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Buy LG Stylo 5 LMQ720 32GB Android Smartphone for T-Mobile online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.2 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: Silver, Brand: LG
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LG Stylo 5 LMQ720 32GB Android Smartphone for T-Mobile Features

  • Rear Camera: 16 MP, PDAF, Front Camera: 5 MP, Fingerprint (rear-mounted), Fast battery charging, 3500 mAh battery
  • Real Metal Frame & 2.5D Arc Glass, 6.2" FHD+ FullVision Display, Portrait Mode, High Speed Autofocus with PDAF, DTS: X Surround Sound, QLens
  • 2G bands: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 - 3G bands: HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100, 4G bands:LTE band 2(1900), 4(1700/2100), 5(850), 12(700), 14(700), 29(700), 30(2300), 66(1700/2100)
Display Size: 6.2 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: Silver, Brand: LG
The lowest LG Stylo 5 LMQ720 32GB Android Smartphone for T-Mobile Price in USA is $78.99 at Amazon.
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LG Stylo 5 Unboxing and first Look For metro By T-mobile
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Good features for a mid price range phone ! Face recognition, pen !
Do deleted apps in the "app 🗑" take space?
im glad my mom bought this phone
Plays a song at random on initial bootup
I have one I liked it just fine and dandy
I have that phone :o
Love my lg stylo 5 n love everything on it n just got over cases for it
All of them because I have one im using it right now. Heh
I wasn't sure about this phone at first but now, after about 3 days, I love it! Great phone...low priced and has all the features that I need. I got thr rose gold color and it's very pretty.
This is a disgusting phone. So many better options out there for the same price. Galaxy a50 moto g 7 power.
I just got mine.
I have the LG 5 and same with the LG 4.I like them both.
Great video but the facial recognition was also built into the stylo 4 so it's not exactly a new feature
Luckly I have this phone
Does thisphone have miracast/ screen sharing?
I just got this phone. I love it!. I am getting use to the big screen since the phone I had was small. I really like how I can just get the style out and make a quick note.
What is weird is that the back of the phone looked more white.
Just Bought This Phone Today In So Far I Love It Good Phone😍
What's the model number?
I have the boost mobile lg stylo 5, you only have 16gb of internal memory out 32gb with no options to move apps to sd card!
If you want to know what song we used the video, this the link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbYXIMFDoRg
David. Burley
Wow this LG Stylo 5 form metro manila cuz you when the LG Stylo 5 when can l like the LG Stylo 5 cuz you have shipping can work to Philippines can Metro Manila Think you i love LG Stylo 5 with FingerPrints what is storage in LG Stylo 5
i got the same phone i also have the A21 im thinking about going back to my stylo5 my A21 keys are starting to mess up
lg stylo 5 is the worst phone i have ever had lg stlo 4 is a great phone dont ever let the dumb metro workers talk you in to what they want you to by because they ge commission on your phones and tha hey sell. dropped lg stylo 5 1 time and i compleley broke it in one drop on the carpe stylo 4 lased me over 2 year's.never by a brand new phone because you will not be happy they make phones ha don't last so you have to keep buying their phones mero piece of shit . i used to like t mobile but hey are jus like he shady mero p c s company.
Soy la única que abla Español :v
lg stylo 5 by metro by t.mobile is available in silver gray
lg stylo 4 case does not work for lg stylo5 holes, buttons ,cutouts dont line up....believ me i have tried
had mine for about 3 weeks now not much difference from stylo4 other than different color and shape but overall i like it better than the stylo4!!!
I'm getting the daM stylo5✊
What is the song you have at the intro and ending?
Says you can use same case as one you use on the stylo 4....less then minute later says the stylus pen is on opposite side then on stylo 4 which would contradict his case statement. Research better before making videos...music and pulling out knife like you was gonna pull a flossy carter but didn’t is all cringe honestly man lol. And don’t even get me started on the million ads...
If switch to metro they give u free phones
So there is a difference than u idiot..and it has more than one different look to it as well.
just got the 5 from boost love it so far. i had the 4 and to me it looks better. 🤷🏽
I can't believe why they didn't add another Speaker sometimes when u using the phone u cover the only speaker and u block the sound is unbelievable how come a company full of ciense don't knowrest something like this
I bought this phone 3 weeks ago thru Sprint and it rocks. Their is no intellegent reason to buy a 700 or 1100 dollar cell phone. If this phone came with 64 or 128 gigs at the same price then it would be the best phone on the market today. The amount of gigs is the only negative thing about this phone. Yes its a little slow and just a sub standard camera but who cares, its still a bada** phone. So all you phone snobes have fun spending 700 to 1100 on a phone with a 20 to 30 dollar monthly payment because very few people really need that type of cell phone.
Buy Stylo 4 and 5 come out. Buy 5 and 6 will be relasing soon.Before you know it,you have LG Stylo 17 and have a draw filled with LG phones 😂😂
It's honestly better than the 4
I like your videos but i had to stop this video because there are to many commercials/ads.
Maaaan the lag of that stylus is HUUUGE 🤣🤣🤣
Can I scan qr codes with my camera?
Its a great phone i like I been having for a year and a half now really loud sound
Does it have it's own gallery pre-installed?
i used to have that phone but i upgraded to an iphone 13
Great Device 👍🏾
Thank You. Can we change resolution of display in settings?
3500mAH battery for 3 days maximum? Really. Its out of normality.
This thing obviously does not have as crisp a screen or near as fast processors in Android flagships and iphones, but the battery is a beast in this phone
Traded my iPhone 12 Pro for this. Awesome phone!
The funny thing is that he said the lg Stylo 5 won't get Android 10 but I end up getting it a day after he posted this video. But I guess it depends on the market you get it from
It's a great phone. Practical, perfect screen size and resolution. Great battery, and very affordable. It's fits great in the hand. I got one for 70 bucks. No cracks. Great deal
funny thing is this phone was faster then my s8 sometimes it stutters but not as much as the s8 :p
I just got the stylo 5 great phone
The Moto G Stylus is Much Better Phone.
Techformative: can you use the lg stylo 5 in 2020 me who is using a original lg stylo: *hmm interesting* also great content man you deserve more subs
NOTE : I made a mistake - Verizon and T-Mobile Stylo 5's and Stylo 5+ actually have the Android 10 update however, Boost Mobile/Sprint phones like mine still don't have it. If you can, get the Verizon or T-Mobile versions when searching online :) ..there maybe unofficial ways to update the Boost mobile version to 10 too, but I'm not sure of this...but like I said, updating may affect performance so keep that in mind.
How can I root this phone?
Still rockin this phone in Nov 2022, solid device
I have an iPhone and I just recently purchased this phone as a second phone. I had used the past model style 1, 2, and 3... So it was a no brainer to buy the stylo 5. and with the $15 per month service with MintMobile.
i also had the stylo 2v as my first phone! i currently use the moto g stylus 2021 (4g)
Mine is still on Android 9. 😕Last updated Sept. 2021. It keeps saying that everything is updated. Its been a year. It should be due one, shouldn't it?
Just got this phone. Hmmm not seeing why so many dont like it. It works great for me. Nice wide display and fast l.
I have a few smartphones, but my Stylo 5 is my favorite. Great device. Would love to see an Android 11 update for it, but it's fine just the way it is ☺️
Is the lg Stylo 5 getting android 11
Love the LG Stylo 5. Been using it since feb 2020. Wont give it up for anything! Using it till it no longer works. As of right now not one single issue with it after almost 2.5 yrs, works perfect. It suits my needs, I dont need one of those 1k phones with stuff I'll never use. Im even going to another carrier (tello) soon with it because Sprint/Tmobile says it will no longer work with them after June 30th.
Ive had the 4 for a while and the only reason I want a new one is the battery is shot. I just ordered a referbished 5 for 65 bucks from straight talk . I had to buy a month plan too sonit was 100 all together but thats fine. Im a lil worried buth are these referbs legit ???
I have one and the battery on this is crazy good
i am going to get one from Ebay next month
You can zoom with a STY5...I do it all the time....I still use mine for vids cuz the camera is actually really good.
Wow I wish I had that Stylo 5 then this Stylo 4 but I'm going to use the Stylo 4 as a backup phn but I am impressed how smooth is the music speed is... and that DHX sound.
How's Ur Service With StraightTalk So Far?
I Had All 6 LG Stylos...Such Splendid Memories Of Those Phones...I Had The LG STYLO 6 In May Of Last Year Just Before Upgrading To The MOTOROLA MOTO G POWER...
I agree, I use a note 10 plus right now, I traded my wife my s20 ultra for it. I wish I had a style 5 to carry along side it.
I loved my Stylo 5 and 6 I had sad there not making phones no more. Loved LG.
A man like your videos I am still using the LG Stylo 6 I wish you could blessed me with another one😂

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