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Buy Mini Smartphone iTiny 12 Pro Max online at Amazon. Display Size: 3 inches, Memory: 32.0 GB, Color: -, Brand: Generic
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  • SUPER COOL MiNi SMART PHONE With a Little Micro Touchscreen and an iPhone Look alike Design. Use it like any other Android mobile, You Can Browse the Internet anywhere and use Google Play Store to Download apps at the Palm of your Hand.
  • THIS PHONE IS UNLOCKED it will be compatible with all 2G GSM or 3G CDMA WCDMA or 4G LTE FDD TDD networks in US. This may include Sprint, T-mobile, C Spire and more. Check Your Network Compatibility.
  • YOU WILL BE AMAZED with this TINY DEVICE, MANY FEATURES! With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and SIM Connectivity The little Smart Phone supports Voice Calling, Video Calls, Camera, Sound Record, Email, MP3 Playback, GPRS, FM Radio, Touchscreen, GPS Navigation, Message, SMS, MMS, Video Player, Memory Card Slots,Internet Browser. Use The GOOGLE PLAY STORE & Download your Favorite Apps: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Whatsapp, Chrome, Waze, Instagram and many more...
  • FAST STRONG AND DURABLE With MTK Quad CPU, 3GB Of RAM, 32GB of Storage. Strong durable body With a Great Small iPhone 12 pro Max Design. USE IT LIKE ANY OTHER ANDROID SMARTPHONE !!! Download your Apps via The Google Play Store. Smart & Small. CONNECTING ANYWHERE GLOBAL UNLOCKED 2G, 3G , 4G LTE with Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS Navigation You can Connect anywhere. Enjoy a Simple life With a Small portable SmartPhone. Please Check Your Network Band.
  • BEST BACKUP PHONE, POCKET SMARTPHONE. Dual Camera: front , Rear Back + Ai Beautify, Infrared Face Recognition to Unlock, Dual Sim dual standby, Improved 2100mAh long using fast Charging Battery. A good backup phone when you on traveling. Awesome Gift! Great for Kids. Children Just Love It!!! MINI CUTE PHONE. Super small just like a Bank Card. Micro Size Touch Screen. Mini iPhone 12 Look's and Feeling!
Display Size: 3 inches, Memory: 32.0 GB, Color: -, Brand: Generic
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RIP my smartphone
Cute Baby 🍼👌💞
Awesome 👌
mid phone
It’s Android maker Smartphones by apple😂.
i have this and the game doesn't lag much it plays pretty well
Perfect for my kid
Sir I want this phone please send the link of this product in online
Hopefully the seller gives me a refund for black & 2nd seller accepts my bid for white. Black 1. Easy to lose 2. Front & back look too similar 3. Looks invisible in hand when trying to flex in public 4. Doesn't replicate iPhone like white
It will. I'm using it now. Admittedly the internet stopped on me but I anticipate figuring it out you know the way apn's go. But even at its worst I make phone calls and get calls without a problem. I recommend downloading z launcher so you can use finger to spell on screen where you want to navigate this never needing tiny keyboard & turning this into a daily driver. I am not much of a gamer but doodle bowling works wonderfully. I'm on T-Mobile. If you are an audio learner, I say all of this on my YouTube page.
Is this bluetooth capable ?
I saw it on tik tok today
هل يوجد هذا الشيء في البلاد العربيه ؟
As a little back up phone to make calls it's just rite. Testing that everything seems to be working . Slow. But it's to be expected. At least you have Android and Google to get some apps and email unlike others that don't have Android or playtore. That's legitimate. It's a spy phone tech awesome thanks for the review even you tube! Hehe
I'm getting one for Christmas and I've never had a phone before I'm only ten.
nice, but i does wonder why some of these new phones wil come wit only android 6
How do I use mobile data
These are being snuck into prisons by way of sticking up the but
Good video. I need all the music names please.
That's the point - Portability with maximum features!
For the prices of these, might as well get a expensive normal sized phone lol. Paying more for less material is not logical.
My ideal Smart phone has text with a swipable keyboard and a phone. That’s it.
Title: smallest *android* smartphones in 2022 Thumbnail: shows iphone Edit: i'm sorry it wasn't an iphone the rear cams just look like iphone cams
ينفع ينباع في مصر
Like a Secret Commotion Going on is there a Secret Way i can Know how life will become(if my decision about Moment) about Gadget Lifestyle, to be Normal Again Kind of Life - going out, etc. Mr lau?
I bought Cubot pocket
Kuwait hau much
I know it sounds silly but the fact that it’s smaller really does help keep me off of social media so much
these are great until you hit the age of 40, & God hands your reading glasses.
Price bataya kro bhai and link diya kro
69 commets oct 2022
I need one:)(:for fun maybe for my toys...
Moja chiaa
Please tell me the price of this phone
For a retro device I would say Samsung z1, Samsung young/youngTV, Samsung champ/hello kitty, Sony Ericsson x10 mini, symphony ft04/ft10 (Bangladesh), etc
Brother bsngladesh comeing up
2000 mah might give you 2-4 hours of battery before it dies if your using it regularly, a typical phone will give you about 4000 to 5000 mah
My new REBEL GEN-4 iPhone 14 cases are out! Thank you for supporting 💪
Hahaha so funny I was ashamed of myself for even laughing 😃
Where can I get the clones?
Iphone is the copy of iphone 14 guys are good at prediction 🤣🤣
This dude ☝️ perfectly unlocked my iOS device he's really a genius
I GOT MINE HERE ⬆️⬆️⬆️ I can't afford the original so I go for the fake. through that top page name and it's was ship to my doorstep
I GOT MINE HERE ⬆️⬆️⬆️ I can't afford the original so I go for the fake. through that top page name and it's was ship to my doorstep
You should make sure the device is carrier unlocked before you buy it An unlocked US iPhone 13 Pro Max can accept a SIM from competing CDMA and GSM carriers. Since the iPhone uses Qualcomm's GOBI GPRS radio, as long as the handset isn't carrier locked give it to *Timcoding* he is capable it can choose which infrastructure to register on
Can i have the fake iphone? 😅
Where can I buy the clone iphone?
so this was the inspiration for 13 pro
The bootleg iPhone 12 has an iPhone 13 sensor
That iphone 13 look pretty fresh right there
Online ma
Mare jove sar
This is the real fake, not fake fake
Imagine it costed something like $400 and had a high end chip. Would be awesome!! (and illegal..).
For starters even a year ago the 12 promax wasn’t that high you’re full of shit there I only paid $1100 for my 12 promax last year when it came out where the hell are you guys getting $1500 from him and nobody wants a knock off Chinese android phone that looks like an iPhone him as well. Just buy a shitty Samsung
How do I get a clone for my kids 🤣 I'm not buying a high ass phone to be broken lol

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