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Buy Kyocera Hydro Edge (Boost Mobile) online at Amazon. Display Size: 4 inches, Memory: -, Color: Black, Brand: Kyocera
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Display Size: 4 inches, Memory: -, Color: Black, Brand: Kyocera
The lowest Kyocera Hydro Edge (Boost Mobile) Price in USA is $99.00 at Amazon.
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Kyocera Hydro Edge (Boost Mobile) Reviews from YouTube

Kyocera Hydro Edge Review
Kyocera Hydro Edge Review(Boost Mobile)
Take a dip with the 3G Kyocera Hydro Edge
Kyocera Hydro Review (Boost Mobile)
My mom gave me this phone a long time ago it still works but it has that glitch that you cannot connect to the Wi-Fi
shitty bias review plus this guys hands are weird look at his pointer finger looks like his hands are cramped lol
I think you're going too hard on this phone. Let's see here: They had to spend more money on waterproofing the phone. It's already budget. You're saying it's slow when I have the original Hydro, even slower than the Edge, and it almost never lags. 4" screen ≠ cramped keyboard. Just because there are phones out there that are 5.5" doesn't mean it's a small screen. IMO phablets look stupid being used as phones. That means you, Galaxy Note. Admittedly though, the camera is pretty bad at images and video.
Im watching this on my Hydro Kyocera Edge :)
Its kinda aggravating that unless they do a review on an iPhone or galaxy they just point out every flaw and shit on the phone for example " the keyboard is cramped because it has such a small screen" this time last year a 4 inch screen was more than enough and now that's cramped like come on
IPhone lover
I'm buying this to be a surrogate ipod touch. best choice ever, I ain't paying for no cell service when i have wifi
This guy doesn't know what he's talking about I have this phone and it does everything he says it doesn't and the video he had shows the phone works well so obviously he doesn't know what he's talking about
wtf is this guy talkin about. everything seemed to be poping up fast to me. and he keeps saying its slow.
I have an LG Optimus f3 the only thing I hate is that is not water dust resistant my phone has tiny dust inside the screen is annoying I hate phones that aren't dust or water resistant :/
I have this phone and I love it never gave me any problems and fast web access
50 bucks radio shack right now
does it get slower depending on how many apps you put in it?
Yeah right price of junk for a phone with no contract its pretty nice with its dual core processor and android jellybean so quit pissing and moan that its slow because its not moron
Its ugly looking so what?! 150$ for a completely water proof phone?! See if your iphone 5 can be submerged in water and still work you need to spend an additional 100$ for the life case for it lmao please while in the rain people runin to talk under shelter im chillin walking through the rain still talkin on my phone
Exactly. this guy made it seems like this find was complete poop.
LOL good luck finding a "better" phone than that oine at that price.
Nice vid ! no like the phone it looks too old and fancy
You are all saying it's crap it is ugly. Well you can't expect a beauty and the best specs for $120 non contract phone.
By far the worst phone I've ever had. I've had it for a year and a half and regretted buying it on day 2. The apps frequently crash (including text messaging), notifications and alerts rarely work, internal storage is anemic, screen is laggy, processor is garbage, and the list goes on. I am just grateful that enough time has passed that the phone is now obsolete.
I'm stuck with the Kyocera hydro life its my first android
my screen wont turn on but i can hear the noise of the icons only had the phone for a week
i bought one last night and works awsome
Just get the Lumia 521
Not worth a 2-year contract--the Boost version is a much better deal, esp when you will pay $50 out the door each month for unlimited everything.
No...Jesus no
In the world of technology 2 years is an awfully long time for ANY tech product. Two years ago some of the most high end $700 graphic cards have around 500 cores and 1.5gb of vram. now $700 can get you a card from the same manufacturer with 2300 cores and 3gb of vram. The only consumer electronic that can actually be "futureproofed" is sound equipment
Wtf... No...
For people complaining that it is a low end phone, just think of it, 2 years ago that would be a high end smartphone with awesome features.
id take a dip with lynn la
Hydro Xtrm is better.
Looks like crap. Got an iphone anyway so no need for this
Just bought one, am I nuts?
I had the same phone but i switched to a new phone because its so slow it freezes and it was small
The phone is released I'll buy from amazon and let me know if it works here in Venezuela
I like your reviews and I like that you make long videos I don't like short reviews :D

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