OnePlus 10 Pro 5G 256GB 12GB RAM Factory Unlocked (GSM Only | No CDMA - not Compatible with Verizon/Sprint) China Version w/Google Play Price in USA, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy OnePlus 10 Pro 5G 256GB 12GB RAM Factory Unlocked (GSM Only | No CDMA - not Compatible with Verizon/Sprint) China Version w/Google Play online at Amazon. Display Size: 6.7 inches, Memory: 256 GB, Color: Black, Brand: OnePlus
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OnePlus 10 Pro 5G 256GB 12GB RAM Factory Unlocked (GSM Only | No CDMA - not Compatible with Verizon/Sprint) China Version w/Google Play Features

  • NOTE: No Warranty. This device is globally unlocked and ready to be used with your preferred GSM Carrier. THIS DEVICE IS NOT COMPATIBLE with CDMA carriers such as Cricket, Verizon, Sprint, Boost Mobile, US Cellular, etc. SIM CARD NOT INCLUDED. Please confirm device compatibility with your service provider before placing your order
  • Supported Network Bands: 5G/4G/3G/2G. Please note that 5G requires the support of local telecom operator services and may not be available in all regions. Please check with your service provider to see if 5G is offered in your area
  • Storage: 256GB 12GB RAM
  • Display: 6.7 inches, 108.4 cm2 (~90.0% screen-to-body ratio) LTPO2 Fluid AMOLED, 1B colors
  • Platform: Android 12 Qualcomm SM8450 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (4 nm)
  • Camera: 48 MP, f/1.8, 23mm (wide), 1/1.43", 1.12µm, multi-directional PDAF, Laser AF, OIS
  • Battery: Li-Po 5000 mAh, non-removable
Display Size: 6.7 inches, Memory: 256 GB, Color: Black, Brand: OnePlus
The lowest OnePlus 10 Pro 5G 256GB 12GB RAM Factory Unlocked (GSM Only | No CDMA - not Compatible with Verizon/Sprint) China Version w/Google Play Price in USA is $592.00 at Amazon.
Buy OnePlus 10 Pro 5G 256GB 12GB RAM Factory Unlocked (GSM Only | No CDMA - not Compatible with Verizon/Sprint) China Version w/Google Play online at Amazon.
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OnePlus 10 Pro 5G 256GB 12GB RAM Factory Unlocked (GSM Only | No CDMA - not Compatible with Verizon/Sprint) China Version w/Google Play Reviews from YouTube

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Why do you put those stupid Chinese wallpapers on your phones
Soooooo informative and funny. You're always the favorite reviewer! 🤣
Not bring funny here but the Oppo Find X5 Pro 5G is hands down way better than this 🙂👍
The 5G will work in USA and in China but make sure you get the unlocked version from My World Phone
R.I.P OnePlus. I will skip this brand.I have OnePlus 6 and they didnt fix the laggy gallery app 3 year...Never agen this shit brand.
I love your anime wallpapers ❤️... Where can I get them?
I was very disappointed in this phone had mine for less than a week before selling and going back to pixel 6 pro.Oneplus are not what they used to be.Tgere was something cool about getting a OnePlus invite it's just another basic Chinese phone like 1000,s of others
Where can get thoses wallpapers?
oxgen os where?
Wallpaper link
Which perfect phone should i buy?
''Alreet Bawbag'' 🤣🤣 loving your content as I am currently upgrading my phone keep up the good work.
dude I like the wallpapers that you are using in this review
There is no memc function. It is so disappointed
why are so many people slamming the OP 10 as being a flop in terms of durability and software. I'm looking to get the OnePlus 10 for the first time (never experienced OnePlus) since it offers so many features for only 899 which is a reasonable price considering all the specs your getting. just can't see why OP is recieving so much hate. I also heard OnePlus is not as good as it used to be but after reading a few articles, their sales actually increased from 1-1-2020 to 1-1-2021 by 350%-500%. just confused that's all 😂
Nic specjalnego....
Sir I need your wallpaper saurce please.
Hi, Thank you for this video. I can't find an answer to this, does the OnePlus 10 Pro has dual audio Bluetooth, meaning a connection to two sets of wireless headphones, for example, streaming at the same time (I have it on my old Samsung S8)? Thank you!
Good review 👍
OnePlus black Friday sale just started for 3 more days. $549 for OnePlus 10 pro 🤯$250 off!
Sadly it’s too narrow
One plus or pixel?
It's nice review video as always by GSM arena team. As one of OnePlus fans it's was very good to hear OP once again made a great hardware, and great camera this time. But it cannot hide disappointed feeling, deep down in my heat i really miss the simple and fast OOS, the unique. Once I bet that OnePlus was one brand that will surprised apple. But looks like it's not anymore, now if you have one plus people will questions is it a good device? Back than all OnePlus is flagship/killer, today there's too many variant I think.
oxygenOS merging with OPPO: Thanks for the insight. Worst decision
Oneplus 10 pro or a galaxy s21 FE, which one is better?
Looks pretty good if you ask me
Why are they hyping this shit
I got this same one in retail package at My World Phone for half the price
I will say that the matte glass back is something that you really need to feel in the hand to appreciate. This device feels super good in the hands. Performance is very good, still a few software quirks left with OS 12 but overall the experience is actually quite pleasant.
Its realy helps to decide tnx bro
The music is loud
Do a bend test.. It will shatter lol
As per my experience - Device is very hot at the time using
What is a good phone for those with shaky hands? I want to take videos but hands are too shaky
iv been debating between OnePlus 10 pro and the Galaxy S22. Im leaning towards the Oneplus because of the Hassalbald camera. and I have shot those cameras at my university and they take great shots. I was surprised the Oneplus went with Hassalblad camera. I have taken alot of video and photos with my Galaxy S9 but its time for an upgrade and i am still leaning towards the Oneplus 10 pro
I had the OnePlus 9 pro went to the 10 pro I can definitely see a difference in the speed it doesn't seems like it doesn't lag as much voice to text is much better also the antenna is better I don't drop out near as much in fact I haven't yet this is just my opinion is definitely a better phone
8:29 - yeah but you don't want super fast charging if you can't easily replace the battery, because it degrades the battery too fast.
How does it compare to the Oppo Find X5 Pro?
we dont need dual sim we need dual micro sd card slot
My 8 has 12GB ram and this flagship 8GB. I hope my 8 lasts a long time I don't have to have the latest technology only something that works well
why you ignored the dog?
its sad... they release so many smartphones this days... They should be called tenplus... wont be buying another one soon...
hi i'm from brazil, can you send me a manual in portuguese, one plus 10 pro?
One Plus company did not fall off their quality in any way, the major brands decided to compete against them on that same level and price, that is the reason you have Samsung A53 and A73 handset. Other brands like Huawei Motorola and Apple did the same, Just look at the smartphone markets and decide for your self.
I have a oneplus and got a second one as I loved the first one so much. I was thinking to get this 10 pro compared to an iphone 13 or 14 pro maxs but I see many negative comments about this but I don't get it? Can anyone explain?
From never settle to never again 💔
Oneplus has travelled back in time to the past!
I wonder if the anti-OnePlus comments on here are paid by the Competition to slander it? Much like the Anti-Huawei community. 🤔
The 9 plus pro worked horribly.
ws js comin to see the phone, THANK U BEYOND BRO BRO, UR #1 FAN
you can get this at My World Phone for $939.99
If one plus doesn't figure it out by the time they're done with this beta I will be moving to linear Rom on my OnePlus 9 pro
Oppo needs to bring back programmers from cyanogen and lineage to show them how to make a streamlined and smooth running Rom. One plus and oppo need to stick with oxygen OS and if they want to put a colorless skin on top of it then they can have a shared software but color OS never had a stronger software following than oneplus did. The worst day of my life was when my OnePlus 9 pro updated Android 12 even when I had automatic updates turned off. Now my fingerprint sensor often doesn't work sometimes the phone will go black and the only way I can open my phone is to do a hard reset pushing the volume up button and the power button at the same time and getting it to reboot because I can't unlock my phone. For a $900 phone this is deeply disconcerting. The camera that was amazing is taking a turn for the worst once they launched the OnePlus 10 pro even though the OnePlus 9 pro has better camera software than the OnePlus 10 pro. The chip improvement is not enough to want to buy that phone especially because in the US it has less Ram. OnePlus please find your way back please do something different as your color OS is an abortion of a software it is clunky and not user friendly and you need the help to learn how to write software again. Software used to be the strength of OnePlus as the hardware was the same in both phones all you did was ruin the software on a better phone.
Fuck later cases
I absolutely LOVE my OnePlus 9 pro , coming from Samsung Notes ... So....I'm pretty sure I'll get the 10pro when my 9 will die.
Really wish more company would adopt the alert slider (or something similar to it)
When did it blast?????
After the recent price reduction i think this is the cheapest up to date flagship android you can ever have.... The camera capabilities , quality , hardware and the design is awsome. Just switched from iphone 14 pro..and not regreting.
Its a weapon. Its exactly half price and 5G with a snapdragon chip. Fully chinese and wide open to comprimise. Buyer beware
I still can't understand why he reviewed the imported version instead of the US / international version of 10 Pro.
Recently Bought the 10 pro for christmas, but I have used the limited edition almond colored 7 pro since it came out. Id keep using the 7pro but the charging is starting to act up and its starting to slow down and die very fast. Im gonna miss it, but i need a new phone.
Watching it on my OP 10pro and feels lit🔥💯
10:33 thats basically the exact same charger that came with my 7T, except im sure it puts out more watts.
Now i know that collaborations are meant to make the phone better and sell more but its the exact opposite for oneplus considering the prices are now too high for what they actually are
Look good but I don’t want my information sent to China
Months later, my 10 Pro is on OxyOS13 running the Nova 7 launcher and it has become a great device. Good speed, the camera system is much better, and battery life is all day (9-11 hrs SOT daily avg). Now add in the newer long term support (hopefully quick support) and it is a device I recommend.
I had the 7t pro Mclaren edition… one of the best and most beautiful phones I’ve ever had
I have the OnePlus 8T and it's a good phone .. not great but good .. I purchased the iPhone 14 Pro Max as well as the Google Pixel 7 Pro as a replacement .. and I'm finding it hard to drop the OnePlus 😳 .. I'm not a big photo buff but I play music quite a bit and I love the gesture on the lock screen .. idk .. gotta figure something out because it's getting too expensive with all of these phones 🤑🤑
Had a 7 pro a few years back. Went to a 12 Pro MAX and now a Z Fold 3. I still think about that phone. I loved it. But I'm glad I moved on from the brand. One Plus seems to be just consistently on a decline since the 7 Pro
Anyone's 7pro cameras just stopped working? Love the phone but put up without a camera for months and now need a new phone
Have a OnePlus 7 that keeps going to silent mode... Whyyyyy. Ever though slider is on ring
You can also get $250 off from now until Nov 20, 2022 using code BFD2022 at check out 👍
WOW is this for real not thumbs down 👇 this video sucked 🤮
Been using the oneplus 7 pro since release, And that was peak oneplus.
OxygenOS is what makes my 7 Pro the best phone I've ever had, why would they drop it? I've had this phone for years and there's still no signs of slow down or throttling on OS side.
That P2D50T got me. 😆
One plus 7t was best phone oneplus ever made

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