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Buy Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G | 2021 | 2-Day Battery | Unlocked | Made for US 4/128GB | 48MP Camera | Cosmic Emerald online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.8 inches, Memory: 4 GB, Color: 128 GB, Brand: Motorola
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Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G | 2021 | 2-Day Battery | Unlocked | Made for US 4/128GB | 48MP Camera | Cosmic Emerald Features

  • Carrier compatibility: AT&T: 4G, VoLTE 5G support planned via MR, Verizon: 5G sub6 NSA, VoLTE, T Mobile: 5G sub6 SA/NSA, VoLTE, WiFi Calling, Video Calling, Tracfone: GSM, CDMA, Spectrum: 5G sub6 NSA, VoLTE, WiFi Calling. Does not support: U.S. Cellular, Republic Wireless, Xfinity Wireless.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G processor. Ultra-fast performance. Feel the blazing-fast responsiveness of 5G speed. Upgrade to the next generation of wireless connectivity for ultra-fast streaming and downloads.
  • Built-in stylus. The stylus is perfect for navigating, highlighting, editing, or any task that requires pinpoint precision. Jot notes, edit photos, sketch artwork, and control a growing number of apps and games with pinpoint precision.
  • 48MP Quad Camera System. With a 48 MP main sensor and Quad Pixel technology, the moto g stylus 5G delivers 4x the low-light sensitivity. So whenever you’re shooting in less than perfect light, you get sharper and brighter 12 MP photos.
  • Two days of battery life. Keep playing games, taking notes, or watching your favorite shows on the go. The 5000 mAh battery is designed to last up to two days on a single charge, so you can do it all without interruption.
  • 128GB of storage. Never give storage a second thought. With 128 GB built in, you have tons of room for your sketches, notes, photos, movies, music, and everything else. And you can always add up to 1 TB more using a microSD card.
  • 6.8" Max Vision Full HD+ Display. Give yourself more room to express your creativity using the stylus. And give your photos, movies, games, and video chats the massive screen they deserve. You can even take notes and watch your favorite show, all on the same screen.
  • Water-repellent design creates a barrier to help protect against moderate exposure to water such as accidental spills, splashes or light rain. Not designed to be submersed in water, or exposed to pressurized water, or other liquids; may diminish over time. Not waterproof.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Ready: Moto Stylus 5G offers Wi-fi hotspot connectivity in 2.4 GHz plus 5 GHz for the best experience.
  • In-box: Moto G Stylus 5G, 10W rapid Charger, USB Cable, Guides, SIM tool
Display Size: 6.8 inches, Memory: 4 GB, Color: 128 GB, Brand: Motorola
The lowest Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G | 2021 | 2-Day Battery | Unlocked | Made for US 4/128GB | 48MP Camera | Cosmic Emerald Price in USA is $179.99 at Amazon.
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Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G | 2021 | 2-Day Battery | Unlocked | Made for US 4/128GB | 48MP Camera | Cosmic Emerald Reviews from YouTube

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Will there be a smartphone with a stylus in 2020? ✍️ ----------------- Moto G Stylus 5G on Amazon: Moto G Stylus 2021 on Amazon: Motorola Website:
Got it love it
i do own an ipad but i have to say i am still interested in smartphones which include a s-pen or a stylus with it even though i may not using it for everyday task etc. but still. I just wish there is a way to make all this stylus a little bigger or thicker and not so thin like pocky stick, it does not look that robust. 😥
I owned one of these phones. It's trash. Here's my reason why. I purchased my 2021 model in June 2021. In June 2022 it's started failing. I replaced the battery and charging port because it was out of warranty. Of course. Worked better but not like it once did. It recently stopped charging again on Thanksgiving. I already paid $100 in repairs so I wasn't about to pay more to repair a dying phone. I purchased the Samsung a53 last weekend. No issues and better call quality not to mention I can talk on the phone in my house. A concept I haven't enjoyed since June 2022. Not a fan.
Doesn't this phone now have an LTPS display with 120hz refresh? That seems to be how Motorola is advertising it.
A year later, it sucks. It keeps freezing and trying to crash; the same thing happened to my last Motorola and it completely crashed and locked up. Also doesn't have wireless charging... What? For the price, it should have. Idk what I'm going with after this one crashes (inevitable) but I know what I'm not getting.
wireless adappter
cases must be hard to find for these
My favorite about Motorola is the finger scanner on back and the best thing is shake phone for light
Amazing phone got it in November 2021 dropped this phone many times and it never cracked super strong and fast phone
This phone is on sale for $199.99 at BestBuy.......I almost bought the 2022 not 5G, but it has a never I heard brand processor, so I went for this model which has Snapdragon processors. Maybe that's why it only has ONE speaker, you'd have enough money left to buy extra speakers or headphones.
Is this phone better then the iphone 7?
Is this phone better than a Samsung A12?
Where's the can you save your file? Where you play music?
Damn I wish they didn't skimp on the speaker 🔇🔊
Good show. Thanks.
I would be sad to see it go too. I am tired of Samsung taking out feathers. They want to be like what I call junky iPhones then be it. I might be the only one out there that feels this way but I am looking for other phone company. I will be giving the moto g a try, thank you so much for doing a great review on this phone. You know more then the sales rep at tmobile. Again thank you
Got ours free from Boost Mobile. Paid $100 for a new sim and phone # reassignment. Plus it has fast 5g. Our former (still used, WiFi only now) LG Stylo 5. Very happy.
I use stylus for taking pics from a distance. Very practical
This was the best phone I ever had. R.I.P
Forgot to edit out the quick part in the beginning! Hope you like the video 👍
Paid 211 for mine. Fucking love it. Perfect for Codm
Nice phone , I am a fan of motorola's. I'm will buy this one when the phone drops .. Price point still high as it is with just about all smartphones.
That color is 🔥🔥
I'm pretty sure this phone supports all 5G bands I looked up the specs and it's in the specs
My girlfriend just got this phone today at Best buy for a total of 261 and change. What I'd like to add here is that what you believe they then tried to charge her 11 cents for a bag? Yes at best buy. Then we took the phone to Metro to get it activated. Which was $32 and some cents in Clifton Heights pennsylvania. The phone is really a great phone no problems whatsoever with the function or the speed or the nice bright screen the only thing she had to do was have Metro increase the size of the font and also lighten the screen I don't know who they expect to see anything on their phones when you first get them they're almost ridiculously small everything on it. But the phones really working well my contacts have come back, but I have not gotten any of my apps pretty much I'm in the dark on that. I just wanted to say that the only major disappointment with this phone is for some very strange and awkward reason the power cord keeps falling out of the phone it doesn't snap in tightly and hold and charge fast it keeps falling in now so I had to use my old charger which snaps in more firmly. I don't know who matched this power cord with this phone but they were obviously completely intoxicated. I was going to go with the Motorola edge but quite frankly it was a lot more money then this phone I'm with activation it would have been even more. So far I like the phone a lot although the guy at Metro even though the phone was unlocked seem to take a long time to activate it but he was a good help to me. To us? When my girlfriend's happy we're all happy. So if you're worried about the speed or the memory or the screen not being bright enough, don't be it seems to be very good and I like it she loves it. And she's very finicky about her phones. Motorola makes really good phones I don't let anybody try to tell you that they don't because somehow when they use budget they somehow degrade it Americans always have to try to make and put things and people in certain classes like everybody with an iPhone it's a high-end phone no it's not it's just overpriced and a lot of them suck too. There is no such thing as a budget phone unless you're getting a government phone cuz every phone is well over $190 now a days unless you happen to be someone who's switching their service which the phone companies are catering to and doing absolutely nothing for people who have been loyal customers for 8 years or more it makes no sense.
does this phone network work in INDIA
10w charging is a meme
Just ordered it yesterday I'll have it by the 1st of August 😍
Have you ever scanned the RQ code on that charger??? Lease u must tell me if it's the same like my hubby It's so weird !!! It sends you a link to a YouTube Rap music video. Does anybody know anything else about why that is so? I further researched and it's a RealMe charger actually not a Motorola!!🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
This is the 2021 model not the 2022 model...
Does it have nfc
I’m a IPhone person and always will be however I seen this phone in a local store at a ridiculously low price so may just go but it for a backup or something
Very good Intro sir..... I just got one new..... I was thinking , I have to Call GOD .... How to use stylus ..... or may call Hitler-Putin or Hitler-Trump...
I'm Never using the fingerprint scanner. They can digitally copy your fingerprint and sell it to other companies. Best to disable it asap.
You can get the 4 gig 128 GB storage model for 129.00 from Boost Mobil right now. It's not a bad deal, I just got one. What I Dislike about the phone is the Size. It's 6.6 inches tall but Only 5.3 inches wide. My Figo Atrium 5,5 inch phone also has a 5.3 inch width. The Moto could have been wider for a better resolution and size for movies. Compared to my Figo, the display looks Really too tall for it's width.
How do you get them to just "send one over" lol I have this exact phone and love it but I paid $349 for it hahaha
I like that color.
Does this phone have quick charge?
got it free @ boost mobile.😁
How has yours been holding up?
Best buy selling it now for 199$ unlocked 6gig/256
I think if I get this phone from metropcs I'm gonna stay on 4g it seems like with 4g the battery life gets like 2 or 3 days but with 5g not getting the sane battery life as on 4g
I must say using this phone under wifi the battery is very very good. That on the Boostmobile side.
Plz help me my phone moto g stylus 5g (2021) didn't get Android 12 even any security update from 1 June 2021 launching date. I didn't get any type of single updste. What do to Plz help me how to update this manually. Please guide me the easiest way or give me the link of that video where they told how to update manually
they can actually be boosted to 7.5gb of ram through performance mode but i have a unlocked version not sure if carriers models can do it or not
I have moto G stylus 5G (2022). Just brought it yesterday but today my battery is dropping down so fast within minutes.
Not my phone, yet. T-Mo has 4 gb ram, 128 gb memory. It would he free for me. You are reviewing 6 gb ram, 256 gb memory. I am looking to ditch Verizon. T-Mo has limited phones. Oneplus Nord N20 5G, also free for me, 6 gb ram, 128 gb memory, 4500 battery, 512 gb expandable, amoled display. I am hoping replaceable batteries come back in 2 years, see EU battery ruling for 2024.
I got the MetroPCS one ,I got it from eBay used ,it's working very good ,a friend of mine has that problem with it's battery drains to fast ,I guess it has to do with some 5 g antenas he's area is on bad range of signal of 5g cause it improves while he's at different areas, but yes I heard about people that have that problem,I dont have problem with mine ,thanks God .
my motorolla g stylus 5g is very slow sometimes any tips to help with that?
when i charge mine why does it say charging slowly everytime?
Apparently a lot of people don't realize that the faster the speed their phone is using the more energy it will need to do so. I've always kept my phones at the lowest speed setting and have never had any issues. I'm currently using my second Motorola, the 2020 G Stylus. My G Power has a bigger battery but the stylus is the same as my LG Stylo 4+. I missed using the LG and that is why I got the G Stylus. My fingers are not as nimble as they were when I was young and the stylus comes in real handy. To me it seems the more a smartphone costs the less features it has that I'm interested in. I'm thinking my next phone will be another Samsung since I don't know of another brand except LG that has home screen looping built in. I've used HTC, Umidigi along Motorola and had to install Microsoft Launcher or Nova Launcher in order to get the home screens to loop.
Battery life has been great for me, only time it drains more is when I'm using mobile hotspot and that's expected..
Turn off mobile and just use wifi to see if that's the problem
I have mine 200 from straight talk... I love this phone
I have the Metro PCS version and idk how much battery life I get but it's great all around otherwise. I'll have to look into battery life though to update
I get 2 days or a day plus phone is very impressive for 160$ and 60$ a month thru cricket wireless
Yes mine had lte standard. ,,battery is good plus I always dim my screen. Always¡!!!!!
Great honest review. For me I don't care about the bells and whistles when buying a phone. All I care about is the important features. Thanks for your review makes me feel confident about recently buying this phone.
So even if I don't have 5g in my arena would that still be it cause I notice it's weaker in standby than screen on time
Good video. Thanks. Can you point me to a place to learn how to organize my phone contacts. My old Samsung let me make folders with the contacts so all my family is in one folder, all husbands family is in another folder, etc. Can I do this with the more modern phone?
Jesus Christ loves you and He is coming soon. Believe in Him.
i jsut got this phone for a budget phone and i record myself at the gym doing my lifts and its rlly rllly bad video quality its blurry and the pixels are grainy af. camera quality in photos is good. im returning it if i can to get a samsung my older samsung thats 3 yrs old has better vid quality
Jesus Christ loves you. Believe in Him.
Wow you go sooo fast
It's trash! For a phone that's 2021 it's being trash. My 5 yr old k20 pro takes way better pictures! Forget about night pictures on moto g stylus. Taking it back and only bought because my carrier no longer supports k20. Pro.
No low light pictures?
the video is most likely blurry because the dimensions are stretched for YouTube. it has to be the size of like a youtube short video for example. i cant imagine it looked the same while recording live.
Camera is complete GARBAGE.
Would you say the video camera is better than the nokia x100?
Got this phone for free today at t mobile
We need a video explaining how to use the "pro" camera settings on this phone. I don't see how you even skipped over that lol
Just bought this phone! Absolutely amazing!!! Still can't believe Metro Pcs gave it to me free since I switched to their service! My girls getting rid of her iphone and getting this phone too! 1st phone I'm truly impressed with!
Your video reviews helped me immensely in choosing which of 2 phones to upgrade to this very coming week. My choice was between this Moto phone and the Nokia X100, which you profiled in a separate video. I decided on the Nokia X100.
In green 💚
I have this phone
The problem with the video is it won't upload in high def on YouTube. It simply won't! And it looks horrible.
Ty for this video I order mines I get mines some time today
There can be be no way that video is that bad quality. Looks like less than 480p
Acceptable video ??? It is blurry AF. My note 5 circa 2015 is way better.

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