add that us meaters. This is usa. Num nuts.
Can the Google feed be removed or disabled ?
Indeed it won't scracth but doesn't mean it won't shatter or break
Hope this phone is available for the next year or so
Finally a different type of review, ey bro how is this phone while using internet? I have metro and supposedly its great 5g as well but this phone in general how do you put it on the internet side?
This is the biggest pos phone I have ever owned. It locks up and takes hours to restart. Lucky I have a Samsung watch for a backup.
Looks like a better camera than my Duraforce Pro2. I HATE the camera on this thing, but other than that, this phone is amazing! I have broken every phone I've ever had. This thing takes a beating. I've dropped this thing so many times I can't count anymore, and it still looks brand new and works flawlessly! Really great rugged phones!
I have the first 2 versions. Nearly indestructible. Just ordered this one today.
So seriously,it needs a case or not?
Speak in more detail on feature specs. Ex. It being a satellite phone or not.
Does this come with REGULAR UPDATES? Also, can you upgrade to the LATEST Android? What is the GUARANTEE on this phone? Can it be repaired in North America?
Anyone finding the speakerphone microphone fading? Depending on how I hold the phone, people say it's sometimes difficult to hear me.
An excellent review. Thanks for sharing.
Just picked one up. I don't care what people say iv had the 1 and 2 and have taken both unprotected straped to my pfd down the river countless times it always works and is nice to have a phone I have no fear of tossing on the ground. The only improvement kyocera needs is to make it float. I have atheist 3 on the bottom of the river and they pinged right up until the battery goes dead like 3 days later. Also bright color options would be nice.
Do not buy this phone! My wife has had 3 of them and all of them had the same problems. Flash light only works when camera is activated or doesn't work at all, messages for some reason don't come through until the phone is restarted, sometimes cannot get the phone to turn on, first one she had would NOT CHARGE no matter what charger she used, video worked when it wanted to (as in she would take a video and it wouldn't save), finger print reader doesn't work. She is a business owner so she was excited to see something like this that would be durable, but when you have 20+ employees and almost 300 clients that she can't reliably receive messages from, that's a problem! Can't return the thing as it was past its warranty period, can only have it replaced. Luckily she has a back up S20 that she can use, but she's still stuck paying for this trash. Buyer BEWARE.
He said progam 😆😂😂
Im from Malaysia, can i get a link to buy this phone
Damn should of waited this phone like 200 at most now got mine free
I've been with KYOCERA since my third smart phone. I won't use anything less.
Best review of this phone. Thank you.
Not for $900. No thanks. Why would anyone even responders pay that much for something with boatware that looks like Zack Morris's phone from the 1990's?? Why can't they make a cool looking phone that has FEATURES and a nice display and lots of ram and space and power?? It's like JUST because it's FOR first responders they can't possibly make it the same as other phones. It HAS to be a huge ugly pile of crap without any processing power, space, or ram. They're selling it for more money than you can get twice the phone for, sacrificing everything, JUST because it's RUGGED and its for "first responders" taking advantage of that bulk buying that everyone is going to be doing later when it gets more popular with first responders, and other companies out there. Make a phone for $10 and sell it for $900 to first responders. Good idea. 👍
Please, can anyone tell me if the unlocked version will work on sprint/t-mobile???
The difference between and the reason for the cost is that NO other rugged phone screen can compare to the Kyocera sapphire screen. Gorilla glass 4,5, 6 or 100 (exaggerated) can even come close to the toughness of sapphire glass. Sapphire glass also has to grown and manufactured so that drives up the cost. Other than a few bells and whistles these phones are almost indestructible. You don’t need a separate case and screen protector either,like you do on almost all phones “tough”or not.
Why do you have long ass fingernails? Weirdo
Can you swap the back and menu buttons? I'm very interested in this phone. I'm currently using a Pixel 4A that doesn't allow swapping of the back and menu navigation buttons.
I agree. That IS the selling point. I prefer the thick, built-in case. Saves the trouble of searching for a case and it's way more effective than those accessories. My current DuraForce Pro has lasted me 5 years and I've dropped it countless times, spilled countless drinks on it, etc.
To much talking . Need more insight about phone
How much , and who i can buy this phone??? I live in germany !!! Thanks!!!
i want this phone in malaysia,but howwww?
Keep note is not blotware... It's from Google
You made a lot of statements followed by an "I think" or "maybe" you might want to confirm your info before making the video
I've had mine for about a month and it is a piece of junk, its a 100$ phone in a 200$ case
One thing I didn't go into more detail about was the ruggedness of the Kyocera durasport 5G especially when talking it against the pixel 6. DuraSport 5G DuraSport -  MIL-STD-810H toughness waterproof to a depth of 6.5 feet for up to 30 minutes (IPX5/IPX8*), dustproof (IP6X*), and military-standard-810H tested to withstand drops of up to 5 feet onto concrete, while handling extreme temperatures, salt fog, solar radiation, shock, vibration and more. Also comes with ANT+
Reviewing a rugged phone and then saying "it's water resistant, IP67 I think" ... Some reviews are basically someone reading the stats, this isn't even that. Pointless.
Do you have a comparison between this and the duraforce ultra? If not can you make one?
It has the worst placed power button of any phone lol
Pixel is not a rugged phone. The idea of the sport is geared as a active type rugged phone.
Really impressed with the camera
Does it have a headphone jack?
What is the fastest most powerful rugged phone?
I'm upgrading from my 4+ year old LG G6, and I'm getting this bad boy tomorrow. Let's see if it can outlast my current dinosaur. Great review man.
I've used the Kyocera rugged phones since they first came out. As a matter of fact, Verizon gave me a $25 credit every bill when the first gen Kyocera was only $20 a month. Sure miss that! Anyways, I too wished you spoke about the ruggedness of this phone bc to me, that's why I buy it. I still manage to crack the screens on these phones but I know other brands would break in no time with my lifestyle. Anyways, I still appreciate you taking the time to speak about it. Cheers!
Good review of the specs but you didn't tell us anything we couldn't read on Verizon's website. Why are you comparing a Rugged phone to a Pixel 6? Of course they won't compare. You should be comparing it to another Rugged phone. Personally, I'm looking for a Rugged phone so this comparison tells me absolutely nothing about how this phone compares to its actual competitors.
Thanks for your video. Blessings on your day.
I need a rugged phone. This one will soon replace a previous rugged Kyocera. I've seen broken phones at work, and at Verizon I saw someone turn in a bent, broken iPhone.
I've read the sport is better than the force.
Just get a Pixel 6 and get a rugged case. This phone looks awful 😔
Zfold3 Dec security update out now
This phone looks like it was released 3 years ago
Very early
I'm a firearms instructor and own an indoor/outdoor range. My phones get brutally abused. Had to make my 20 Note Ultra my personal and get a Duraforce for my range/work phone. Soooooo happy for this upgrade! Thanks for the review! 🥰😍

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