Motorola Moto E5 (16GB, 2GB) 5.7" Display, 4000 mAh All Day Battery, FM radio - (GSM + Verizon) Factory Unlocked 4G LTE Smartphone Price in USA, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Motorola Moto E5 (16GB, 2GB) 5.7" Display, 4000 mAh All Day Battery, FM radio - (GSM + Verizon) Factory Unlocked 4G LTE Smartphone online at Amazon. Display Size: 5.7 inches, Memory: 16 GB, Color: Gray, Brand: Motorola
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Motorola Moto E5 (16GB, 2GB) 5.7" Display, 4000 mAh All Day Battery, FM radio - (GSM + Verizon) Factory Unlocked 4G LTE Smartphone Features

  • 5.7" Max Vision display, 720 x 1440 pixels, 18:9 ratio, Single SIM (Nano-SIM), 4000 mAh battery
  • 16GB ROM, 2GB RAM, microSD, up to 128 GB, Android 8.0 (Oreo), Qualcomm MSM8917 Snapdragon 425, Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A53
  • Rear Camera: 13 MP, f/2.0, 1.12µm, Front Camera: 5 MP, f/2.2, Fingerprint reader, Bluetooth 4.2 LE, GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS
  • 2G: GSM band 2/3/5/8 CDMA BC0/BC1, 3G: WCDMA band 1/2/4/5/8, 4G: FDD LTE band 1/2/4/5/8/12/13/66/71
  • This device has a US Warranty. The phone is unlocked to work with all GSM Carriers Like AT&T, T-Mobile, etc., & CDMA Carrier Like Verizon. Will Not work with Sprint.
Display Size: 5.7 inches, Memory: 16 GB, Color: Gray, Brand: Motorola
The lowest Motorola Moto E5 (16GB, 2GB) 5.7" Display, 4000 mAh All Day Battery, FM radio - (GSM + Verizon) Factory Unlocked 4G LTE Smartphone Price in USA is $79.00 at Amazon.
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Motorola Moto E5 (16GB, 2GB) 5.7" Display, 4000 mAh All Day Battery, FM radio - (GSM + Verizon) Factory Unlocked 4G LTE Smartphone Reviews from YouTube

Moto E5 Plus Full Review: Is It Worth It?
Moto E5 hands-on
Using The Motorola E5 Plus In 2021? (Review)
Motorola Moto E5 Go Unboxing and Review "Cheap Tech"
This second video i watched good quality, he makes NO mention what so ever if this phn takes a SD Card, pretty Important to some of us ,
Were is the specker ?
In india camera's have changed,front having 5 mp camera only
How do u make ur battery go 8 days on moderate usage? I just charged it to 100%, and on the setting, battery usage says 1 day 9 hours... why are u saying that it lasts 8 days on moderate usage?
I had the phone for 2 and a half years, the battery is slowly deteriorating, which is expected, but the phone is getting more and more unresponsive. Does anyone have the same problem?
Great Video thanks!!! I’m considering getting this tonight 👍
I am using a e4 plus Brilliant phone
Just ordered from Amazon £120 ..I I have the e4 plus the battery is fantastic
I might be wrong if I say this. But although it's HD+ but when I watch something it fells like it's FHD+. I have it for 1.5 years and it's not giving me any kinda pain. Although it has less features but the e5 plus look is kinda classy and smart. My mom isn't fond of smart phones coz she finds book more interesting but she was totally amazed and it was the first time she even said something good about the phone and that's this phone.😍😍😍.
But this time did they add a note pad and a voice recorder on this phone that you don't have to search like crazy to find?
I have the phone
Phone is no good.
Why doesnt this phone have usb c
hai bro my moto e5 plus low sound problem and is have dolby atmos ? pls resolve
i have the E5 plus and the g6 and i use my E5
This is the worst phone I ever owned, at least the one I have disliked the most. It's ok I guess but the performance is abysmal, it freezes all the time and the screen is not so great. Do not buy this phone, the battery also isn't that great.
I lost this phone in june 2019, was my best phone😢
Nice! But mine came without the sim card removal tool- doh!. Can I use a paperclip?
I have one. Bought it in June of 2019 and the voice is the best I've had BUT when I went to make a call the screen went black and experienced a black screen on incoming calls. Motorola / Lenovo has sent me solutions but nothing helped. I thought they would honor their warranty but have not. I would advice DON'T BUY it . This is my first and last with this maker! Oh, forgot, the screen does not go black with What's App!
The complaints about this phone aren't exactly fair, the phone was sold in the past between $100-$150. I can't even imagine a phone like that nowadays. The cheapest ones start at $200.
Does I work on two times the same time
The $50 USD Moto E5 is now available in the U.S.. is it worth changing from an older 2016 LG Fiesta 2.. Not sure if I should upgrade just for the fingerprint reader.. both phones have 2GB RAM, but there are differences between the LGL163BL vs Motorola: Android 7 Nougat vs Android 8 Oreo Snapdragon MSM8917 vs (*427* or 425) 5.5" TFT display vs 5.7" IPS 2TB Max SD card vs 128GB 13MP Rear Camera vs (*8MP* or 13MP??) 8.382mm thick vs 8.95 mm 4500 mAh Battery vs 4000 mAh
Watching on my Moto e5 in America. It was like 40 buckaroo-neezs
I hate all the bloat ware we do not use plus because of tons of apps wee run out of space and they cannot be removed.
Why did you keep this phone so long, I'm still waiting to see where the hidden Gem was that you found, seems that every single feature covered here,  was preceded or followed by an apology or complaint.
Paid $75 at Target, but got a $30 gift card in the process.
i found one new for $30, should I get it as a secondary phone
I disagree with you. I have a Moto E5 Plus phone and it's by far the best phone I ever had. It's not sluggish. It's not slow. The screen and camera are outstanding, second to none. I wish you people would stop knocking these excellent phone choices. You don't know what you are talking about.
You say you CANT get it in the USA. I am buying it now ,I am in Florida, and getting it from HSN/ via TracFone. It has an 8MG camera in it, NOT a 13mg camera. And a 5mg in the front. Every review of this model says it has a 13mg camera in it. I wish it did! That must be a Eur. extra. But the E5 'base' model can be bought here in the States. I am looking for reviews from people, to see if I will like it or not. And it is my FIRST smartphone, i have always hated them. I have had a plain old flip phone all my life, over 45 now!, and rarely use that one as it is. So this $70 phone, with a years pre-paid activity, and 1,500 FREE mins. and 1,500 FREE mg of data, and 1,500 FREE texts can i go wrong??? Or can I? I also read how you can install the SD card and make it 'internal storage', to free up memory on the phone and make it run even better. True??? Does this have Gorilla glass, i hear it does, and that it is water resistant.
Battery last 1.5 days
How much is a Apple watch leather band 300 dollars
I had an iPhone SE for almost 3 years, and I recently got this phone. I love it so much, and I was genuinely surprised by how good of a phone this is.
A year later and they are being sold in the US for 59.99. For that price, I'm entirely happy with my new toy.
I like that the average person is starting to realize A $100 dollar phone is all you need and that these reviewers are completely out of touch with this sentiment.
Is moto e5 support OTG?
no usb c is a dealbreaker
moto e5 play videos ??
watching this video on my laptop, i have moto e5 and i dont think it's slow.
Still using it in 2022! Battery life is still amazing, camera still working good, no battery issues, no freezing, none of that, I've had it for 4 years!! Upgrading to the Motorola Frontier later this year tho! I had fun with the Motorola E5 Plus but it's time to get something new
I'm still using mine now. Its great
Anyone know how to change to dark mode?
I bought an E5 Plus for a friend in 2019, and she loves it still.
the display is much brighter than newer phones and battery is awesome
I had this way back 2019. It's probably the best phone i had. I'm impressed with its Good battery
I just got it from my dad. Ofc im so grateful. Even though im sad that its not from 2021 i still got a phone!!
Do not get this phone unless you want all your apps to crash it is so weak it can't even prices YouTube it's one of the worst phones ever
Moto e5 plus cant able to Turn on enhanced LTE...its blurred
I Just upgraded my phone from the e⁵ Plus. I had it since 2018 and I really loved it. I keep looking at it on my table and wanting to pick it up but after so long they no longer support updates and starting acting funky. You will be missed Moto e⁵ Plus.
I had it it broke this year it slipped from my hand , it could be repaired for 66 eur , but then I found Umidigi A3 Pro what is same but look better, smaller battery but it costed 69 eur . so I bought new phone than repaired my old one (and if not that battery just 3300 then its better in every way , its not 6.2 but 5.7 HD+ Display and it just perfect fit in my hands + already get there fake lether case and glass protector already on him and just 3 more eur than repairing my old one )
I have the Moto e⁵ Plus, when I first got it things were great!! Over time the speaker volume has decreased, updates are limited, picture quality isn't the best compared to newer phones, it keeps freezing up, battery doesn't last long as it used to and forget about resell value!! I loved it at first but now I'm ready to upgrade, so all in all do not buy this phone in 2020!!
Me too using in 2020
I have a Moto rolla e5
How to activate NFC on MOTO E5 Plus?
Good video brother
I have the Moto e5 plus do u know when there's gonna be a new security update?
Hello...bro, I have smartphone realme c3 is so cool tras me bro the sistem so fast 😁👍
Hahhh to long take time...I can't wait anymore
Can't beat it for 75much less 40$
I like it i'm buy me one at best buy for $80.
Unless you have performed split screen feature differently (??), I am unable to use the very appreciated split screen app, normally accessible by holding down the square app button and then bringing up two apps of choice split on screen. I liked this feature on my e4 Plus (charging port stopped working, which is why I had to purchase this one).
When your parents buy you a phone for your birthday and you try to watch a video about it and see the title cheap tech
I bought this phone for the same reason you did lol.
Awesome straight to the point review, thank you!
Yo what software it running what android version
Great work sir, How does it compare to the other $40 phone Nokia V2?
Wifi calling in this? Bought it for my gf.
Does this have mobile hotspot enabled?
I have the s7 edge cpo boost also bought this 🤸🏻‍♂️
Did they remove picture in picture YouTube in android go? I'm thinking of getting this on sale for about 25$. It's not really a deal breaker but I'm just curious
Can you use different sim cards on this phone?
Nice phone for $40

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