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Buy LG G8 ThinQ LMG820TM (128GB, 6GB RAM) 6.1" 4G LTE Android Smartphone (Carmine Red, T-Mobile Locked) online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.1 inches, Memory: 128.0 GB, Color: CARMINE RED, Brand: LG
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LG G8 ThinQ LMG820TM (128GB, 6GB RAM) 6.1" 4G LTE Android Smartphone (Carmine Red, T-Mobile Locked) Features

  • 6.1" QHD+ OLED FullVision display (3120 x 1440 ), 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage with option to add up to 2 TB of microSD expandable memory, and Android 9
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Octa-core processor (2.84+ GHz x 1 + 2.42+ GHz x 3 + 1.79+ GHz x 4), 3,500 mAh non-removable battery with USB Type-C fast charging
  • 16.0MP + 12.0MP dual rear-camera setup with OIS+ and Dual PDAF, 8.0MP front-facing camera with Story Shot & Makeup Pro
  • 2G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900; 3G UMTS: B1/B2/B4/B5/B8, 4G LTE Bands: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12/B13/B20/B25/B26/B28/B38/B39/B40/B41B46/B48/B66/B71
  • T-Mobile phone will work with Most GSM SIM cards under T-Mobile Umbrella, like Ultra, Metro, Simple, Etc. Will not work for other GSM carriers.
Display Size: 6.1 inches, Memory: 128.0 GB, Color: CARMINE RED, Brand: LG
The lowest LG G8 ThinQ LMG820TM (128GB, 6GB RAM) 6.1" 4G LTE Android Smartphone (Carmine Red, T-Mobile Locked) Price in USA is $339.99 at Amazon.
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LG G8 ThinQ LMG820TM (128GB, 6GB RAM) 6.1" 4G LTE Android Smartphone (Carmine Red, T-Mobile Locked) Reviews from YouTube

LG G8 ThinQ Review - Good phone, forgettable gimmicks
LG G8 In 2022! (Still Worth It?) (Review)
Why does nobody buy LG Smartphones?
LG G8 Impressions: Can't Touch This!
Love this phoneee
Worest hanging
Great video. Acabo de comprar el LGG8 Thinq y me gusta mucho. Lo unico que me gustaría es poder apagarlo ó reiniciarlo de la barra superior de tareas. Se puede o no ? No me aparece. Solo puedo apagarlo ó reiniciarlo con el botón lateral. Saludos desde la ceiba brother
just bought this phone used in Nov 2021. it was in excelente cosmetic conditions and only cost me 145 USD. I am very happy with the phone. Truth is I'll probably never tinker with the hand gestures feature anyway, so like you said, just consider it a smartphone with some features you're not going to use.
Got one brand new off off Ebay and it was $140. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this phone or the UI. Reviewers just love to hate LG.
Blur) yugf
To me personally the v50 was better G8 is a great phone the g8x is kind of like a I don't know I don't think it is as good as the 8
I know this review is over a year old but I have a question. I'm hoping someone can answer. What can I do to keep it from going black when I'm on a phone call. Referring to my screen. Thank you
To transform the speaker volume, go into the equalizer, hit CUSTOM, then ramp up all of the sliders. The difference is night and day. And it's very easy to change back to Normal, or whatever sound profile is your preference. Slide down your notification pane. Long-press on Sound, then go to Sound Quality and Effects...then Equalizer. It takes about 10 seconds.
Being an hearing impaired, I have to say that I love my G7 audio. I will surely consider un upgrade.
The camera feautures alone woukd cost you 30-50$ on any other phone, and yet you get all that for free with lg
I love your review! Concise and straight to the point 👍🏾
Buying one new for 200 bucks is it worth it still now ? Going fom a lg stylo 4
Muy buen análisis, excelente vídeo. Visto en San Juan, Puerto Rico. 🇵🇷
LOOK MA, No hump?!
I love how the price doesnt keep. Just got one open box new on ebay for 300 bucks!
Watching it on my Nokia 8.1
I totally love LG for thinking outside of the box. I love having unique phones and the hand gestures is what got me to buy this phone 📱. I can't wait to get it and show it off 📱
so get the device for the hardware Root it install custom ROM remove excess gimkickry debloat Grab some high end headphones Enjoy
So what we have is a V30 with a 12mp main shooter. My G8 was built on 10/22/19... Too bad they'll forget about it by 4/22/20.
I am still using my G8 ThinQ to this day and it still rocks! Super happy with it!
I Still Got The 1 I Own! I Love It!💯©️
I've been happily using a G8 for the past 2 yrs though now the headphone jack is beginning to wear out, so I ordered another "used, like new" one. I wanted to replace it with what's currently available but for under $200 I couldn't find a phone with: Face Unlock / Physical Fingerprint Sensor / Headphone Jack / Quad-DAC / Wireless Charging / Expandable Memory / IP68 Dust & Water Resistance / MIL-STD-810G. I've been spoiled by all those features that are incredibly useful to me, this phone will probably fulfill my needs for at least another 2 yrs.
Just had my battery replaced in my g8... It's now my "ipod"... It would be great if it got android 12...👍
Is it duel sim
I should really get one of these
This review is why current tech reviews are so skewed to real world usability and pushing to buying a new phone. The LG G8 is equal in real world performance to modern iphone 13. Certainly iphone 11. Display is 25 % is better alone
Android 12 for the latest LG phones shows to be in-development and coming soon, LGE is very much in-business and they have guaranteed support and updates until 2025.
I looked and researched for a newer phone for the last two weeks. I'm coming from a LG G5. I found an open box G8 on Amazon for $150. Couldnt beat the price. And it's the cheapest snapdragon 855 handset, has quad dac, microsd card slot, 3mm jack, and trying to find a used quality Android phone that isn't trash is dang near impossible
If you have a G7 and thinking about a G8. You should note. 1. The screen is NOT flat. Very slight curves finding a screen protector sucks. Because most of the "g8" screen protectors are simply relabeld g7 screen protectors. (Bubbles on eges.) 2. G7 has way brighter brightness levels. 3. The G7 speaker is significantly louder then the g8. By a long shot. 4. Sound quality from screen during calls is clear and sounds just as good as any other phone. ( i use both daily.)
Please know that there is 2 option for the g8. G8x with triple camera, and g8 with 2 camera. And regarding updates they still need to push it through since they have promised 3 years of update and they still need to update its security and we all know how important that is since there is still alot of users in asia specially korea
DON'T BUY IT - I BOUGHT ONE LAST YEAR - AND THE BATTERY EXPANDED SO MUCH THAT BROKE THE PHONE. Even worse, this battery is not even supposed to be removed etc... i don't even know if it will explode. I'm so worried.
so if you say the company seized out, who sent the software? ok saying that some one from t-mobile called me some one from the higher archy of manangement and told me my LG8 would no longer work with there service, bull crap, its still working well, i am like what the H E L L
i believe was jus a June or July 2022 software ? well i took the update and change the phone took some changes very well
its funny you say that bout software, i own one, where in the hell did or who the hell sent a recent os operating system update????
The all black unibody design is so smooth and sleek. The notch wasn't ideal but it housed some advanced face unlock tech at least and helped with depth sensing for the camera. The device is worth $200 just for the DAC.
This only weak point of this phone is the software. Software because mine is still stuck on android 10, but it's still a very fast phone. Aside from the software issues, performance, cameras, headphone jack and audio and Jesus that screen is a STEAL for the price right now. Battery life that will take you through a whole day of heavy use. The LG G8 is better than the pixel 4 and head-to-head competitor with the Galaxy S10, but way cheaper. The choice is yours
this guy tripping iPhone with the tof cam LG did that 3y ago LG was the 1
i still have it it's good but for me if i wasn't having it i wouldn't buy old phones
The G8 was an amazing phone! I have the Korean version with the triple cameras. Unless you spend well over $500 bucks you well not get a phone that offers as much. True 3D fave unlock, physical finger print scanner, Micro sd support up to 2 TB, IP 68 dust and water resistant, wireless charging, quad DAC headphone output, 1440 p-oled display, under display speaker for earpiece, Desk top mode, good cameras.Snapdragon 855. Great build quality.At $180 bucks good luck finding a device that will give you more. Just saying. I have many other phones that i have paid more for. But the LG G8 Thinq is still one of my favorites.and it is on Android 11
Really trying to pay attention to camerawork (and the music choice!) in my more recent videos - what do you think? 🤔 To see my top Tech Fails of the decade: https://youtu.be/QMWlRWnAZH8
I have LG PC
I had an LG Chocolate back in 2007.
LG phones looks boring
LG has the right time to comeback. The engineers and researchers should be able to blow competition next year
I had an LG flip phone. I accidentally put it in the washing machine because it was in my pants pocket. That is the only thing I remember about it so even that didn't leave an impression.
I didn't realise LG was still making phones.
Totally agree, V-series was AMAZEBALLS though, so much potential wasted … 😳😳😳
I had a LG g8 thinq and I like it more than my new phone which is a Samsung.
Currently Using LG Wing
I used to love LG phones. Though I do not go for latest generation phones. I go for previous generation with the highest specs available. For years, LG was my go to. I would never buy an Apple (too proprietary and bougie). Had one Samsung and never again.
the reason why i clicked on the video is because it said lifes not good and it was relatable
Me thinking LG stands for Logic
Good German 😅
6:00 ja, das ist echt nicht gut. LG was so cool back in the days. I remember having the LG G6 with a fingerprint scanner on the back…
My first higher end smartphone was a G4, after a few years i bought a new generation phone from LG that i still use. -sent from LG G6
I remember wanting to buy an LG phone, but my country tends to inflate the prices on less popular brends, and then I saw the difference between my local stores and global ones I decided it was not worth a shot.
I'm going to wait for Elon's space x Tesla phone, it will destroy Samsung and IPhone.
LG did not have a better battery. I had a couple and i did have the flag ship models. They did not even begin to compare to the battery in my A5 2017, S9 or S20+
To me android is horrible. I like the quality if IOS
He's in his million dollar studio right now , 🥴
Just bought iphone 13 pro but still watching this video on lg g7 which is almost 3/4 yrs old ...
Back in time
right now is the LG G8 ThinQ G8?/ I don’t understand about the sound
Great review
In Dec 2021, looking back, this phone was pretty cool. I’m gonna buy one on eBay.
Most slippery phone ever
Lg is pretty wild company. Trying different things. The problem is the consistency with the price, drops pretty soon for a flagship. Sad they're gone now. Watching from my LG V50s. ☺️
My LG G6 died. Getting this for the great camera and the fabulous sound. Glad they kept the headphone port.
I just bought this phone same color and all but there's one thing.. ITS SO F**KING SLIPPERY I advise anybody buying this to please put it in a case of your desk is slightly tilted it will slide of its on your lap it will slide its on the couch it will slide.. Its just a happy phone but seriously a case..
Im pretty sure that speaker under the display originates from the sharp aquos crystal if anybody remembers that
Im gonna buy this for my mom She still has a Samsung Galaxy S7 lol.
the hand wave feature could be big if it became mature enough.
This dude is clearly a LG hater
DAX AUDIO HEADPHONE JACK super nice to be able to plug my audio technica m50x and not worry about about not being able to charge or hearing dumb connector noise.
Biased haha
He said that notch is kinda dated but in 2020 iphone 12 still has it but he doesnt say the same sentence hahahahahahahahahahaha.
I love LG... I have the LG V30 I've had it for nearly 4 years now and I have to say its been my favorite phone I have ever had the pleasure of having... Sadly I broke it slightly and now it has some dead pixels. I don't think I am going to upgrade just yet but I'm kind of looking for phones to replace it in case it does break... Thankfully LG seems to keep the finger print scanner and power button on the back where I like it so this might actually be my next phone
Holy crap, I can literally unlock this thing with the Force.

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