Motorola Moto G22 4G LTE 128GB + 4GB GSM Unlocked 50MP Quad Cam International Version 50MP XT2231-1 (No US Warranty) (Not Verizon Sprint Boost At&t Cricket) (w/Fast Car Charger Bundle) (Blue) Price in USA, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Motorola Moto G22 4G LTE 128GB + 4GB GSM Unlocked 50MP Quad Cam International Version 50MP XT2231-1 (No US Warranty) (Not Verizon Sprint Boost At&t Cricket) (w/Fast Car Charger Bundle) (Blue) online at Amazon. Display Size: -Memory: 128 GB, Color: Blue, Brand: Motorola
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Motorola Moto G22 4G LTE 128GB + 4GB GSM Unlocked 50MP Quad Cam International Version 50MP XT2231-1 (No US Warranty) (Not Verizon Sprint Boost At&t Cricket) (w/Fast Car Charger Bundle) (Blue) Features

  • Will NOT work on Verizon AT&T/BOOST/CRICKET or any CDMA Carrier. 4G VoLTE Worldwide Unlocked Dual Nano sim
  • Dual Nano Sim 4G (LTE): B1/B2/B3/B5/B7/B8/B18/B19/B20/B26/B28/B38/B40/B41 3G: B1/B2/B5/B8/B19, 2G (GSM): B2/B3/B5/B8,- Dual SIM
  • 128GB + 4GB MediaTek Helio G37 with 4xA53 2.3GHz + 4xA53 1.8GHz octa-core CPU and 680MHz IMG GE8230 GPU
  • Display Size 6.5" Max Vision display HD+ (1600 x 720) | 268ppi LCD | 90Hz refresh rate Active Area-Touch Panel (AA-TP): 89.03%
  • Rear Camera Hardware 50MP1 sensor (f/1.8, 0.64µm) 4 in 1 with 1.28µm | PDAF | Quad Pixel technology 8MP (f/2.2, 1.12µm) | 118° ultra-wide angle2 2MP (f/2.4, 1.75µm) | depth 2MP (f/2.4, 1.75µm) | macro Single LED flash / 16 mp Front Camera
  • Dedicated Dual SIM8 (2 Nano SIMs + 1 microSD) GPS, A-GPS, LTEPP, SUPL, GLONASS, Galileo Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac | 2.4GHz & 5GHz | Wi-Fi hotspot
Display Size: -Memory: 128 GB, Color: Blue, Brand: Motorola
The lowest Motorola Moto G22 4G LTE 128GB + 4GB GSM Unlocked 50MP Quad Cam International Version 50MP XT2231-1 (No US Warranty) (Not Verizon Sprint Boost At&t Cricket) (w/Fast Car Charger Bundle) (Blue) Price in USA is $160.57 at Amazon.
Buy Motorola Moto G22 4G LTE 128GB + 4GB GSM Unlocked 50MP Quad Cam International Version 50MP XT2231-1 (No US Warranty) (Not Verizon Sprint Boost At&t Cricket) (w/Fast Car Charger Bundle) (Blue) online at Amazon.
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Shop Motorola Moto G22 4G LTE 128GB + 4GB GSM Unlocked 50MP Quad Cam International Version 50MP XT2231-1 (No US Warranty) (Not Verizon Sprint Boost At&t Cricket) (w/Fast Car Charger Bundle) (Blue) at Amazon at the best price in United States of America and save big! With a low price / discount / promotions, for a great value.

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Motorola Moto G22 4G LTE 128GB + 4GB GSM Unlocked 50MP Quad Cam International Version 50MP XT2231-1 (No US Warranty) (Not Verizon Sprint Boost At&t Cricket) (w/Fast Car Charger Bundle) (Blue) Reviews from YouTube

Motorola Moto G Power (2022) - Unboxing, Hands-On & First Impressions!
Motorola Moto G22 | Unboxing & Full Tour
Best Looking Budget Phone!?⚡moto g22 Unboxing & First Impressions
Motorola Moto G22 REVIEW 🥵
this is pretty much a Moto E40 rebranded with their customization software, nothing else changed I guess
G37, 4GB, 5000mAh, 10W charger, simply Motorola Moto G POWER (2022)...
Moto g 60 i have, most hanging phones i have ever seen. So I don't go for Motorola next time
Let's face it, this is a budget phone. I'm very pleased with this phone for what it has to offer at the price. One thing I will pass along for owners of this device is that, if you change the display to the largest setting in the accessibility menu, the phone seems to be a bit more snappy. Ive had a much better experience after doing this. This phone seems to be a lot more fluid in operation and is quite easy to use once this feature is applied. Jacking up the font is nice also. These are usually settings for seniors or those who may be impaired but I rather give my eyes some kind of break when staring at unnatural light. With a solid case this phone is a winner for me. Btw, changing the display size also makes this 6.5 inch screen much easier to manage using one hand.
Is this phone 5g network
Worst phone ever never buy a Motorola these things are junk you might as well use your money for toilet paper
Its 10w charging is "rapid charging" according to Moto it does support "turbo charge" 18w Moto charging brick
Why are u so critical of a company that has almost no market share compared to competitors? If they add all the bells and wistles and no one buys it then we lose another GREAT company in the cell phone market.... If they had 30+% market share then be critical of dual speakers and what not... But not when their income is micro fractions of crapple and shitsung
I use Motorolas as Wi Fi tethers I don't use them as daily drivers. The Media Tek CPUs are abysmal and lag like crazy but the Snapdragons are snappy as hell! 90hz refresh rate on an LCD isn't isn't enough to prevent text smearing on dark backgrounds and the backlight makes viewing videos in portrait mode annoying because the LCD always needs a backlight to function and thus cannot create perfect blacks. SOT is very good but the Lithium polymer battery loses charge rapidly after a year. For £200 however the phone is an absolute bargain!
motorola phones are absolutely horrendous.. all androids are horrendous next to the iphone.. last gen garbage with a fancy screen to fool people into thinking what they're holding wasn't engineered in some chinese basement
I've had 3 Motos to date. I feel that moto implements planned obsolescences primarily on the life of the battery. My first one had the option to remove the battery.they took that away. Each of my phone's lasted about 15 months or less. Yeah it's a budget to midrange, but my esperienecs with this company has turned sour. These batteries have a time lapse failure making them obsolescences. I'm no longer buying any more moto phones
Dear God if any of you out there have a brain in your head one circuit that's actually producing common sense or a tinge of what's right and wrong and this society do not buy a phone by Motorola don't be taken in by the folding phones they are the worst company in the United States of America or abroad. I purchased a phone a stylist five for $264 in the state of Pennsylvania from Best buy in Springfield Pennsylvania who was also of no help to me after I brought the product I dropped the phone 2 months into ownership and the sensors below the screen stopped working so I can't run my finger across the screen and get any kind of movement the phone became useless. Once again all my information was on my phone no one can fix a Motorola phone so forget that. You have to send it back to the company dear God dear friends if you have an ounce of intellect in your pre-programmed politically correct angry little heads passive aggressive ways don't do business with this company they took my phone when I sent it back to them they continuously sent me texts that they we're going to fix my phone first off it took them eight days to get the phone back and put it into their system they told me it would only be a week and they would have it back to me that was a lie the first lie. Then I got a text they got my phone they're going to fix it and send it back what a wonderful relief. Lie number two. Then they sent me a text that because a little hole in the four lens camera was broken they did not want to fix my phone the person I spoke to was so passive so aggressive from India such a passive aggressive little bitch that I wanted to go through the phone and strangle this bitch that could have been a guy they act very much alike in India. They were insulted they were passive aggressive and then when you get mad and swear at them they have the nerve to once again use that passive aggressive way of making you feel like you did something wrong the frustration levels that the government in America allows companies to do business here that do not have customer service numbers for us to call and connect with someone is unreal. They sent me back a 4 second video of my phone laying on their desk and they kept tapping it four times with their finger I mean I told him what was wrong with the phone before I sent it back they didn't offer me my money back they didn't offer to send me another phone they didn't offer even to give me a used phone which would have been an insultive proposition. You buy a new phone you expect it to be fixed when you have a problem if it wasn't covered under warranty they should have fixed the phone for me and charge me for it right? Now I'm stuck with the phone I had to go out and buy a TCL which is a wonderful phone anybody out there who doesn't know what it is it's a huge six point five inch screen it's a nice phone it's got great graphics it's got great colors it's bright none of those dull crappy phones that they're starting to make where you can't lighten it no matter what you do. I have never been treated so passive aggressive I was so angry now I have the same type of situation with Verizon FiOS who you can't talk to nobody or you can do is go on and chat with the same passive aggressive people who have cut my service down taking channels away from me tell me I get $350 channels when it's all repeated channels you get about 120 most of them are PBS and you can't use them nobody's helping me with that either we are being so taken advantage of there is no way that voting more women in can help us it's women no matter where you go it's 99% women and that's who you deal with and I normally don't have a problem with that but when they're passive aggressive or they start not being able to help you and the crime is so bad on our streets in Pennsylvania we can't walk outside without being shot or robbed necklaces grabbed off of our next smash and grabs happening everywhere it's so violent in Pennsylvania we are the most violent state in the Union and it's all being run by women women Mayors women police officers women sergeants women captains women in our city councils and nothing is being done the crime is out of control so where does the problem lie all I can tell you is the truth I'm telling you the truth as it is not as you politically correct want it to be it's reality not Facebook's reality or community college reality where they don't know their jobs don't do their jobs and keep getting more perks the less they work the more they earn that's crazy and they're talking about a four-day work week for what for college people only you think a waitress and a nurse wouldn't like that before they work week? I've given you intellect and intelligence which Facebook Google and Twitter has spent 27 years teaching you the opposite of to report people who have used different than you they've trained you like you went crazy and gave up yourself intellect your common sense for craziness. Do not do business with Motorola they are criminals they are getting away with taking people's money and selling phones and not giving us warranty coverage and not giving us repairs when we need them.
What cheese goes with his Motorola wine?
Well, Wade cutie? Until such time as Moto adds NFC standard to their Moto G line-up AND guarantees 3-4 years worth of major Android updates? They're pretty much dead to me. Samsung A53 on Simple Mobile it is, far as I'm concerned! I can budge on Qi charging for the time being, but I refuse to budge on NFC for payments on midrange phones at this point. It should be standard by now and Qi within another year or two.
This is such a negative review. You sound like a spoiled 30-35 year old child. This phone is very good! You suck! I've owned cheap,moderately priced and expensive phones. This phone does a very good job for the cheap price I purchased it for. I'm 52 years old and have had so many phones over the years. You don't have a clue. Enjoy living in "Negative Town" the rest of your life. Loser.
He's like "it's plastic" like there are phones out there made of steel LOL
I'm still using moto g7 power. It's my third moto g. I had the first google moto g and moto g4 and than this. After 3.5 years of usage, the speaker isn't loud anymore, battery is %70 of its original capacity, feels slow and gets stuck sometimes. But i won't be buying any more Motorola, due to the processor not being Snapdragon and not offering much more battery capacity and only offering one android uodate. I will get Samsung a53, it offers 4 years android update and 5 years security update and better specs than motorola. First moto g was so good for its time but after it got sold to lenovo it's not the same anymore.
Talk faster.
Sounds like a put down video.
I paid $150 for an unlocked version. What a phone for the price!!!
Is this the same as the edge 2022?
Dose it support fast charging
Just brought yesterday on £119.99 yes it was £140 before because of cristmaxxx. 50 mp cam on back front 13 mp.. One unique feature of this moble is finger print security feature is on side of the phone. Its on on/off botton which is really cool. It gor NFC, 6.56 screen good for gaming n movies..enought storage interal and can use m card. Trust me guys it worth buying im so happy with this product. Budget friendly. Big screen 6.56 50mp cam 13mp on front NFC Finger print security What else do i need. Good luck guys and thank me later.
Im using the Motorola G22 and i must say that its really great
Please rate the phone at the end of the video
Add the Nova launcher to increase the grid numbers. Great review as always.
Does it have a light indication? Like the old school Samsung s9?
But there is only one change i want to my moto x play - it is 4/128+stereo. Rest of all i would leave without changes: DESIGN, 5.5", FRONTAL DINAMICS, SIM SLOT DESIGN and power and volume buttons. ❤️ But now there are no such options any more😔
At last no rusian review!😌
Haa! I love when you said “or is it a bit of a Boris” 😂
please what film is that in 4:39, thanks great review
This or the moto g31?
Or is it a bit of a Boris lol
I have this phone, and it is not the greatest, but it still beats my old IPhone 7!
I bought mine yesterday for 159 €. It's actually a really nice budget smartphone and it looks very good. Sure, it's not the fastest sometimes but as someone who does not play games on the phone and stuff i could not care less. It does what it needs to do and thats all. I like that we currently have a good selection on budget smartphones since not everybody can afford to pay over 500 € for a new phone. Especially with the current crisis going least in Europe.
Way better than my Samsung S3 that cost me a 9 hundred way back
I like the review, nice to a geordie accent on youtube. You talk about some phones running clunky old android 11, I'm looking to upgrade my Samsung A3 (2017) which is running Android 8. 🙂
I love the design and features of this Mediatek-propelled smartphone.
Well i was blown away when i went shopping the other day and i got an offer to buy this phone for as little as 100 Euros, this is great to hand over too ya kids or even relatives of older age, the phone does a brilliant job and its a phone that have the level of potency as when we got the new samsung s20 and people were wild and crazy about paying top dollar for that, now 2 years later here we go, all packed with those specs more than efficient enough for day to day use, but if you are a phone snob and wants the latest and greatest save up your bucks for a better choice, hands down 100 euro is a freaking bargain, i have 2 of those using it for camera surviliance monitoring so its great for the price. thanks Moto for this choice, how they even make money on this is a great mystery to me, when thinking about it.
Thanks for the review , this is wjat i am probable gona get for my mom.
Price of moto g22: Rs. 10,999 Bank Offer: Rs. 9,999 on Flipkart between 13th - 14th April, on limited stocks only
This phone lags doing just day to day tasks like YouTube, fb, insta or even messages
Speaker ka barime bola nehi
Sir phone ki value nahi ap ka hath ma aa jana sa eski value bad gyi ha 😂
Very nice video
Moto e32s lu ya moto g22 sir
Moto g22 lekake phass Gaya hu 11000/- bekaar gaya.Bakwas mobile Moto jaisa bekaar company kidar bi nahi
App lock Nehi he Kiya bro isme
Bahut ghatiya mobile he aaj ke baad kabhi motorol k mobile nahi lunga
auto call record without informing opposite caller?
मजा नहीं आया 15K में कोई 5g 12 या 13 bands वाला मोबाइल हो तो
Maine abhi moto.. g22 ko Flipkart par search kiya h ye android 12 par based h aap android 11 par bata rahe sir
Sabse bekar phone leke ro rage h hum turant garam ho jata hai aur cemra bhi kharab hai
Faltu phone
The most lack phone
Display bekar
Kiskaa office hai i mean kyaa kaam hotaa hai
Is it saport camera to API???
4gb, 128gb hona chahiey tha
Yo esto pensado en comprame el Moto G22 para que se mi nuevo teléfono personal es a un precio muy económico en la tienda de Monge ayer fue a verlo
Hola,quisiera saber por qué al menor movimiento se activa la pantalla como si guviera un sensor de movimiento
Tiene una semana que lo compre y es el peor celular Es poco fácil de manejar, algún motivo detecta Messenger como Facebook y la aplicación es muy rara además se traba al abrir
Yo tengo una pregunta, es normal que el celular se caliente mucho cuando lo pongo a cargar, mi celular es nuevo
El celular tiene sus contras y sus buenas, el mío trae un cargador de 20W
Buenas tengo un Motorola Moto G Stylus 5g y lo quería vender para comprar el G22 que me recomiendan?
Tengo un Xiaomi mi note 10 pro, pero compraría este para que sea mi celular secundario
Estoy pensando en comprar este teléfono, no me interesa la cámara la pantalla ya que soy ciego sólo quisiera saber cómo funciona el lector de pantalla pero no encontrado a ningún youtuber que analice la accesibilidad de estos teléfonos sé que no somos el nicho de mercado pero también necesitamos saber si el teléfono se va a quedar pegado cuando le activemos el Talk Back
Tenía un redmi note8 y volví a Motorola, y sabes cuál fue el motivo principal? Motorola tiene el Android más limpio sin tantas aplicaciones basura además que redmi es invasivo con tanta publicidad hasta para escuchar una canción en su reproductor toca ver publicidad por eso volví a Motorola.
Yo me lo compre hace 3 días pero fue por necesidad ya que mi teléfono anterior se jodió el display y en mi país es mas caro que comprar un teléfono nuevo y junte para esto, espero que no falle a corto plazo
Lo que me pasa con este teléfono es que a veces apreto el botón de bloquear y no bloquea, tengo que presionar 2 veces. Y la carga dd la batería es lentísima, tarda 4/5 hs en cargar!🤦🏻‍♂️
Otro geek del monton creyendose experto
Buen video, me compre hoy uno y mas tarde me llega y este video tenia que verlo antes de comprarlo pero si me guusta su calidad, precio
Hola me acabo de suscribir Recomiendas entonces comprar ese teléfono
No sé si le pasará a alguien,pero es como que reinicia solo,¿Alguna solución?
Yo lo estoy sufriendo con este ladrillo lento
Yo tenía un moto g6 y me iba muy bien lamentablemente me lo robaron y necesitaba un celular urgente por la escuela, no me vi ninguna reseña pero por la urgencia me lo compré aparte ya llevaba sus buenos añitos pero de saber eso definitivamente no me lo hubiera comprado pero ya ni modo (mis ahorros 😭😭😭) aparte que clase de psicópata pone la entrada de los audífonos arriba y no abajo junto a la entrada del cargador es súper incómodo :(
Compré hace más de un año el moto g20 un chasco fotos horribles ...y los Motorola gama media se quedan al cabo de un tiempo sin audio eran hermosos eran
Me compre este celular a pesar de previamente mirar las reviews diciendo que son una kk (era mi única opcion por necesidad XD) pero luego de comprarlo no me decepciono, al prenderlo lo actualice y me va de maravilla, lo uso mas para juegos y apps basicas y me va muy bien, juego al wild rift a 60 fps, con graficos y resolucion media y me va de 35-58 fps, codm a calidad baja y fps medio y va fluido, free fire max a graficos ultra y fps altos con filtros y no se traba XD, no se si es por la actualizacion o si tuve suerte pero puedo decir que en mi caso me va bien, y eso que lo uso mas para juegos
No sé si es normal que las fotos me queden pixeladas a pesar de tener mucha resolución

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