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Buy Microsoft Surface Duo for Business Unlocked 128GB (USQ-00001) online at Amazon. Display Size: 8.1 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: -, Brand: Microsoft
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Microsoft Surface Duo for Business Unlocked 128GB (USQ-00001) Features

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform / Unlocked device: AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless compatible / 128GB UFS 3.0 of internal storage / 6GB DRAM
  • Dual screen Form Factor / Dual PixelSense Fusion Displays open: 8.1-inch AMOLED (2700x1800) / Single PixelSense Display: 5.6-inch AMOLED (1800x1350) / Corning Gorilla Glass Display / 360-degree hinge enables multiple angles and postures / Full Duplex communication for voice calls in hands-free mode
  • 11MP Adaptive camera / 4K video recording at 30 fps and 60 fps / WiFi-5 802.11ac and Bluetooth 5.0 / Gyro-based digital video stabilization / Dual Accelerometer / Dual Gyroscope / Dual Magnetometer / Dual Ambient Light Sensor / Proximity Sensor / Hall Sensor / Fingerprint Sensor
  • 1 USB-C 3.1 Connection / 1 eSIM and 1 Nano SIM slot
  • Rechargeable battery pack / 18W power supply / Android 10 Operating System / Color: Glacier
Display Size: 8.1 inches, Memory: 128 GB, Color: -, Brand: Microsoft
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Microsoft Surface Duo for Business Unlocked 128GB (USQ-00001) Reviews from YouTube

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Now you can install windows on it
Does the new android update last month help with any of the issues on the first generation models?
I just got a brand new one for $250 on amazon. I think thats a steal for this level of tech.
You should revisit this since all of the updates have improved the device tremendously
I don't get why anyone would want a 9" screen that is terrible for watching video because of a wide bezel down the center. It's just a heavy and complicated phone at that point. I guess that's why you can buy them for bargain basement prices now.
Marcus was hatin lol
No lie, will be waiting for the Duo 2’s more compatibility on the improvised native Windows 10/11 experience by a separate developer and maybe more marked-down prices and might be buying one in the future. Edit: spoke too soon, as I purchase a duo device already :p
I got a good laugh at this MS Duo’s camera part haha !!
It Is worth it at the end of 2022 for 300?$( Amazon )
Would be great if you can review this phone again as it has improved a lot
it is so beautyfull ! O_O
At this point, I'm convinced Microsoft has a hinge team that they're paying like 80% of their budgets to, with the last 20% being paid to executives and their experience teams going broke.
What's you favorite phone now?
I want something I can do everything I need when I am on road. I do not have to take laptops etc.. Its hard to see on small phones .
That thing is huge! No way that will fit in my pocket.
making calls demo
I just bought one on eBay. Tired of trying to multitask on my pixel 5. 2 screens. Yes please.
So while no one would really recommend this phone because of its price Now it's 2022 and you can buy them brand new for $350. Would anyone recommend this phone now at this much much lower price?
I bought the 1 a week ago for 350 brand new. And wasn't shocked to find out it was way better then reviewed. Go figure
See the Surface Duo 2 at Microsoft: *CNET may get a commission from this offer.
BRAND cellphone for sale. $100 /PC you can get it at my warehouse in sacramento. Or by UPS or Fedex, express fees not included. You can compare price it at amazon. Buy it you will get great suprise.
Z Fold 4 smokes this phone all day.
The 10ds
got first generation very reliable love it pros and cons on operating 11 sadly but cheap to buy boxed like brand new second hand cex unlike surface duo 2 shockly not cheap if y can find one not easy here in Britain sadly much underrated 😢.
So it's called a phone but does it actually have a phone? I have yet to see any review in which a phone function is used. .
There was a surface duo 2?
Does this phone have compatibility with Whatsapp and especially Wechat? I combatant communicate with Chinese biz acquaintances. How about Express VPN?
Just wondering as several months have gone by, if anyone who currently has the Surface Duo 2 would like to share their overall user experience and how it is now? I heard that after a bunch of software updates that the device is running better and it's not as buggy as it was at launch. I am really interested in this as being my backup phone(I currently have a Fold 3 as my main device) and love new technology as I am kind of bored with traditional slab phones. Also the Duo 2 has fallen to about $900-$1000 on EBay so I am getting very tempted to get it. 📱📱🤳🤳❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Am i the only person out there who understands that like 90% of current phones are just as large as the folded duo 2 form factor? Like seriously i know one person who has a small phone and he is thinking to upgrade to a larger one.
I don't get the hate. It's a great device, I'm waiting for a price drop and I'm getting it. 😉
Great product, love it.
Its an awesome phone, dont care what you all say.
How the 2 screens are separated down the middle kind of unprofessional if you ask me
Is it rain or water resistant?
I still think they need a Microsoft Windows version. I don't want android apps and that in everything.
Cool purple hair… let me guess you’re outraged by everything?
Can you watch Netflix on one screen and on Facebook on the other at the same time?
I'd buy it if it weren't for the camera bump, the thing I loved about the original is that you could use it as a normal phone by folding it back on itself.
This device is missjudged a bit. Its not meant to be one big screen. Its more like a multitask device. I can see twice the working space quite usefull.
For me its a loss of time In 2022 , a device on which you need to open to check notifications?? NO NO
Why does this even need a camera? This isn't going to be anyone's primary device, people using it are going to have their phones close by.
$300 now
This is a device for remote workers... That have to use Microsoft... As an investment professional that travels a lot I can see the value... You can register it with your employer... Microsoft is seen as more secure than Google by corporations... I got no problem with it... It's not for gamers and the masses... Putting the camera on the inside is better for Teams meetings.. you can't hold Teams meeting with the camera on the back side... I think you should review this from a different angle... Keep up the good reviews!
Would love to see a re-review of this device.
Just cut off one screen an make it a Microsoft Passport 🤷‍♂️ Shout out Blackberry Passport 😏
Why doesn't Marques review surface laptops?
seamless screen, cameras not sticking out, bigger battery life, sd slot!
I have a love/hate relationship with my phone. Having had the phone for two weeks there are times it’s infuriated me (namely when I’m watching YouTube on my Chromecast in the kitchen and want to change channels, having to keep ‘opening’ the phone drives you mad (a exterior screen would be welcomed here) but then at the same time I’m bombarded with notifications through the day, having a device which literally ‘shuts’ them out is bliss! Also the multitasking in genius and having moved back to iPhone for a couple of days there’s times I now scream at it (as doing two things simultaneously is impossible) and there are times this is REALLY useful.
Someday I will buy one Surface Duo 2. In opposite your thoughts, I think it's an amazing phone.
with its design of the microsoft surface duos 2, They can embed the camera system since its the other parts are very small so that It can be more futuristic
Fantastic 2nd phone or work phone . I love mine , its primary use has been using elgato obs software and watching the twitch chat .
I swear Microsoft always has a great idea but can never implement it correctly. The duo 2 should have been the greatest folding phone on the market to date
I was a little excited. But I think I'll stick with Samsung S20 whatever.
I bought one and couldn't keep it due to the absurd form factor especially as a phone. Just trying to set up fingerprints is so annoying I wanted to stomp the device into hundreds of pieces. Holding a misshapen tablet up to your ear to make and take a call was idiotic and it was hard to hear during calls just as it was impossible to know where to place the weird boxy tablet on your ear. The software is still buggy and often has no idea if it should be landscape or not and it often had trouble changing formats. But I loved having 2 screens and if they put a 3rd outside screen it might just be amazing...but it needs to be affordable too. Probably won't happen. Too bad actually as the potential is quite amazing.
Sorry for being too straightforward, but it's a big fail for Microsoft, both the first and the second models. Microsoft can't sell this when Samsung, Xiaomi, and Vivo manufacture excellent foldables which are beautiful, powerful, and practical.
You cannot expect a iPhone out of it. I think this would work much better from a office point of view
I don't like your opinion about this....
I do think microsoft should make this product not like smartphone oriented, should be closer to a ipad mini alternative with foldable display and also phone function. If windows system comes with it and support stylus, should be more fun.
Finally a review that tells me what I want to know especially as an ebook reader! So thank you, just bought for a side piece of tech, mostly ebook n portable tablet use. Price has dropped significantly so I'm impressed, not too bothered by spec's im not hacking the Bank of England! Just wanna use something that is versatile and allows me access to kindle, Web, and a few apps. Great content!
I'm thinking about getting this one to use it as a second monitor (and of course, as a phone) while on workcations.
great review, ty!
if buggy. just change a few any computer or phonenlol
Just bought one minutes ago for $300 mint condition to test if I like it. If I end up liking it I will give it to my mother when I pay off my S21 Ultra and consider moving to a foldable phone.
"Don't get this as your primary device." It's got to be better than my 7 year old Droid Maxx.
It's great I love it
3:22 he saved himself from getting demonitized
Duo 2 literally came out the same day the video did, lol
I enjoyed your video. Blessings on your day.
I'm buying the duo 2 for $400 next month when they have fire sales
Hey Greggles love your videos but what's the purpose of making this video if you had the phone already and returned it...its the same phone you had before..its got a good design but crappy software like you said
Dude great video. The surface duo to me has always been one of those "as seen on tv" phones, it fits in the same basket as the LG Wing for me. Like I'd never ever get one as my daily but if I could get one for a few hundred bucks to play with I'd probably check one out. Solid review though
Question are u ditching the fold 3 for the surface duo?
This was best phone I ever one of those guys that isn't all that impressed with Specs, The Experience of a device trumps ALL. Big Numbers dont mean Shit to me....This phone embodies that idea. The Wide vibrant screens are something you won't get any where else and NOW for the price...This is a STEAL !!!
I think most people missed the target demographic of this device. This was never intended to compete with traditional smartphones, even though most reviewers did just that. This was supposed to be your on the go mobile pc that just so happens to take calls. Where I feel Microsoft dropped the ball was on the software. I understand where they were going with it but it just wasn't ready and to this day is still isn't. I think that this would've done better with a mobile version of Win11 given all the improvements for touch devices and the upcoming Android app compatibility. I feel like they played it safe by going with Android and trying to make it do something it wasn't made for (Just look at Samsung and how long they have been trying to make Android do un-Android things). If they had just waited another year until Win11 was out, they could've really made this a true Surface device as opposed to being an Android Surface branded device. (Edited for typos)
It's a great device not buggie anymore!
I knew that was gonna be a trash when they released it with a price similar to the Galaxy fold but with none of the specs to even come close.
I want this phone but it's still expensive 🤦🏾‍♂️

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