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Buy Motorola - Moto E6 with 16GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) online at Amazon. Display Size: 5.50 inches, Memory: 16.0 GB, Color: Starry Black, Brand: Motorola
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Motorola - Moto E6 with 16GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) Features

  • See more and scroll less on a 5.5" HD+ display with an 18:9 aspect ratio.
  • Go up to 29 hours on a single charge*
  • Feel your phone respond instantly to every touch, tap, and swipe thanks to a Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor.
  • Never miss a moment with a 13 MP PDAF fast-focus rear camera, and take beautiful portraits with a 5 MP selfie camera.
  • Get more from your phone with a new OS that’s smarter, faster, and adapts as you use it.
Display Size: 5.50 inches, Memory: 16.0 GB, Color: Starry Black, Brand: Motorola
The lowest Motorola - Moto E6 with 16GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) Price in USA is $79.00 at Amazon.
Buy Motorola - Moto E6 with 16GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) online at Amazon.
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Motorola - Moto E6 with 16GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) Reviews from YouTube

How To Unlock Motorola Moto E6 (A.K.A Moto E 6th Gen) by Unlock Code.
THIS PHONE IS ONLY $20 // Motorola Moto e6 Review
Unlock Motorola Moto E6 (6th Generation)
Motorola Moto e6 (Unlocked Version) Unboxing and Overview get your unlock code now!
One of Motorola worse phones like no finger print scanner,disconnects to my wifi all the time,weak processor,weak gpu,low ram,slow speeds,cheap design,too small,ect the motorola e 2020 is much improved but also not all that great but much improved like I said
Not a good phone do not buy
I got my moto e6 around 2 years ago for $40 and I'm just now upgrading it. It's been a pretty reliable phone and even though it's starting to freeze up, battery dying, etc. For a $40 phone and me having it for a while it's never let me down too bad. Good phone for a small budget 👍
My LG Journey has 32Gbs and I paid $30 I know it came out in 2019 but still better than the Moto E6 at least go with a 32Gbs still not enough for today's era
No is not that phone is $29.99 still in 2022 I had that phone but only has 16Gbs they should Stop putting 16Gb of memory if 32Gbs is not enough the normal should be 64Gbs or 128Gbs the high end phones should come with 500Gbs or more
But don't brag about that phone 📱 bc i have one
One of the best phones with a removable battery, unfortunately it seems motorola is no longer making phones with removable batteries, so I will be stocking up on moto e,6 phones, I want my headphone jack and removable battery.
y his thumb like dat do AYOOOOOOOO
You have to have wifi to make calls?? Will it let you skip all the set-up stuff and use it for the camera and stuff you don't need a service plan for? I have a different tracfone that has a service plan and internet but it has a crappy camera. thanks
I'm thinking of getting this for a spare phone and wi-fi only use. I misplace phones all the time so i only buy cheap ones.
Watching this on my moto e6
Bought one a year ago probably going to get another one soon
Great review & demo.. thanks!
Legitimately looking at this just to use for my podcasts and audiobooks x3
It works well I have this phone as a back up until I get my new iPhone 12
I just bought mine and it gets here today
But you can not have multiple apps open WITHOUT using split screen!!
Hi Andy, Can the phone be accessed to use WiFi only?
I got this model because it supports the 5ghz WiFi hotspot speed feature. For anyone looking to get faster hotspot data speeds, that's the feature your phone needs! If you want more info on your Android or iPhone, visit a website called GSM choice. There, you can find pertinent information on the device's specs.👍
I got one prepaid on Verizon wireless it cost a little more at $45 but with a $65 activation card from limit service it was 109 bucks for a month worth of service and a new phone that's not bad if it breaks I throw it away and get another one if the screen cracks no big deal I'll just get another one their disposable at $45
DM ☝️👆☝️☝️ he can help
DM ☝️👆☝️☝️ he can help
Great service. Thanks
Someone that is in my community has this
At walmart my mom bought it for my dad and it was 40$
Please test Pubg please?

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