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Buy LG (LGLS777ABB) Stylo 3 - Prepaid - Carrier Locked online at Amazon. Display Size: 5.7 inches, Memory: 16 GB, Color: Black, Brand: LG
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LG (LGLS777ABB) Stylo 3 - Prepaid - Carrier Locked Features

  • Boost Mobile Service
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • 5.7" HD Display with Embedded Stylus
  • 13MP Rear Camera with 5MP Front Facing Camera
  • 16GB ROM and 2GB RAM
Display Size: 5.7 inches, Memory: 16 GB, Color: Black, Brand: LG
The lowest LG (LGLS777ABB) Stylo 3 - Prepaid - Carrier Locked Price in USA is $239.99 at Amazon.
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LG (LGLS777ABB) Stylo 3 - Prepaid - Carrier Locked Reviews from YouTube

LG Stylo 2 Prepaid Carrier Locked Product Review – NTR
LG Stylo 3 - Prepaid - Carrier Locked - Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile
Cricket LG Stylo 3 (Hands On Review)
LG Stylo 3 Review: Still Worth It?
LG Stylo 3 lets you do more than ever before with its large 5.7, HD display and enhanced interactive stylus. Access content quickly and securely using the fingerprint sensor. Its 3,200 mAh battery also lets you talk, text, and browse longer. And a powerful Octa-Core Processor lets you multitask with lightning speed....read more >>> https://amzn.to/2uzLpnF
How do you get the hot spot work
Just got this phone for 30 bucks and I'm loving it!!!
Also just so you know you could order a spare battery charger from Amazon with for LG v20 battery it fits.
Thanks for the update
Do you know if there's a different between the cricket version to the metro version?
Thank you for this video, you just finalized my decision to buy this phone.
How edit QSlide on LG Stylo 3 ?
Can you delete or disable preloaded apps???
Would this be a good replacement to my iPhone 5s as my camera and video? I don't have iPhone money to buy another iPhone, plus this phone can take on more memory while on my iPhone, I cannot expand the memory size. I need to make videos and photos for school projects.
Thanks for the excellent review of this phone. I'm using an LG L21G now and am going to upgrade to the LG Stylo™ 3 (L84VL). Your review helped me decide.
It's screen, is big enough, for use in virtual reality headsets.
To bad lg didn't keep the buttons on the back like the stylo 2
I saw this phone online and there is a reconditioned version for only $60!!!!!
I do not recommend any lg phones i have had my lg stylo 3 for a year and i have had nothing but issues mostly it keeps saying i have no storage space or the battery life declines very fast or that my apps cannot update because i have no storage space even though i turned off apps i don't use and that a 64g sd card to help but even that doesn't help because the internal storage is the worst because it gets used up very quickly i had lg phones before and had nothing but issues i was hoping this time i didnt have any issues but i do these phones suck it does not have enough storage space have way to many apps i don't use or cannot get rid of i never had issues with Samsung I'm not trying to be rude about this but i highly recommend not to buy these phones at all i have had more issues with these phones than any other phone i have owned.
I think I'd prefer the LG Fiesta. Bigger battery, same camera, lower cost.
I have had all the Stylo versions and personally I don't think it's there best internal feature wise. The 2nd version is better than the 3 cause there are features like internal e-mail app without downloading a yahoo app so you can free up space. Also it doesn't have a basic calendar, only the goggle calendar that doesn't show the day of the week. My biggest issue is that the emojis from this phone are the oldest version that look like lil ghost from the Pac man game! How you have oldest shit on the newest version of a phone?! They have newer features on the earlier versions! Idk what the maker of this phone was thinking.
I bought this phone on Amazon in March. It is $127 (Tracfone) at this time. Realy nice phone. It even has an FM radio too.
Does this have a blinking notification light so I know when I got a text, email, etc? Two LGs I liked didn't have this feature and this is a deal breaker for me..... Thanks 🙄
They should have used more space at the bottom to make the screen bigger
Get at MetroPCS and the display is 1080P!!!
Great Review!! Love my stylo 3 + Tmoble 32 GB internal Great display 1,280x720-pixel resolution This phone allowed me to break my flagship syndrome I have been Trapped in. Out with Samsung in with LG !!! At this Price point Great Phone!! Front Facing speaker would be The Best!!
hey.. what editor did you use?
I honestly really would love to go back to the Galaxy Note 4 that I had way back when, I was so mad with Sprint stopped the use of the Note 4 to me that was probably one of the best phones ever made and I know they sell them at Amazon and eBay and what not but I feel like I can't trust any of these sellers to sell me a good product
Great review! I think dual speakers would've been great and to take it a step further if they did like the pass though tech like the Alcatel 4s. And for the bonus and IR blaster!
Great review 👍

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