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Buy LG StylO 2 K540 Cricket Wireless Smart Phone Unlocked (Black) online at Amazon. Display Size: 5.7 inches, Memory: 16 GB, Color: BLACK, Brand: LG
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LG StylO 2 K540 Cricket Wireless Smart Phone Unlocked (Black) Features

Display Size: 5.7 inches, Memory: 16 GB, Color: BLACK, Brand: LG
The lowest LG StylO 2 K540 Cricket Wireless Smart Phone Unlocked (Black) Price in USA is $231.61 at Amazon.
Buy LG StylO 2 K540 Cricket Wireless Smart Phone Unlocked (Black) online at Amazon.
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LG StylO 2 K540 Cricket Wireless Smart Phone Unlocked (Black) Reviews from YouTube

LG Stylo 2 Full Review Cricket Wireless
LG Stylo 2 Unboxing (Cricket Wireless)
This is How I unlocked My Cricket LG Stylo 2 Free To any GSM Carrier
LG Stylo 2 Full Review!
I had this phone for almost 2 years (and still have it, more on THAT later) I work construction, driving truck for a masonry company and I'll bet you I dropped this phone no less than 26,487 times!! Honestly. And I'm not talking about a fall from the coffee table onto the floor...I'm talking about falling off my lap, 6 feet down from the cab of the semi, onto the concrete, SOOO many times it's unreal!! I had a decent case for it, but not a Lifeproof or Otterbox. I literally dropped it from over 16 feet high(standing on top of 2 scaffold frames) onto concrete and it STILL kept on tickin! Granted, the screen WAS cracked, but it didn't affect it at all. I'd just buy glass screen protectors from the dollar store, put a new one every week and bam, good to go... the screen was smooth as silk (although slightly cracked underneath) My phone has been soaking wet, submerged, kicked, stepped on, dropped in cement, full of brick and mortar dust EVERY DAY, slammed in my truck door...and it still functioned flawlessly!...UNTIL, a week ago. I was getting off of our small Forklift and it was sitting on my lap. I jumped out and it fell on a broken piece of cinder block and the very corner of the screen, hit the sharp corner of the block and sadly it broke the screen to where I can't use it! I can still SEE everything on my lock screen, but the touch sensor is messed up so I can't unlock it! Arrrrgh! I'm gonna order a new screen, put it on there and hopefully keep on rolling!! If anyone has done this before and has some LEGIT tips and/or tricks.....Pleeeeease let me know! I NEVER erase my texts and there's some VERY important and sentimental texts and pictures that I did NOT save to Google photos!😫 Anyways...I LOVE THIS PHONE!! It's a CHAMP and I wanna keep using it!! Welp....There's my story, folks. Any assistance would be much obliged!👍🏻🤞🏻🙏🏻
what happened with the lg smart world app store for themes
my mom has this phone amd has video calling but she's with metro. i didn't want to change to metro. please help.
i have a question cerket LG stly 2 Why can't mobile hotspot?
i went into store and notice. how do you add more screens. swipe to right and all i see is contact boxes, Rep didn't know how to do it.
Anybody know if you can buy a NFC-chipped battery cover from the Stylo 2 Plus and use it with this Stylo 2 to have NFC on this phone. Kind of can't wait til the Stylo 3 comes out and would like to use android pay instead of keeping my bank card with me.
will It Get Android 7.0 Nogut
how do you take the cursing Block off when talk texting
have they fixed the GPS navigation issue and they phone freezing up or rebooting during calls?
how good is the battery? does the volume sound good?
best free music mp3 app download?
Good review bro.. I just bought mine online yesterday, Gotta wait til next week to get it, But only paid 49.99!!! cause I bought it online and free activation, cant beat tht! plus 2 day free ship by ups, which sucks cause I bought on a friday on xmas weeknd,lol... Site claims if I bought before 3PMET it would ship same day, I bought at 1:30pm ET And they claim UPS got delayed or some crap.
I have a daughter who is autistic. she's not mute but she babbles. I'm glad ur doing what you can to support his super power. keep up the great work, God bless
My LG Stylo 2 doesn't have the LG smart world on it?
disculpa el lg stylo 2 es igual al lg stylus2? cual es la diferencia?
speaking spanish?
Can not root period
Out of the LG Stylo 2 vs Idol 4 vs ZTE Max 2 which one would you picc
How much is the lg stylo 2 now?
so this one doesn't have a fingerprint scanner like the one on metro pcs
How much is the phone
Have you reviewed other LG phones from Cricket?
Cicket Wireless LG
Hello....there wana activate on myCricket account n they are askin for my cricket number in which i ask the sales person he said that's was how the phone came no cricket simcard was in it...so how do i get the number n activate it now!!! Sorry for my spellings....
I have that phone
my phone wont let me hard reset any idea why this is?
i have the cricket version of stylo 2 will there b updates to andriod N on it...??? sorry for my english
im getting that phone in a couple of months
is it worth buying?? want to get it but need to know if is good?
country ass 😂😂
I love it
How much
Should I get the LG Stylo 2 or the Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime? Really indecisive, atm I have an HTC Desire 520 and I'm looking to upgrade.
I'm very unsatisfied with Cricket's customer service. My phone has malfunctioned since day 1, November 25th. The policy says 7 days to exchange. They say today, December 2nd, is day 8. That makes no sense....
hi it is dustin i'm going a lg styio 2 cricket phone for christmas
Does it have finger print scanner?
im switching to cricket and getting the lgstylo 2. I loved the firsr lg stylo that came out fron camera was amazing
how many gb does the cricket version have?
all lg stylo 2 ls 775 is phone > call setting not working it shows com.android.phone stopped has working you can do anything not solve the problem my phone is boost mobile not solved
*I recommend this latest hacker 👆he’s the best in the world right now*
I can imagine life without him he helped me fix my device am grateful for he’s help ✅ 🆙 🆙 👆
When I saw people recommending him ,I thought it was a joke not until i contact him and he unlocked my iPhone 👆👆
Yes. No ADs here. We all know that an Carrier Locked Galaxy is worthless. So, there are many unlocking services that claim they can remove Carrier Lock with paid service. I just tried a third-party tool called *MOE* , you can use it on a Windows or device. The operation on Windows is a little bit tricky, easy on S10 instead. But *MOE* Has more success rate that is high compared to those online unlocking services. Below is the successful removal of Carrier Lock By *MOE.*
How sad to own this phone
Use *MOE* When you purchase a carrier-locked iPhone, the Samsung receives an activation policy to this effect—only support SIMs from Carrier “Galaxy”. Any other SIM that’s inserted will give an error message In the United States today, typically only devices that are on device payment plans are locked by the carrier, to prevent the users from using them with another carrier before it’s been paid off. If you purchase a device and pay the full price, the device receives an activation policy telling it to work with any SIM-CARD.
Were to get the code to unlock it from
CAN EVERYONE PLEASE START THEIR VIDEOS WITH A DISCLAIMER STATING "MUST HAVE CRICKET SERVICE OR THIS WON'T WORK"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the 5th video I have been to where someone talks about unlocking a Cricket device but doesn't tell us upfront you need to have service. Some of us don't have Cricket and have no plans to get them!!! My phone broke and so my roommate gave me his old Cricket LG phone but I cannot use it with T-Mobile since it is locked and I refuse to get service with Cricket. This is useless for those of us without Cricket service! You are wasting our time and yours.
Is there a way to unlock a cricket phone that hasn't been active for six months. I bought my brother a cricket phone and paid for his first month of service.he died before his second month was due to be paid.so I never paid for his next month. What can I do to unlock the phone?
*Nobody does this better than him👆 he’s expert* 💯
7ethan_7 on IG once helped me recover mine without data lose He’s fast and legit and doesn’t charge much
LG Stylo 2 won't work on cricket network.
It doesn’t work dumb nut
*I love robertwilliam6008589@**gmail.com**,via hangout he’s the best in it*
LG Stylo 3 Unboxing is now on the channel: https://goo.gl/BCvrXa
My phone won't go beyond the LG logo when I turn it on. Need help?
I got the same
I had this my senior year of high school that my parents bought me. Now I've got my own s21 Ultra that I bought as an adult 😅
This phones gaming performance is trash!!
I had this phone in my senior year of high-school now I'm using a note 20 ultra. The nostalgia is real
I have it
Watching This On The Stylo 6
Curiosity leads you to a lot of places.
I used to have this phone in 2017
The funny thing Is I still have mine in 2020! It still works just fine.
Watching this with my LG Stylo 5 (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)
LG stylo 5 anyone
Is this different on stylus 2?
hows the speaker..i need loud phone
Is LG made in Japan?
Get the best deal for LG Stylo 2 replacement parts. All iPhone Parts and Accessories available in discount like LCD, Batteries, Universal Return Key, Front Camera, Rear Camera, Charging Port Flex, Tempered Glass, Bottom Screws set, Wifi Flex and Sim Trays. Here the link below https://parts4cells.com/collections/lg-stylo-2-ls775
I got this for free at the target recycling bin for printer ink and phones with pen and fully working
My mother who is 96 just bought one of these from a Verizon store. SMH. I am trying to find out how she can use this. Very frustrated at this phone as clerk was told keep it simple. Want to find out how to manage contacts, how to save pics, how to message. Your video was very comprehensive, but did not give me what I needed to help my mother use this phone. I was told this was the simplest and smallest one they make. sheesh. can you tell how frustrated I am with Verizon for selling her this?

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