Nokia 2 - Android - 8GB - Single SIM Unlocked Smartphone (AT&T/T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Cricket/H2O) - 5" Screen - Copper Price in USA, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Nokia 2 - Android - 8GB - Single SIM Unlocked Smartphone (AT&T/T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Cricket/H2O) - 5" Screen - Copper online at Amazon. Display Size: 5 inches, Memory: 8 GB, Color: Copper, Brand: Nokia
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Nokia 2 - Android - 8GB - Single SIM Unlocked Smartphone (AT&T/T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Cricket/H2O) - 5" Screen - Copper Features

  • Durability by design: Precision machined frame from a single block of aluminum plus Corning Gorilla Glass for a premium and durable look.
  • Trusted Technology: Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad-core processor for trusted performance.
  • All day entertainment: Enjoy as you go, long battery life coupled with a great screen for a great entertainment experience.
  • Android Nougat: Clean, clutter free Android Nougat out of the box bringing the latest Android features.
Display Size: 5 inches, Memory: 8 GB, Color: Copper, Brand: Nokia
The lowest Nokia 2 - Android - 8GB - Single SIM Unlocked Smartphone (AT&T/T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Cricket/H2O) - 5" Screen - Copper Price in USA is $199.00 at Amazon.
Buy Nokia 2 - Android - 8GB - Single SIM Unlocked Smartphone (AT&T/T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Cricket/H2O) - 5" Screen - Copper online at Amazon.
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Nokia 2 - Android - 8GB - Single SIM Unlocked Smartphone (AT&T/T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Cricket/H2O) - 5" Screen - Copper Reviews from YouTube

Nokia 2 - Android - 8GB - Dual SIM Unlocked Smartphone (AT&T/T/amazon Gadgets Online Avalibale
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This is a HUGE step up from my old AT&T Calypso
I was with the Nokia cell for 6 months having problems from the beginning and if you want to verify it be my guess, Call them have them read the notes. I told them to write them on Their system. I give you permission to have them release my notes and the phone calls I had to make using somebody's cell.
I went to another store and guess what, the rep told me that the Nokia are defective and are no good but they have to sell them as the best phone to get rid of them bc they have too many and need to make $$$. So we the customers are being screwed by T-mobile and their Nokia cells phone in Carteret NJ they should be out of business.
I told the rep at the store, what would happen if I have an emergency and your Nokia is not reliable,what I'm supposed to do in case of an emergency? They said nothing!!!! They knew it was a defective phone and still are selling it as the best phone!!
Nokia cell phones are no-good, 3 days after I bought it i had problems. Hang up calls, unable to call or receive calls, went to the store in Carteret NJ the reps were no help at all. They sold me a defective phone, the rep did not want to replace it nor give me a new phone nor give me my money back the reps said the guaranteed expired 15 days after I bought it! I kept going back to the store to no avail. The rep wanted me to buy another phone.
Nokia makes a lot of phones for use throughout the world & is used by many that use Google Assistant for calls & Internet..... As they may not be literate to use some features....
I have this phone and it's awesome
Which should I buy right now? Nokia x100 or Samsung Note 8? As far as software support and security? As far as better camera?
This is the best budget phone I recently got it.
I guess Nokia X100 doesn't support the zoom camera function when it's in 0.6x format.
The phone it's absolutely a trash don't buy this psofsh the phone came bad from the manufacturer and Metro accepted sale this crapp don't waste your money
Thinking about upgrading to this. Currently rocking the Pixel 6 on T Mobile, but I frequently lose connection. Even though it's a Google phone, can't play Stadia well. Just ready for a change.
It can run Yugioh Cross Duel with no problems and that game's graphics is close to what's on console now.
I have this phone and it's trash. Wouldn't even charge correctly until like week 3. Randomly opens camera. Not easy to unlock or hold and scroll in bed. Hella big and the camera settings are not user friendly. This is probably my 10th cellphone. It was my first brand of phone and probably my last. This is the phone that made me hate mobile phones.
How do I increase the volume
I've had this phone for a couple months now and I can tell you this, buy something else. This is the worst phone I've had in a while. It goes into airplane mode or dnd mode on its own. Or it just down right turns off for no reason. I can't keep it charged no matter how good a charger I use. Sooo yeah. Not good. 2 out of 10.
I just bought this phone last night on a whim I don't know anything about it. I just grabbed it because I like that it had a big screen and it was priced Right. 😀 Thank you for your video could help me to learn about my phone. 😀😀
I'll get it ,since there's lots of good reviews about this phone ,it's going to replace my a 32 , blessings tech .
Which phone do you think is best? 🤔 ----- Nokia X100: Nokia X100 Unboxing: Samsung A13 5G: Samsung A13 5G Review: Moto G 5G: Moto G 5G Unboxing: OnePlus N20 5G: OnePlus N20 5G unboxing: TCL Stylus 5G: TCL Stylus 5G unboxing:
My moto g stylus 2021. Love it
All of them are trash, they all have Google on them.
Hands down the Nord 20 5G is a high end phone disguised as a budget phone. Only Catch is that it CANNOT STREAM TV. Prime video/Directstream TV did not work for me and that was a dealbreaker. I read YouTube tv did not work for another user; However regular YouTube and most non TV streaming services run just fine. That's a head scratcher. If you are not streaming TV services there is no other choice unless you can find a Pixel 6a under $300 which is what I did.
got my moto 5g stylus for $199 on sale for a 256gb version, (and a $110 G Play too for a 32gb)
Motorola stylus 5g 2022 better then all those phones
It's not terribly useful to do price comparisons between full price unlocked phones and contract phones
Whatever you do, don't go with Tracfony! They are truly evil.
Anyone Comment on the Durability of the N20 and TCL phones... they seem to offer a ton of VALUE!
I recently bought my son the same phone. We bought this particular assembly, my son is very pleased with the gift. It turned out to save a little on the purchase. I ordered on Amazon and found a service that sells gift cards for Amazon for 60% of the face value. My promo DD22, for this I and you will get a bonus!
In Canada carrier full price always expensive than unlocked phones where purchased directly from brand stores.
lol keep up the funny stuff
The default option for the Moto G 5G (per the linked page on the Motorola website) is $249 as of 11/18/22 (one week before Black Friday).
I just bought One+ N20 (unlock, Cricket carrier) for $230... I wait for a long time for AMOLED near $200... Finally that is good for me and I go for it ...
Wow it sucks for Americans I guess since you guys can't have more popular and capable budget smartphones from Chinese manufacturer like Xiaomi, Realme, Honor, etc.
FOR EVERYONE DONT BUY SAMSUNG A13 ive been using it for 4 months and i curse it every time i see it. its a waste
Ill pick the nokia anytime.
Need a budget phone with DP Alt mode. Any suggestions?
Is there any phone costing 2 lakkh
12000 at the max
Looks like samsung phone
I'm looking to replace my galaxy a32 5g, as it doesn't have the always on display also known as the peek display, price range between $160-$200
just a heads up be careful with scamming on this and many other popular channels, if you get a pinned comment from tech daily asking you to contact him on telegram for your prize, honestly I'd never thought i would get scammed but he was so convincing, in the end, I'm out 70$, I know it's common sense but sometimes you can fall for realistic scams. tech daily itself is in no way at fault
This Nokia G400 G5 Android phone possesses something else not mentioned which is crucial in streaming: Wireless Display. Less Smart View/Samsung this doesn't happen. I can now "directly" stream to my Sony 4K Blu-ray Disc/DVD Streaming Player/ DLNA again or Screen Mirror. Invaluable. AMJ metaltomotown
I've been using this phone for a month now. It's pretty solid. The camera is decent, full HD 120 hz display, stock android 12 ( Same as Pixel). The battery lasts all day and then some. Plus, I received an update that recently optimized the phone and made the software experience even more smooth and fluid. I had the X100, which has more storage, and a better camera. Which is the only take away from the g400. But for a budget phone, it's decent. Solid build quality.
There is no difference between 5g and 4g networks. Its the same signal strength. 3g to 5g has huge differences.
I didn't even know they was still making phones. I would have got this installed of this s22. Smh
It is a downgrade......from SSD (X100) to EMMC, from Zeiss optics to none.
i can tell u have a fetish for budget phones just like i do 😂 im always so curious about wat they can actually do
totally of topic but i just picked up a oneplus nord n20 5g 😀 it's a raw phone for basically free from metro lol totally worth it
Nokia needs to stick to mid and budget models with bigger emphasis on 5g phones because competition is really strong but doable in this sector. High end is pretty much dominated by apple and samsung.
The audio is terrible.
There's a lot to like about this phone though I do wish it had at least 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB storage. But at least it offers option for SD card. Does this offer any water resistance?
I notice the olschool Android navigation buttons at the bottom. Do they not offer gesture navigation?
Nokia has been around for a long time and they have been able to hold there on weight so far but with the high demand for Samsung Apple and now Google I don't think they will last much longer I see the company slowly digressing out of the smartphone world much so like LG
HOW do you get these cool phones
I remember the time when Nokia phones had windows on them.
What do we think of the Nokia G400 5G? 🤔 ----- Nokia website:

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