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Buy Kyocera Duraxtp E4281, Black (Sprint) online at Amazon. Display Size: 2.6 inches, Memory: -, Color: Silver, Brand: Kyocera
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  • Kyocera DuraXTP E4281, Black Sprint rugged MIL-SPEC clamshell flip phone
Display Size: 2.6 inches, Memory: -, Color: Silver, Brand: Kyocera
The lowest Kyocera Duraxtp E4281, Black (Sprint) Price in USA is $24.00 at Amazon.
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Kyocera Duraxtp E4281, Black (Sprint) Reviews from YouTube

KYOCERA DuraXTP E4281 Mobile phone menu browse, ringtones, games, wallpapers
Durable Flip Phone Kyocera DURAXE EPIC REVIEW
Remember When Phones Were Walkie Talkies?
How to use a kyocera phone direct connect
Funny, this has some Katana ringtones and some Jax ringtones.
I like sprint!
I don’t like this video
The Sprint is alive.
🏅Good and all Videos 100%😁
Rarest phone
Your not even showing us the buttons your hitting. At the same time all you talk about is how you don’t like the phone. You have become lazy.
A lot of people or companies buy these for work phones out in the field , that’s way their so expensive.
can you install games on it? solitare, snake, tetris. and other language?
does it have SMS?
does it noy have games? like snake or tetris or soliter
Can it usable in India
Blue Saving Deals INC Only Flip phones
Does this receive texts from iphones and pics without problems, and does talk to text work? How is the camera?
Hey Greg, can I connect This phone to Strava? I have an alcatel flip phone, but it's inhibited by a gotcha tag. Thanks.
Is it a dual sim phone?
Would love to see a line upgrade available from ATT. It's hard to stomach the $270 price tag.
This would be perfect if I can add Zello. Anyone know if that works? How hard is it to side-load apps?
It's showing contact photo during the call?
Can you be tracked by this phone?
Are these phones able to be. unlocked from the carrier?
Perfect for someone who can't do a smart phone as far as dexterity or some kind of medical condition that limits abilities. Drops alot, dusty conditions, water proof to.
Would be great for my parents.
Question: the pull tab on the battery when you first get it, does it need to be pulled off? Seems like it’s hard to pull
You know what would be an amazing combo to make it easier to transitition? This phone and a WearOS smartwatch like the Ticwatch or Fossil and bam, perfection
I don't miss it that's old technology from 2006. Nobody doesn't use chirps anymore. They are too old. Nextel with boost mobile shut down their Nextel network in year of 2013. Because it's old technology. Everybody has smart phones now. We don't use walkie-talkie phones anymore. We are in year of 2022.
I used Nextel when I was working at Chase. It was right around the time when they opened it up so you could cross talk with other business or accounts. It was totally used correctly you would press once to chirp the other person and wait for them to reply back before talking. If they didn't reply you just would try again later or send a message but NEVER just press and talk! When it got more popular and not just business people using it that's when I started to see and hear other just press and talk anywhere. If it was used correctly it was a fantastic feature, the last phone I had with PTT was the i90 a great little phone.
Couldn’t stand hearing people’s conversations in public. Definitely annoying!
I miss these so much, bro. We had it too good. I remember the DAY that Sprint ruined it. What a shame
Omg I remember when this ended. Does anyone remember using the the walkie talkie app on their first/ second gen smartphone
Damn... I miss them also
Apple Watch has a walkie talkie PTT built in
I miss PTT ... I think I'm gonna make the chirp my ringtone..
I had the Kyocera duraxe Beach phone since 2016 it is dead now i switched to the Sonim XP3900 XP3+ WITH ZELLO PTT.
I miss those days bring nextal bleep phone back plz!
Voice messages are the in between solution
Next level
These phones got big in the late 1990's and were probably going strong for about 10 years until smart phones came out. My first one was the Motorola i500 and I probably had it for about 5 years- it was a brick. I watched it slide off a roof I was working on, bounced off a sidewalk back into the air about 6 feet crashing back to the sidewalk and when I retrieved it, it had a tiny scratch on the casing and still worked like a champ. When they came out with the i95cl I HAD to have it, it was pretty much the predecessor of smart phones. The i95cl had a color screen, GPS and internet and looked pretty sweet too. But unlike the brick (i500), it was a flip phone and though it too was a pretty solid phone, I doubt it would have taken the dive off the roof that my old one did.
I miss PTT (or "chirping" as we used to call it because you couldn't change the sound of the 'chirp') and I seriously haven't been happy about being forced to use phones without it. Growing up, we were basically told there would be flying cars in the 2000's and technology would solve all the world's problems, but it seems to me that technology peaked in the '90s and has gone downhill ever since. SURE, there are amazing advances in tech, but those advancements should never have replaced all the things that were far more reliable than all the "amazing" crap they've come out with since. If anyone is old enough to remember the 80's and 90's, you probably agree that a lot of this new tech is pretty disappointing. Remember back in the day when you had a good selection of search engines to look up things you wanted to know and you could pretty much find anything you were looking for. Google something today, with Google being the top search engine, how many different ways do you have to type in what you're looking for before you find what you want to find (if at all)? How many modern websites have you visited that don't work like you know they should? How often do you have to perform maintenance on your computer, operating system, software or hardware now that everything is so "advanced"? I know I must sound like an old codger (using the word 'codger' doesn't help), but I truly believe tech was much better back in the 90's when it was new and all this "more advanced" and new fangled tech is overrated!
Cant track, trace or record your text messages and calls if you were chirping probably why its gone. Those phones were awesome.
What I still do not understand is: PTT how does privacy mode mode work for the first contact in any given conversation? There is still an audible interruption for all surrounding,isn’t it?
This never reached here, northeast Brazil, but don't get how this is any different from voice message in whatsapp for example
I miss having this feature on BOOST Mobile. "Where you at"?
I'm going back to flip phones. People today stealing smartphones and iPhones. I'm going back to old school ways.
My dad had this dream that we would use this feature. Sadly for him, teenage me wasn't down with the idea.
Great video! 👍🏾
Will these work with the Motorolas that have their direct connect
I want this phone
Is it available in India.. ??
Does this still work?
This is a pretty nice phone
bro iwant this phonr ill give you money
do I get that used phone?
That chirp brings back memories. I miss push-to-talk. It got the job done.
U know how the smart phones are with the gmail use to get ur contest sorry for my spelling hope u kno wht I'm talkin about
Does it only work with Sprint? I have one of these phones, but am no longer with Sprint? How can I get it to work with a GSM provider?
Supervisors all got this at work

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