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Buy Kyocera JAX Prepaid Phone (Virgin Mobile) online at Amazon. Display Size: 1.8 inches, Memory: -, Color: Black, Brand: Kyocera
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Kyocera JAX Prepaid Phone (Virgin Mobile) Features

  • Affordable, super-slim phone for staying in contact via voice, messaging and social networking
  • Pay for only the calling time you use with Virgin Mobile's minutes or monthly plans--no annual contract required
  • Web browser; speakerphone; personal organizer; 250-entry phonebook; bi-lingual interface
  • Up to 3.3 hours of talk time, up to 200 hours (8.3 days) of standby time
  • What's in the Box: handset, battery, charger, printed documentation
Display Size: 1.8 inches, Memory: -, Color: Black, Brand: Kyocera
The lowest Kyocera JAX Prepaid Phone (Virgin Mobile) Price in USA is $42.00 at Amazon.
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Kyocera JAX Prepaid Phone (Virgin Mobile) Reviews from YouTube

Kyocera JAX Prepaid Phone (Virgin Mobile)
CHEAPEST fastest cell phone in the world unlimited text $10 Virgin Mobile Kyocera Jax Web Speed Test
Kyocera jax review (crap)
Kyocera Jax (Virgin Mobile)
I had this phone back then got it from target and true the price was $9.99 and I did used to use the internet
It was good. Lol I had it and texted forever with it
would this work on Kyocera Rally?
The perfect trap phone
7/11 I'm dead
i got an Alcatel phone from a online retal store for 15.20nzd free shipping works out to be about 10usd phone has a 2" screen and a vga camera potos look alright for such low mp can also rec video can also play video on it has facebook and twitter app also my network provider if you top up 30nzd once a year the give u access to facebook for free also mobile YouTube works fine too data is cheap like 1cent per mb takes micro sd card has Bluetooth and 2 built in games and full keyboard and fm radio with built in antenna so no need for headphones it really surprises me how cheap phones are a phone like the one i just mentioned back in like 2004 would have sold for like 200 or more
It honestly is a great little phone.
Its fantastic for talk and text.. If you drop it. .oh well it still works. Its for smart people, who drop their phone all the time.
Dude sounds too boring
Just paid .99¢ for 5 of them. Giving them out to my poor friends for Christmas.
Cheapyiest isnt word my good sir
just get a virgin mobile ANDROID phone with $35 for month for 300 minutes voice and unlimited web and texting.
Really won't last.
where can i get one of these at?
This won't last
Now the phone through virgin mobile's assurance wireless plan if you qualify you get the phone for free with 250 minutes and texts each month for free...5 dollars you get 250 minutes and 250 texts which is really cheap...
Great for a $10 phone
Mum paying for that? Or is she just paying the bill? I have a kyocera JAX, and pay my $35 a month phone bill myself, have fun with that phone while your mums still paying for it.
And my implementation of "Lol" was to mock the other guy.
I know this is a 10-year-old video so no one is going to give a damn about my comments. This little phone which you stupidly call crap is superior to the 7" high "smart" phones. I have the KYOCERA and, unfortunately, Assurance Wireless replaced it with a "smart" monolith that was difficult to use. With the KYOCERA you power it on and dial your number or answer a call. No waiting for a large screen, no pressing for ID or to select, etc. I don't need a camera, world news or weather, etc. Watching your video is a downer because you are an anal cavity and your awful, insulting video and you just suck. I don't befriend Ahs such as you.
don't call it junk! i own this phone
Love the bedspread and your ultra-low tech production values. Priceless. this could be a series of Low-tech Hi-tech reviews.
I really really hate when someone keeps making the needy feel guilty about everything, and just because your so religious it doesn't give you any right to feel more entitled than others and many people like you have caused suicides because you the so religious people are so so judgmental. Sure this point of view is right but you don't have the right to scold. And that includes myself and other religion fanatics.
Don't take free phones for granted! Anyone who is poor appreciates this phone, the poor people appreciates any food, water , and a roof over their heads. Got a free government phone and I couldn't thank them any better!
What gets me is he is not too poor to have Internet access and equipment to record and upload this video and have a YouTube channel sovhe is just gaming the system and stealing from the hard working taxpayers.
Stop complaining and go pay for your own phone and your own service if you want a better phone. Welfare recipients should not be getting free cell phones and free internet paid for by the taxpayers. They only need one very basic land line home phone per household. If people on welfare need to make a call while away from home, they can use a pay phone.
Does anyone know how to.enable text messages on KyoceraS1360??

N**** you got a low income phone also erroneously known as the Obama phone you shouldn't complain you should be thankful fool
I got a iPhone now losers
oh thanks, I'll tattoo it in my forehead so I Won't forget it
Hey Nigga ! How much you pay, foe dat foam ?
shut the stfu U
Ultimate crap phone, you couldn't give me one of those, and they tried.
it's not a bad phone at all considering it's free (if eligible) with "250 minutes" added to it that makes calls & texting! most people have nothing so be greatful bro'r!
Tf is this

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