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Buy NUU Mobile F4L LTE Flip Phone (Verizon Certified) (Renewed) online at Amazon. Display Size: 2.8 inches, Memory: 512 MB, Color: Black, Brand: NUU
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NUU Mobile F4L LTE Flip Phone (Verizon Certified) (Renewed) Features

  • Item Package Weight - 1.0 Pounds
  • Item Package Dimension - 4.0L x 3.0W x 3.0H inches
  • Item Package Quantity - 1
  • Product Type - CELLULAR PHONE
Display Size: 2.8 inches, Memory: 512 MB, Color: Black, Brand: NUU
The lowest NUU Mobile F4L LTE Flip Phone (Verizon Certified) (Renewed) Price in USA is $29.00 at Amazon.
Buy NUU Mobile F4L LTE Flip Phone (Verizon Certified) (Renewed) online at Amazon.
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Nuu Mobile F4l Lte Flip Phone (verizon Certified)

NUU Mobile F4L LTE Flip Phone (Verizon Certified) (Renewed) Reviews from YouTube

NUU Mobile F4L Flip Phone
Nuu F4L || A WhatsApp Flip Phone
The Best Flip Phone For Your Money in 2021!
Nuu F4L - Deleting Call History
little late to the show, but can you uninstall facebook on this? Looking for a dumbphone that works on cricket and has minimal "stuff" on it.
Does Nuu F4L work on Red Pocket GSMA network?
One question: Are what’s App and Facebook already preinstalled? If yes, can you delete also one of these ?
Hi! I am looking to buy this for my mother who cannot use a smart phone. I want to activate it with Mint Mobile since their service includes calls to Mexico. On the Mint website it mentions in order for phones to be compatible they have to be 4G LTE and VoLTE friendly. I was able to see that this phone is 4G LTE but I have no idea where to look to see if it is VoLTE friendly. Not even sure what that is. Would you be able to check if it is or if it is compatible with Mint? Thank you!
How about for grandma she almost blinds? Easy for her to pick-up incoming phones and cut? Thanks
Does it have Wi-Fi Calling ///
Jose, could you please provide me with a detailed instruction how to read on this phone incoming SMS messages. My mom has this phone and time to time I have to sent her SMS. But unfortunatelly she doesn't know yet how to read them on this phone. I've downloaded a (17-page) User manual from the NUU Mobile, but it only explains how to send a messages and how to delete them.
I have had this phone for a few months. Now it is saying I have filled 99% of my storage. Yikes! How can I fix that?
Good nobody needs Facebook
This phone is a piece of garbage. My mother got one when I signed her up with Twigby for cell service and we have to remove the battery and reset the phone EVERY time she turns it on. Don't sign up with Twigby either...their billing is a disaster and they don't honor the referral free deal if the person you refer has the same mailing address as you or is a relative.
I got this phone for my elderly mom because it was a basic, no frills phone…through Tello. I think it is a pain to use. Not easy for my mom and for some reason it has now decided to disconnect a call when trying to connect! I have had my phone in the same room as this one and it won’t connect! I’m now trying to find a phone that is uncomplicated since this is unreliable.
My husband (39) wanted to get rid of his iPhone and get a flip phone. He wanted something basic. I bought him this phone. He hates it. He can’t remember how to use these “old phones”. He also broke the front screen within a couple days. He thinks it broke in his pocket. He wants his iPhone back. 😅 I can’t handle this man. 😂
Does this phone have the ability to share the network? I mean does it have a Hotspot option to share LTE network?
i am desperate to see how to insert the sim card
How to turn ringer on/off?
just got one of these and went to set the time & date and unable to do this. Instructions are of none informational for doing this. Actually manual is not really helpful for a lot.
Thank You/Gracias! I like this phone for my 11 year young Child. I still have so many questions about connectivity (do I need a SIM card? Do I need an SDS card…)? Please help.
How do you turn off amber alerts or how do you turn the sound down on amber alerts. Amber alerts are going off all the time on my phone and eating up the battery. I cannot figure out how to turn the volume down or disable them
how to text on this phone?? it's so hard to use! please show how to text by the most simple way. thank you jose!
Can you sideload apps with adb?
I love your empathy for others perspective. Many reviewers are one sided.
Can you buy reac fone cards to use for this phone - pr dp you have to sogn up with a carrier like T mobile??? I don't want a contract.
Just exploring these types of phone after my replacement Pixel6 failed, again, after less than 6 months. I need a phone that works, and the rest of the bling I can deal with on a computer or tablet.
does spotify work here?
How do I take silent optional off
can it use spotify?
I used a smartphone for 4 months. Decided I liked living for the moment, more than listening to my smartphone having a temper tandrum, because I haven't touched it for 5 minutes. From that point, I realized my smartphone didn't care about my physical or mental health like I do. I'm an ex drug addict, so realizing the dangers of smartphone addiction came pretty easy to me.
1) WhatsApp, 2) can we create a wifi hotspot from this device?
What is the actual model number of the phone that has the usb-c charging. I'd like to order one that's unlocked and will will work with Tello. Any suggestions on where to buy?
thoughts on sunbeamF1
can u get whatsapp
"I could be less ugly and less bald" broooo😂
Does it have a flashlight?🤔
I hate smart phones. The last thing I need is a huge glorified sheet of glass bulging out of my pocket while I'm rolling around under my car changing the oil. Flip phones all the way!
Too much techie talk. Might be a great phone, but you lost us seniors. I'll look for a SIMPLE video for advice.
Is it better to train on the touch screen phone why have to train them twice?
The Sonim XP3 Plus is the best. Trust me on this one. It's one tough cookie.
Does it have internet
cingular flip IV doesn't let you enable tethering, it's in the menus but disabled (firmware shenanigans) I HATE DRM and I LOATHE companies that pull this shit. Before anyone asks yes my AT&T plan includes tethering and mobile data, I got an Alcatel Axel and it tethers just fine. If it weren't for this sheisty show-stopper I would have been a permanent dumbphone user - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED AT&T
Where can I buy
On top of this you should do a tutorial on the long press of the * button to clear the cache/background apps that drain the battery.
How do I block a number on this phone ?
I try that it didn't work

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