Nokia 3.1 A (2018) 32GB TA1140 for AT&T Prepaid Android Smartphone Black (Renewed) Price in USA, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Nokia 3.1 A (2018) 32GB TA1140 for AT&T Prepaid Android Smartphone Black (Renewed) online at Amazon. Display Size: 5.5 inches, Memory: 32.0 GB, Color: black, Brand: Nokia
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Nokia 3.1 A (2018) 32GB TA1140 for AT&T Prepaid Android Smartphone Black (Renewed) Features

  • Ships in non-retail box; generic charger and USB Cable only. No any other accessories included. ********
  • Nokia 3.1 A (2018) 32GB TA1140, Locked to AT&T*********
  • Our warranty covers manufacturer defects ONLY. Defective items will be fully refunded after matching the IMEI number with the one in our system. Physically damaged items and other situations such as cosmetic problem, water damage, physical abuse, disassembles or reloads and security sticker removed are NOT covered under warranty. If your order arrives incorrectly or the package was damaged in transit, you must notify us within 2 days of receipt to be eligible for return.
Display Size: 5.5 inches, Memory: 32.0 GB, Color: black, Brand: Nokia
The lowest Nokia 3.1 A (2018) 32GB TA1140 for AT&T Prepaid Android Smartphone Black (Renewed) Price in USA is $84.99 at Amazon.
Buy Nokia 3.1 A (2018) 32GB TA1140 for AT&T Prepaid Android Smartphone Black (Renewed) online at Amazon.
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Nokia 3.1 A (2018) 32GB TA1140 for AT&T Prepaid Android Smartphone Black (Renewed) Reviews from YouTube

Unboxing the Nokia 3.1 A cell phone for AT&T Prepaid.
Nokia 3.1A Unboxing and Complete Walkthrough
Nokia 3.1 A - exclusively with AT&T PREPAID
New Nokia 3.1a At&t Prepaid Phone First Impressions 2 Days Later
I bought this phone from my nephew I factory reset and I can't watch utube it says check info how do you fix that
nokia dead
Update - This phone already has failed. The screen lights up but has nothing but lines through it. I had never taken it from the table since making this video. Touch screen still worked and I could force a restart by holding the button in for 9 seconds. Nokia support was great for setting up the RMA. No hassles. They even provided a pre-paid shipping label for FedEx 2 day shipping. Manufacturing defects happen and that is what I'm chalking this up to. My other one I got is still going strong. I will update again if things take a turn.
not original nokia copy
Hi, I need a complete screen for Nokia 3.1A
What’s the a20 with the 32gb yellow sticker on it- in the back ground?? Is that the same as the s20?
this phone is ass, can't run anything in the background
i have the same phone and it runs perfect even tho it has a lot of cracks its still good it charges really fast and the battery lasts for a long time to if you want a cheap phone you should get it because its really good
cool video tech talk paul does the nokia 3.1 a cellpbone have a remvoeable battery
What is you opinion of the ATT Prepaid Nokia 3.1A versus the ATT Prepaid Samsung Galaxy A01 ? Thanks.
How's the camera on this?
There's no NFC? I don't think this phone is going to be helpful. For that reason, I'm Out.
Entry level specs for an entry level device. For an entry level price?
Excellent video Paul Tech 😎
Hello dear can you tell me your music name
Will Cricket sim work?
Am I seeing a trend here? No FS (Moto E6 comes to mind) Plus not a Android 1 device that Nokia is known for. IMo the lack of a FS is a deal breaker. Paul, nicely done video as always 👍
One question Paul, will you be reviewing the Motorola G7 Play soon?
If anyone successfully unlocks or roots this phone, would appreciate hearing about it.
Wow this Nokia phone is a great value for your money. Thanks for reviewing this awesome budget phone Paul! I hope Tmobile will bring Nokia phones soon.
I actually have this phone as my back up and its a pretty amazing phone great review Paul.
This even has a larger battery size than the Pixel 4a and can buy 11-12 of these for the price of it too
Will take removable battery over fingerprint sensor.
this is good
I have had this phone for 7 months, and during this entire month, ive dealt with ghost taps and a couple weeks later, the screen is already BARELY responding to my touches and taps...
What is you opinion of the ATT Prepaid Nokia 3.1A versus the ATT Prepaid Samsung Galaxy A01 ? Thanks
Worst phone ever
No notches is my honor to buy this phone well...ofc not the at&t one
Its a basic Nokia 3.1 but small hardware changes only and it is an at&t locked smartphone
I am using the Nokia 3.1A. It works Fantastic! Thank you Nokia!
I want symbian back hh
Nokia 3.1 AT&T Prepaid Sony Vegas Effects
مبايل روعه بس عيبه قاعده الشحن كل شهر اصلحه
كم السعر
That's my kind of phone 💓
I have Nokia 2.1 and ilove him so much so I Will buy this phone Nokia 3.1A Nokia not just prand of phones it's memories from happy times I spend wirh nokia phones .from Egypt we all love Nokia
I like Nokia smartphone for coming with Android one. ♥️
Forward Nokia. Hope that you may dominates smartphone market once more..
Nokia, you made it back to life. Non of my family have slept with Samsung yet. I think they're all waiting for you. Then if you look at the flow on youtube and facebook. People are barely using their Android Smart Phones to the limit. The Data Charges aren't unlimited yet. So you're not late, you made it, i'm the one who's been going to make this/that late.
Nokia, I'm telling you, these network careers will mess with pricing system just like they did with lumias and it will cause total loss of brand image. Leave them and open your stores and sell there. Learn from past experiences. Making available through at&t or t mobile will make nokia look like cheap irrelevant brand. Never put carrier brand logo on NOKIA Phones.
love your video , i was thinking of buying one
can you move apps to SD card for storage, the LG Card could not move most apps to SD Card due to incompatbility
It's upgradable to Android 10. So Pie isn't the best you can do with it. And even though it's a prepaid phone you can always use a contract SIM in it. I've had plenty of experience doing just that. Something I do know is MetroPCS sucks. They're the ONLY phone company that FORCE their customers to register new or newer phones on their network before you can use it.
Does it support VoLTE / ATT HD Voice ?
this phone is ass
Hi. I'm looking for a phone for my son. Will this phone play fortnite??
Phone sucks
In the general price range of the AT&T PREPAID Nokia 3.1 A, which phone would you recommend now? Thanks.
this phone is so slow...i had to buy a backup and wish i never bought this one
Got mine from Walmart back in November.. been the best phone I've ever the battery charges fast even while using it during charging
How does it compare to the LG Xpression Plus 2 (LMX420) for video?
Great phone ! Long battery life. Good speaker. usb C charger cable is decent . No fingerprint sensor . Works with Att Mvno's....
Whats the blinking light near the front camera? I know camcorders can pick up UV sensors,.much like a TV remote.
Gr8 phone but no pic gallery app, can't organize apps is gr8, every otha aspect is gr8.
One of the most slippery & flip-flop phones I've ever seen, deletes stuff on it's own, try to move files to SD card or whatever they disappear without a trace, picture is great for pics & video, sound quality is horrible except thru headphones, camera is so-so, battery life is good, internet barely picks up well unless you're on top of a big hill, if it wasn't for paying $80 bucks for it 2 1/2 weeks ago it would meet a concrete wall very quickly, be sticking with Verizon LG prepaid from now on........
Paid $80 for mine, is a good phone to some extent, all kinds of flippy floppy at times, little to sensitive & trying to find a good old style file manager is ridiculous as it won't read SD cards worth a flip & barely able to move files back & forth, will be letting mine go dead & just using as a music device & it barely does that without going crazy, awesome sound & picture though is a plus but will be sticking with LG 😕😒
U put TracFone at&t on it too ..if need a cheaper option
Thanks for the in depth review very helpful
Pretty decent phone for the price. Hope AT&T Prepaid will get a little bit higher end phones though. At least a Nokia 3.1 Plus like Cricket has as that one has fingerprint sensor and NFC
AT&T has been down here in chicago lot of there workers had walk out

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