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Buy Motorola Moto G Play 2021 Unlocked (32GB) online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.5 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: Blue, Brand: Motorola
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  • This Certified Refurbished product is manufacturer refurbished, shows limited or no wear, and includes all original accessories plus a 90-day limited hardware warranty.
Display Size: 6.5 inches, Memory: 32 GB, Color: Blue, Brand: Motorola
The lowest Motorola Moto G Play 2021 Unlocked (32GB) Price in USA is $159.99 at Amazon.
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I have a question maybe someone in the comment section can answer. I have a Moto g Play (2021). Three days ago, I turned my phone off on the afternoon of November 23, 2022 (the day before Thanksgiving) to drive to my friends house. I turn it off for several reasons, so I can't butt dial it, and also so I'm not tempted to look at it and so it won't distract me while driving. When I got to my friend's house later that night, my phone had turned itself back on and had rearranged the icons on the screen. Some are missing, and there are new ones, and they're not arranged neatly like I had them before I left home. According to the Update History, the last update was on November 17, 2022. WTF happened? How it is possible for a phone that's turned off to turn itself on? And how could the screen rearrange itself on its own?
I have this phone, it is very good for the price. Only complaint is how slow the charging is, almost 3 hours from 20-100%. 10W is just too slow, I will upgrade to a 15W or faster charging phone in the future
All I had to do to get my g8 was take a neighbors trash out three times. There wasn't much and it wasn't heavy so I think I got a pretty good deal. Love it.
What about buying it for a kid
Is it 5g
Does anyone know I once downloaded music and when I went on files and I turned it so it was shuffle play not skip ten seconds
I got this phone for $200
Consumer cellular forced me to get this phone after I switched over from another carrier. They said my phone would not except data, I needed this phone. After they sent it to me. I went through 1 gig a day of data on just updates. On they sixth day, I ended my contract before my last gig was used up on updates. Never had a chance to really test it out. Just don't go with consumer cellular though. They never gave me any data back and when I canceled, they tried to charge me around $250 instead of the $149 for just the phone. They would not take it back when I canceled, because I forgot to put the wire that opens the memory slot in the box.
my voice mic stopped working can you tell me how to fix? it works for voice mic and TikTok videos but phone calls and anyother videos it doesn't work
I only pay 45 with dollar general coupon I save 5$
Terrible phone I loved the one action. The screen res is less than 300 the one action was over 400. The g play shouldn't exist
I love the shake to turn on flashlight. I've tried enabling samsung phones with either apps or macros, but they just don't work as reliably (or even at all at times) as moto phones built in shake function does. Another complaint I have is that samsung doesn't seem to do budget phones well, with a variety of issues. I recently bought an A13 and it had a loose charging port from day 1, and it also wasn't working with do not disturb mode or alarms, until I figured out that they sent the phone with AM / PM switched, not shown anywhere and I had to manually reset the location / time settings.
Bf got 1 dropped it twice and the screen went to crackland. Np, used clear tape to cover it. Still works!! Beat that!!
My dad got me this phone on August 3rd 2021
This is what they offer as the new Obama phone, and man I'm so grateful for it! Ive been rocking an iPhone 6s plus for years. I'm homeless, so my loyalty to the apple eco system wasn't very strong. I've had this phone for about a month now and I couldn't be happier.
Just bought one....A budget phone but does the job well. But some apps are outdated.
This phone is quite impressive for what it does and the price.. shit's good quality
كيف اغير الخطوط
best phone i have purchased way better than iphone.
What android Version does it havs
Thank you so much for a strait forward review you rock 😊
I've owned it for over a year and eh.... It falls off after 2-3 months of daily use. But it's a $30 phone so it's expected. I'm upgrading to the Pixel 7 pro
You break it down to the T, the precision accuracy..I had to subscribe.. can you do a video on wireless charging for the g play? I know that certain phones need different wireless chargers, there are 7.5-10-15 volts an then sum chargers that only charge iphones, Motos, LGs etc. I need to know which wireless charger to get for my mom's phone.
If you a person who is not concerned about that latest feature, it's a decent phone. Granted, it doesn't have NFC, top of the line camera or ram beyond 3gbs. But I found it useful for someone who use it for YouTube, Facebook, and other social media apps
I just applied for a new government phone because my old one is messed up and it’s an old model works sooo slow so I chose this model out of a bunch of different models this one looks the best to me out of all the phones they have in stock.. and plus got it free so I won’t complain anything is betta than my old washed up phone.. it’s getting packaged 📦 and will be arriving soon can’t wait to get it🖤
Just got a replacement phone from TracFone and it's this phone. Now the phone that is being replaced is Moto G stylus (XT2115DL) 128 GB versus the Moto G play. Not sure if that is fair. Is it ⁉️
that is the exact same one I have
Why would anyone need a 1k phone ? That is ridiculous I wouldn't even buy a tablet or iPad for that much
Does anyone think playing Pokemon go would work good enough on this phone?
Does anyone know I once downloaded music and when I went on files and I turned it so it was shuffle play not skip ten seconds
Incoming nerd perspective: I have the unlocked model of this phone running on Verizon. I bought it about a week ago based on the on paper spec sheet, and the fact the chipset scored higher in benchmarks compared to the Moto G7 Play I was upgrading from. The added bonus of a larger screen, battery and more RAM for the price was what ultimately pushed my decision to buy it. Upon initial usage I was incredibly disappointed. In every way my experience out of the box was slower than my G7 which had less of everything (slower, older cpu, less memory, etc). After doing some digging it began to dawn on me that Motorola had intentionally kneecapped the CPU at a kernel level, with the processor's efficiency cores being artificially clocked about 200mhz lower than the performance ones, and the GPU being unable to scale to it's full potential of 750mhz (limited to just 500mhz). As I had made the commitment of sticking with this phone as my daily driver for the next couple of years, I decided to make the best of a bad situation and do what I could to maximize performance. After unlocking the bootloader and rooting the phone using Magisk, I installed Franco Kernel Manager and changed the CPU and GPU governors to Performance and cranked their respective frequencies to their maximum limits (still artificially crippled by the kernel to run at reduced maximums). After that I debloated the phone, removing as many unnecessary background processes and telemetry that were hogging CPU time and precious RAM. I also de-googled and de-Moto'd my phone which resulted in additional performance gains. The result, while still limited, is a night and day difference in overall responsiveness and performance. 3DMark Slingshot Extreme reported that my phone performs better than 78% of all Moto G Play 2021s, which is good enough for me. In terms of real world performance, the additional battery drain is hardly noticeable (I'm still able to get two days of normal usage before needing to charge) and you can really feel how snappy everything has become an everyday use. I'm still hoping that one day someone will create a compatible kernel which unlocks the rest of the missing CPU and GPU performance, but this will more than suffice for now.
Moto g Play verses G7 power
Am looking forward to taking a sledgehammer to this phone as soon as I find a replacement. It drops calls constantly, drops sound out of conversations, can only use it on speaker mode, then have to shout with full volume. It's too big, bulky and heavy to fit in pockets. Never been more frustrated with a phone.
My bf just got 1 as a government phone. 😁
Great basic phone, bought mine through T Mobile. I need a phone for one make a call. Informative video.
Not a bad phone. I upgraded my ancient Samsung S5+ to this and am more than happy with it.
Search trading price moto g play.
Just bought one February 2022. For a basic smartphone hard to beat. Then $75 Tracfone locked, Target online. I don't use this on a daily basis and only buy pre paid GB or time only plan cards as needed. Of course at home with phone wifi switched into my fiber optic internet, it's unlimited data usage being off the mobile carrier. So for basic, on the road, light use this meets my needs perfectly. If you need a phone stuck to your face 24/7 with more storage, higher end camera, and a faster processor then pay out the bigger bucks for something better.
Where do you get your wallpapers from?
does the moto g 7 play 2021 have fm radio ?
Can you make calls with your voice?
Great review. what happens after security updates expire. Will that render phone useless ?
HI I am a senior upgrading from an old Nokia flip phone.i am looking at this one and a Samsung Galaxy a22,all i need is talk/text voicemail and limited data? which one would you choose? Thanks
Guess what I was watching this on moto g play 2021🤣🤣
You are awesome thank you sure is hard when your an older person trying to learn ... you are great :)
I have bought one from Walmart brought it to India🇮🇳 can I unlock🔓 it ?????
is moto g play is smart phone 📱 ????
Phone is now using Android 11, and they promised one more update.
The phone is actually worth it for the price it has a lot of good features comes with face ID fingerprint sensor reader also comes with a pretty good facing camera a good back camera also the screen is pretty big but is not hard to hold the screen actually looks really good has an HD screen and is very responsive
I got android 11 today
I like this better than the G Power....
Just got one from straight talk .Needed an emergency phone so to speak .Getting messages to update to Android 11.
$49.00 at Walmart! 👍🏼 That's entry level price you can't expect to get too much you know
thanks, was considering buying but didn't know the 3.5 doesn't play music. what a rip. my current moto e play the 3.5mm jack never worked at all for anything. occasionally it works if you move it around.
Bro mine got android 11 what you talking about
Just received one as a gift. It will be a good spare phone it seems.
The bloatware on this phone is awful though. I keep having to uninstall the same apps over and over because they'll pop back up after I uninstall.
Hi. Does this phone support mirror screening or smart view?
Question, can it get call of duty mobile?
Pros: good screen, almost pure Android, long battery life, sturdy, Cons: ok camera, sluggish sometimes
my moto g power from costco is showing its age. 1.5 years old. ~260$CDN, battery is starting falling off, it was worth it tho! maybe buy this model for 150$ or Moto Ace 5G unless I can be convinced budget phones
My mom got this in metro PC's a year ago I don't know how to unlock carrier idk if I have to go to metro PC's or tmobile
the storage sucks and if u get close to the maximum the phone becomes a turtle
g7 verses 2001 play
Does this shit not have nfc??? I can't use Google pay at all it won't work via tap to pay
Great review...
I think 32 gb is good enough.
Í líké thé water ďróp phoñé áĺót
Upgraded from a AT&T radiant core to this phone and it's amazing. Don't have many options on what we get in prison. But I'm happy with my purchase 😆
Great video, Andre! I was wondering is Moto G Play 2021 OTG compatible? Many thanks!
got this for my dad. Hes been using a moto e5 with only 16gb of storage for the last 4 years. He swears by Moto only
I hate it but it was only $50 at Walmart just a cheap work phone for me
I've had G Play for about 6 months. Payed $99 for it from Straight Talk . For the money it's a decent phone IMO . My only complaint is the storage.
I got this unlocked for $100. I'm coming from higher end devices. This looks good. Feels good. And performes just fine.
Thanks for the review, I bought one from ATT yesterday since my Windows phone quit receiving and making calls due to 3G. I mainly only use the phone for talk and text. I have a back up phone which is a Galaxy A21 bought a year ago. I never pay for anything through a phone. I only use my computer for that since it is well protected with an anti-virus, Malwarebytes, and Express VPN. It should be fine for what I use it for.
This phone sucks for gaming I have it for a month and it's crap.
Pov: your use the phone to watch this
Does it support OTG??
Í líke the watér drop cámerá.

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