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Buy Kyocera Hydro Prepaid Android Phone (Boost Mobile) online at Amazon. Display Size: 3.5 inches, Memory: 2 GB, Color: Blue, Brand: Kyocera
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Kyocera Hydro Prepaid Android Phone (Boost Mobile) Features

  • Built-in Digital Camera: Yes
  • Touch Screen: Yes
  • Carrier: Discontinued by manufacturer, no longer able to activate by Boost Mobile
  • Mobile Operating System: Android 4.0
  • Color: Not Available
Display Size: 3.5 inches, Memory: 2 GB, Color: Blue, Brand: Kyocera
The lowest Kyocera Hydro Prepaid Android Phone (Boost Mobile) Price in USA is $62.99 at Amazon.
Buy Kyocera Hydro Prepaid Android Phone (Boost Mobile) online at Amazon.
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Kyocera Hydro Prepaid Android Phone (Boost Mobile) Reviews from YouTube

Kyocera Hydro Review (Boost Mobile)
Boost's Kyocera Hydro is a splash - First Look
Kyocera Hydro Unboxing (Boost Mobile)
Kyocera Hydro Review Pt 1 (Boost Mobile)
Just bought one, am I nuts?
I had the same phone but i switched to a new phone because its so slow it freezes and it was small
The phone is released I'll buy from amazon and let me know if it works here in Venezuela
I like your reviews and I like that you make long videos I don't like short reviews :D
Can one of you tell me how to do stop motion on this phone
I got this go hard
I had this phone for half a year. It was Pretty good 
My sisters got 2 of these at best buy for $ ! $120?.....xD
 I have this same phone
I love lynnn la
This phone rocks I am writing this comment on it then my brother has the hydro edge
Ordered mine for free today due at a glitch! Score!!!
i got this phone yesterday its awsome
you are right the 3ds is x3 batt life
My dad got this phone for free at a sprint store. Looks like its a pretty good phone.
I would rather have Lynn than the phone!
well i have this phone .... BUT my phone won't turn on this phone sucks & is a waste of time ...
Now I can text in the shower in the rain and also in the pool ell yeah batty life sucks x/ 3 hours like the 3DS
I want it! Now I can text while at the pool! :D
HEY look at .54 ohh the screen looks like a glass and there's no picture, BUT above the water you can see is ON and can be seem easily... ???
@arjuntemurnikano if it is a capacitive touch then no if it is a resistive touch (old touch screen phones) maybe...
If someone gets it wet and it messes up,what would happen (everything covered up and locked like it said)
Yep, this is yet another re-upload. This is getting old.
I got mine for 50$ and got a good deal on amazon. I wasnt expecting anything so what I did was I set up the phone that I wanted it to be. Ya'll will be saying "SO WHAT" or "NOBODY EVEN CARE" im just trying to put my point on this video.
dude thx awsome 
i have this phone but mine has 3 button on the bottom 
It's on sale this week for 10 dollars your wasting money
Im getting this phone
the speaker is freaking loud
I think its a great phone got mine for free from a friend and i need to do a dunk test. I used to have the samsung galaxy s fascinate
Phone is great I got it for 70bucks iloce it
how much r u selling it for
I'm watching this video and I'm using the Kyocera hydro :D
Got mine for a dollar :D
It would be better with a front facing camera tear tear
What ur kik
turn on the lights man! 
So this phone will work with wifi without having to activate and buy a cell plan right?
can you see emoji?
You need to learn the difference between a "review" and a features "overview" dude!!
All i even see about this phone is people bitching about how it wont run a bunch of apps at once and it freezes, or they cant do all this advanced shit your buying a smart phone at a fraction of the price of a real smartphone. (like 35 bucks on ebay new). you know what this phone is ment for? having like pandora, fb, call, text, and maybe a picture every now and then. you get what u pay for your not buying a tablet
@LosAngelesFresh1  Your phone is possessed dude!

How did you get the menu at the top when you slide it down?
if you do not know what something is google it before you make your video... sorry dude I had to say it.
My phone is great I have it my refund cycle of a job for sale now I'm found out I had a really really want to love somebody download Google Chrome the work area on our own OtterBox phone Radar Online Rihanna
just brought it, whats sucks about it?
This phone SUCKS !!!! Do not buy it from NOWHERE!!!
If u want to tether check my video out..No root required
How you get those power toggles in the notification bar ?
mine is keyocera hydro edge
to fresh1 take it ack it maybe a faulty phone i have one and i have no problums with mine
this phone fucking blows. and im not a stuck up smartphone guy, i cheaped out on this thing for a reason... never again... never again... oh you tried hitting the call button 4 times and it won't call? don't worry just wait 30 more seconds and then you're phone will have 10 phone calls going to the same person at once, then your phone freezes, forcing you to take the battery out.. loads of fun! also i love how it deletes my entire library of music randomly from time to time
This phone sucks because the plan cost more for the unlimited then a phone like the lg rumor reflex which is not android but next best thing
Big butts

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