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Buy Moto G fast | 2020 | Unlocked | Made for US by Motorola | 3/32GB | 16MP Camera | White online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.4 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: White, Brand: Motorola
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Moto G fast | 2020 | Unlocked | Made for US by Motorola | 3/32GB | 16MP Camera | White Features

  • Carrier compatibility: AT&T: VoLTE, Verizon: VoLTE, T Mobile: VoLTE, WiFi Calling, Video Calling, Tracfone: GSM, CDMA. Does not Support: Boost, U.S. Cellular, Xfinity Wireless, Spectrum, Optimum Mobile. For all carrier compatibility details - please check the product images in detail.Form_factor : Slate
  • Blazing fast performance. Experience instant response to every tap, touch, and swipe with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 and 3GB RAM.
  • 16MP triple camera system. Capture the perfect shot in any situation with a Macro Vision camera for detailed closeups and an ultra-wide lens that fits 4x more in the frame.Bluetooth 5.0
  • 2 day battery. Get plenty of power for today and tomorrow with a 4000 mAh battery.
  • 6.4" Max Vision HD, display. Bring your favorite photos, movies, shows, and games to life on an ultra-wide display.
  • Water-repellent. Never let spills or splashes get in the way of using your phone.
  • Exclusive Moto Experiences. Unique features that make your smartphone easier to use.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Ready: Moto G Stylus offers Wi-fi hotspot connectivity in 2.4 GHz , 5 GHz for the best experience.
  • Operating System: Android 10
  • In-box: Charger, USB Cable, Guides, SIM tool
Display Size: 6.4 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: White, Brand: Motorola
The lowest Moto G fast | 2020 | Unlocked | Made for US by Motorola | 3/32GB | 16MP Camera | White Price in USA is $139.99 at Amazon.
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Moto G fast | 2020 | Unlocked | Made for US by Motorola | 3/32GB | 16MP Camera | White Reviews from YouTube

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Does this have hotspot
great phone - i didn't know it wasn't "water resistant" so I'd literally dunked it in water many times, it still runs perfectly. Also it's great when dropped because of the wide edges
I got this phone for 20 bucks brand new when it first came out. Boost mobile allows you to get a huge discount or nearly free phone every 4 months
please take this phone around the block like a car to see what it does or what it doesn't do then report on it. Basically it's a waste of time with no real instructions to guide you..
Hello I just got this phone 4 weeks ago and it's becoming a catastrophe. There's no instructions anywhere to learn how to use the multi- features of this phone if someone can help me you'd be blessed by God and me. This phone has its own mind I can't do simple operations with making Texts or doing emails simple things like that. I can't even hear the sound notification for incoming texts. I've missed so many important texts and a timely manner.. if somebody can please guide me maybe a community form where people can talk. They helpline number for Motorola the instructions by the representative get so confusing for us nontechnical mortals. I'll tell you more about this phone would be great if there were instructions to the damn thing real instruction thank you
What a great review!
Idk why people keep saying 2 hour charges is long _It's not_
I have this phone and I hate it. It's the worst phone I have ever had. They told me it was hearing aid capable. It is. But NOT for Canada. I live and bought it in Canada. Now I can't send pictures from gallery to messenger. We have tried over and over again to fix it but to no avail. I have had it for 9 m onths and when my contract is done so is this horrible mistake of a phone.
Just got this as back up, but have to tell you, it operates, looks and feels very premium, very nice phone for budget
What about for gaming like Roblox? Will it mess up or even play it?
This guy is nuts. 3GB is more than enough memory. Anyone using their phone for gaming needs a shift in hobbies.
after using samsung galaxy fo years, I recently decided to get a razr 2 but then I should get something cheaper and see how it works for me.. so i decided to buy this today from moto website. spending money on technology is not my cuppa tea. this review helped a lot thank ytou
Considering getting this. My carrier is offering it for $1/month for 24 months lol (Rogers in Canada) I just would rather get a phone that had 5G capabilities for the long-term investment. But damn, it’s practically free.
Can this play fortnite
one question that cell phone can run tft mobile?
I just bought this phone. And I'm having a major problem with it. I bought this to mainly use it with my in home wifi. Because of this, I did not activate boost mobile on it. But The problem is my home wifi keeps dropping on it. When I first got it, it worked for a couple of hours, then wouldn't connect. I tried everything. Turning the phone off and on, resetting my router, telling my phone to forget my network, then putting my password back in. Nothing worked. Finally I did a factory reset on the phone. This worked. It lasted for one day. Now it's doing the same thing again. Won't connect to my in home wifi. I don't understand. Is it doing this because I won't activate boost mobile? So it won't let me use my wifi either? I don't know what else to do outside of getting a new phone. Can anyone help?
sike poco m3 is out AND IT'S OUT FOR BLOOD ( ◉ɷ◉ )
It needs NFC
This phone is really good for me bc I'm a heavy phone gamer and it's very different and advanced
I just go this phone let me tell you I went from the LGK51 TO the Moto G Fast. And it runs smooth and I can play call of duty and xbox cloud without any issues the battery life is great no laga at all I would recommend this phone to any one especially if you are in a budget it feels like a expensive phone 10/10 would recommend
Ive dropped this phone numerous times over 100 on concrete and rocks. Screen has no protection, still not broke. You can add an SD card, this is a great phone.
Basically the moto G8 rebranded, which I've had for years
I just bought another one. My USB charger gave out, and my phone wasn't working at all at some point. It has started working again, but I had already bought a second one. I like the SD card slot I like the headphone jack, and the $10 case that I bought from nagebee leather backing looks great on it. I sent back a brand new Samsung S8 just to get this model back in my hands. I do wish that it had two speakers instead of one, but it's not a big deal. I also have a great Bluetooth speaker from vanzon which is waterproof and plays music directly from an SD card also. That does matter when I need more sound, but my mono speaker does sound pretty good by itself.
Had the phone for 18-19 months and still works every way intended. Is some slow down/ quicker battery drainage but for the amount of abuse I put through my phone's I use this thing almost all day every day the fact it still works so good says a lot. Fourth Motorola I've owned and the quality control is always superior.
This Model & The Moto G Power (2020) are nice phones with a nice camera layout on the backside. I would def recommend for Gaming/Multitasking!
I've had this phone for a year and a half and honestly it's one of my least favorite I've had, I like simpler cheaper phones for sure but this one degraded so fast, it no longer accepts a sim card so there's no storage at all, I don't get notifications anymore, it often freezes for no reason and doesn't stay charged at all, I haven't put it through anything crazy, I use it a normal amount usually for YouTube or reading, and I'm super disappointed in how long it lasted and what I got, honestly if you want one that'll last long I do not recommend
This is the most stupid phone evere made by Motorola Is fucking me up because of the storage size
I like this phone..I had mine since it came sturdy
l got this in Oct. 2021 is not worth it..I want a phone to be a phone with simple texting features. This thing needs real instructions. wasted so much time with the lack of touch sensitivity on the sceen So frustrating it actually slows down the phone. This phone needs real instructions and not that comic book you get in the box. Please be critical on this phone after one year of use what is your real assessment of it please thank you
I wonder after over a year of use it's now 2022. What is your review after using this semi- catastrophy of a phone? Got my phone in October still don't know how to use the camera. Just too many options with no instructions to guide you where do you get instructions to this Motorola slow g why would I call it 'fast'? g my K7 and Astro 3 "LG" phones were a little faster Could somebody tell me what is an "NFC" ?? Please don't give us fancy terms and letters tell us what these attributes actually do for us who use the phone. Had this phone since October '21. gets more and more frustrating to use it especially with no instructions..yes yes its very nice large screen with vivid colors. After a year with this phone what is your review on for example the touch feature on this model? . Even on a clean screen the touch sensitivity is so frustrating makes you want to throw the phone across the room.. I touched the screen 3-4-5 times to get to the next😫 anybody else have the same problem? It's sensitivity it's pretty bad. Before this phone l had the K7 and the Astro 3 "LG" phones were very simpler to use without the instructions. These LG phones already came with a gallery/folders that was easy to use. This phone doesn't have such a feature and you got to rely on Play store define this feature. Which I still don't know which to pick don't look like garbage after reading reviews. What gallery folder do you folks out here have chose can you direct me please? Also The voice to text was very good at the start but after a while my voice produced strange words popping when you speak very clear English. Is there's no way you could adjust the keyboard screen size so it'll be easy for you to type.? LG phones have that feature. Wondering why would Motorola deteriorate after having it since October? Where are the instructions on how to use this camera. Does anyone else have any critiques on this phone it's very nice the size is great but what it does not do is so frustrating. Thanks again for your review but please give us an update.
The camera sucks. The pictures and videos you receive from other people look fuzzy and blurry. The battery doesn't stay charged like a lot of the reviews claimed. I'm disappointed in this phone and mad I switched over from the LG Stylus 6. The phone feels like a toy. The only thing good about this phone is the storage.
Your review is the best I have seen on this phone. My Pixel 3 XL suddenly stopped working and I needed a budget phone to use and wait for the black Friday sales. Yeah, I got this one and LOVE it. Only thing I did not take into consideration was that it does not have NFC a feature that I definitely need for a medical device. I am not falling for the PIxel phone hype this sale season. My brother advised a OnePlus 9. Thanks Kevin, good job.
A piece of junk - seriously. Worked great for about 10 months. Then, screen began freezing onstantly. I mean, dozens of times a day. Yup, I did reset. Often goes into no text notification mode for no reason. The problems go on and on and on. I was fooled into thinking this was a great phone...learned a leason.
Thank you so much for getting to the point and not asking us to subscribe before we've seen the video.
Well it hasn't gone down under $100.00 but for the price I think it will be good. It was pretty much the lowest price phone I could find, and my Samsung Galaxy is dying right now. I have hated my Samsung Galaxy since day 1 and I won't miss that shit phone! I was not happy at all! This was a cheap phone that I could pay cash for right now, and be done with it. I may upgrade in 6 months, but for now it should do me good!
How many times can this guy say chwennychwenny
Just want to say I greatly appreciate this video. I have an 82-year old mom whose Moto G4 is dying and simply requires a simple phone to replacement. I have seen a new Moto G fast for $70 on Facebook Marketplace and will probably purchase it now. Once again thanks oh, you have a friend in Columbus Ohio!
Hey Kevin, thanks for the video. I was given A Moto g fast by my employer to use for work. I am ready to buy my own though. The Moto g fast was everything i needed. I was wondering if you can tell me the closest matching Motorola phone to the Moto G fast for similar cost since I am guessing the store won't have any new g fasts. Going phone shopping real soon. Thank you.
This phone got the Android 11 update already. For anyone who has It and hasn't updated It yet. Go to settings, system, and update. It takes a bit but worth It. I upgraded to the S20 FE but had issues with the delivery and someone else got my phone and brought It to me fully opened and I am getting a new one.
My son just bought me a Motorola g fast. I looked at your review and it's quite excellent. I hoping to receive it soon. I love the the features and all and I haven't received it as yet.
1 yr ago, I chanced buying this phone..pd 120$... Barely use 1/2 the cool functions on here...I broke the phone trying to put a SD card in, no tool was included. It got stuck somewhere in there and I couldn't get it out. I had insurance, so pd $25 and got another new one...but never returned the broken one so I was then charged the remainder needed. I love Motorola...but the phones from 2010 were better. No voice recorder..omg...even my old ass ones had that. Could use more storage...and easier way to insert SD card.
This is my phone still in december of 2021
is it unlocked?
I give you a 5/5 🌟 s Kevin being a senior citizen I don't have a lot of knowledge about these devices I've watched your videos on youtube the way you present everything very concise and knowledgeable and easy to understand these videos have helped me in my purchasing a device I did get the Moto g fast in 2020 and am upgrading to the Moto g power 2021 after watching your reviews keep up the good work Kevin much appreciated.
Can the g fast be used outside in Latin America and Europe?
Ok so basically a baby version of the Moto G Stylus, Gotcha
How do you remove unused and unwanted apps~? And how do you remove icons from the home screen~!
Had my Gfast almost a year Love it!
very in depth. Thank you, I will be picking up one of these for myself! :))
Yes I’m expecting mine in the mail this week excited to get my moto go fast
I love this phone but I have one problem my light flickers when it's on someone tell me how to fix it
I own a Samsung but we android users gotta stick together
Very very nice low budget phone that feels and look very premium, display and camera is fine also, and takes great shots. Motorola did a good job with this one
Also I can only take about 30 seconds worth of video or it won't send? I don't understand how to fix this! Please help me 😎
Why is my Moto g phone just recently pixelating when I take a video and kind of blurry at the same time? Also when I try to take a picture I hit the button and it doesn't do anything until I turn it off and turn it back on again and then it goes to x1 again and I can take a picture. I don't understand what x9 or any of the other stuff means. Can you help me figure out what's going on with my camera on my Moto g please? Thank you
I love my motorola gfast and I'm also falling in love with motorola in general just the logo and brand esthetic the phone has amazing speakers from my use even though it's only 720p I have no complaints at all amazing battery life in my opinion charges very fast for only being 10w the phone feels like a premium handset the cameras from experience is great and the user experience is amazing simple to use when you get the hang of it I don't regret my purchase at all goodjob motorola tbh I really don't have a favorite if the phone works and has no problems then I'm good
Can thai use two sims
Just got this as upgrade at Virgin Mobile! Love it! I pay like $30 a month now instead of $50/mo for old Huawei dinosaur and basic (no data plan). Good review, dude.
not that fast
Is the top round thing part of the camera or is it the three underneath?
The front camera being on the left side .... is killin me!! My right side is my good one LOL. How does this work close-up, like for vid calls? I've never had a Motorola but every Samsung Galaxy i had, the cameras had AWFUL stretching/distortion at the edges. so you'd have to hold it pretty far from your face or itd make you look deformed. either a huge stretched out forehead or chin. Sigh.
I always chuckle when cameras are reviewed within a phone. If you want/need real camera functionality/performance you buy a stand-alone !! BTW Thanks for this video hi-liting these features of the G Fast !
This vs coolpad brisa? Since they have the same processor and same amount of ram🤝
I'm trying to see more Legacy Brisa videos I've been told the phone is trash.
Nice video. I'd like to see one on the Moto g stylus which I own. Also have you tried using Google photos it's the native editing app in the g stylus to to edit photos the editor is recently been reworked and it's pretty useful now instead of having to go into another app like Lightroom to edit it

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