Motorola One 5G Ace (2021) 128GB+6GB RAM (T-Mobile/Sprint Unlocked) 6.7" Display 48Mp Camera 5000mAh Long Lasting Battery XT2113-2 Smartphone Price in USA, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Motorola One 5G Ace (2021) 128GB+6GB RAM (T-Mobile/Sprint Unlocked) 6.7" Display 48Mp Camera 5000mAh Long Lasting Battery XT2113-2 Smartphone online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.7 inches, Memory: 128.0 GB, Color: Volcanic Gray, Brand: Motorola
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Motorola One 5G Ace (2021) 128GB+6GB RAM (T-Mobile/Sprint Unlocked) 6.7" Display 48Mp Camera 5000mAh Long Lasting Battery XT2113-2 Smartphone Features

  • No Warranty. US 5G / Global 4G. Will work with Most GSM SIM cards in the U.S. and the world Including AT&T, T-Mobile, Etc. Will Also work with CDMA Carriers Such as Verizon.
  • 6.7" FHD+ Max Vision Display, FHD+ (2400x1080), 394ppi, 5000mAh Battery, Water Repellent
  • 128GB ROM, 6GB RAM, Qualcomm SM7225 Snapdragon 750G 5G (8 nm), Octa-core, Adreno 619, Android 10
  • Rear Camera: 48MP (f/1.7) + 8MP (f/2.2) + 2MP (f/2.4), Front Camera: 16MP (f/2.0)
  • 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900, 3G: HSDPA 850/900/1700(AWS)/1900/2100, CDMA BC0/BC1/BC10, 4G: LTE 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/17/25/26/30/38/41/66/71, 5G: 2/5/25/41/66/71 Sub6 - Single SIM
Display Size: 6.7 inches, Memory: 128.0 GB, Color: Volcanic Gray, Brand: Motorola
The lowest Motorola One 5G Ace (2021) 128GB+6GB RAM (T-Mobile/Sprint Unlocked) 6.7" Display 48Mp Camera 5000mAh Long Lasting Battery XT2113-2 Smartphone Price in USA is $104.99 at Amazon.
Buy Motorola One 5G Ace (2021) 128GB+6GB RAM (T-Mobile/Sprint Unlocked) 6.7" Display 48Mp Camera 5000mAh Long Lasting Battery XT2113-2 Smartphone online at Amazon.
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Motorola One 5G Ace (2021) 128GB+6GB RAM (T-Mobile/Sprint Unlocked) 6.7" Display 48Mp Camera 5000mAh Long Lasting Battery XT2113-2 Smartphone Reviews from YouTube

Motorola One 5G Ace - Complete Review! (New for 2021)
A good 5G phone that costs $20: Motorola One 5G Ace review
Motorola One 5G Ace Unboxing!
Motorola One 5G Ace Unboxing, Hands On & First Impressions!
What I can't stand about some of these phones is that when you buy them from certain places they are not the same like if you go to Walmart if you look this phone up at Walmart it's only 64 if you go to other place is it's 128 and then someplace it's it's 4 GB some places at 6 GB. It's kind of like buying a high dollar phone there's some things you sacrifice and that you get with cheaper phones I don't know why a higher dollar phone would be a smaller screen. Sit there and look at Best buy and they've got 6-in screens that are seven or 800 bucks and you think if you were going to spend that much you would get the same size of screen. I mean I know the rich people rich people will have smaller phones and it may be a lot more money but give me a break if you're going to spend $2,000 on a phone it better be it better have the best of all things. And it's not normally that way it may stand out a lot more in certain areas but I don't understand this.
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Its a BIG upgrade from oppo f3
How hard is it to upgrade to Android 11 and in time Android 12?
It having a headphone jack is a definite plus for me.
I swear the 1080 looked better than the 4k. Great review dude.
I just bought this phone a little less than a month ago, and I really have nothing to complain about. I'm never wanting to chase the latest technology, I'm fine with being a couple years "behind". This device really has everything I need. Maybe it's because I've only ever bought -$200 phones before, but considering I bought this phone for only $300CAD, I really like it. My favourite part is the battery, by far. It lasts me at least 2 days.
Just purchased this yesterday (it is early September 2022) for $220 at Best Buy on sale. Normally over $350 it said. On the box it said Feb 2022 as the date of release for the phone I bought. So far, it is great but I've not made a single call with it as I bought it for use in India using an Indian Airtel SIM. Oh, I could put my USA Spectrum Nano SIM to test the voice quality but I don't think I'll bother, I'm sure it is just fine! :) Compare this to a new Samsung S22+, which has wireless charging and dual SIMs (one eSIM and one Nano SIM) but is that worth the extra $800...user to decide I guess. I think those Cadillac phones are overpriced by about 30% at least. I predict that within 2 years, dual SIMs will be standard. Apparently an eSIM setup can allow 2 separate phones.
I just upgraded from a Motorola g6 to the Motorola One 5G Ace and I have to say, so far, I am pleased. The amount of internal storage is impressive and it's pretty fast. Also, I go it on a super sale for about $300 CAD. The only thing I found lacking is a protective rubber case like the one I got when I purchased the g6. Otherwise, I think I made a good buy here.
This phone is $210 right now. I have a LG V50 and it's starting to lag a bit. I'm disappointed in the new phones these days that doesn't come with head phone jack high end audio.
the phone should be a little bit shorter and little bit wider is too long does not fit in the pocket properly, also the name one 5g ace is a long name should put a short name on it like ace 5g or something similar, names like this is no good hard to remember.
I got this phone free for switching got the purple one and the damn thing doesn't even make PHONE calls 😂 🤣 good thing I'm an asshole who doesn't like to talk to anyone 😭
I was looking for a 5G unlocked phone. I was looking at this one. You suggested running the benchmark, which I got 275 single and 1172 multi on my Moto G7 Plus. I have no idea what those scores mean, but the top one is much lower than the 5G Ace. I really miss the days when Motorola did have dual speakers, especially the Harmon Kardon in the Motorola HTC One. I liked that phone a lot since it was loud and I am hard in hearing. I really do hope that they start making phones with dual speakers. I mean, what's holding them back? Is it real estate space within the phone?
Gorilla glass? 90Hz?
Great video. Finally someone knows how to do a video right. Thanks
its a very good phone
Is it Volte and wi-fi calling? I hear a lot of people are loosing service because they have np volte or wi-fi calling, 2021 it's getting old, were heading into 2023, But tx for the review :)
Sound quality is pretty big for me when it comes to phones. Thanks for mentioning that it has only one speaker. 🌎✌️
I never understood the obsession with small bezels; edge to edge screens are a nuisance, and the edges are usually rounded anyway. So nothing important can be at the edge anyway lol.
the phone just now got updated to android 11 1 1/2 years later. come on motorola, android 13 will be released in a few months!
I just got one as a gift. Thanks for the awesome review.
I’m lookin’ forward to get me one of those.
Motorola is Truly Underrated! Excellent equipment at an affordable price. Most users only their devices for phone calls,texts or email. Works just fine!
Fast forward to Sept 2022. I just purchased this Motorola One 5G Ace. For $209 plus tax at Best Buy. Yes it is the biggest phone I've owned but as to the weight: not fair to complain, if you admit that the S22 Utra weighs 17 grams more. So far I love the phone. Three years ago I bought a Samsung M30s in India mostly for use in India but the stupid phone won't connect to any USA network. It isn't the SIM as it works fine with my Spectrum Nano SIM in the USA It is lighter, yes, at 188 grams but who cares. I will be donating it to a needy person when I next go to India. As to 5G, don't make me laugh. A few months ago I tested a new Samsung phone at a T-Mobile store, and the 5G speed was significantly slower than Verizon's 4G. Lastly, yes, this phone is big and kind of heavy but I cannot find a decent Samsung phone for less than around $500. The new A53 5G weighs almost 190 grams, and also has 6 GB of RAM. It costs $450 after discount. The Moto has 6 GB, and 128 GB data plus a MicroSD card slot. One more thing about SIMs: the high end Samsung S series phones all have eSIMs that are embedded in the electronics. So no need for a Nano SIM I thought, except Spectrum still does not work with eSIMs; not yet, I was told this month. Maybe next year, they said. I love Spectrum because of the much lower price and the phones use Verizon networks. Plus, on International travel, Verizon charges $10 a day. Yes, a day, but you get your normal allowance of data, text and calls. With Spectrum you pay as you go: 9 cents a minute for calls, 2 cents per SMS Text, and 3 cents per MB of data abroad. Very reasonable indeed. I have a 3 year old Galaxy S10 which I plan to trade-in for an S23+ when it is released in spring 2023.
You can get the Motorola edge 2022 right now for $499
Obviously what the retail price is intended to be and what you can get it for are two totally different things the Moto 1G 5G retails for like $349 but that phone isn't worth more than 150 with that s***** display
first the name is too long since is Motorola can be called M10, 20 or so on the phone is too long should make it little shorter and little wider that can fit in pocket this is what I can say so far until next time I will review more.
You really had to pull up my n10 ::(
It now sells on Verizon @ walmart for $150
I absolutley loved mine but on day the antenna actually went bad in the phone
I bought it last year ...I love it ... I was not going to waste 1 cent on any more phones with 6 mos warranty on the battery that dies in 6 months. and the charger fails as the USB charging port with no parts to replace it in a phone you paid for and I am not talking about the Motorola one 5g Ace I purchased 5 phones so called flagship phones and I still have them but I can not find batteries or merchants that will sell them to me so I quit using them I mean I use them turned them all into wireless charging because of the nightmare that that surface when using my Blu Pure XL I only had it for few months and no charger would or could charge it. early morning on a Fri. I took it to a local phone store they tried every charger that would fit and nothing could charge it to 100% charged only reached 15%. Long story short This Motorola is the only phone that will sell you a replaceable battery and s a video on how to take phone APART, REPLACE BATTERY (step by step instructions) repair the display screen,, and more..I just found it out yesterday when searching for a merchant that sells the Battery that's in my phone now. and now that there is a video that shows me how to remove the back plate I will take one of my Oi (chee) wireless receivers in it to test a wireless charger will work, I'm confident it will its worked with all the phones I have now.. I have no complaints using my phone there are apps you can find that will improve speaker sounds, assist in creating better photos. I just received 11 a from 10 upgrade few weeks ago, all went well. wow I've been here too long. 3am I need sleep.. Have a Terrific 4th of july to all.
I bought the Verizon UW Version for $100 to use with US Mobile
This was never a $20 phone the one you are holding is the 6/128GB variant unlocked the carrier version which is a dark purple is 4/64GB I'm surprised CNET didn't do their homework on this one all it would take is comparing the specs the unlocked variant is faster and better overall.
Lenovo software is the key. You can keep them damn Samsung phones with their notorious updates that completely make the phone useless
$300 now !
Is this phone still available for this deal? If so, is this phone still worth the 6 months for $20? My current phone is the Moto G stylus and I hate it, it glitches and apps freeze constantly.. nonstop freezing.
pq dice 20$? by monthly
It went from $400 to $20 and then to $300 Bruh what?????
Bought this phone in March of this year. So glad I did. You can't even tell it is a "budget" phone. Highly recommend.
"Anyways" is not a word, genius.
I just got mine here in 2022 June. I had the Moto 6 Play with the huge battery and it was four years old. I really like this Moto One Ace 5 G Tim. 5,000 mah battery . I love the speaker for music. I can hear the high's and fidelity is great. I like Motorola phones and this one seems like a Flagship model to me. 6.7 inch phone. There's a lot to like. I see it as a solid low to middle priced Flagship. Nice review. Joe
I got one for free from Xfinity and I have owned better $25.00 LG from Walmart. Just when I thought the phone couldn't possibly suck worse, I downloaded the update yesterday and it is pretty much Twice as ignorant now. But the camera feature is pretty nice. No complaints with that.
Does it have hot spot
I am going to get my phone and these tips definitely helped a lot! Thanks and have a good day!😊😊
Since this is an LTPS LCD display would you say it looks better than IPS LCD?
I went back to Samsung hoping to replace this phone after it cracked and tbh.... I miss it 😪
I like it cool phone
In early 2022, OnePlus 7pro or the Motorola one ace 5G 🤔
This phone is solid. 👍🏽
Wow thank you for the video I have seen this phone on sale for $319 with a 36 Month Warranty . I wasn't sure bout getting it at first , but after I just saw your Video, then it's worth buying it .
Wish you didn't talk sooooo fast. It's hard for some of us old folks to keep up. Anyway, I noticed 3 VERY tiny VERY hard to see dots just above the front camera lens. Was told that meant my pixels were going bad and would eventually wipe out the whole screen. Is this a fact or just BS?
Love your hands❤️
His voice is so pleasant an soothing
can it hold 2 sim and memory card?
still cant get 5g. using at&t and coverage map says it's all over
with my current Motorola phone I have the double chop motion flashlight active but after a period of time the light turns itself off. Does this phone do that as well or?
Just got this phone. Should it have come with a sim card? Due to our area, I'll have to use tracfone. Any advice appreciated.
Could I get an opinion as to which would be better …moto ace new or a renewed galaxy s10 5g ….. assuming the renewed worked out . Thanks all.
I know I love mine.
So is it worth $210. Right now? I just need a daily phone with a good battery. Listen to YT videos and podcasts all day at work. Thanks 👍
what camera and lens do you use to record videos with? they are very good quality
Its a Good Phone but I prefer the Moto Stylus (it has stereo spks)
I just ordered this for a really good price as the first cellphone for my 70 year-old dad. I hope he likes it! He just needs a basic phone, and the most advanced use he'll do with it is use it as a hotspot to provide internet to his tablet when he's on trips.
After having 2 Redmi note pro phones in a row, it's really hard for me to go back to a Moto phone especially for $399. Even at the price it is now $229 I still couldn't pull the trigger.. If it had an amoled screen maybe.
Other sites say the phone can take a 15W charge , but the included wall charger is 10W
I have the Moto One 5g UW Ace for Verizon..... I use a Wallet case to safely carry it.... So it's good I don't have Fingerprint on the - On button - because my case covers it..... I have Android 11 - but only 4g ram & 128g storage.... I like it....
Motorola phones was bought by chinese gov. So you are supporting communism.
I've had this phone as my daily for 10 months now (as of 3/22/22). Holding up pretty good so far. HOWEVER, I read on Motorola's site that this device is expected to get Android 12 - but I'm still running Android 10. I think my carrier (Metro) is dragging feet on OS updates to encourage people to buy new hardware.
So does this come with the 10 watt charger or the 15 watt charger? On the Motorola website and other YouTube videos it says it comes with only the 10 watt charger.
How do you delete text messages? its very time consuming to do onr]e by one!!! @#WE$#@!
Is it good for gaming
Do the ear phones you are wearing work with this IPhone?
👍 Good presentation. I noticed you have bluetooth earpieces. Do they work with this Iphone model?
Motorola pretty much owns the budget to mid range segment. I bought this device for my Dad & at it's price point, I don't have any complaints. I only wish Motorola wasn't so weird about software updates. This phone shipped with Android 10. I'm still waiting on 11.
Does this phone now support 5G for AT&T?
I was going to get this phone when I switched to T-Mobile but they ran out so I ended up getting a kick ass deal for 3 Nord 200 5G phones for $150
Mototrola makes crap. I've had 3 in a row. Don't buy.
you can upgrade to android 11, i got it

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