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Buy LG Vortex VS660 Android Smartphone Black No Contract online at Amazon. Display Size: 3.2 inches, Memory: -, Color: Purple, Brand: LG
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  • This offer includes the following accessories 1. Battery 2. Battery Cover (if applicable) 3. Wall Charger
Display Size: 3.2 inches, Memory: -, Color: Purple, Brand: LG
The lowest LG Vortex VS660 Android Smartphone Black No Contract Price in USA is $160.61 at Amazon.
Buy LG Vortex VS660 Android Smartphone Black No Contract online at Amazon.
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LG Vortex VS660 Android Smartphone Black No Contract Reviews from YouTube

LG Vortex Review
LG Vortex Review
Why does nobody buy LG Smartphones?
LG Vortex Review Part 1
The only thing on the phone are the base apps which I can't delete :(
it sounds like you may have a lot of apps installed. If so that is using memory. The sd card can contain music and movies or files, but not apps.
Please help, I have had nothing but problems with this phone, the memory is always full. I have added a 8gb micro ds card, but it doesn't help. I have had the phone reset to company settings twice. I have downloaded nothing. Deleted cookies, history, searches, everything... And still it says my memory is full. I hate this phone. Memory full you can't text, you can't take pictures, you can't use the web... Honestly wtf
I really like it though
I'm gettin this phone
I honestly hate this phone :/
This phone sucks ass
I love this phone. Don't really consider it a budget phone since it has everything I need.
No it is a smartphone so you have to have a data plan
ha Baldswinville..I like it(;
Can u show me how the security system works? ya no, if you have a draw pattern lock, a password, email, or pin id.
I have it, it's poopy sometimes. :(
great review very clear i won't buy it even though it's free now and i thank you for letting me know
or ovoo
does it have tango too
Hello! I just ordered this phone! I will get it very soon!:D so excited! Please let me know if you like this phone!:)
Yes I.got it preapid 94.00$ amonth
@SuperCuddles99 yes, all android phones, iPhones and WP7 have some sort of auto correct.
@zollotech ohk!!! It means tht Mobile has JAVA!!! but over Net it sayd dat mobile dont have JAVA!!!! Plz let me kno if dis mobile (LG VORTEX) can run ebuddy and other Java supported apps !!! Thankz!
@zollotech ohk!!! it means tht Vortex has Java!!!! But when i saw specification of Vortex, it said NO JAVA Plz help me !!
Someone please tell me this guy was fired a long time ago, his reviews are boring and biased as hell, he also have a bad attitude toward pretty much everything. It is torturing to watch all his reviews.
i broke my iphone 5. im looking for a cheap replacement for about a 1 month use and im really considering this one.
yes if you but it from amazon
is it a wifi phone and no data plain needed
this is a low end phone, what do ppl expect? its worth the price definitely. pretty much, you get what you pay for. I had it for over a year on verizon. it was definitely a good first andriod / lg phone for me.
So yeah this phone sucks
This phone is good when you first get it but when 2 months later it starts crashing and startes to piss you off
I have a vortex nd it works perfectly and works great
This phone sucks major ass.. getting the Galaxy s3.
DONT BUY IT getting Samsung S3
I hate this phone it sucks its version 2.2.2 I can't download most games and it just plain sucks. I'm so glad im getting the Samsung galaxy Nexus. F*** this phone!
28danimal@ fuck you its a good phone
I have and hate this phone!! It does not download anything. :(
I just ordered this phone I'm exited!!!!!!! :D
The vortex sucks major dick. I thought it was cool at first then it became a leggy piece of shit. The battery life sucks the whole phone in general blows . I upgraded to the iPhone 4s and couldn't be happier.
I'm getting this(;
I love mine, it's rooted and runs faster then most high end smartphone when overclocked
@4everxXxdancer yes you do
yes its a smartphone and u need the internet plan
is this a smart phone or a basic phone?
Really trying to pay attention to camerawork (and the music choice!) in my more recent videos - what do you think? 🤔 To see my top Tech Fails of the decade: https://youtu.be/QMWlRWnAZH8
I have LG PC
I had an LG Chocolate back in 2007.
LG phones looks boring
LG has the right time to comeback. The engineers and researchers should be able to blow competition next year
I had an LG flip phone. I accidentally put it in the washing machine because it was in my pants pocket. That is the only thing I remember about it so even that didn't leave an impression.
I didn't realise LG was still making phones.
Totally agree, V-series was AMAZEBALLS though, so much potential wasted … 😳😳😳
I had a LG g8 thinq and I like it more than my new phone which is a Samsung.
Currently Using LG Wing
I used to love LG phones. Though I do not go for latest generation phones. I go for previous generation with the highest specs available. For years, LG was my go to. I would never buy an Apple (too proprietary and bougie). Had one Samsung and never again.
the reason why i clicked on the video is because it said lifes not good and it was relatable
Me thinking LG stands for Logic
Good German 😅
6:00 ja, das ist echt nicht gut. LG was so cool back in the days. I remember having the LG G6 with a fingerprint scanner on the back…
My first higher end smartphone was a G4, after a few years i bought a new generation phone from LG that i still use. -sent from LG G6
I remember wanting to buy an LG phone, but my country tends to inflate the prices on less popular brends, and then I saw the difference between my local stores and global ones I decided it was not worth a shot.
I'm going to wait for Elon's space x Tesla phone, it will destroy Samsung and IPhone.
LG did not have a better battery. I had a couple and i did have the flag ship models. They did not even begin to compare to the battery in my A5 2017, S9 or S20+
To me android is horrible. I like the quality if IOS
Holy sh** this brings me back. I'm so glad I kept mine. So much sentimental value.
Crazy to think back in 2010 that a big screen phone was 4 inches!! Crazy how far phones have come!! I accidentally clicked on this September 19 2018
this was my first smartphone lol
That phone made me hate android
had this phone 2 years because of this video and now i hate it. im usong ot to type on and it aint spslling everything i want the screen is small and the processor is lagging i hate it and am glad im upgrading ro the lg spectrum 2
can it screen shot
I was just about to say every single word you said c: Thanks for saving me a few minutes :D
Hey guys I've had this phone for 2 years now. My advice: Don't get it. I never dropped it and took good care of it. There is barely any space, I have a couple of apps installed and it's filled. The phone runs extremely slow for me and it's IMPOSSIBLE to load a simple 2 minute YouTube video. Getting Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Saturday :)
I have this phone , and it sucks . It is so slow .
Dont get an iPhone, or least dont listen to what people say about them, they are terrible compared to new Android phones.
PHONE AFTER A YEAR AND A HALF! 1. still has shitty memory 2. the rubberized back gets scratched easily 3. the buttons at the bottom turn black and the paint scratches off 4. still has shitty battery life 5. I WANT AN IPHONE OR AN UPGRADE!!!
this phone is NOT for people who like to take pics or have lots of apps..THE MEMORY FUCKING SUCK ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yea dude i totally agree. i have thisphone right now. i kinda like to have apps and games and such but i'm happy with having tons of music and a couple of apps. its not a full on droid worthy kind of phone but its pretty good for simplicity
Going to change this phone in a few weeks. I wouldn't recommend it if you take a lot of pictures or want to put music into it, since the memory is too low and quality as well. Although, it is simple if you're a first time smartphone user (it's my first smartphone. I learnt it in a day or two) it's pretty laggy, freezes sometimes and the size isn't really my cup of tea.
I had this phone for about 6 most and it was pretty good. Browsing speed was laggy but it was good and if u like simple and sophisticated. This is ur phone
I thought the vortex was cool and then I got the iPhone 4s don't waiste your money the vortex is garbage compared to a real droid or iPhone.
what the heck is swype????
@babytreey lol srry but u mite have just broken it or something I have this phone n it does none of that stuff
PSA CYANOGEN MOD 7 IS OUT FOR VORTEX!!! GO TO youtube. com/ jacobstechhelp 1 (no spaces)

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