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Buy Motorola Moto Edge 5G UW 256gb Nebula Blue for Verizon (Renewed) online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.8 inches, Memory: 256 GB, Color: Nebula Blue, Brand: Motorola
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Motorola Moto Edge 5G UW 256gb Nebula Blue for Verizon (Renewed) Features

  • DISPLAY: 6.8" Max Vision FHD+ display and 144 HZ refresh rate lets you enjoy streaming shows and playing games without any lag.
  • BATTERY & CHARGING: 5,000 mAh battery allows up to 2 days of use. TurboPower 30 Watt Charging capability allows 9 Hours of usage in just 10 minutes
  • CAMERA: 108 MP ultra high-res camera system. Capture high-quality photos and videos with Ultra Pixel technology and 4K video recording. 32 MP high-res selfies. Always look your best and brightest-even at night-with a 4x the low-light sensitivity.
  • DISPLAY: Ultra-smooth 144Hz display. Bring everything to life in vivid color on a 6.8" HDR10 display with the fastest smartphone refresh rate.
  • Carrier: Locked for Activation to Verizon only no other Carriers; please Verizon SIM unlocking policy for more details. Can also be activated on Verizon Prepaid Plans
  • VERIZON 5G ULTRA-WIDE BAND: Superfast 5G and Wi-Fi 6E. Download your favorite shows in seconds and join the next-generation of faster Wi-Fi networks.
Display Size: 6.8 inches, Memory: 256 GB, Color: Nebula Blue, Brand: Motorola
The lowest Motorola Moto Edge 5G UW 256gb Nebula Blue for Verizon (Renewed) Price in USA is $180.90 at Amazon.
Buy Motorola Moto Edge 5G UW 256gb Nebula Blue for Verizon (Renewed) online at Amazon.
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Motorola Moto Edge 5G UW 256gb Nebula Blue for Verizon (Renewed) Reviews from YouTube

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Does this phone have a micro sd compartment?
Anyone who has this phone, what made you want this over a choice such as an iPhone? I'm only curious
Does this phone have unbreakable glass? Long battery? Do I only use Bluetooth headphones?
Motorola's website says this phone doesn't support Wired Ready For. Only Wireless. Have you tested it? Does it work for you?
They all come with a charger brick ,very nice phone and big battery 144 hertz , very nice thx
How do I charge the device since I did not get a wall charger
I thought I pulled up a Chad Linus Tech Tips when I opened this video
How is this still a edge
Does the Verizon version come unlocked?
I would buy it right away being as Im looking for a new phone, however there is no sd card, no headphone jack, no duel speaker, and the front camera I prefer to be off by the side, wishes they didnt stray too far from the 2020 motorola edge model, but every thing else spec wise its better
Just bought the mofo and I can't even insert my sd card to get all of my music 😏
Very good phone.
Hi Tim l got this moto UW 5g phone l love it.lts a good phone thanks for the video ❤️🙏👍
so how do we charge it if verizon doesn't include the charging block? or does this phone not have a charging block?
I am having Android Auto trouble with this phone. Sound quality is terrible and google navigation has no sound.
It's kinda mixed bag for me (unlocked version) However, as soon as I found it supports T-Mobile VoNR, I keep it About Ready For, it supports Roku, but you should make 100% wired network connection as it doesn't support HDMI out. Wireless Ready For is painfully slow It doesn't have headphones jack, but it supports USB-C analog audio out.
This phone is absolute trash. Terrible camera. In average light its nearly impossible to take a non burry photo. In low light, you might as well go back to your 2009 phone, same camera quality.
Have you tested the 5G UW speeds on this phone
How to use the power button function when pressed and held? I have a camara security system. But it shows camara offline. What do I do?
#Squad Roll Call Check out my website -
This was super is on sale for 399.99 from motorola..they put 2 speakers in the 2022 model but still no headphone jack. It is 499.99. I need a break from samsung. Will check and see what else i can find. White shoes is cute
Best review
Hello floss, thanks for the review , Im looking for a second moto phone , so on that note I was wondering if you could do a full review on the new edge 2022 version I want to make sure it's a good phone as a secondary
Wallpaper man
Thank you 💕😊 for the review mad respects
Can anyone talk about the speaker quality it's so bad I can't stand it everything is good except the stupid speaker it's so tinny and muffled
i agree with you about the speakers
Obama mobile lol very dope reveiw brotha💯📱📶
Best Review ever...🔥✨
Question, does this phone support wireless charging? I don't see power share or wireless charging in the settings...
Great review. I just got it. I have to get used to the back arrow.
I started with an S3. I went from the S3 to an LG G3, to an S7, to an S10e, and finally to a Motorola Edge 2021. I will say that I have loved android phones since the S3. Back then, Samsung dominated Apple in all benchmarks, and in most discernable characteristics. Now, it's a much tighter race with a lot of new players. I stuck with Samsung for a long time because it was what I knew. And I loved them. However, the Motorola Edge is a phenomenal value. Granted, the one I have doesn't have IP 67 or 68, it doesn't have stereo speakers, and it doesn't have an AMOLED display. However, it's UI is vastly better than Samsung's imo. I say that as a Samsung fan boy. I only have a Snapdragon 778G and it blazes through every day activities. No lag whatsoever. Period. The camera is pretty damn good in good light, which is when I like to take pictures anyway, and it's best feature is the battery life. 2 day phone. Awesome. I picked it up for $250 and I'll never ever buy another new flagship. My next phone will most likely be a Motorola. Those are my thoughts.
0:53 And it also comes with a free cat!
Obama Mobile 🤣
LOL! Love the "smell" test! These are $249 at Amazon now. Was thinking of pulling the tri gger for a backup or kids phone. Always now where to go for a legit review! Thanks so much Flossy!!
This phone is on for 249.00 right now Amazon or best buy
0:29 Obama mobile 😂 Thank you. A little bit of comedy goes a long way. :-)
It's on sale now for $299
$249.99 US Amazon
Thinking about buying this now. How's the phone doing now?
Thinking of buying this here in Canada but it's $699 + taxes right now! The specs are amazing but is it worth going for now?
I am interested in this phone does anyone know how long you get security updates and updates for ? Or should I wait till the 2022 phone?
Is the ready for wireless or wired only
picked up two last week, so far we're happy with it.
Great video , doing research for my wife, she loves my moto g stylus 2021, she can't keep her hands off mine, yep , I can get the hint !!! Have a great day folks. & God bless...
Thanks for the awesome video I'm about to cool the trigger on this one after having my Kyocera duraforce pro for a number of years. Have had Motorola in the past and was okay with them maybe give this one a try. What say y'all?
Does it update to android 12?
How is the display especially watching off angle? Some reviews said off angle looks bad
It's a great phone I've been using it since 2021 Christmas and The buttons hold up good and the screen feels really nice and slick screen doesn't crack easy and Is really fast
The name "Edge" refers to "Cutting Edge" not the curved edge according to Motorola as noted by an Cnet reviewer. Thought you might be interested.
Went with this phone after trying OnePlus 9 and the pixel 6 and cheaper too. coming from a Huawei p30 pro and it's extinction from the US market and having to ditch my former carrier to another carrier that cost less and the phone not being compatible, my search has been made easy with this phone, I'm not 100 % happy but I'm not spending an arm and a leg for a phone that I'm going to hate, currently the market looks bleak, we'll see what comes out in the next few years and hopefully this Motorola phone is still going strong.
that blue is amazing
Great review! We bought 2 phones today.
Phone is too tall/long, feels like will easily slip out of grip
I thinking about getting one of these Motorola phones my moto Z 2 play is about to quit.after about 4 years.Thanks for the great video 🙏❤️👍
Yeah so why is it the edge?
the edge 5g UW (aka verizon version of the 2021 edge) doesnt come with a charger. not every 30w charge is built the same, much as not every 5000mAh battery is built the same. and motorola wont tell me the specs on my battery or on the charger that comes with the non verizon specific models. they just keep saying 30w and hang up on me.. motorola doesnt even sell a 30w charger anymore lol if anyones got specs on the charger or battery, id very much appreciate them.
GIF maker? Is that common on new phones?
I didn’t get a charging box with mine
Please give me the name of camera you used to shot phone video while using Please
I'm a regular Motorola phone buyer and for the price I paid , I'm really disappointed with the fingerprint identifying button . It's a POS . Also I'm used to a headphone jack and the FM radio
Does it come with a stylus.
Better value than a Pixel
This is now only $499.00 in 512 gig on Motorola Website!
My 3 year old Asus Zenfone 6 can take 4K 60fps. Although 1080p 60fps is good too. And IF 120Hz is good, how come there is no 1080p and 4K in 120fps? 60Hz (or 60fps) is good enough for scrolling or flipping with the phone screen in desktop mode.
I'm starting to believe that turning the LED and using it as flashlight with that karate chop movement is what broke my Motorola years ago. What do I mean by that? There were times when I was holding the phone and it would switch to landscape view for no reason. it did it one too many times and I smashed the phone on the ground...............well, I remember seeing a tiny little ball in a cylinder and probably the ball got stuck in the landscape view and was never able to go back to the portrait view. . Either way, I will not recommend people to use that karate chop in order to turn on the LED might brake the mechanism. By the way, I paid $100 for that old Motorola, it happened 3 years ago.
It's on sale at $500.
The only problem I have with mine is that occasionally when the screen goes dark the Bluetooth connection gets lost
Motorola might not have the best technology but after using Samsung Flagship phones and Motorola phones, Motorola phones are just built to last longer, the build quality, is simply better than Samsung, it's going to last long. It's kind of like the difference between a Toyota that might not be that fancy but it's going to be with you in the long run, versus a Cadillac that's got all kinds of cool bells and whistles but it's going to spend a lot of time in the shop because of poor build quality. To each their own.
If the Google Pixel 6 Pro had a better processor than SD 8 Gen 1 in the Edge Plus then yes it would be a better choice. It doesn't and isn't suitable for power users. On the other hand the Edge + only has 8GB of RAM which is a real bummer. If it had a 16GB RAM option then the Edge + would be a no brainer. Why Motorola gave the Edge + a great cpu with only 8GB RAM is anyone's guess. I have not seen any Edge + models with 12GB RAM for sale even though they were supposed to exist. Very strange.
How does it compare to the newer Samsung note?
F U Motorola!🖕🖕🖕🖕
if they keep this up and upgrade the water rating I'll be going back to Motorola in a year or two as a had a Moto g4 and loved it until it slowed down significantly I love the motion control
The fingerprint deal lost me as a customer.
I really liked everything about the budget Moto G phone I had- especially the software. It was an excellent phone all around, the only downside was basically the budget aspects of the phone (screen, sound quality) which was no means a problem considering the phone cost $150. I think Motorola is extremely underrated and is doing a great job at making cellphones as they have for years. Only reason I'm not upgrading is my OnePlus 7T is still going strong, and even after 3 years the tech in phones has not improved enough for me to justify an upgrade (in some cases, it has gone backwards). Ex- many phones now have 1080p screens in base models (even though my 2017 LG G6 ($500) had a 2K screen), same or less RAM, many still having 128GB storage, etc. This phone does stand out as it says screw you to the flagships keeping 3 cameras to the ultra 'premium' phones, even though for years androids had 3 cameras in midrange. Now manufacturers (Apple) basically gatekeep with the 3 cameras as a reason to buy premium phones.
Unfortunately at that price point never & considering the Chinese market so many phones just blow it away. And if you are paying cash up front it's a definite no for me,The photos looked good though.
Yo homie thank education English thistles good data ty well data technically 😂 thank God American hallelujah hohoho goods ty.
Lol nope

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