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Buy NUU Mobile A6L-G Unlocked 5.0" Single SIM 4G LTE GSM Android Smartphone online at Amazon. Display Size: 5.0 inches, Memory: 8.00 GB, Color: Black, Brand: NUU
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NUU Mobile A6L-G Unlocked 5.0" Single SIM 4G LTE GSM Android Smartphone Features

  • EXPANDABLE MEMORY: The A6L’s no-nonsense storage capabilities include 1 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM and is expandable with micro SD up to 64 GB.
  • 4G LTE GSM CONNECTIVITY: The A6L’s 4G LTE high-speed capabilities help keep you connected on GSM carrier networks anytime, anywhere. GSM carriers include Verizon and other carriers that operate on those networks.
  • VoLTE Calling: The A6L enables HD-quality voice and video, and enhanced communications over cellular networks and WiFi.
  • THE PERFECT SIZED-SCREEN: The A6L offers the latest phone trends, including a 5” screen with an 18:9 screen aspect ratio, giving you more viewing in a phone that easily fits in your hand. This screen size gives you greater mobile productivity with more screen for multi-tasking and watching widescreen videos.
  • CAPTURE BETTER PHOTOS: The A6L is outfitted with a 2 MP front camera to capture all your selfies, and a powerful 5 MP rear camera to take high-quality images that can be further enhanced with built-in filters and beauty modes
Display Size: 5.0 inches, Memory: 8.00 GB, Color: Black, Brand: NUU
The lowest NUU Mobile A6L-G Unlocked 5.0" Single SIM 4G LTE GSM Android Smartphone Price in USA is $64.99 at Amazon.
Buy NUU Mobile A6L-G Unlocked 5.0" Single SIM 4G LTE GSM Android Smartphone online at Amazon.
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NUU Mobile A6L-G Unlocked 5.0" Single SIM 4G LTE GSM Android Smartphone Reviews from YouTube

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NUU Mobile | A6L-G: Dancer
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NUU Mobile B20 5G - The King of Budget Phones?
Wow, amazing phone, even more, amazing actors!
Don't ever buy a Nuu Mobile handsets, why? There is one main reason : lacks of after sales support. You will be facing difficulties, such as : finding the authorized service center to repair the phone finding the firmware for your device if you face problems and want to try flashing the device yourself finding battery for your device if your current battery is not performed well anymore the device you have (that sold on your country), could be have different specifications with other country finding the sparepart for the device, if you're a technician ... is there something more i can state here? ... So trust me, choose other manufacturer and you don't have to be regret. In Indonesia, Nuu Mobile lasts only for 3-4 years, their website address was, but after Nuu exits from Indonesia that address will be redirected to But you can view the archived pages at Wayback Machine. Compared even to Indonesian local brands, you will see that the other brands shared their firmware to be downloaded by user in their official site or maybe in unofficial file hosting for example Evercoss, Mito, Advan, Maxtron, and Polytron. But you can't expect too much from Nuu Mobile, and Nuu Mobile is nothing if you compared with big name manufacturers such as Oppo, Vivo, Realme, Xiaomi, and Samsung. One of the most Nuu Mobile famous defective product was Nuu N4L - Indonesian version, that the phone's touchscreen on the right side can't be used. N4L in Indonesia come with 2GB of RAM and 16GB ROM storage, while the US version has 1GB of RAM and 8GB ROM.
How do I get the back off to install battery
Almost as fast as an Lg K8 (Aristo 2), with less battery life. I like this phone despite that as it does all I need and its small. Thank you Nuu!
Garbage phone compared to lg
How to unlock screen my password not working
How do you unlock nuu
Hi,How do i change the voice out going message back to english. Thanks great video
Hey Flossy crater I have a NUU A4L smartphone and I was wondering how do you pry open the NUU A4L smartphone
Micro slim slut$S ...I mean Slots... lol omgosh anybody else catch that!? I busted out laughing in the hospital xD lmao forgive me Father, it made me laugh I needed that (:
Sluts instead of Slots? 😂 I like your sense of humor. Mr. Carter do U still recommend this device in 2018? Found it on eBay for a very good price. But it's only running on 5.0 Lollipop. Hope I can get your feedback or the viewers. Thanks for being so cool ! 😎 Shout outs from LA.
Your program mentioned is OKAY!!
lol you sound like dude of the boondocks lol
Great Review
is there really a battle of the budget phones championship in one of your videos floss?
how would you rate Nuu phones to the Blu phones Quality, and speed
That's funny Great video floss , thanks for this I'm in the market for a new phone and I want a big phone for cheap $$$. this looks pretty nice.
Good thing that screen protector was not plastic (Cause droid turbo 2 doesn't have glass on the screen and is X2 the cost)
is it waterproof ?
yeah wish this day and age they would make dual front facing speakers
Swipes stuff off table "raaah!"
Hey bro,i am really feeling you on this budget phones review right now.really looking forward to trying one out real soon.pls hit me up when you do the battle of budget phones.big shout out.
do the lg g stylo
lol. it has a 50 mah bigger battery than my S6 edge
how to get ur music list? i like it:) and you films here
#Squad Roll Call Check out my website - If you enjoyed the content and wanna help support the channel, consider hitting the THANK YOU button 😎 I really appreciate the love! DON'T GET SCAMMED! * Watch This Video *
Good looking phone with good specs. Impressive.
I aint never buying this a day in my life.. but u know we gotta watch cuz its on floss channel.
Lmfaooo saying you’re gonna delete your browser history is crazy🤣🤣🤣
I think this is cool for those who just need a phone, but for about $300 I got a used OnePlus 8 Pro off Swappa and battery life even is still good enough for me. Then again I don't like buying brand new phones unless I absolutely have to. But, this does seem like a good phone for someone who needs a working phone and doesn't care about all the bells & whistles
Floss, works on ATT or no? Amazon description says no
I love cheap phones reviews 👍👍👍👍👍👍
will it work in the UK
Does this work with AT&T?
I bought a Nuu phone a few years back. It gave me 2 years of great service. The brand is legit.
i miss Sunday night Savagery
I totally understand the want and need for midrange phones it’s just I’ll always buy and older flagship phone than a new midrange. Like I just bought a iPhone XS for 220$ and I think the phone is amazing and I’m coming from a op7 pro and a pixel 4xl . I just like the little things the flagships phones have like the premium materials etc. but I get the need for midrange phones it’s just not for me.
One thing why it is so cheap it will have no software support. Unlike Samsung and pixel. So that's where u have to make cuts.
Does this phone work on “visible” service?
Cool video talk to tech nuu b20 cellphone did the cellphone work good
BEWARE... Nuu Mobile rep told me today that the B20 only works on Tmobile.
its great phone on a budget .😎💥
This phone is a major, major, go. I think I just found my next backup phone. I can finally retire the classic LG V35. Thanks again Floss.
So this won't work for Verizon??

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